Rule of Cuteness #27: “Chub”

OK, it’s official, Peeps, a new Rule of Cuteness is the appearance of “chub” or small rolls underneath eyes. Another prime example of ‘Chub’ is shown here with this dachshund’s pawsitude.


Nice rolls, Rex! (And Sarah V.)



  1. Squeeeee! 2pudgy!!

  2. A hot dog with rolls!!! How redonk!!!

  3. Pass the ketchup, please.:)

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    But the EYEZ people, TEH EYEZ!!

  5. How can this not have been a rule before? I mean, look at human babies. Which ones are the cutest? The buddha babies! With wrist rolls! <33

  6. Kiss Kiss Kiss

  7. artschild says:

    awwwwwwwww… I just want to wipe his little eye booger away and put a treat on that nose.

  8. Meg, honey, you know I love you more than my next breath, BUT (and Theo will back me on this), YOU HAVE GOT TO WORK ON THE PROOFREADING.

    It’s “dachshund,” not “daschund.”

    It may seem a small thing, BUT THE PUPPIES CARE!

  9. I call them “Dackel” 🙂 And what a cute baby he is! The sweetest muzzlepuff!

  10. AARGH, the rolls! THE ROLLS! *ded from cute* As if the floppy ears and wrinkly eyes and the HEAD-FRIGGIN-TILT weren’t cute enough, you give us skin rolls?!


  11. He’s got cankles! ahahahaha soo cute.

  12. Very cute minidasch…he can sleep with me any night.

  13. Aw, he looks like he needs to pull up his pantyhose! 🙂

  14. holy chubstitude ppl! will someone plz get this dude a coat that fits? just imagine what it looks like when he runs!! jiggly jiggly

  15. Does that mean since I’m a little “chub” I’m CO photo material?

  16. deelilian says:

    Roly Poly cutie puppy!

  17. OMG dachshie puppitude! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

    And as for rolls, don’t forget THIS:

  18. Finally! Cuteness of pudge! Hooray for new rules!

  19. Fatty baby rolls! ::poit::

  20. “Does that mean since I’m a little “chub” I’m CO photo material?”

    MamaD, need you even ask?!

  21. NebraskaErin says:

    I just died of the cute.

  22. I am huge fan of the chub. Some of my favorite people sport the chub.

    Rolls rolls rolls

    and puffnesses!

  23. Puppy McChubbersons: “Oh, no thanks, no more gingerbread cookies for me. They go straight to my ankles.”

  24. for more weiner dog maaaadness!

  25. WEINERDAWGS!! I luvs tha weinerdoggies! Weinerpuppies have such long ears and they trip over them ’cause their legs are so little…*POIT!*

    My Mom has a bizarre but way-cool dog, he’s half Dach and half–get this–Pit Bull. He looked a lot like this when he was a puppy, and had a habit of either tripping over his ears…or falling over his barrel-chest! Hee!


  26. He has some seriously adorable Beady Eye Factor going on there too.

  27. GAAAHHHH!! Teh feetses rollses, they keel!

  28. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. THANK YOU, MEG!

    Your Obsessive-Compulsive Pal

  29. Can we get a repost without the circle and arrow????

  30. Wow, that little guy has it ALL!

  31. My computer just died and I had to reboot it. All the cute finally got to it. ^_^

    Nice rule, by the way! And loffly, LOFFLY dachsund.

  32. Umm, and can the expression on this little dude’s face possibly be any cuter??

    Splode-worthy, my dear Watson, splode-worthy.

  33. TwoDragons – how about a pic of the PitWeiner?

  34. I’ll have to hunt for one…I have one floating around somewhere–it’s old, but it shows what a bizarre mix of Pit and Dach he is. I’ll get back to ya on it… 🙂


  35. Adorable in every way, including the mini mani he seems to have goin’ on… Holy Nails, Dachsh-man!

  36. Jim (hey...don't get personal) says:

    Umm… since I had a Min-Pin…

  37. Ugh, it’s just like thigh rolls on a pudgy baby! I think these rolls should have a similar name to tocks – maybe hocks, ala ham hocks?

  38. Fuzzybutt says:

    My dacshie Annie had the paw wrinkle when she was a pup. But her belly was where it was at. Total raspberries!

  39. heart dach pups and their wrinkles and folds! they’re like little old men. my fave was my dach’s neck wrinkles. he had some major wrist chub too.

  40. good old whatshername says:

    It’s cute when you haven’t quite grown into your feet yet.

  41. But… but… there already was a Rule #27: Shifty Eyes are cute!

    It was the little chamaeleon who was balancing on blades o’grass. He was so awesome, I’d hate to see his rule get erased!

  42. The only thing better than an armful of dachshunds is a single dachshund poppie. OMG. Why can’t I just hold you??

  43. DvP- Here’s the original pic of my little Rex.

  44. Wow, Sarah V — your dog looks just like THIS one!

  45. butteredtoast says:

    that is just to cute

  46. Those eyes actually made me jump 😛

  47. RavishingRoberta says:

    ok guys…..i got into my aunties things and found this pair of tubular things i was gonna throw around, but auntie had a fit, said they were…..get this load…..leg warmers….. THEN; she put them on me…..@@…..who in their right mind would wear these things? then she showed me this


  48. OOOOOOH, I love little “I haven’t quite grown into my skin yet” wrinkles!!!! They are almost like fat rolls on a baby–so yummy you just want to kiss them! Also, some doxie babies have the same thing on their heads–so they look like they have furrowed brows. Kind of worrired looking, as if a puppy needs to worry!

    THUMBS UP to this new cuteness rule!

  49. the cuteness of that puppy is like kryptonite, draining away my power…

  50. Wow, this looks exactly like my puppy, Toby! They have the same markings, same chub, same colors, everything!

  51. The little paws are sooooo… cute! I luv to look at your website! it is the coolest website ever! I totally mean that!!!

  52. My dog has cankles too!

  53. aww…the eyes! aah! the eyes! the paws!

  54. Tom Maegerle says:

    Wow! Look at those catcher’s mitts!!! He’s a dachshund/rottweiler mix – That’s going to be an oversize dachsie!!!