“Sir Puff”

OH PLEASE. You have got to be kidding me, this is ridonk. This bun is the roundest, softest lookin’ little guy, and he’s obviously a super snuggler. Just stop! [pushing you against the wall] The teeny earsitude is WAY TOO MUCH


You did not name him Sir Puff, did you, Crystal M.? OMG.



  1. And a leetle pink nose too!

  2. Millie is cuter. Peh!

  3. Puffyyyyy!

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Just in time — I needed a floof break this afternoon.
    PS, Lovely manicure, too, Crystal M.!

  5. useta hada kitteh says:


    Little Cuddler McCuddlesons made my computer go Squeeeee! (er sunthin’) Wouldn’t let me make a comment when there weren’t any comments already there. I had to go away from CO and let the computer recover first. Actually, I can understand. Teh Qte ™ can be pretty powerful. Thank goodness it’s a force for good!

  6. The roundness of this little one; I tried to pet my monitor. Sad I know, but when you are allergic to everything with 4 legs it’s what you are left with.

  7. It seriously looks like they have put the fuzzy camera lens around her fingers. (You know, the one they use to take pictures of brides surrounded by candlelight?)

    It’s like everything that comes within two inches of his fuzz is immediately made softer and more cute to look at. Sigh.

    (now imagine what being near this fuzz could do for someone like, say, our former secretary of defense? Would he look fuzzy and softer?)

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    How much is flooff and how much is actual rabbit? Nice manicure too.

  9. Kris – awww. 😦

    Hypoallergenic kitteh?


  10. Aww. What a great name.

  11. hrh.squeak says:

    I bow to the overwhelming cuteness of Sir Puff.

  12. let us not overlook the stunningly cute little bent back pawsie

  13. For the love of jauntiness says:

    Wow! So cute he hurt my retinas! Is this kind of cuteness even legal?!?!

  14. Buns in racks… nice manicure too!

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    There’s no bunnies ‘n racks category, is there…

  16. I see a duck.

  17. ‘Tis a round soft bunneh.

    And I can’t foresee any snide comments about *this* woman’s nails, anyway…

  18. Buns in racks? Sounds like a category for contortionsists!

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    Zee cute, she burns!

  20. Nice antidote to non-cuddly pangolins and larval rats.
    Way to fuzz, y’all!

  21. Definately a Bun ‘n Rack! Oh, the orbs of cuddly joy!

  22. BUNS ‘N RACKS!

    hahhahahha…funny cuz it sounds like a porno magazine.

  23. http://radio3.cbc.ca/blogs/2006/12/Interview-Raymitheminx

    name dropped you in the cbc interview of yours truly.

  24. lurkertype says:

    It’s a cotton ball with earses! and eyeballs.

    Both the bunrab and the person are quite well-groomed.

  25. LARVAL rats??? Pft!

    Animals of all ages, sizes and degrees of floof or non-floof are welcomed onto the CO Ark…

  26. Would Crystal be able to take Sir Puffenstuff him down her top? Or would that lead to moral corruption of the bun? Or would it just lead to cuteness on a greater scale (though maybe not as great as the pangolin – you know, with the scales and all).

  27. Why can’t computers come with Pet-o-Vision so I could feel how truely soft this cutie really is?

  28. aieeeeeeee! Dangeling pawsitude!

  29. acelightning says:

    Oh. My. Gawd.
    The softness, the roundness, the tinyness, the fluffyness, the snugglyness, the sheer BUNNYNESS!
    *melts down into a puddle of goo…*

  30. No one has mentioned his eyeshadow! That’s almost the best part.. if there is a “best” since he’s pretty gorgeous all over.

  31. Bunny Love says:

    Did you notice the subtle shading around the eyes? The matching shading on the ears? He’s so redonk! Snorgle, snorgle, snorgle

  32. fluffy overload!! ahhhhhhhh

  33. so the bunnies have replaced the cats now.. *hints to Cat and Rack section*

  34. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He’s fluffalicious!

  35. Oh man, now I have to dig up all the fuschia nail-polish posts again…

  36. I’m just marveling at the fact that she’s wearing a white bun on a black dress and I can’t see any stray bunfluff. We have three ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/stalag131/ ) one each in white, black and tan so that nothing in the wardrobe is safe…

  37. I *lof* the little back foot. And yes, the eyeshadow is nice too… Sir Puff must have stopped by the BUNefit counter and picked it up. HA!

  38. is this the same gal who has Master Fluff? He wa quite famous on baaaaabyanimals for a while. 🙂

    *sigh* looks just like a bun I had when I was a child.

  40. Wolverine Librarian says:

    I’m with “Martha in Washington” That is one spiffy manicure! What’s the secret? Mine chips hours after I put it on, even the Avon instant manicure. Oh and that is some serious poofitude goin’ on.

  41. Selianth, your bun pics are very fun! Fun buns on da run! Pa rumpapumpum…..

    Nothing to see here, folks. Back to what you were doing.

  42. Lauri,
    But I see bun disapproval – which you should shun!
    Get too close and you’re done!

  43. Can you feel his little nose tickling your neck? Ahhhhh!

  44. Lauri; Thank you! I think they’re wonderful, and even better in “person.” We’re still trying to capture one mid-binky.
    Aubrey; which one is disapproving? Its hard to pick out when you’re infatuated.

    *clears throat and edges halfway into spotlight*

    On Buns.
    They’re too much fun
    to have just one.

    *edges out*

  45. “POOF!”


  46. >:x

  47. musicchick2 says:

    OK… first there’s Raymi and her interview complete with site-name-dropping.. (Raymi, the http://justalittleguy.blogspot.com/ ROCKS!). Then there’s Selainth and her bungalow ‘o bunnies (SOOO cute! The sleepy one reminds me of one of my cats) ;-). Theo’s off on a fuschia nail-polish scavenger hunt, Mary admiring Mr. Floofitude’s eyeshadow, and our resident punster’s extraordinaire – pyrit, aubrey,Lauri….. Dang, I really need to get back up to my 4 or 5 visits to C.O. a day ’cause this whole thread has filled me to overflowing with squee and awww and sighs…. *keels over*

  48. Selianth:

    Page 1, final two photos – just appeared to me as an aerial view of a cinnebun’s disapproval.

    Still – bonny bunnies, all.

  49. He looks SO SOFT… oh, how I wish I wasn’t so extremely allergic to bunnies.

  50. Closing my eyes now and imagining that little pink nose sniffing me as I cuddle him. Telekinetic-o-rama.

  51. SIR PUFF!! Aww, and to think, now I know a celebrity bunny!

  52. Omigawd.

    I just FLODED.

  53. Martha in Washington says:

    Okay,just looked at Selianth’s other pics and now I stheriousthly wanna bunneh!!!!!
    Oh, and Wolverine Librarian-my nails chip too right away. What’s up with that?

  54. I like the bunny and the pink nail polish! ^^

  55. Denise in Nebraska says:

    I’m with Caitlin— This little fuzz-ball is twins with Master Fluff, of the C.O. archives “Cribs” variety (where he shows off his Dr. Pepper mansion….remember????). Twins!! It’s a Christmas miracle.

  56. “…his Dr. Pepper mansion….remember????”

    Denise – I remember! It was during my CO lurking days…thinking about it makes me sort of sentimental, and now with the holidays and all…

    (puts down bottle of Stoli and cries)

  57. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again –

    Bunnyness is next to godliness!!!

    ( )
    ” “

  58. pookiepuff says:

    A round puff of cuteness! Eeeee! I want bunny puff!

  59. I think you are right, E. Collison! And, in an effort to get more spiritual, I definitely need to get a couple of buns, sometime SOON!!!! 🙂

  60. Lauri – Bunbuns! Yes! They would fit into your menagerie perfectly!

  61. This little guy looks like someone gave noes, ears and eyes to a ball of cotton candy…and BOY is he SWEET!! Let’s send some of these darlings to the Mideast and end the war!!
    > .. < =

  62. Katerpie – while I love the idea of a truly hypo-allergenic kitteh, the $4,000 price tag, plus another $995 to have it shipped to me from CA – well let’s just say that’s a bit prohibitive.

    But thanx for the link; maybe someday I can afford one.

  63. LB in Cali says:

    So agreeing with every word of the caption. Didn’t know they came so cute.

    kiss de bunneh kiss de bunneh

  64. Is that a wee foot dangle?


  65. oh, the bunny! so cute!

  66. Sir Puff has stolen my heart! My gawd, he’s too cute for words.

  67. OMG, BUNNEH!!!1!

  68. MY BUN BUN!!!! Nobody told me they’d put him up. Yes, this is when I first got him, he’s much bigger now, almost twice the size, and he’s only 4 months old. I love him soo much. He is super friendly and lets you scratch his ears and he licks your hand like crazy to show his appreciation. Seriously a loving bun <3

  69. Crystal, what an ever-lovin’ bun! Has he maintained his Code 11 (“this goes to 11”) level of floof?

    CO has definately changed me, turning me into a bun-bun lover. It’s been a type of lagomorph.

  70. pistache268 says:


  71. Aubrey; Ah, yes, that is indeed disapproval. As in “Where’ my treat, and snap to it.”

    Bunbuns are the best! I recommend them as pets to everyone. It goes without saying that they should be “fixed” rescue buns, of course. Can you believe that Ben (black) was considered a problem bun at the shelter? First morning home he licked my feetsies.

    And Mr. Puff up there is sure to be cute even if he is bigger. Just more of him to love!

  72. It’s ridiculous! It looks like a tribble!

  73. Jessekins says:

    oh em gee. He’s deh ca-yooootest!

    I can’t figure out if he’s being held by two hands (see area of the foot dangle), but hees ears are deh most adorable thing EVARRR. 😀