Triple Word Score

What should I play…

What should I play?


Bingo, Alison G!



  1. good old whatshername says:

    I wish my dogs would play Scrabble with me. Lord knows I can’t get my husband to. 🙂

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    I think puppy should play “popo”. Thanks (?) to K-Fed, I think it’s a real word now.

    I want to scritch that curly nose! (The pup’s, not K-Fed’s.)

  3. Hahaha! Poop. I’m a dog. And I poop.

  4. genius!

  5. that dog is better than i am at scrabble.

  6. Bwahahahaha… that just cracked me right up!

    My friends tell me I can’t have a conversation without bringing up the P-word. lol I tell them that’s because I spend the majority of my life cleaning it up, the word doesn’t even faze me…

  7. If there’s an S already down and the board’s still wide open enough, POOPOOS would command an extra 50 points, on TOP of the triple. Plus all opponents would die laughing.

    (OK yeah, *technically*, there should be 7 tiles there. Pity.)

  8. My cats play Attack Uno with me… it’s like regular Uno but with a diabolical machine that spits cards out randomly when you press the button. They don’t do anything BUT press the button, then attack the cards.

  9. Lol, ceejoe! I work in a Microbiology lab, so poopoo often a big part of our conversations, too.

    And, well, it’s often just plain funny!

    I bet this dog is a Scrabbladoodle!!!

    Theo, you are quite technical with the Scrabble. That takes too much brain power for me.

  10. OMG Doggie and Scrabble!!! LOVE it!!!

    (Wow, T-O.)

  11. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Scrabble is my all-time favorite board game! The pup needs to take another tile—he needs seven (not six)! If he is lucky enough to draw an “i”, then all he needs to do is to find an “e” on the board, and…..walla!! The word “Poooopie”! The dictionary defines this word as: 1)poop that is little 2) poop that is made by a cute creature (eg: cat or sleeping doggie). Don’t run to Webster’s, though—it’s only in the Canine edition (due out this Chistmas). Maybe Mr. Scrabby-winks will find a book-shaped present under the tree from Santa this year????? :^)

  12. Doggie is reading it upside down, “dooood”.

  13. I just fell off of my chair, but whether it was from lack of caffeine or laughing, we will never know.


  14. I think kitty in the Christmas tree is spying on doggie’s tiles. Kitty happens to have S, Q, U and 3 Es. Using the S Teho played, makes the word SQUEEZES on a triple word square for points totalling a LOT more than POOPOOS. And so goes the continuing scrabble of cat vs dog.

  15. Teho, if the game is winding down, and there are no tiles left in the bag to draw, poopy puppy here *could* only have six letters left to play.

  16. I believe if a dog could play Scrabble, that is exactly the word he would play.

  17. hurr hurr hurr pooooop

  18. AlbertaGirl says:

    I hate it when I get poopy letters when playing Scrabble.

    I love this pup! He must come to Christmas at our house because we play Scrabble all day long.

  19. Pyrit-too funny! ROFL! Sleepy DOOOOOOD!

  20. Thinker: Are you saying this dog isn’t really playing scrabble?

    Just last week I found out Santa doesn’t exist, now this. Next somebody will say the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. NOOOOOO!!! *covers ears*

    [kaff kaff]

    OK, Meg, you really bullseyed your target audience with this one. Alison G, too.

    (Bingo, indeed! Phft.)

  22. Is the doggie’s name, Bingo?

  23. Look at him–he’s lolling on the floor ’cause all this game-playing is makin’ him so pooooped! 😉

    Maybe he’s pooooped ’cause he just went…yeah, I’m stretchin’ it now, time for more tea… 😉


  24. What kind of doggie is that? Is he a Bouvier?

  25. I once had a boxer who pooped so much I nicknamed per “Poopy.” She would have liked this scrabble game.

  26. Dogs Playing Scrabble, a new classic trash art painting.

    What we can’t see in this frame is the three other dogs he’s playing with, and that in Dog Scrabble, the *only* letters are “P” and “O”. There’s “poop” all over the board!

  27. There’s no Santa??? Rob.. please say that you’re kidding.

  28. Oh noes, the little children coming to this site will have their Santa beliefs dashed!

    Oh, and Rob, about the Tooth Fairy? Not so much.

  29. “Scrabble is a wonderful game… FOR ME TO POOP ON!”

    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

  30. Mary, Laurie C — just remember, you read it on the internet, so it must be true.

    J. Bo — Triumph seems to have misspelled “poooop”.

  31. His penmanship is lousy, too, Teho.

  32. useta hada kitteh says:

    I can’t play skwabble no more, I’m pooooped.

    Did anyone notice that someone named Jackie asked if the puppers was a Bouvier? Did anyone else think that was an interesting combination of names? Am I showing my age?

  33. Alright everyone, it was a joke. Santa Claus does exist, and he’s also known as Kris Kringle… I know this because the Post Office forwarded the Santa mail to him.

  34. useta hada kitteh – That is an interesting combination now that you mention it. Maybe a little joke? But scrabble dog isn’t a Bouvier. All different except, oh hey, it’s black.

  35. Brak_Silverbone says:

    ‘What we can’t see in this frame is the three other dogs he’s playing with, and that in Dog Scrabble, the *only* letters are “P” and “O”. There’s “poop” all over the board!’

    Laurie C has killed me. I am dead of laughing too hard.

    If my dog played Scrabble, I’m pretty sure the letters T-R-E-A and T would be in there too. Or at least he’d want them to be.

  36. I had a truly disastrous day at work today, to the point where very higher-ups are mad at me.

    I got home and took my big guy for his nightly poop walk. As I gathered it in the plastic grocery sack, I realized philosophically that no matter how good or bad a workday is, it’ll always end the same: with a big handful of steamy dog t***ds.

  37. Suda, wouldn’t your day end with dog cuddles, too, after the walkies and the poops?

  38. That’s true, Laurie. He cuddles up on the sofa and bed with me after it’s all done, so he does make up for it.

    And work today is not nearly as dire as I had feared it would be.

    There’s still a lot of poop, tho. 🙂

  39. I wish I could play Scabble like that! Hey you, doggie you could.

  40. If he could actually play scrabble, I believe he would put down, “Home is where the weenies are.”

  41. For the love of jauntiness says:

    So how many points is that?

  42. Uh, the tiles there actually add up to 10 points, not 11.

    He’s not going to get more than 10 unless he lands on one of those bonus squares.