Must we point this out to you?

Just check the label—THIS IS CUTE


End of story.


Thanks for clarifyin’, Andrew, Ali and Bailey



  1. Kitters & gadgets… well, I for one am done.

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    What, what’s cute again?! WHAT’S CUTE?!?!?!

    Oh, yeah. Floofy belleh. Whew, that was a close one!

  3. White, floofy, and with pink paws,
    This kitten’s breakin’ all the cute laws.
    Oh, and that pink nose has pwned me too…
    Dammit – ain’t that label enough for you???

  4. Esther — no, that’s some kind (DENIED! ker-SPANK!) of cell phone.
    You’re thinking of one of these:

  5. Floofeh white belleh and lil’ pink paws
    This kitten’s breaking all the cute laws.
    Egads, that pink nose is pwning me too …
    Dammit – ain’t that label enough for you?!

  6. Note to self: sleeping kitteh is cute.

  7. Oops, sorry about the double post.

    Aargh, Theo! I was the first commenter only 5 minutes ago before the damn page froze!!!
    Looks like Esther’s having the same problem too.

  8. The label is there for the cute challenged. To our less cute-savvy citizens, this kitten is cute.

  9. < --*puddle of squee*


  10. Whoa. SERIOUS timewarp and hangtime issues with TypePad, right now.
    Let’s see if this comment shows up…

  11. “< --*puddle of squee*"

    … which is much better than a puddle of pee the peeps on the last post have had to put up with.

    In love with the floofy belleh! Such a pretty color.

  12. Never has an armpit (or legpit, or pawpit) been so cute.

  13. “< --*puddle of squee*"

    … which is much better than a puddles of pee the peeps on the last post have had to put up with.

    In love with the floofy belleh! Such a pretty color.

  14. Overwhelming white floofiness, pinkie-pink nosicle, pink paw pads with floof twixt pinkjelly bean toes, blissful expression – what was I worried about earlier this morning? Now I can’t remember. I have been brainwashed by teh cute.

  15. Kitten is in a state of cute so advanced that corners poking into bellies no longer matter.
    It’s all lost into the floof.
    (Snorgle-ready tummy, anyone?)

  16. Beauregard says:

    Wow, that little dude looks soooooooooo soft. Can I rent him for a neck warmer?

  17. Is that a sony (first post!) e-reader?

  18. Is belly floof a rule of cuteness? It should be! My dog is queen of the belly floof and I find it irresistable. As you can see in this terribly lit picture that shows up when you click on my name.

  19. This pointing out of the obvious is so very timely for me. On Saturday, I strapped on my golf bag and walked over to the nearby course to hit a bucket of balls. While standing at an intersection waiting for the light to change, a guy pulls up and asks, “Hey, are you going golfing?” Um, no, I’m taking my clubs for a walk to get them some fresh air.

  20. Wow, your doggie has massive amounts of floof to snorgle Elizabeth!! Lucky you!

  21. AmyH:

    “Here’s your sign!”

  22. Thank goodness. At least I know when I call Snorg-1-1, they’ve got this kitteh standing by with his PDA, ready to dash over to my office for snorgling.

    Bastards turned off the steam to the building. My nose is like 13 degrees. Only kitteh belleh will cure this.


  24. Redzilla-
    Yeah, clearly this guy is on alert.
    (I guess they scoop him into a cup, or basket, for delivery.)

  25. Apologies in advance for stating the obvious but…OMG! What a bee-yoo-tee-full cat!!! So purr-tee. That soft taupey-brown with the white and pink is keeling me.

  26. Belly floof most definitely has its points, I can’t argue with that.

    The only drawback is that it makes rasp-bellehs impossible.

    Sigh, can’t have everything.

  27. That poofy belly and furry paw pad; this kitty is just asking to be smooshed.

  28. Maybe if I just shaved a teeny spot on the belleh for the raspberries. That way I could have the floof and the rasp-bellehs, too. Would that work?

  29. Carolina — here’s what ya do:

  30. Cats = cute. By definition.

  31. lurkertype says:

    Listen, we had a male Maine Coon — the definition of floof — and we raspbellied him his whole life.

    I must show this to Mr. LT. He lofs kittehs and tech.

  32. Nice tree ornament.

  33. HOW did I get here?! Next post…

  34. awwwww what a nice white floofy sleppy kitty belly!
    I never get tired of sleepin’ kitties! (no pun intended)

  35. Okay, Theo. I’m going home right now to try this out on the moderately floofy, unshaved bellehs of me 3 cats. I do not expect exceptional results however. If I show up to work tomorrow with a head injury, I’m comin’ for ya!


  36. You gotta take the bad along with the good.

  37. Lol, sign not necessary. I used to have a cat that looked just like that and I miss her so much…

  38. Andee Joyce says:

    Oh so soft looking, with angelic white fur and pink noseynoseynose! Just like my Pendo! Sigh.

  39. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Someone get this cat a scholarship to the Ivy League! A cat who can both spell AND identify the “cute”….wow!! Who knew?? He utilized so much brain energy that he had to take a brief siesta! Night-night, Einstein kitty. xoxo

  40. i love this sight!!!!!

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Where’s his stylus? It’s obvious he wrote it himself.

    (Although it ain’t bragging when it’s true…)

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    AuntieMame — he gots his styluseses right there on his pawses. Built-in ones.

  43. Can I take this image and imprint it onto my brain somehow? I really need to feel this way all the time. Course, wouldn’t get a damn thing done all day, just sit there like a moron with a big smile on me face.

  44. Also have an uncontrollable urge to stuff the tip of my nose into the wondrous, spectacular floofiness of teh paws. I must extricate myself from this image lest I break my nose on the monitor.

  45. butteredtoast says:

    i dont think i need a sighn for that 😉

  46. I, too, am amazed by the first adorable cat on teh Intarwebs that can spell!

  47. As my first post on CU after over a year of lurking, let me say all of this up front. I left my buddy Tigger (big tabby kitteh) at home when I switched coasts, so seeing all the cute cats on CU really makes me smile, as well as being really excited to see him again soon. (him and our golden puppy Yoshi)

    Also, this sony-styled kitteh is running even with tigerlily and the milk kitteh for my favorite on CU =D

  48. This kit is a beautimous color.

  49. Figment — er… you mean CO?
    I remember Tigerlily (the über-bengal with her own blog at )… but which do you mean by “milk kitteh”? Refresh my memory?

    And if we’re talking about CO’s kitten favorites, I gotta mention Rhum. Total alpha cutie (and Italian).

  50. Ohgods… I made the mistake of browsing back through Tigerlily’s blog…


  51. well i am completely out of my mind… apparently Rhum has a buddy now!!!

  52. Easy, Theo, easy. Deeeeep breaths. You’ll be all right.

  53. Theo, I did indeed mean CO, not CU. What can I say, it’s hard to type correctly with pictures of cute kitties around 🙂

    And I can’t find the original CO posting for milk, but here’s the flickr photoset of her!

    That is, in my oh-so-humble opinion, the prettiest cat ever.

  54. Holy freakin crap, sorry for the multi-post!! my internet is acting up tonight 😦

    Also, Milk is a he, not a she, heh 🙂

  55. Figment — dup comments fixed. And, OK, I *do* remember Milk; I’d only forgotten the name: