I shall KEES you.

Yes, I weel.

And you shall LIKE EET.


You heard me, Kuki.



  1. You know if they keep going at it, this is soon going to turn into an “I shall leeck you post”! *wink wink*


  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awww.. Snugglebunnies. ^_^

  3. I may have just died from pure cute overload…Eeeeee

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    “and you shall like eet”
    OF COURSE we shall like eet!! Are you kidding me! Who WOULDN’T like eet?!

  5. Sigh. How sweet. Sigh.

  6. Bunny lovin, happened so fast.
    Bunny lovin, had me a blast.
    Met a buck, sweet as can be.
    Met a doe, crazy for meeee!

  7. Aww bunny luurve 😀 so young, but yet so cute *squee!*


  9. Christina says:

    Aww, buns through a fish eye lens. The eyes! The whiskers! The tiny, stubby earrrrs! *squee*

  10. AlbertaGirl says:

    Oh yes Mr. Bunny! You must kees me. And I weel like it! I weel!

  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuah!!! I squealed SO loud when I saw this….I am cute overloaded!

  12. I also squealed! Yikes, that’s super cuteness!

  13. bunny kisses are the BEST! their cute little noses right up next to yours… wigglewiggle.

  14. AuntieMame says:


    Or are they simply sharing a spaghetti?

  15. acelightning says:

    Are you sure that much bunnylicious adorableness is *legal*?
    (falls over in a Cuteness Coma)

  16. Holy eff. That is all I have to say.

  17. hee – thought you’d go fer it, Meg-Moo!

    Nose-kissin’ lagomorpfz r d dizee limit!

    ( )
    ” “

  18. Aww…they look so soft and fluffy and snuggly. They are most definitely snugglebunnies.

  19. eikoleigh says:

    ah – sweet bunny kisses!!

  20. “J’ai baisé ta bouche Bun Bun.”

  21. Meg, along with being linked by Collegehumor.com in their hotlinks earlier today (like I mentioned in a comment on the kangaroo pic), I was browsing through the forums on pugs.com (which I’m a member of) and the punchbowl full of puggies was a real big hit with the crowd over there. Everyone loves it! As well they were mentioning the puggy pics prior to that one over the past few months, and quite a few people were mentioning how often they visit here and how much they love the site! Good job! =o)

  22. Aww, snuggle bunnies indeed! This is SO my new desktop background 😀

  23. Les baises sont comme…soie! Soie de lapin. Quel doux les deux!

  24. Aww! Bunny kissies! I’ll bet those whiskers are so soft and tickly!!


    I wants one.

    But my 3 Kittehs of Doom might object.

    at least I can get my bun fix here!

  25. Oh bunnies! Kees me too, kees me too. I weel Lof eet.

  26. OH!!! Bunny kisses are the BEST!!!! My new foster bun always gives bunny kisses!! OYE!!! That pic. is the Mt. Everest of cuteness!!!

  27. Oh teh cuteness, it is too much. Just what I need to help start the day. I know I would feel better if I had some bunneh kisses. Oh well I’ll just have to settle for banana pudding.

  28. oh my gosh, so much romance on the interweb today! there’s a real live mawwiage pwoposaw on stuffonmycat this morning (real live, as opposed to the hanky-panky that was going on here yesterday)


  30. Peg of Tilling says:

    Okay, so this picture made me want to give my cats an extra mornin’ snorglin’. This was their reaction:

    Big Cat: Get off me, crazy woman! Go to work and earn the treats and kibble!

    Little Cat: Eeeeeeeeeeeee! ***run***

  31. my 2nd SOL (squee out loud) in 30 seconds! wheeeeeeee

  32. I believe yesterday’s roo wants in on this smoochies.

    Actually, I would also like in on the smoochies. It would help warm me since it’s like 5 degrees outside.

  33. monkeyflower says:

    I can’t even LOOK at this, it makes me die a million times!

  34. This is exactly what I need! A pair of pocket buns to warm my hands during my 30 minutes, 11 degree walk to work. And then, while I was at work, they could frolic and kees and cuddle.

  35. NOT CUTE!
    (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

    Beh beh bon bon bun buns.

    mif – No pressure on Heather, right?

    PofT – Don’t take it personally. I do wonder what our pets think of big human smoochie lips – Ack!

    Redz – The cute got you. You typed “kees”. Aw.

  36. That looks like a very teeckly kees. However, I would steel like eet.

  37. PoT – you got a big lol out of me! I have kittehs that meet both of those descriptions… but luckily I also have some that *luuuuv* da snorgles!

  38. ShelleyTambo says:

    I am a bit wary of bun buns at the moment since one bit my nose last weekend. 😦

  39. Awwwwwwwwww! Bunny keeses! It’s the cutest thing ever! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  40. I weel happily let you kees me, but I will be geeglingk like mad from your weeskairs teeklingk me.

  41. This is just too much. A bunny? Fine. Two bunnies? Well… okay. But now KISSING BUNNIES!?!? You people have gone way to far.


  42. OMG, I am a puddle. Doctor, I’m gonna need a bunny snuggle – stat!!

  43. i wonder if this photo will help me win my argument for getting a bunny. or two bunnies!

  44. Kissin’ Fuzzin’s

  45. I can do nothing more than giggle at Teh Qteness.

    No, really. Still all a’giggle.

    Mus’ be the gigglicious atmosphere what arrives around this time of year.

    Tee hee, teh leetle bun-isms. I shall smoofle you if you get too close.

    Yargh. There go ANOTHER 40 IQ points lost to Teh Qte[TM]!

  46. Meg! You have brought me love with this pic! Was showing the website to a supercute shy guy who I’ve been crazy about for ages and when he saw this… well, he KEESED me! And yes, I liked it!(It was GOOOOOOOOD).


    (Could you print the pic of the guinea pig in a wedding dress again, huh, huh? Its worth a try!!!)

  47. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    Missed this one when it was first posted.

    Bunny love is adorable.

  48. I believe this is the final evolution in cute. You could very well shut down the site now because this is it, the gosh darn pinnacle.

  49. LB in Cali says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! The EARSIES! The itsy bitsy EARSIES! My head is gonna…*poit!*

  50. origamiart says:

    I want to kees them!

  51. that is soooooooo… cute! OMG! I want those bunny rabbits!