Apparently, there is a NEW ANIMAL we never even heard of until sender-inner Amanda J. alerted us. The Chinese "Pangolin"! I mean, what the heck, People!? He’s like a scaley hedgehog.


Weeth a soft underbelly… nahm nahm nahm



  1. Somewhere between an anteater and an armadillo?

  2. Uhhh….

    For me: not a cute qualifier. But definetly interesting!! 😀

  3. Yeah, I’d call him armadilloid.
    Pack-a-back pangolito.
    Teh Feetz™.

  4. OOOOOOO…I want one.

  5. karen in toronto says:

    Get your Pangolin Tires — before that first big snowfall!

  6. I love Pangolins! I’ve never seen one in person, but every time I see a picture or on TV, I have to wish I could figure out how to cuddle them.

  7. They are also known as Scaley Anteaters and anything baby qualifies as cute 🙂

  8. He looks like an armadillo with an ENORMOUS tail!

  9. Awww! I do love the behbeh ones and the ehn eeeehn moment to the right is nice.
    I wants one!

  10. I wanna squish the feet.

  11. Woo! A real pangolin! Neat! Say it three times real fast:

  12. Looky baby riding on mama’s tail!

  13. albatross says:

    no wai!!!! is this pangolin for real? it totally looks like a wee scaly toy. with a temptingly squishy underbelly.

  14. One of my very favorite living creatures! Like a modern ankylosaurus.

  15. I was thinking more along the lines of an armadillo with an alligator tail latched on.

    Is that mommy toting jr around?

  16. Wow. Those little things look like they were created specifically because they would make great models for plush stuffed animal toys! I mean, look at that photo on the right, it barely even looks real!

  17. Awww. He loves his mommy!

  18. I have heered of it. But I did not know it was so cute.

  19. that is so god damn redonkulous.. it brings to mind a couple questions llike, where did that thing come from? and where can I GET ONE?? 😀

  20. whitneysw says:

    Sprout, after I saw this post I immediately starting googling “pangolin,” because I know my animal-lover 8-yr-old daughter will go BONKERS when she sees these photos. Sadly, they are VERY endangered because they are EATEN all over Asia due to their supposed healing properties. It sounds like it is WAAAAYYY illegal to have one in the U.S. 😦 SOOOOO cuuuuuutttee!

  21. Poke it in the belly (gently, of course), and it goes Squeek.

  22. It’s a hedgehogadillo! A baby Godzilla! cuuuute!

  23. I had never heard of or seen this animal until just now, and allow me to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with me! Do you see it’s feet??? I mean, of course you do, but really, look again. Sweet heavens!! Those ankles are so pudgy! I am betting that the belly is warm and soft. I want to poke it and tickle it!!!! Gahh! Anyway, I offer my sincerest thanks for enlightening me to this magnificent example of sweetness.

  24. ScorpioSpirit says:

    hey, try saying


    really fast…

  25. Pagoda h*ll! I’ve never heard of a pangolin, but the scales of cuteness are definitely tilting its way!

  26. Martha in Washington says:

    It looks like a sloth in chain-mail! I had never heard of a pangolin (fun to say and type) before either. Very cute!

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    Also, how is that baby actually attached to its mother? Are there suction cups on the babeh’s belly? Cause its legs are all straight out and like “ehn”!
    This reminds me of the kid’s book “Katy No Pocket” about a kangaroo who doesn’t have a pouch and so she can’t carry her baby and all these different animals make suggestions. The alligator tells her to carry it on her back but the baby doesn’t have long enough arms to hold on. The illustrations are really cute.

  28. “sloth in chain-mail” — LOL!

  29. NebraskaErin says:

    Baby anything is cute, but seriously, what the…?! I have never seen nor have I heard of such an animal.

    CO – edjimicating peeps worldwide.

  30. dragonrose says:

    It reminds me of The Winslow:

  31. The only thing cute about this picture is the baby armadillo on the mothers tale.

  32. I’d rather wrangle a pangolin
    Than mangle a mandolin.
    (Anything to stop a quack,
    From making a mangolin aphrodesiac)


  34. There are no armadillos here. It’s a pangolin. Learn it, already.

  35. It’s super cute! It’s like an crododile, but with the scary teeth replaced with an adorable face!

    I want one! Can these be house-trained?

  36. id call them so ugly they are cute. but reallu wierd.
    like an amabilo with scales instead of a full shell. sheesh who crassed a fish and a armadilo someone playing god !?
    “god shmod i want my monkey man !”

  37. artschild says:

    WOW. What an amazing and beautiful creature. And who could resist that soft pink underbelly?? Until the lil rascal starts rolling in dung to keep off the parasites, anyway… I guess they do that.

  38. oh. dear. god.

    that may actually be the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life.

    *head explodes*

  39. I would be prepared to protect a baby pangolin from being eaten by hiding it about my person. I would also be prepared to hide turtles, lemurs and tree frogs, but I’m quite short, so they would probably get in each other’s way and have fights.

    Failing that, I will donate to charity to pay other persons to hide rare animals about their… um… persons.

  40. finally, a pangolin on cuteoverload! sweetie pops.

  41. It looks like what I’d expect Stickly-Prickly Hedgehog turned into in Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories…

  42. EEEEEEE! Not real!!
    Still, I am prepared to snorgle the belly of this hallucinogenic critter.

  43. Even more cute mama/baby action:

  44. The baby in the first picture looks like he’s about to go sliding down his own tail!

  45. Fun facts of the day: Pangolins are not actually related to either anteaters or armadillos, but are instead classes in an order all their own, order Philodota. There are seven species, and they live in Africa and southern Asia. They eat ants and termites (hence the spiny anteater common name) and don’t have any teeth.

    *the more you know*

  46. *classed. I curse the lack of an edit post feature.

  47. Pangolins – what happens when you attempt to cross breed madgers and pine-cones.

    Pangolins are amazing creatures. See if you can find video of one climbing a tree. Amazing.

  48. Piggalette says:

    Wow; very cool. I had never heard of a pangolin either. Uber-cute underbelly btw.

  49. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I love odd animals! In the photo on the right, don’t they look like they’re wearing costumes that stop above their faces?

  50. RedZ — wow, that pic’s even better. They’re like ambulatory artichokes.

  51. little miao says:

    Awww, I love pangolins. Those little pink toesies are too cute.

  52. I heard about them on the Jeff Corwin show on Animal Planet. They are so cute!!

  53. Wolverine Librarian says:

    umm, what’s that brown stuff on the hand?

  54. rocketpants says:

    I used to work at Archie McPhee in Seattle and we carried a gorgeous plastic pangolin. We used to star him in adventures with his plastic iguana friends. I just checked, however, and they no longer carry it. We should all write to them and get them to re-release it. Then it can star in adventures all over the world!

  55. Wolvie — the hand is in a latex glove, so I’m guessing this pic was taken during a vet checkup. And the “brown stuff” looks to me like a Betadine stain (y’know, iodine-based disinfectant).

  56. Sorry. Not cute.

  57. Barbara Letsom says:

    Oh, yes – they are also found in Africa ! a REAL scaled dragon, they can climb trees ! Pangolins FOREVER !

  58. Barbara Letsom says:

    Oh , YES, they ARE so CUTE !

  59. freetomato says:

    Does anyone but me want to cronshe those footpads? And zurburt that pink belly? Beware the scaly tail that will flip up and rip your face off!

  60. “chimera” is correct; they are in their own mammalian family. I learned about them in mammalogy. Finally, something I learned in school paid off for me!

  61. artschild – Pangolins (specifically African Giant Pangolins) actually deal with parasites and dirt in a really neat way. Pangolin will walk up to an anthill, calmly tear into it then roll around on it with scales opened. Then Pangolin will close the scales and go for a wander to a river or lake. The ants trapped under the scales eat the debris and parasites and then Pangolin washes them out in the water. Clever.

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Am I missing something? I keep reading comments about the “first picture” and the “picture on the right” but I see only one picture?!???

    Nor do I see an underbelly, soft or otherwise.

    CO is playing with my mind!

  63. cute but they are smelly 😀

  64. Oooh, Pangolins!!!! I love ’em!

    And they even rhyme with “penguins.” Redonkulous.

  65. Fun fact: Pangolins run using just their hind legs – it looks just like you would imagine a tiny, adorable T-rex runs. Adorable!

  66. Not only cute, but immortalized by poet Marianne Moore!

    The Pangolin

    Another armored animal–scale
    lapping scale with spruce-cone regularity until they
    form the uninterrupted central
    tail row! This near artichoke with head and legs and
    grit-equipped gizzard,
    the night miniature artist engineer is,
    yes, Leonardo da Vinci’s replica–
    impressive animal and toiler of whom we seldom hear….

    The rest is here:

  67. I love Pagolins! If I remember, they are anteaters of sorts.

    They look like cute rodent dragons hybrids.

  68. Teho! I just noticed “ambulatory artichokes”.


  69. 1. Forgot how cute these lil armored slices of redonk are. 2. OMG! Someone else who knows the Winslow! Dragonrose: Hi hi hi! LOL…

  70. Oh! The feet!!! I love them. 🙂

  71. katherine says:

    oh my! I had a toy plastic pangolin as a child (perhaps the one archie mcphee used to carry?), but it was not nearly as cute! I’m also ashamed to say that I remember thinking it was a kind of dinosaur.
    It makes me sad that people eat them, are there any save the pangolin charities?

  72. I *LOVE* Pangolins!! Up there with Tapirs on my lit of cool animals. You made my day!

  73. TeratoMarty says:

    I recall reading about the African pangolin in an anthropology class in college. Apparently, there is a certain culture (I forget which one, I suck) that believes pangolins are magical animals. In this culture, the way you can tell a real wizard is that a pangolin will show up and follow him around. Frauds pretending to be wizards may attempt to catch a pangolin and lead it around on a leash made of string, but no-one is fooled.

  74. “I would be prepared to protect a baby pangolin from being eaten by hiding it about my person. I would also be prepared to hide turtles, lemurs and tree frogs, but I’m quite short, so they would probably get in each other’s way and have fights.

    Failing that, I will donate to charity to pay other persons to hide rare animals about their… um… persons.”

    Pangolins in racks? 😉

    also POKE TEH BELLAYH. And tickle teh leetle chin.

  75. How exactly has Godzilla not fought a giant version of this guy?

    Or Ultraman. He looks more like an Ultraman monster for sure!

  76. They curl up in a ball when they feel threatened. So sharp toothed critters can’t get them, but human hunters just pick ’em up and take ’em to market for their meat. Poor pinecones.

  77. I’m losing my mind. I actually dreamed about these little guys last night. That they grew in little plant stalks…

  78. marsmannix says:

    I’ve known about pangolins since i was a wee kid–thanks to my animal lotto cards.
    Pangolins are like armoured anteaters!!!

  79. moon_custafer says:

    The LA zoo had one of these until recently – the hunters who’d caught him decided to sell him to some tourists instead, who, not being sure what elese to do, took him along until he was nabbed by customs. Sadly, he died suddenly a while back, although he had apparently been thriving for nearly two years. See story below:

  80. Awesome! but don’t pangolins live in Africa instead of China?

    Now some one should send in pics of Armadillos and Aardvarks.

  81. As I recall, various pangolin species are fairly widely distributed in the old world tropics.

  82. My favorite animal used to be the armadillo.

    Guess what it is now!

    Just like the original, but more stylish.

  83. I’d only read about them in a poem by Marianne Moore. Thanks for the image!

  84. (A Hedgehog to his buddies): “Dewds, how do you like my schweet ren-fair armor?”

  85. Shannon L. says:

    Pangolins!!! *Nearly* as cool as echidnas, but not quite. Nothing can beat an echidna.

  86. They’re sooo megacute! I want one too!
    PS I know pangolins since I was a kid (from animal encyclopaedia). I totally love them.

  87. Metapenguin says:

    We should have
    pangolin/echidna cute-off.
    Winner gets to rule the world.