Meanwhile, over at C.O. Dream Headquarters…

…Only two kittens per lap, People. no pushing!


Aaaaaaah. one day, we’ll have our own office, right Audrey C.?



  1. Ooooo, I’m first! Cool! I love sleepy kitties in the lap. So warm and comfturbles.

  2. I’m first! Yea! I love sleepy kitties in the lap. So warm and comfturbles.

  3. OMG first?!
    I used to have all 3 cats lined up on my lap at once when I had feet up on footstool watching TV.. one on lap, one on knees, one on shins. Very warm but hard to move if you have to get up.

    These guys are adorable btw

  4. it won’t take comments??

  5. Soooo cute! And my kitties are jealous of their collars. 🙂


    That is all.

  7. Crystal is indeed first. She likes kitties in her lap. They are warm and comfortable. I just wanted to reiterate.

  8. So what you’re saying is that you like kittens in your lap?

  9. I guess “it” finally decided to take my comment which I did click on several times because it didn’t seem to be working and twice I had to enter a security thing… sigh… all because of a couple sleepy lap kittehs..

  10. Crystal, Mary – Goodness! Press post ONCE! Being first is not that important!

    Those kitties on the other hand…

  11. The cuteness of kitties has conquered the capabilities of computers.

  12. I believe Crystal had the same problem I did which caused excessing click on posting in an effort to be first. Eventually all clicks took effect. Better to be first several times (Crystal) than announce first several times in spite of not being first (me).

    Time to go home to my lap kitteh. I’m exhausted also.

  13. uncleMonty says:

    Hey does that person only have one arm? Just askin’.

  14. Kitty lap warmers! Would make a great day in the office. Of course, after awhile your thighs get tired and I would hate to scoot them kitties off, especially on a cold December day!

  15. Tizzylish says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Too cute!!

  16. Crystal. Mary.
    Learn patience.
    It was very difficult to delete only your *duplicate* comments.

  17. The kittehs are on the final lap – it looks like a CO photo finish!

  18. For the love of jauntiness says:

    Soooo precious. I love when my own little kitty kitty kins kins curls up on my lap like a legless meatloaf. Sigh.

  19. pookiepuff says:

    The cutest lap warmers ever. hehe! ^-^

  20. There’s always another pic, Aubrey. Always room for one more.

  21. Aawwwwwwwwwwwww…..

  22. Teughcats says:

    Legless meatloaf – LOL. I refer to it as “loaf-of-bread” cat. Wonder how long it took for these two to start fighting each other though

  23. When I’ve seen cats snoozing this close, they do a lot of ear twitching when the ears touch each other. Too comfterbuls to move.

  24. Hey, she’s achieved fabulous linear feline compliance!

  25. this is not possible when you have a cat of my size. LOL

  26. Are they asleep? Or are they staring at something? Is this a lap trance?

  27. Our cats always sleep in our beds. When it is a really cold night my father says, “It’s a two cat night”. Meaning he won’t feel warm unless at least two cats share the bed.

  28. In my family we remark on the cold weather by saying, “It’s a two cat night.”

    I guess it was a two cat night for the person on the computer.

  29. Faye — so this would be a two comment night, then?
    It *is* pretty cold out there…

  30. man… this would make my cubicle so much better.

  31. two pussies. beautiful!

  32. AuntieMame says:

    Two lap cats = good.

    Two lap German Shorthair Pointers = squashing.

    (The voice of experience…)

  33. Is that one kitty khaki colored?

    UncleMonty–this person clearly has two arms. Obvy the other arm is engaged in taking this pic :o) I take many computer nerd with kitteh self-portraits in that way.


  35. Charles Powne says:

    But does this person have a head? That is the question.

  36. charlotte says:

    my mom has brother and sister kittens in the same colors 😀

  37. Goodness! These kitties are talented… either that or my kitty is *special*. My kitty tends to fall off my lap just being by herself! I can’t imagine her actually sharing my lap! This picture is too cute!

  38. Awww, I feel warm and fuzzy all over.

    Reminds me of the time I sat for a whole hour with Noir and Sandtabby on my lap.

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    Khaki-colored kitties are best for not showing hair on your khaki-colored pants.
    Teh other kittie-not so much.
    But then again, I’ve heard it said that no outfit is complete without a few cat hairs.

  40. Martha said “But then again, I’ve heard it said that no outfit is complete without a few cat hairs.”

    The same can be said for “FUR”niture

  41. Martha in Washington says:

    btw-does anyone have to do any actual work at this dream office or is the day taken up with snorgles and walkies and belleh rubbins?

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    And I have LOTS of “FUR”niture at my house!

  43. Pbfhtt. My cats refuse to sit on my lap anymore once they grow up. They decided to become independent so quickly

  44. My friend & I used to exchange clothes when we got bored with them. They were always refered to as pre-FURred rather than 2nd hand, due to us both having 2 cats

  45. I have one of those on my lap right now! Only she’s doing a prickly tap dance and makes a funny rumbling noise.

  46. SubH – If you had two kittehs on your lap for a full hour, you certainly WOULD be fuzzy all over.

  47. lurkertype says:

    Martha, we do surf the net in the CO Dream Office. And we write things on Post-Its so that hummingbirds can deliver them. But we don’t do WORK work.

    I love the Khaki Khat. I wish my kitties got along so well.

  48. acelightning says:

    Double your pleasure, double your fun,
    Snuggle with two kitties instead of just one!
    (And if they get bored, trade them for a bun!)

  49. Squee! That cream-colored one is the exact same color as the khaki pants!

    One of my cats is a compulsive lap-sitter. Thing is, he weighs about 20 pounds, so it’s like having the Webster’s Unabridged in my lap. Covered with fur, of course. And purring!

  50. If that’s an office, I want to work there!!!!!!

  51. It bears mentioning that like any Office, all prospective employees would have have to be interviewed.

    Then two kittehs would be produced for the laptitude tests. Judging is easy. If you love having kitties on your khakis, you’re in.

    Meg will eat from the Pudding Bowl – you will then do likewise, and the bond is forged.

    And so ends your re-cutement.

  52. My best friend has a rule in her home… If you have a cat in your lap (or two) then you don’t have to get up to get anything… You’re off the hook for everything until the little bebbeh’s move…

    Now, I have 4 little fuzzy dahlin’s and one pooch… But I live alone…Hence I can not indulge in this rule… But I do have two kittehs that will only sit in my lap, if I place a pillow there…Then they look like the true royalty that they are…


  53. When the Tuxedo Twins were smaller, they could both fit on my lap. Now, they take turns sitting in my lap when I’m here in from of the computer.

  54. What beautifully aligned lap kitties. If all the world could share a lap in such harmony all would be well with the universe! 🙂

  55. That cream tabby kitten looks like my Felis when he was younger. And the other one looks like my first cat, Melody; she was always tiny.

    They’re so cute! And great for a winter’s day. Wish I had those for my college exams.

  56. Oooooooh. Why can’t this be my lap? I am jealous–jealous, I tell you–of the person in the khaki pants and the orange shirt.

    Teho, I think kitten lapwarmers should be standard issue at the Dream Office.

  57. Khaki Kit: “Is she still looking at those pango-things?” (shudder)

    Gray Kit: “I wish she would click on the Daily Kitten.”

  58. LOL, Andee! “Webster’s Unabridged…”

    And Lauowolf as well. However, let me pose a question: wouldn’t you need at least *3* cats for true linear feline compliance?


  59. Teughcats says:

    A thinker –

    No, two points defines a line. Three points defines space.
    Or something like that – math class was a long time ago.
    [returns to snorgling kittehs]

  60. NebraskaErin says:

    I could use one or two lapcats right now, my lap is cold!

    One of mine at home is a lapcat. Particularly if I’m eating. She figures she’s not technically begging, but by getting as close to the food as possible, looking cute, and purring, I might be inclined to share. She’s so sneaky.

  61. Ahhhhh [exhaling]… In an isolated moment of quiet in an absolutely hellish week, I’m imagining a lapful o’kittitude. I’m in the DO, and all is right and calm in the world. Don’t wake me up.

  62. “Legless meatloaf”? What the nuffingham kind of meatloaf are you making that *normally* has legs?!
    [backs slowly away from Teh Ovahload’s resident Dr. H Lecter… 😉 ]

  63. Ah, yes, Teughcats, I believe I seem to remember that from math class as well. So we have achieved linear feline compliance…carry on.

  64. “no outfit is complete without a few cat hairs”

    My rule of thumb is, if a pet owner doesn’t have pet hair on their clothes, they clearly don’t love their pet enough.

  65. jaypo –

    Send your hellish week
    To the briny deep
    Cast your gloom & doom
    Out of the room
    If the bedbugs still wont go
    Stay ye closer the CO DO.


    And, as for me, if Peeps even mention *math* (spit-spit-cuss-cuss-rum bottle!)
    I’ll be far, far away, down a litter-ary path.


    One more comment, to you-know-who-I-means,
    I never again, dare look at a can of fava beans.
    (spit-spit, cuss-cuss, rum bottle!)

  66. Yes, Laurie, and food always tastes better with cat hair.

    I have a serving platter with that little phrase written on it. I think it scares my less feline-friendly guests.

  67. Pyrit — [applause]

  68. katherine says:

    tony james, are you trying to get me fired? I can usually keep the cooing and snorgling down, but you just made me loudly guffaw. and I can’t really pass it off by saying that my translation is all that funny.

  69. katerpie – Me too. Pet hair adds fiber. Doesn’t make me wig out. But guests bristle at the thought.

    Teho – Awww, thank you. Is that your new word of the day? Gah! 😉

  70. *sniff* But Laurie C…what about my nekkid kittehs? I never have cat hair on my clothes, but I still love them. (Actually once or twice a year, Sippy does manage to work up a little poof of fluff, which she sheds on the furniture or a sweater. We are so proud of her when she does, and say goofy things like, “Oh, baby shed on mama. What a sweet girl!”)

  71. Hey, I get the “meatloaf” reference! When the kitties crouch on the floor like that, so no legs are visible, it’s like they’re stuffed into a meatloaf pan. We also call that “carpet ducks” because you get the impression that beneath the surface of the carpet, their paws are paddling away.

    I wish I currently had a lap cat. Sadly, the only one of mine that is a lap cat is also 14 years old and very cranky, so that if she blesses you with her presence, you can’t so much as twitch without her growling. It’s almost as though she holds you hostage.

  72. It has been quite a while since frequenting this site since my move 1/2 way across the country earlier this year. I’m sitting at my desk at my new job with not much to do at the moment and decided to see what’s new (and everything I’ve missed)…..I’M HAVING TO HOLD MY HAND OVER MY MOUTH TO KEEP MYSELF QUIET SO PEOPLE DON’T THINK I’M HAVEING A BRAIN ANYURISM. And I think that in doing so I will actually cause a brain anyurism :)It’s good to be back.

  73. you guys r silly says:

    I’m applying for my position at the CO DO right now!
    I have years of experience in cata entry and word purrocessing. PLUS I will be bringing my OWN kitty to work with me, so CO will only have to issue ME *ONE* lap kitteh…
    Am I hired???

  74. LB in Cali says:

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I need right now – my office is freaking cold. May I have 2 of these, please?

  75. Cats! With Collars! Those are the best kinds of cats! And it is proving Neutons law of thermodynamics (or something). “Cats are magnatized to all warm bodies” … I think. I dunno, I failed physics but passed my Cute-itude tests.

  76. My, my. Look at the snazzy collars on these two. My two would never fit on my lap like that. Too much “baggage.”

  77. I thought kitten lappage was Standard Operating Procedure for all offices? No? Well it should be.

  78. Please, no cringeworthy, cliched, phrases at teh CO DO. No no, not good.


  80. ShelleyTambo says:

    I wish we had kitters at my office. We’ve got two dogs, instead. One is a sweet little shepherd mix. The other is, I think, a chug (wawa/pug mix) that I find obnoxious. He’s also one of the least attractive animals I’ve ever seen, and that includes the Persian we have at the shelter that looks, I kid you not, like Jabba the Hutt.

  81. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hmmmm…maybe “obnoxious” isn’t the right word. “Annoying,” perhaps, and definitely not a good office dog.

  82. ShellyT — LOL. I must see a photo of this “chug” you speak of.

  83. After looking at this photo, I believe that the CO DO should have one RK (resident kitteh). Per person.

  84. Redz, my oversight. “pet hair” in my maxim may be replaced with “catches from claws” for the nekkid kitties. Bet you got those.

  85. ShelleyTambo says:

    T-o, Will try to upload one to my Flickr site, but his lack of popularity among some of the employees here is a sensitive issue with the employers, so they might be suspicious of why I suddenly want pics. I’m prolly exaggerating his unattractiveness because I’m 1) not a fan of small dogs in general and 2) upset at recent neglect of the other dog. Found this website: Office dog doesn’t quite look like this, so he may be some other mix. He was found as a stray in a park wearing a rhinestone collar, so we think he’s someone’s purse dog that got too big and was booted out.

    Will also try to upload pics of Jabba the Hutt.

  86. I like nothing better than waking up with kittens on my hip. the are so warm and snuggled in, I try and wake them gently so I don’t scare them.

  87. So cute kitties 😀

  88. This looks way comfier than my 18 pounder on my lap and me trying to type on my laptop over and around her. She yawns, stretches, and my cursor goes nuts. It’s the paw on the trackpad again! I’ll never get anything done this way. Gotta get a desk. Or a smaller cat. Yeah, that’s it, a kitten…that’ll solve all my problems.

  89. Ooh, Lenore, I like your screen name. May have to borrow it for a kitten someday.
    Very Poe-etic.

  90. …OK, I really like your blog too.

  91. Theo, sorry for the excessive clicking and duplicate posts back at the beginning of this. I have now learned my lesson. Panicky attempts to be first are not welcome and probably not going to be successful either.

  92. Lenore, JellyBean DEFINITELY belongs here if she’s not already represented

    ADVANCE SQUEE ALERT to all you marmie lovers! I recommend covering your mouth BEFORE clicking on the link if you just happen to be peeking at CO whilst in your work environment.

  93. HeidiStar, I clicked on the link, thinking I was strong enough – how wrong I was! Help! I need Orange-Ade!

  94. ::: [CRASH] :::

  95. *damn* surf control!
    all I can see are titles… orangenesses teasing me… taunting me… /sob/

  96. Jellybean is indeed already in the oreengenesses group:

    She’s also the dictionary cat:

  97. Aubrey, Theo, et al.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    And yes, in the interest of full disclosure that’s my very own oreengeness Fergus in the lineup of cute.

  98. Yay! Jellybean’s an oreengeness! I LOVE the dictionary picture too.

  99. Theo – I’ve known cats named Theo, so I guess that makes it ok for you to use Lenore for a kitten. Glad you like my name. And my blog. And my oreengeness!

  100. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is there anybody in the world with a cat and a computer who hasn’t had the cat in their lap when at the computer, at least once?

    That may be the most rhetorical question ever.

    (I have Moxie in my lap right now. He is purring. He approves. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.)

  101. Lenore — aaaaaand of course “Lenore” also happens to be your *real* name. D’oh… you’d think I’d be more alert to this sort of thing. Glad I didn’t make *fun* of it, at least.

  102. I was looking at this post from my office and lamenting the fact that I have not been able to cuddle a cat for months when what do I see on my space bar – a real live cat hair!


    Maybe if I concentrate very hard, the rest of the cat will appear!

  103. My brother-in-law had a car named Theo. That is an r, not a t.

  104. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ok, pic of Jabba kitty:

    Poor guy can’t close his mouth all the way because one of his bottom teeth sticks out. Will still try to get chug pic.

  105. scoutsadie says:

    My brown tabby has that same collar!

  106. No reason to use a screen name when you’ve got a real name like mine! BTW, JellyBean is her real name, too. But we call her JellyBeast.

    Pyrit, everyone knows that cars are girls, so I hope it was short for Theodora.