Perfect Pocket Pet

Finally, an image that perfectly illustrates the ‘Pocket Pet’ category.



Pretty snuggly, Michele M-S.



  1. Peekaboo!

  2. Prosh pocket pet peeping!

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Sniff…makes me missing doing that with my gerbils. ‘Course, half the time they just blithely started chewing on the pocket to get out the bottom. I get all nostalgic every time I pull out an old article of clothing that has gerbil holes.

  4. NebraskaErin says:

    Why won’t my Ruby do cute things like this?! *sniff*

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    The perfect hand-warmer-upper! Is Hammy begging for a treat?


  7. OMG!!! Look at his widdle paws!!!

  8. He’s a cute little bugger. Of course, I have a cat who likes to sit on my shoulder, so this little guy would become a pocket snack pretty quickly. And I’d be a bloody pincushion, since I don’t think the hamster would go quietly.

  9. BCteagirl says:

    wow! -Checks pockets- dang! Going to go check the ones in the closet too! (runs off..)

  10. girlnextdoor says:

    ooohh lookattheteenietinylittlebug!


  12. peek-a-boo I see you!! So cute.

  13. hrh.squeak says:

    I think that may be a rattie, not a hamster. Cuteness personified, either way.

  14. ‘ey, you up dere wit da big face ‘n’ hands. If ya ain’t gonna let me alone ta snuggle in dis nice, warm, dark pocket, can ya at least trow me a coupla sunflower seeds?

  15. it’s really the look on his face – like “what, wattya want? I’m busy in heah”

  16. Gotta agree on those little bitty hands. Too cute!

  17. heehee kayte – I think we assigned him the same accent 🙂

  18. Sir Hammikins there looks a little startled to have his dark hiding spot invaded by a bright flash.

  19. For the love of jauntiness says:


  20. He looks like he’s playing rock-paper-scissors!!

  21. Always loving the hammies with their little worried faces and tiny pink pawlets 😀

  22. The Guy Over There says:

    Ahhh it’s Seattle Roll’s hammy twin, the martian king!!

  23. He looks like he’s praying to be let out of the pocket. Apparently he’s been naughty and needed a hamster time-out. One more infraction and he gets the tiny little dunce cap.

  24. (Please to sing to the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn):

    Squee! in my pocket
    and I don’t care
    Squee! in my pocket
    and I don’t care
    ’cause my hammie’s gotta

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me, peeps. It’s almost quitting time on Wednesday. I’m usually not this loopy so early in the week.

  25. Miameows – you were right- he just has that look on his face!

  26. The HANDS, LOOK at the hands…oh my goodness, too cute!

  27. Beauregard says:

    Is that a hammie in your pocket are you just happy to see me?!
    >rimshot< I can't believe I was the first with that.

  28. “Pleeeeeaaassse just drop one little bitty corn kernel in here. Pleeeeaaaasssse?”

  29. Could be nobody else wanted it, Beau.

  30. Looks more like he’s been caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing!

  31. He’s pounding his fist on his palm,
    “I’ve told you peeple a thousand times not to disturb me when I am in here!”

  32. Wolverine Librarian says:

    Teeny Tiny voice: Let me out! Leeet meee ooooouttt

  33. This sweater has been inspected by Hammie No. 7.

    It has been found to be warm, fuzzy and snuggly.

  34. “Turn off the lights, man!”

  35. 10 year-old owner:”Hamroo I choose you!”

    Hammy:”NOOO! WAAAAAIT!!!!!”

  36. I’m in ur pocketz warmin my pawz…

    Hammie needs a tiny little squeeze!

  37. My younger sister and I used to carry kittens around when our cat had a litter. Then my sister discovered her denim dress had really big pockets…

    I wish I had pictures.

  38. He looks like hes saying “Dude, do you mind? I got business going on in here!”
    I am so glad to have a sec to post… been so dang busy… do not like too busy for cute!!!!!

  39. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    I defend hamsters… why aren’t there any in my pockets? That’s just not fair.

    I want a hammy in my pocket please.

  40. Actually, I think that is his PawPilot letting him know of an upcoming meeting.

  41. POKEHAM!!!


  42. Oh man, another great pic just begging (“litter”-ally) to get quoted.

    “im in ur pocket beggin to get out”

  43. Woods Walker says:

    The hamster is probaly in the pocket to stay warm. It is probably rubbing it’s hands to keep them from freezing.-Woods Walker

  44. ltornambe says:

    Can you say Stewart Little?

  45. foxy bingo says:

    Lil hammy hands!!

    Loving Dara’s James Ellroy-esque post!

  46. (btw — hi, Woods Walker! Welcome back from silent hiatus. 😉

  47. He looks like he was praying, “Please, don’t smoosh me!”

  48. Thanks for the link about the common misuse of the word literally!! This has been a pet peeve (no pun intended) of mine for years!

  49. He looks like he’s hatching a plan for world domination in that pocket.

  50. LB in Cali says:

    sort of a hamster baroo going on here. makes me want to give him a treat for being so cute.

  51. LB, i agree – total hamster baroo!

  52. mouse girl says:

    aww, that’s so cute! Sometimes I like to put my pet mice in my pocket!

  53. Silence Dogood says:

    OMG! That looks like just like Piccadilly Circus, the paterfamilias of the hamster dynasty of my childhood!

  54. *chalks up cue*

    “Orange fluffball in the side pocket.”

    *blows dust off cue*

    *aims at Ham*

  55. I’m in ur pocket…making ur lint.