Kitteh Tree Testing Services®

[Cliff Claven voice] Yup. Might wanna have yer tree looked at by the, uh expert, here.

Lemme just check her out. [flexes branches] Everything seems in, ah, order here.

Juuuuuuuuust checkin’ her out. [tastes pine needles]

Yep. Pretty good er, tree there.


Robert B. says Ophelia kitteh administered her tests, and thankfully, the tree is a good, sturdy one.



  1. Ah, time for the annual “Scaling of the Christmas tree” as it’s become known in my house.

  2. ka9q's wife says:

    oooooooo kitties in trees now if i can find the link

  3. Tony James says:

    Hitherto suspected but never confirmed by scientists, Meg brings first positive proof of the hypothesis that cats really do build nests.

  4. ka9q's wife says:
  5. Bonus! Following the inspection, kitteh makes nice pine scented sachet for your sock drawer.

  6. lol, that is exactly why I don’t do Christmas trees anymore…
    Think of that times ten!

  7. AlbertaGirl says:

    ka9q’s wife – I’ve seen that link before and have been desperately searching for it. Thanks! At our house its a case of 15 lb cat vs 8 lb (fake) tree – no contest, I’m afraid.

  8. kitties in trees! can’t wait till the peeps @ fluffytails post the new pics this year 🙂

  9. NebraskaErin says:

    I have a little 2′ tree, and a 12 lb kit who likes to gnaw on it. And subsequently, anything electrical that happens to be wrapped around said tree.

    So my tree looks gorgeous…on the floor of the hall closet. Sigh.

  10. lurkertype says:

    Yeah, this is why we don’t do tree any more. Our previous kitty was fine, but HRT likes to climb, and I shudder to even THINK what TK would do! We’d have no ornaments left, a tree flat out on the floor and a kitten with the feline equivalent of “Baroo?”

  11. I’m lucky – Edgar doesn’t bother much with the tree at all (for those years that I actually get around to putting one up – lol) but I make sure there’s nothing breakable at the very bottom anyway. All it took was breaking one ornament from my childhood when he was a few years old to teach me that lesson, even if it was, I’m sure, accidental. He does, however, have a huge fondness for curling up on the tree skirt. Even when I’m putting the Christmas stuff away, if I fold it up and put it to one side until I’m done, there he is, claiming it again.

  12. I love the photo story Ka9q’s wife! Those are some huge, fuzzy, kitties!

    Fortunately, Miki only tried to climb the (real) tree her first Christmas- she knocked it over, with her in it! (that’ll learn ya) Now I just keep any fragile ornaments a few feet up, and some battable ones on the bottom branches. We’ll see how Beamer does this year-he’s a lot smaller than she was, and has already proven his tree climbing skills the one time he escaped into the back yard.

    The one thing with having a real tree- cats seem to absolutely *love* the water- piney fresh I guess? Anyone else noticed this? We have to fill it to the brim every other day or the poor tree dries out!

  13. From a kitteh’s point of view: Christmas tree = one very giant kitty toy.

  14. Nice tree ornament.

  15. I’m in ur tree, chewin on ur branchez…

  16. This reminds me of the time when i made a treehouse out of discarded christmas trees in the plaza in front of my house. The municipal gardeners were not amused… especially after i rebuilt it the second they were gone.

    Course, i’m not small, furry, and run around on four legs sniffing everything with my teenie little whiskers, which would have made the story a whole lot more cuter. But i hope the neighborhood cats got as much a kick out of my castle as i did.


  17. I have no room for a tree, unfortunately, or considering my troublesome tabby Macaroon, perhaps not so unfortunately. No dainty paw-batter, she. Though I used to carefully put unbreakables and cellophane wrapped mini candy canes down low for my cats to bat off and around the floor, she would leap up at the branches and swipe her arms along them on the way down, stripping off lights and ornaments off in one fell swoop. Lather, rinse, repeat until the bottom half of the tree was bare.

  18. ps. as a side note, kittens make great christmas tree ornaments. Then you train them to guard your presents and watch out for santa. That’s what the glass of milk you leave out is really for…

    cheers again!

  19. I really wanted my bf to get a tree last year, just a Charlie Brown type. But he refused.. now that his cat moved in w/him, he has pictures like this as even more of an excuse not to. (Since, ya know, his not caring much about Christmas or trees wasn’t enough.)

  20. lurkertype says:

    HRT used to circle the tree, prairie-dogging, looking for prey.

    Oh, hey, cat fans, HRT has started fighting back against TK. She’s been eating his crunchies, not allowing him the top spot on the cat tree, and finally using his box like he always uses hers. With the total “I’m in ur box, peein on ur sand” look.

  21. I’m in ur… um, tree… and I’m… currently… ah, sscrooit.

  22. lurkertype says:

    Other Xmas-past thoughts: to kittehs, tree skirts are just things to shed on and burrow under.

  23. Fur in a fir?

    Wish I was in the midst of a tree with a kitteh, instead of in the midst of a crappy day…

    Later, peeps…

  24. If I didn’t know there’s a cat in that tree, I’d say the furry thing in the lower half close to the right edge was a mouse, side-face, looking to the left. Could it be the cat’s tail?

  25. *****

    cats living up to their names:Iris, Fern and Jazmyn

    beautiful botanical names and stunning photos …

    it’s their God-given right to own the Christmas tree


  26. artschild says:

    no tree or kittehs this year for me. It will be a sad solstice. Climb on, kittehs, climb on for me! Wreak utter havoc (and make peeps take photos to share).

  27. I find it simply aSTONishing that so many cute beings sound like Cliff Claven.

  28. Interesting point, GreenIghs.
    Does the ‘stache count as a muzzlepuff, I wonder?

  29. The Fluffytails pics of cats in the Christmas tree might become a yearly viewing tradition. Ya think?

    Aubrey – I’ll go out on a limb fir yew.

  30. This is the ONLY decoration I need for my Christmas tree!

  31. [sigh] ah, the memories. Especially “Sandwich Stealer” — okey dokes, then!
    (We’ll maybe skip the printer one.)

  32. Christmas at my house becomes quite colorful. While the 3 kittehs don’t climb the tree, they do chew on the branches, drink the (lovely, pine flavored!)tree water, and chew off all of the curly ribbons from the packages. Thence the colorful part…..

  33. I’M IN UR TREE


  34. (on lunch)

    Thanks pyrit, but you don’t need-le to. As the day whittles down, I find that its bark is worse than its bite.

  35. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I can’t believe nobody else has made this joke yet:

    (Euell Gibbons voice) “Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts ARE edible!”

    (… Am I the only person here who remembers Euell Gibbons?)

  36. My kitten is also a big fan of climbing Xmas trees.

    Exhibit A:

    It’s my favourite thing about this time of year.

  37. If you think cats are bad, try having two large bunnies. They may not climb but anything up to two feet was in danger. At least I never had to clean up any pine needles.

  38. Brak,

    Euell be gratified to know that I remember him too.

  39. does she quiver?

  40. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m in ur tree, deckin’ ur halls…

  41. Find the lucky kitteh ornament on the tree and get … a kitteh?

  42. Im in ur tree waitin 4 Santa!

  43. Oh lookie– a catbird perching in the tree! My cat Beauty runs and hides after he knocks down the tree, but then comes back later to admire his handiwork.

  44. Ah, my former cat Duffy used to do this too – except he enjoyed jumping on top of the stereo, running across the entertainment stand and leaping full length into the Christmas tree, front paws extended like Superman…hence why we spent several years with the tree tied to an eyebolt in the wall.

  45. Anne’s story reminded me of two cats I had years ago, who would play that game that kids would sometimes play: travel all around the room without touching the floor, hopping from one piece of furniture to the next. They knew they weren’t allowed on the dust cover to the turntable (yes, that’s how old this story is), and when I saw Mickey poised to jump to it from the arm of the couch, I warned him and pointed the squirter at him. He jumped, I squirted, he jumped to the next piece of furniture, wet and looking at me with a look that said: “But I *had* to! It’s the rules of the gaaaaame!”

  46. This kitteh will ninja-pain santa but good.

  47. Because my cat, Anna, used to love to sit in the Christmas tree (thankfully the other four cats didn’t), I decided to use cat treats to induce her to get the hell out of it. The problem is I should have realized that Anna, being a little smart-ass (and totally food-obsessed) quickly made the connection between sitting in the tree and getting treats. Stupid mommy.

  48. OMG its the CHESHIRE CAT!!!

  49. My cats aren’t the climbing types, thank God.

    See, we buy a real tree every year, and thanks to the fact that my dad and sister want a 8′ or up tree every year and we don’t have a tree base that can quite handle it, our trees for the past two years have fallen with a mighty crash. So we tied it to the wall.

    But really, adding Salem and Felix into the mix? No, I’ll let my kitties enjoy eating my catnip plants outside.

    Speaking of which… I think they ate it all.

  50. Let’s take a vote. How many of us kitteh owners deprive ourselves of Christmas trees in order to avoid the immediate destruction of said tree, including all attached breakable ornaments?

  51. bunnajenny says:

    I looked at the pic and was like, ‘who’s been in my house downloading my pictures?’ tee hee. this is so the scene in our house right now. Strangely George couldn’t car a whisker about the tree, but Emily is in it like Chip ‘n Dale. She only goes to the second level of branches and just tucks herself up and watches the world go by. I haven’t braved ornaments yet, and we’re still trying to work out how to wrap presents in way that the kittehs won’t think that Christmas is all about them.

    When I had parrots, we protected the tree by putting anything that resembeled a snakein front of the tree – usually the vacuum hose. Not attractive, but effective and comedic since one of them would wander through the living room hissing at the snake with her comb up and wings flared.

  52. LB in Cali says:

    Now see if all holiday trees had these kinds of decorations I would get one.

    I luv luv luv kitteh inspectors (they really do know best, you know).

  53. Renee-

    Oh that’s sad.
    But I have worse.

    When da boy was bad and sprayed inside, or beat up on the other cat, we’d toss him outside to cool off.

    Until we caught him faking spraying to get out, or just walking towards the girl cat and looking at us.

    He can go out the cat-door any time, he just likes using the front door.

  54. I miss my Smudge. First Christmas without her.

    I always had to keep her out of the tree. (sigh)

  55. What a beautiful cat Smudge was, Noelegy. And she doesn’t look like she was any trouble around the tree from that picture…

  56. Yeah, it’s cute and funny now, but just wait until that tree is fully decorated and lying broken in the floor at 2 am. It’s not quite as cute then.

  57. butteredtoast says:

    he sounds like he could come from the west!

  58. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yay, Aubrey!~ :3

  59. It IS better than having a squirrel leaping out of your tree in Christmas Eve. I know it happened to someone someone I know knows.

  60. For the love of jauntiness says:

    I’m hiding…I’m hiding and you can’t see me. Aren’t I a good hider? Wait, don’t look!

  61. 4 Calling birds,
    3 French hens,
    2 Turtle doves,


    *falls off chair laughing*

  62. Lerrinus — you forgot the *BURRRP* in between “Turtle doves” and “Happy cat”.