C.O. featured on the BBC tech show: “Click”

ClickclickBBC correspondent Kate Russell gives her latest selection of the best sites on the Internets. Gracias, BBC!

(and sender-inner Sharie M.!)



  1. Click! How cool is that?

  2. WOW! An international woman of celebrity, Meg!

  3. Hurray!
    Way to go, CO!

  4. …and a shoutout to The Beeb from the alternate reality of the CO Dream Office!

  5. “Cool!
    Britannia’s seen the error of her ways
    Brits now ever ever will be CO’s slaves”

  6. Awesome! Well-deserved! Congrats, Meg, and thanks for all the cuteoverload every week! 🙂

  7. how could some people at the bbc office hate the site? silly people. they apparently need more cute.

  8. Congrats, Meg!

  9. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    I fully agree with Iola. No one could possibly hate CuteOverload unless they were so deeply depressed they had lost all sense of proportion. More cute for these people and congrats on *yet another* well deserved honor! (I see the BBC chose the kissing bunnies but neglected the wonderful commentary!)

  10. You know what this means, all the regular commenters on here are part of something mention on the BBC. How awesome.

  11. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s not just the kittens, it’s the huffing of the kittens and the tossing of the puddins–it’s like Meg built a Little Shop of Cuteness for us all. Thanks Meg!

  12. Does that make us regular commenters ‘international snorg-lebrities? Congrats Meg! Cheerio and all that rot! 😉

  13. YAY!YAY!YAY! And a bottle of rum.

    (Sorry, RLS.)

  14. They LOYKES us’ns ‘crossin’ The Pond!


    Well done, Miz Meg and Sir Teho.

    Cheers, duckies!

  15. You were in the Swedish edition of Metro yesterday (maybe in other editions too, I don’t know):


  16. Subhangi — interestingly enough (to me), the YAY pic did originally have a bottle… of Jack Daniels. Not rum, sadly.

    Huh! Actually, you can still see it. I thought it’d been obscured.

  17. Megan — w00t!! Helloooooo Sweden! […schnorf]

  18. Congratulations, MeggieMoo! You’re just the best both sides of the Atlantic–and beyond. but we knew that…

  19. w00t and cheerio!

    and however you say w00t in Swedish.

    Truly, Teh Qte can bring us all together. World peace can happen, Peeps!

  20. Ah, CO IS teh best!
    Nooooo doubt about it!

    Fine fine work, Meg!

  21. Wow, a mention on the Beeb. You have truly made it, Meg. Congrats!