Errrh-eee, Errrh-eee, Errrh-eee

He’ll get up there!

Take a listen…


Lucy K., How high did he climb?



  1. Daww ^^

  2. Jonathan Dalecki says:

    That may seriously be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen posted here. He’s like Spiderman!

  3. O_O oh my gosh! that fur looks SO soft!! Go little ham! You can do it!!!

  4. That little hammie is named Sammie. She belongs to my friend in the Netherlands, and she regularly climbs all the way to the ceiling. Her person has to act as a human safety net. Sammie’s favorite foods are raspberries and pears. Could that get ANY cuter?

  5. I LOVE the toes!

  6. it’s an amster-ham!

  7. What a beautiful hamster!

  8. Awwwwwwwwww!!!
    Look @ the wee feet going up that wall!!! that little furball!

  9. I had a hamster kind of like that once — he’d get out of his cage in the middle of the night and climb up my dangling leg onto the bed… I have no idea why, but he really liked climbing up into the bed…

    BTW, “Sammie the hammie”? How adorable!!

  10. Lucy K — that almost sounds like a personals ad :). ‘Sammie the hammie loves raspberries and pears. She also likes poetry and moonlit climbs to the ceiling.’

  11. Hehe, does anyone else hear alpine yodelling when looking at this picture?


  12. Spiderham, Spiderham
    goes wherever a spider can…

  13. acelightning says:

    It’s the textured (stucco?) walls that make it possible for Sammie-hammie to ascend to such heights. Those tiny toesies can find a grip on even the slightest bit of unevenness. Sammie’s humans had better not put up tile, or even vinyl wallpaper…

  14. I love the little ears and stubby tail – great capture.

  15. “I…must…climb…higher!”

  16. Weird.

  17. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks for starting it, MamaDawn:

    Spiderham, Spiderham,
    Goes wherever a spider can
    Climbs a wall–
    Any height!
    Get on his wheel
    And runs all night–
    Lookout lookout lookout
    Here comes the Spiderham…

    Well, he does kinda look like Tobey MacGuire from the back.

  18. pookiepuff says:

    Is that hammie really crawling up that wall?!?! He’s so cute! I’m want to eeeat him!

  19. Okay, how many people immediately thought “Spiderham” on seeing this little crawler? I know MD and PoT did, but the rest of you, raise your hands.

  20. artschild says:

    I want video!!

  21. Hampster-Man,
    Climbs like only
    a hampster can
    scales a wall
    to the top
    he does a flop.
    Look out!
    Here comes the Hampster-Man!

  22. Check out those grasping toeses!

  23. (background song from Sound of Music)
    …climb every mountain…

  24. ….OHHH no. Not THAT again.

    (forrrd every streeeam…)

  25. Gawrsh, my bunnage got kinda freaked out by the sound effects….

  26. eikoleigh says:

    OMG – that’s a lot of upper body strength on a little bitty ham ham!

  27. falnfenix says:


    the sounds


    i r ded. my hed go asplody.

  28. Can you imagine if your house was infested with these guys? D:

  29. Who made the sounds? … I sincerely hope they weren’t recorded, you know, nocturnally.

  30. Well, I’ve had hamsters for years, but I’ve never had one climb up the wall. Hmm… maybe I just don’t have the right kind of walls. 🙂

    “amster-ham” how funny!

    Cute spidey poems, too.

  31. Yep, thought of Spider-ham immediately. Delighted by the lyrics, I will sing them to myself for the next few days… at the very least.

  32. Surely you mean

  33. No, I didn’t think of Spiderham. I thought of my hammie who crossed the rainbow bridge the Friday before Thanksgiving. I miss the little bugger. I got him from a coworker who bought him on impulse and didn’t want him any more. Fourth one I’ve adopted like that. I suspect that after Christmas I’ll hear about another one.

  34. If only I saw this little cutie climbing up my bedroom wall instead of the usual spider…

    Hooray for cute little black-tipped ears!

  35. I’d gladly be infested by amster-spider-hams instead of scorpions. I would get snorgles instead of stings. What a happy day that would be! Disclaimer – scorps are currently dormant. I’d like my nest of hams to be active year-round.

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    I immediately thought of Fred Astaire in “Royal Wedding”. That’s the one where he dances up the walls and across the ceiling. Very cool!
    Very a-door-bell Hammy!

  37. Martha in Washington says:

    Teh Qte keeled my compooter. I had to reboot it.
    Then I listened to the “soundtrack” and OMG even more cute. This d**n ‘pooter just can’t take it anymore…

  38. Christina says:

    Gosh, that is just sooo cute. I’ve said it many times – I love hammies so much.

    One of mine used to climb everywhere she could (though never like this!). She’d climb sturdily on top of the wheel (usually without falling off) and lift the top off the aquarium in order to make escape attempts. Until I put a big dictionary on top, that is. But she was so gentle and spunky that I took her out for play often. She’d climb on me, up to my shoulder, atop my head, anywhere she could.

    She once escaped at my dad’s and was found knocking over tapes on the 2nd or 3rd level of his stereo cabinet.

    Appropriately enough, I’d named her Monkey.

  39. AlbertaGirl says:

    Go, hampants, go! You can do eet!

  40. “High on the wall was an agile hamster
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

    Loud was acclaim for the agile hamster
    Lay ee odl, lay ee odl-oo

    Cute Overload went and took his picture
    Lay ee odl, lay ee odl layee-oo
    Happy were cheers from the CO peeps heard
    Lay ee odl, lay ee odl-oo”

  41. Martha, didn’t you have to re-cute your computer first?

  42. eikoleigh says:

    OMG, the sound effects are the best-est…! Totally what I envision and way too cute.

  43. Hi, I’m the proud owner 🙂

    It takes her under 10 seconds to get all the way to the top… where she will bite the roof and try to escape the apartment. Until she tries to turn around to climb down… and falls into my waiting hands. It was a quicksnap as I don’t want her to fall when I’m taking pictures; first and last shot of her climbing up!

    Amsterham, eh? She lives IN a pot, she doesn’t smoke it 😉

  44. Intrepid ham!

    My hammy, Spike, used to climb up behind the bookcase SAS-style, with his back against the upright and his feets against the wall. Don’t know how he managed to turn around at the top, but he would end up pottering around on the top shelf.

    Interesting, this reverse-lemming instinct…

  45. Tammie in Nebraska says:

    I once had a hamster. She would sometimes escape during the night and would always head straight for my mother’s bedroom. Would climb up on the bed and scare the hec out of her. Mom would be in there calling for me to “come get this rat”! LOL

  46. a friend of mine used to keep hamsters. he used to let them out for an explore around the house. in order to keep track of them, he used to feed them a couple of unshelled peanuts before he let them go. you could keep track of where they were by the rattling of pouched peanuts…

  47. oooh! that hamham would be a perfect “suitor” for my TinkerBelle…Netherlands you say eh? crap 😐
    He’s a cutie 🙂

  48. My hamster Ricky used to climb up the side of his cage (which was about 3′ tall), despite me having put ladders in for him. He could only go vertically, not horizontally, though, so when he reached the top, he would let go with his top feet and *fall over* onto the top shelf. Hilarious.

  49. AWWWWWW. I wish I could replace all the spiders in my room with hammies instead.

    And an !OLE! for Aubrey.

  50. blueberries4me says:

    Love the arm chubbage

  51. NebraskaErin says:

    *raises hand*

    I also thought of Spider-ham.

    All these stories of climbing hammies. Mine doesn’t have the inclination to do much but stay in her cage or run around the apartment in her ball. Maybe it’s because I also have two kittehs, but she definitely prefers the safety of the cage.

  52. Aubrey, you can be my nanny anytime!

  53. “Cats! Oh my God, they got cats! How high can those things jump?”

  54. A friend of mine in college had a dare-devil hammie and two kittehs. She’d put the hammie in its ball, and it would run straight at a kitteh, who would *WHAP* the ball across the room. Poor lil hamm would be plastered to the side of its ball by the force. When it stopped spinning, hammikins would pick itself up, shake itself off… and run straight back at the kitteh!

    Silly little fluff… We figured it must be the hammie version of a roller coaster.

  55. Hmm, that sounded uncomfortably similar to my parents’ bedsprings.

  56. LOL, Crystal.
    And Argentee.
    And Clay.

  57. Wow. That is one seriously athletic hammie.

  58. Hee hee! Looks like this little “Amster-ham” has been puffin’ on the Hamsterdam cheeba they got over there givin’ him some super-hammer strength!

  59. musicchick2 says:

    OMG! While I enjoy all the cute postings and song adaptations, when I got to Argentee’s I LITERALLY laughed out loud! I have 2 cats as well, and have been thinking about getting (them) a hamster and ball to play with. That must be HYSTERICAL!!

  60. Please keep doing this site and adding your hilarity for the rest of my life, puhlease.

  61. Wow.. how big is that hamster??

  62. Whoa. I didn’t even know that that was possible! My rats couldn’t even do that (well, not that I know of!), and rats are supposed to be more dexterous than hams. Holy moly!

  63. Redz, really?

    (tears down curtains)

  64. Reading some comments above I think some people should be forbidden to have pets.

    Y’all hunt too, I guess?

  65. Arvey, I’m not sure that a rat couldn’t climb that given sufficient motivation. I can think of a couple of forms of motivation that would probably get the rat up the wall, but could be pretty hard on the rat. The best bet might be a friendly lady rat on a shelf at the top. Probably get the little fellows to scamper right up the wall then.

  66. Damn, I spend 30 hours away from C.O. and I come back here and am just ASSAILED by teh cute! I’m reeling here!

    Suggestion to The Editors:

    This picture should appear next to the definition of REDONK in the C.O. glossary!

  67. Reeely, I was BORN to be a flying squirrel, this ludicrous body is all a big mistake… watch, I shall demonstrate how I can FLY!

  68. Martha in Washington says:

    We useta hava hamster but when he escaped at night all he did was come into our bedroom and hide in our shoes. I’d wake up to little scritchy noises and punch my husband to wake him up so he could climb out of the nice warm bed and catch the little rodent and put him back in his bed.

  69. LB in Cali says:



  70. I have a Sammy the Hammy too, only mine is a boy Sammy. I’m sure he’d have a crush on this little schnookums!

  71. Love him!

  72. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba, who is currently sitting in my lap, was VERY interested in the “errh-ee” sounds. No doubt she’d be very interested in a Climbin’ Ham, too.