Rthhhrrrroo_1"Rthhhrrrroo?" I mean, that’s what I imagine the rat version of "Barrrooo?" to be.

Of course you totally have to roll your tongue when you say it.

But you already kneeeeew that! [singsong]

Nice work, sender-inner Raven and Pocket Pet "Tsukasa".



  1. Surprised little whisker-kins. He just saw a mirror and realised how cute he is.

  2. smokeyJoe says:

    *first* to say, oooh, little squirmy thing.

  3. Rats are cute. Baby rats and dumbo rats are cuter. Baby dumbo rats are ridiculous.


    I miss my own ratties. I had three wingnuts in my last batch, too. 🙂

  4. Mi casa es Tsukasa.

    Recent scientific studies show that Arvay is correct–dumbo rats are ridiculous.

    Still, I will consent to snorgle this little guy.

  5. Awww, the little guy can’t be more than two weeks old. So cute!

  6. starrburstsnickers says:

    i wants to kees eet!!!


  7. omg.. lurve it..

  8. Could not possibly be cuter. I don’t know how anyone can dislike these lovely little rodents <3

  9. That literally made my mouth fall open and stupid laughter come out–totally involuntary. So cute.

  10. Basmooch lil ratlet… My sister had a rat named “Kiss” that she smuggled onto a plane once (this was about 10 years ago). She tucked Kiss into her shirt and was going through security, trying to act all cool whilst ratty fingernails tickled her in tender spots. It was hilarious. She made it through too.

  11. “I think so, Brain, but I get all wiggly when they try to measure my inseam.”

  12. How do you say “baroo?” in rodenteese? He is too precious!

  13. Ok, nevermind, just read the rest of Meg’s comment. been a long day – he’s still precious!

  14. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh. my. What a teensy weensy beensy baby rattie! Look at the fingers! Look at the sweetie-mouf! Look at the sweetie-eyes! Look at the sweetie! You guyses are going to win me over yet, with ratties this cute! Oh. my.

  15. Ratonkulous!

  16. violetgreen says:

    Little pink fingerlings! Little pink schnozz! Rosebud mouf! Arrrrghhh! Too much Qte!

  17. Look at the wee mouth – this rat is singing! Wonder which oper-rat-ta it’s singing from?

  18. Would it still be cute if we could see the naked tail and unmentionable parts? Do white whiskers, pink toes, little mouth, sweet expression cancel out naked tail and hind ends? So far.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    That is not cute at all.

  20. Egad. What a creepy little animule.

  21. *awwwwws* I just want to give it some Yogies!

    I lurve squishy baby watties!

  22. Me Not You says:

    Looks like a baby possum to me.

  23. useta hada kitteh says:

    Where did *that* comment come from? (besides out of left field…)

    Anyways, Aubrey, I think the oper-ratta he’s singing in is Pi-rats of Penzance. He wants to be the Pi-rat King, but he’s too wittle!

  24. Behbeh wat: “Hello. My name is Edith Ann. My mother says I am very cute. She says I am beautiful. And cute. Yup, she does. That’s me, cute and beautiful,…and cute. So, thlphthlphthlplplplp.
    Now where’s my big rocking chair. Oh, I’m sittin’ on it. I didn’t even see it. Because it’s so big. Hee. (looking around, twiddling feet.) And that’s the truth.”

  25. useta hada kitteh – Mentioning pirates. Today is the DVD release date of Pirates of the Caribbean, DMC. I’ve had to live without since Aug. 18. Now I’m happy.
    I know,,, NOTHING to do with operas. Carry on.

  26. Holy cow! Err…holy rat! Oh, there’s a tender spot in my heart for those lil babies. This may, in fact, be the apex of cute.

  27. hrh.squeak says:

    Ooo. He could also be singing T-rat-viata, as in, It is ob-viata that this is the cutest little rattie in the Whole World, with the exception of my Bert and Nugget. But one of my next ratties will definitely be a “wingnut” (heehee, Arvay).

  28. Perhaps he is singing Le Merry Rat de Figaro.

  29. michellemybelle says:

    Since someone mentioned pirates, I’m reminded that today is (was) International Ninja Day – I made the link as pirates are locked in deadly battle with ninjas, except for holidays such as today.

    The little rattie is so tiny and needs to be cuddled immediately – the world is a scary place, little guy!

  30. Elizabeth says:

    *obviously a different Elizabeth than the one up there*


    I miss my rats so bad. His owner needs to let me have him. ^_^


  31. musicchick2 says:

    My first thought also was that he was singing. I can almost hear his little teeny tiny “boy choir” tenor voice from here.

    And dang it, but you’ve converted me. No one could EVER convince me a rat was cute. Until now. I stand corrected. *sigh*

  32. crankypants says:

    ohhhhh, i will gives you a teeny tiny ratty kees!
    and you will loves eet!

  33. Christina says:

    Aww. I love rodents. I don’t get how people couldn’t love their cuteness. Yes, even the tails and little rattocks.

  34. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I think this little rattikins has his mouth open in a very vocal protest of the fact that rats are illegal to have as pets in Alberta. I join my voice with his. I want a ratty!

  35. oh my gawd….. my biological clock is squeaking!!! want to mother the little one. So lucky RAven – I am completely jealous

  36. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    could I just snuggle him up to my busooms one time? Ok, maybe twice, but that’s it… I .. Ok, 3 times, but that’s all…

    Good thing I’m not going to squee myself tonight…

  37. Oh sweet merciful heavens…Has someone seen my ovaries? They should be entering low-earth orbit right about now…

    That kind of cuteness should be a controlled substance!


  38. acelightning says:

    Little rattiekins looks like he just woke up… and found himself, inexplicably, on an expanse of psychedelic burnt-orange corduroy. But don’t you worry, little rodent… I spy Mom’s snaky naked tail in the background…

  39. A co-worker has a tame rat that her son gave her and she does not want it *at all*. I really wish I could take it, but my dogs…..sigh. Watties is so ke-yute!

  40. I am so so sorry. I have a phobia this just made my knees go weak. Now I won’t get off my couch until my cat comes to guide me through my living room and into the bedroom. Thanks Meg =(

  41. Pinky Cutey Goodness!

  42. AuntieMame says:

    Dang! Either that’s a really teeny ratty, or that’s some honkin’ wide wale corduroy…

  43. What a perfect little O shaped mouth.

  44. This lil’ guy (gal?) looks like he’s performing in the all-rat production of “Are You My Mother?”

    Too Cute!

  45. awwwww… fuzzy sweetie… i love it when the babies start licking my hands whenever i’m with them… they like to wrestle them too….awwww

  46. Woods Walker says:

    I’ve seen the movie “Willard” too many times to think that rats are cute.-Woods Walker

  47. I normally think rats ARE cute, but not that. Sorry.

  48. i was looking up dumbo rats and found this: http://animal-world.com/encyclo/featured_pets/Critters/Darla/BabyAndMom_.jpg !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Eeeeeee! Rosie – you just keeled me!

  50. OMG!!! The feet! The mouf! The nose! AIEEE!!!!

  51. Rosie!!!! Have mercy!!!!!

  52. useta hada kitteh says:

    crankypants said “I will gives you a teeny tiny ratty kees”… anyone remember Topo Gigio, the mousey puppet that made regular appearances on the Ed Sullivan show? “Eddie…Eddie, kees me goodnight…”


  53. gaaahhh! Dumbo ratties!! They so elephantlicious. Me wants to kees them.

  54. Oh. My. Gosh.


    That is all kinds of serious, scary cute.

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  56. Beauregard says:

    Oh. my. god. Until about five years ago, my family had that exact same orange corduroy upholstery on our couches! I kinda miss it.

  57. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sorta makes me think of this guy (’bout halfway down the page): http://www.thingsthatmakeyougoaahh.com/2006/05/inbox-splurge.html

  58. you guys r silly says:

    Be sure to go to the flickr link that jamela mentions above! (LOVE the pic of the handful of ratty babies!!!)
    Teeny rodent babies are ADORABLE!
    Question: What is a “wing-nut” rat???

  59. Private – Stand down and prepare to be discharged by the Sergeant for behaviour unbecoming of a Cute Officer.

  60. Peg of Tilling says:

    Perhaps he’s singing Bohemian Rat-sody. Or singing bar-rat-one in Madama Ratterfly, as Pinker-toes (or if this is a girl rat, singing sop-rat-o as Toe-toe-san).

  61. Has anyone seen the new DreamWorks movie Flushed Away? If you like rats you will like it! (sing song) And if you like Wallace & Gromit. The movie copies scenes from other movies and tv shows; in case you see it and wonder why you’re having de ja vu. The movie also uses a lot of Brit/Euro humor, including Brit tv shows so that could make one wonder too – like you know there was something funny but what was it?

  62. pyrit, I love W & G. “Let’s have some cheese, Gromit.”

    Private–if you’re sincere, kudos to you! Stay hanging here and you’ll never do anything not-cute again.

  63. I always find it strange how people just assume everyone finds a naked rat tail ‘gross’. How is it gross? I think their tails are gorgeous, and they serve the very necessary function of controlling the animal’s body temperature.
    ‘Its bald’ isn’t a good enough reason, as far as Im concerned. Human beings are completely bald, and human babies are horrible bald squishy things but I don’t hear people claimng they’re gross.
    Rat tails are lovely and smooth and silky. Its just a neurosis certain people have about them and try to imply its logical in some way.

    Baby dumbos are one of the cutest things on earth. I just a new one to add to the ever growing family of ratties.

  64. NebraskaErin says:

    *melted puddle of Erin-goo*

  65. Goodness! Never knew rats could be so utterly sweet-looking! Look at his little feetses all spread out on spread, no pun intended. He looks like a little Disney character or something.

    Awwww, I needed that cute. Cute & sweet. Cweet?

  66. This guy is too sweet.
    But is he big enough to snorgle yet?
    It’s hard to judge the scale (wide wale corderoy or very wide…)
    Maybe he’d make a nice nose cover.

    FYI-This doesn’t look like a baby possum.
    The Invasion of the California Marsupials continues here.
    Now they are cleared out of the laundry room, but they are still coming in shortly after dark all the time.

    I consider it all Meg’s fault.
    I’m beginning to find the smallest ones cute, which makes it really hard to be sufficiently intimidating in shooing them out,

  67. Somebody post a pic of a dumbo rat so I can see what you all are raving about.

    Or can I really handle teh additional cute? Still recovering from this little guy.

  68. Quite frankly, I think the sound he would make would be something more like “eek” but that’s just me.

  69. dumbo rattie pics at your service…

    Posted by: ceejoe

    K, thanks! Most of that was indeed squee-worthy! ‘Cept for the dead one in the gutter. That kinda harshed my cute there.

  70. you guys r silly says:

    ceejoe: Can you show me what a “wing-nut” rattie is too???

  71. He looks like he’s saying, “No, wait a minute, there’s more…!”

  72. AlbertaGirl says:

    GreenEyed Hawk – as a fellow Albertan, I also mourn the ridiculous rattie ban. I have always thought they are adorable… but this is the first time I’ve wanted to put a rattie in my mouf. Oh, and Rosie – baby dumbo rat is tew kewt!!!

  73. NebraskaErin says:

    Oh my, those Dumbo ratties are aDORable!!

    I’ve always had a thing for big ears…

  74. This is so sweet. He looks like I feel: totally helpless and vulnerable. Afraid I don’t look that cute doing it though. 😉

  75. Wingnuts :


    Sometimes a person whose ears stick out is called a wingnut. Not by *me*.

  76. thanks for the lol, pyrit…

  77. Hmmm, wouldn’t rattie “baroo” sound something like: “chu—rooo” ?
    I haven’t had rats for several years, I had 4 brothers and they all went to Rainbow bridge within a month of each other, and it was such a hard loss for us. I still miss their hilarious ways.

    Rats, by the way are smart, and more easily trained than dogs IMHO. Mine were inventing behaviors to show me, to see if the behaviors were treat worthy. But they only live about 4 years or so. 😦

    If they’d come up with a breed of rat that lives 8-10 years, I might consider ratties again.

  78. Hmm…pyrit, that wingnut on the left reminds me of someone who lives in D.C.

  79. Redz – That is an insult to wingnuts everywhere.

  80. I agree. Pyrit’s picture of the wingnut has more brains…

  81. Awwww, just make me feel bad about having called my dumbos wingnuts, why dontcha? Next thing, you’ll be telling me that I cannot call my rabbits doofi!

    Here are piccies of my latewingnuts:

    This is Gluon, who was the last of the wingnuts to leave me. I still miss him. :*

  82. small ratty is sooooooooo lovely and has cheered up my day:)

  83. WHOA! Sorry guys! My computer (loaner craptop) barfed! Teho! Teho! Halp! Please delete the multis!

  84. Samsuma, some people have phobias of large dogs, too. And some have phobias of horses. Yet somehow, when Meg posts piccies of large dogs or horses, said phobics manage to survive.

  85. Arvay, Hilbert is so cute!

  86. Peg of Tilling says:

    Arvay, not being familiar with the name Gluon I thought the other two rats might be named Stickon and Magnetic, but I see I was wrong. Very cute boys, though…

  87. Thanks, Jaypo. All three of my wingnuts were from a large-scale rescue from a mill, and were inbred and in poor health. Consequently, Hilbert lost his upper incisors when he was just under a year old. Po’ toofless guy! I fed him baby food, mashed bananas, and avocadoes until he had gotten used to living as a toofless guy. Then I pounded his regular grain mix in a mortar for him, and he was able to eat like that.

    But he always had a funny appearance! 🙂

  88. LOL Peg! All of my rats have been named after either mathematicians or particles, with the exception of the rescues that I got as adults–they got to keep their original names. 🙂 With the exception of Flour. He came with the name Flower (???). I just changed the spelling to something I could deal with. 🙂

  89. ***Aint so cute when it runs infront of you on the subway platform.***

  90. karen in toronto says:

    Mmm, obvy peeps like the ratz. Me, not so much. I keep coming back to the page to see if any cuteness has developed. Nope. Not me. Uh uh. Just the thought of those nails scratching on the sheets…

    Sorry, peeps, can’t do it. Don’t see the cute.

  91. Peg of Tilling says:

    Flour’s a fine name, Arvay, especially if you have Butter, Sugar, and Egg for siblings.

  92. Can’t you just see the little ratlet singing in that high pitched mogwai trill? OooooOOOOOoooooooo….’Sqweeee! Me head just popped with the cuteness!

  93. Arvay — dem dups is dumped.

  94. Cool. Thanks, Teho!

    And Peg, I had been thinking of naming my next set of “particles” Proton, Neutron, and Crouton! Hehehe

  95. This is the cutest thing that I ever seen!!!!!

  96. Martha in Washington says:

    All the Dumbo Ratties look like they should be wearing little hats! Very cute!

  97. hrh.squeak says:

    Just to answer the question: “Wingnut” is a nickname for dumbo rats. Dumbo rats are so called because their ears are lower (on the sides of their heads rather than on the top) and a bit larger than regular rats, and it looks like the Disney elephant. Yup, they’re named after a cartoon. Wingnut seems like a pretty good comparison, too .. . .

    Hey, Arvay, can’t you have ratties where you’re living now?

  98. Stoopid landlord won’t allow pets. (The rabbits don’t technically exist. What rabbits?)

  99. I’m back again and I steel lurve heem!

    Ode to A Ratlet

    Little Ratlet
    Fair of face
    Sweet countenance
    Innocent and tiny soul
    Capable of such dear expression
    As to delight all
    Who cherish innocence
    In the young and helpless
    Vulnerable and new
    Little ones
    Which need our care
    And who make compassion
    An aching thing
    Because it is rare
    For those who care
    And the world relentless
    In its disinterest
    for defenseless little ones
    Like you
    Live long, little Ratlet
    That you may delight
    Another sad soul such as I

  100. tiny mctinersons. I wub him.

  101. So kewt.

    Arvay, I loved the pics of your ratties. I’ve never had rats myself, but I’ve had many a guinea pig and am now the proud (?) owner of two crazy cats. I think rats are out of the picture for a while… But I’m fascinated by them. Even the kind that run in front of you in a dark alley.

    Hey, has anyone ever read “Rats” by Robert Sullivan? It tells the story of how rats arrived in the USA (and the alley where he observed his rats is in my neighborhood!). Pretty interesting even if it’s not super well-written.

  102. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “When I’m calling yoooouu–oooo-ooooooo-oooo-oooooo…”

  103. Oh my gawd that thing is exactly seven corduroy wales wide.

  104. For the love of jauntiness says:

    What a delicious little ball of love! I want one! Although I’m sure my kitty wants one even more, and that might be a problem…

  105. Yes, Alexis, I read “Rats”. It was fascinating.

  106. @Carolina:

    That’s a beautiful poem!

  107. Hi Arvay!!!! I survived!!! Didn’t say I did’nt!!! (((waving at ya))) I open this page everyday. Rats make me squeemish. Sorry that bothers you, but rats bother me. I like everything else though. I even owned gerbels and hamsters and guinea pigs and prarie dogs. I cannot explain the phobia, its just there. Sorry you are so offended.

  108. Shadyman: thank you.

  109. Ssamsuma, congRATulations on your survival! I am not offended. I was just making a point.

    What are pet prairie dogs like?

  110. omg…the cuteness of the baby ratty…IT BURNS…
    I should post on of my entire brood from a few years back…this one looks like my little Mountaineer Bobby that I had…too adorable…

  111. We need more rats on this site. Ratties RULE!
    (Harlie and Reggie say ‘eeep’)

  112. OMG! That baby rat is so cute!
    I miss when my rats where little babys but now there almost 1 year old! Mine are hooded. But that baby is just so amazingly cute