Kimchee took this photo at the Atlanta Zoo.  The C.O.X.C.U. warpage is my fault. 😉

(EDIT — corrected the photo credit.  Wups!  Sorry, Kimchee… am an eediot today…)



  1. Look mom! first comment!
    Bleen-tastic! Woohoo!!!

  2. Well, that is one cute roo!

  3. Duuuuuude.

  4. hahahahaaaaa!

    I love CO and I love MEG. Do you think she would marry me?

  5. Excuse me…is there something in my nose? Look closer.

  6. Golden — considering she’s *already* married, you’re probably out of luck.

    Just to forestall one possible follow-up question, I’m married too, and wouldn’t want to be a second choice anyway. 😉

  7. OMG, I wanna go there… where you can get that *close* to the aminals!

  8. Holy LOL! He looks like a combination of ‘roo and baby seal!

  9. Theo: Damn.. and damn again

    maybe the ‘roo will marry me.

  10. WOW how they do that?

  11. Tsk, Theo.

    *shakes head*

  12. LOL! Very good, Teho.

    And you *have* gotten a few marriage proposals on CO, haven’t you?

  13. Whoa.

    That C.O.X.C.U. action is kinda fur-EEEKing me out. Good thing C.O. doesn’t come equipped with Smell-O-Vision as I can’t imagine roo-breath smells *nice*. Back to the nice, safe snuggly bunny picture for this one.

  14. I’m happy to see my pic up on CO (finally!), but this (http://kimchee.vox.com/) is me.

  15. LOL @ Golden.

    Maybe TJ and DavidB had better stay away. 😉

  16. He’s wondering if there’s a gremlin in his nose.

    (Gremlin-n. euphemistic term for the common boogie that persists even after freqent blowing. Extremely arcane and regional to a very small area of the NE US.)

  17. Oh hell … that was uncalled for. Sorry.

  18. thanks Theo.

  19. Awww! Roo snoot! Too much!

  20. Subhangi: I don’t know what you’re referencing about TJ and DavidB as I haven’t been here long enough.. whatever it is.. i’m sure it’s funny..

    I’ve decided to just date the ‘roo.. marriage is so.. final.

    If Teho wasn’t married I’d date him too. and Meg.

    Hell..all of you.. I’m just so full of love . it must be all the cute.

  21. NebraskaErin says:

    Is he smiling, smug, or disapproving? I can’t tell.

  22. NebraskaErin says:

    Or is he perhaps about to KEES?!

  23. It’s alive! It’s alive!

    RUN AWAY!!

    Oh. Sorry – Christmas party tonight, and, well, seems that it’s started a bit early.

  24. here’s another ‘roo nose, for those of you who need more.

  25. Come on people.. the ‘roo is KEEEEESING me! The one he dates.

    I lurrve him.

  26. Golden: *I’ll* marry you!!!
    “Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…
    And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…
    So tweasure your wuv.”

  27. Aubrey – You can run but you cannot hide!

  28. hmm, i’m thinking his mouth definitely looks disapproving. i love it!

  29. ShelleyTambo says:

    Uff da…Roo is cute and funny…but…I had finally gotten over the nightmares about animal snouts…

  30. Ohhh, that was scary at first — but once I got over the initial fright — awwww!

  31. We will have a cwute overwoad mawwiage

  32. Yes, Chwismas gwoup mawages, wike Wevewend Moon. Oow was it Elmer Fudd?

  33. Golden – Pewfect. pywits wuv Gold. My tweasure!

  34. pyrit, we have to make this legal – have you the wing?

  35. Theo – It never would have worked between us, Darling. I hope you are not crushed.

  36. Aubrey – “I do!”

  37. ROTFL! Love the extreme closeup!

  38. pyrit – you’ve walked down the aisle with Golden, you’ve turned down T., and now you’re giving me mixed signals. Stop it.

    (staggers back to the eggnog)

  39. Ack! I think I just married Aubrey. She tricked me!

  40. Hey! Who am I mawwied to?

    Pyrit.. I wuv you!

  41. Golden – Let’s jack-elope.

  42. I wuv it!!!!!

  43. Not so fast!

    (Drags pyrit to a kangaroo divorce court)

  44. Pyrit- PERFECT!

    Aubrey- who gets the joeys?!

  45. Man and wife! Just say it: MAN AND WIFE!

  46. JOEYS??? Take ’em. Those brats’ll never amount to anything – they may want to, but they’ll never be real roos. Just a pouch of wallabees.

  47. Pyrit.. I’m so slow, I just got the Princess Bride reference..

  48. hahaha.. a pouch of wallabees!!! dang you people are good.

  49. Ahhh, ‘con-joey-gal’ bliss.

  50. Wow, that was a nimble pun. And I’m still dizzy from Dr Tongue’s 3-D house of Marsupials

  51. AubreyPyritGolden — I am DYIN ovah heah. L-O-flippin’-L. (RedZ too.)
    Aaaaaas… youuuuuu….. wiiiiiish……..

    Mif — that T-shirt WILL be somebody’s Christmas gift. Awesome!

  52. Ahhh, ‘The Joey of…


  53. Redz – Yer dink is Humping.

    Golden – Take my hand. It’ll be slo-mo-movie matrimony.

    mif – nice t-shirt – thanx

    Aubrey – “Cooking”?

  54. I see we are passing eggnog today instead of marmie kittehs. Please pass some over here.

  55. Aubrey — would that be an ecumenical, interdenominational joey?

  56. I think Aubrey got snagged under the mistletoe. Or fell in the eggnog.

  57. Claudia, I drank the eggnog up, to deaden the hurt of being turned down by pyrit AND Golden. I also thought it would be whimsical to use it instead of milk to make puddin, so I did that too.

  58. Claudia — I reeeeally want to put the aerial up on your “n” there. It’s BEGGING to be an “h”.

  59. Tony James says:

    [dunks a marmie kittin in the eggnog and snorgles its belleh]

    Disapp-roo-ving kangas? I think they would definitely be aware of a let or hindrance why I should not be lawfully wed to anyone on this board (although the offers are very flattering). I fear that the demands of my job as Obersturmbahnkatzenfuhrer, overseeing the construction of a new battery of puddinkwerferschnorglekanonen (technically classed as weapons of mass deflufftion), and making sure that KittinKapitan Arbed doesn’t get up to mischief would preclude me from being a particularly good husband.

  60. TEHO !!!!!!!!!!
    Aubrey close your eyes!!!!
    Claudia – don’t look!

  61. I was waiting for someone to open the roo-ination of this thread with silly puns!

    Finally a few kang-along! 🙂

  62. TJ,

    T., is mean, pyrit is unfaithful, Claudia just wants my liquor and Golden broke up my marriage. Maybe too many cooks did mar the supial, but I had hopes for each one.

    But what I’m trying to say, I’ve heard of army brats, so why not an army bride?

  63. Pyrit — whut?? You’re afraid of an “egghog”?


  64. Damn, Aubrey. You *are* good.
    You deserve all the joey that sects can offer.

  65. Aubrey – I may not roo-lly want to marry-supial you. But I will sign a pre-pun-tial agreement with you! Pass the egg nog! Can I go to the Christmas party with you tonight, as just friends?

  66. Aubrey – Ask Theo if his intentions are Te-honorable.
    Hee, ;-).

  67. You guys are KEELING me. Please pass the eggnog (or hog) over here. Extra brandy please.

  68. Cripes, exactly how do you people *pronounce* my name, anyways?

  69. T., we prounce it: T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Happy?

    Jenn, sorry; didn’t mean to hog the nog.

    pyrit, I think I know the answer to that one already. And of course you can be my arm candy for tonight. But it’s formal – gents will be wearing mar-sup-ial and tie.

  70. stop punning! I mean it! 😉

  71. Actually, that’s a view the photographer gets just before the ‘roo kicks his lights out.

    Not always the friendliest of creatures!

  72. *everyone yells* Anybody want a peanut?

  73. Gosh, I was gettin’ sleepy. That cuteness woke me up. He is “inspecting” us!

    I would love more disapproving kangas and PLEASE more disapproving bunnies. Throw me a bone some time. =)

  74. I really love you people.

    I never meant to ‘roo’in anybody’s mawwage.

    Puddin for everybody! Egg Nog Puddin!

  75. Golden — that sounds really good, actually. I’m envisioning crème brûlée with nutmeg.

  76. Laura, I’ll take one – I’ll need it for strength because there’s a Spaniard giving us some trouble.

    Golden, I’ve been sobbin’ in my nog all morning/afternoon. But share the puddin’ and all is forgivin’.

  77. *everyone gives Laura a gold star*

  78. Work interfers with life again!

    Is everyone already paired up? I miss out on all the good stuff.

    TJ, please pass that eggHog drenched kitteh over this way.

  79. wOOt! *waves to Ashlee* That’s ma girl!

    First comment…even if she DID get bleened! 😉

  80. Claudia,
    I am paired up with Joey, he is zooming in to plant one right on me lipz!

  81. michellemybelle says:

    How handy – the roo can carry puddin’ in its pouch!
    (And, if I’ll fit in there, it can hop me away from Cube Hell!)

  82. you guys need to learn how to read animals facial expressions. *obviously* he is trying not to sneeze, and is just scrunching up up noze which makes it seem to stay in, gosh!

  83. this truly scared me, hehe! I saw the one image started scrolling down..and though.. wait, did I just see it move? I scrolled back up and waited and then it moved and made my jump! HEHE was hilarious!

    On the last shot it looks like a seal!!!

  84. Katrina Katrina Katrina! Are you kidding me??? My real name is Katrina as well. Wait.. did I post that last comment? Am I two?

  85. [walking on sunshine]

  86. Laura – Did you really mean it?

  87. Lindr — no, but Fatal Fluffy did.

  88. Ya know, you have to watch that Aubrey. I remember another post not too long ago where a minimum of three of us thought we were engaged to her. Of course, that was after a night of pom martinis and other libations so none of us really remember what truly happened.

  89. Theo: The Waves.. and some girl named Katrina

    Why’d they have to name a hurricane after me?

  90. hrh.squeak says:

    Wow. I missed ALL the good stuff. (Stares at ruins of what was obviously a wild holiday party, nog spilled everywhere, joeys playing with the streamers, mistletoe rampant, Peter Cook in the corner trying to count the mawwiage licenses)

    You don’t suppose that t-shirt site has shirts that say “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” shirts, do you? That’s my family’s favorite quote . . . . .

  91. AmyH…someone came to CO the next day wearing a collar, as well – wasn’t you by any chance, was it?

  92. AuntieMame says:

    “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

    And his grammar sucks, too. 🙂

  93. Erm… was the collar in question priestly or studded?
    Perhaps Elizabethan?

  94. T., it was beastly and stunning. Umm…someone told me that, yeah.

  95. I am slain by the punnage. It’s all koalaity stuff.

    One time I went to a Mandy Patinkin concert (fabulous singing voice on that man, if ya didn’t know). He sang for what seemed like hours, came back for encores, then just when you thought it was over, he runs back onstage and says, “I almost forgot!” He strikes a fencing pose. The Crowd. Goes. Wild.

    Then he and the audience chant, “My name is Inigo…etc… prepare to DIE!” He gives a big flourishy bow and the crowd whoops and cheers.

    THAT’s a big-time ending.

  96. Lurk — wow. Goosebumps. Honest.

  97. I actually got to see Mandy Patinkin on Broadway in Evita about a million years ago…you’re right about his voice!

  98. And here I am, thinking that the pic is some sort of weird lago-morph. (I’m not drinking tonight, so I have no excuse!)

    You peeps better watch yourselves. You’re starting to sound mildly orgiastically inclined….

  99. …and there IS a “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoy…” T on that site! Click on the Movies category and go from there.

  100. aarrgghh…”Inigo Montoya”

  101. Peg of Tilling says:


  102. Yep, there’s an Inigo Montoya shirt… It’s under ‘Movies’, then ‘The Princess Bride’ (which is alphabetized under ‘the’, of course).


    “Have fun storming the castle!”

    PS: I knew of Mandy Potenkin as a singer and Broadway star long before he was a swordsman or a doctor… And, although I don’t know him personally at all, the description of his concert sounds just like I’ve heard: a man who truly loves performing.


  104. Would anyone mind if I borrowed the roo for a bit? I have a coworker who is going to be five hours late and I’ve had to cover for him. My foot is not big enough to express my thoughts on the matter.

  105. Mofo and Claudia — I’m sorry, but this is a *kissing* ‘roo. Only. Try this instead:

  106. E2C– I, too, at first thought that was one big honkin’ bunny.

    (Wait. Maybe it is…)

  107. No, Aubrey, I wasn’t the one with the collar. Hmmm… Who could it have been? It’s just so hard keeping track of your fake fiancees.

  108. Mandy Patinken and excellent voice….so true! And what a fantastic way to end his concert! How awesome!

  109. Well, you know, AmyH, I “don’t dish the dirt with the rest of the girls.”

    Anyway, I gave you a plastic ring. Very pretty it was, too.

  110. It was a lovely ring, that. I cherished it. Until I lost it. Guess my cherishing only goes so far. Sigh.

  111. claudia: 5 hours late? sandy must have killed off the co-workers parents.

  112. I so needed a roo-smooch. My boyfriend (of six months) just dumped me. On the phone. In the middle of my law school exams. Jerk.

  113. mouse: sandy must have taken him away

  114. Mouse: I’m having your week.

  115. constance says:

    Mouse! That’s awful. I had a boyfriend do that to me while I was in the middle of studying for my organic chemistry final,that is truly crapy.

    On the up side, at least you didn’t invest alot of time in the loser! On to bigger and better things!

  116. chet's momma says:

    *erm, uh yah, couldya check me quick to see if thar’s any bats in ma cave, if ya nose what i mean, heh, heh….*

  117. HEY MEG, didn’t know if you knew this already or not, but you’re linked on Collegehumor.com today under their hotlinks. It’s listed as “Counterargument to ‘Dogs Rule, Cats Drool’ “.

  118. eikoleigh says:

    I LOVE IT….!

  119. Wade — link please? I couldn’t find it.

  120. chet's momma says:

    mouse-stay strong, girl!

  121. Mouse– that ex is a cad and a toad and you are well shut of him.

    [passing the butterscotch]
    Have some puddin’, hon’.

  122. i prefer this inigo montoya t-shirt to the one on the site mentioned above: http://www.80stees.com/products/Inigo-Montoya-Princess-Bride-T-shirt.asp

    i love that guy.

  123. [stares sadly at the remains of the party]

    Wow. Amazing that I’m half a day ahead but always late.

    [trudges away]

  124. LB in Cali says:



  125. hoppy hoppy! is it legal to have kangaroos or wallabees as pets?