The bears are hogging the playset again.


[Snorting sounds]


[More snorting sounds]


[Sliding and snorting sounds]


Nicely done, Alicia B.W. 😉



  1. That is so funny!

  2. I especially like the one reclining on the yellow slide.

  3. what are the other two doing in the last pic?

  4. chet's momma says:

    hhuynh–um…..picking lint out of mr bear’s belly button????

  5. chet's momma says:

    hhuynh–um…..picking lint out of mr bear’s belly button????

  6. chet's momma says:

    hhuynh–um…..picking lint out of mr bear’s belly button????

  7. chet's momma says:

    hhuynh–um…..picking lint out of mr bear’s belly button????

  8. chet's momma says:

    hhuynh–um…..picking lint out of mr bear’s belly button????

  9. chet's momma says:

    hhuynh–um…..picking lint out of mr bear’s belly button????

  10. They’re getting ready to have a picnic…because today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic! (Everybody sing along!)

  11. I’ll bet Goldilocks took these photos.

    I hope she has an extra bowl!

  12. iloveusame:) says:

    oh well let them play!

  13. Holy smokes. That’s a lot of bears. The owners plan to let their kids play on the jungle gym?

    “Teddy! Paddington! Pooh!”

    (*cronche cronche cronche*)

  14. Incidentally: I recently learned that bears enjoy watching the sun set, according to the excellent book “When Elephants Weep.”

    Do a “search inside” for the word “sunset”…unfortunately I can’t link directly to the result.

    It isn’t clear why they do it, but it’s definitely something that makes me like bears more.

  15. iloveusame:) says:

    well…what can i say…pat.pat on your back…teary…why.what hsve you done that make you feel that way…

  16. Adorable! Teddy bears on the playground. Who knew!?

    And welcome back, Meg. Wee missed ye! 😉

  17. Holly Kim says:

    Actually, this looks like a job for Jack the cat from New Jersey. Those bears need to be chased outta that yard! ;-D

  18. musicchick2 says:

    “Baby let me be,
    your lovin’ Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck,
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.

    I don’t wanna be a tiger
    Cause tigers play too rough
    I don’t wanna be a lion
    ‘Cause lions ain’t the kind
    you love enough.

    Just wanna be, your Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.

    Baby let me be, around you every night
    Run your fingers through my hair,
    And cuddle me real tight
    Just wanna be (echo: just wanna be)
    your Teddy Bear.”

    Thank you. Thank you very much. *smoldering look at audience*

  19. I have to disagree Holly Kim, I reckon it’s their yard. Every good bear parent builds a playset for their kids, it’s good wholesome fun.
    …’til the fights over the swings start, anyway.

  20. OMG Bearz!!!

  21. Maybe they will chip in on the mortgage too.

  22. hhuynh – “what are the other two doing in the last pic?”

    Checking e-mail, mobile telephoning, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing?
    Or, just in time for the holidays, GPS-based navigating?

    A little black humor. Bearry sorry.

  23. Anyone who keeps up with Colbert knows that these creatures MAY look cute, but they are still GODLESS KILLING MACHINES.

  24. Seriously, this website is for sharing the joy of cuteness, not for starting a controversy.

  25. Leigh, ’twas a joke. Stephen Colbert is a satirist.

  26. I wonder what they thought when they first saw the playset, cause they sure seem to know what it is for!!

  27. elizabeth says:

    Samuel Jackson’s newest movie: Bears on a Playset!

  28. *SUPERMEGASNORT* @ Elizabeth!! 😀

    Something tells me that at some point the parents had to turn to their kids and say “NO! I don’t care HOW cute they look, you are NOT going out there to play with them!”

    “Aw, but Moooooooom…”


  29. Mahan Atma says:

    “I have had it with these mother%&$#* bears, on this mother%&$#* playset!!!”

  30. Oh! Can I go out and play with them, Please?

  31. Boy those are some hairy kids they got there

  32. They really do look like a bunch of kids. “No, I’m climbing up there first!”
    “No, me!” “I’m the king, and I say I climb up first! YOU can have the swings!”
    “Nnnehh FINE. I’m a king of the slide!”

  33. lolololol MahanAtma!

  34. AlbertaGirl says:

    LOL, Mahan Atma!

  35. At my late grandparents house in PA one evening I heard this banging noise outside. I go onto the porch to look and its to wee bebeh bear cubs climbing into to bird feeder to get at the seed. These guys were wee and it was TEH QTE!!1!

    But I knew better than to go out there ’cause mama was somewhere close.

    Sorry Mr. Colbert but I luvs teh bears.

  36. misscrisp says:

    elizabeth and mahan…
    SNORT to the third power.
    gosh the bearz are sthuper Qte too.

  37. I think if I sold these play sets I would so plaster these pictures all over the place.
    Fun, and durable!
    (But why isn’t anyone using the tire swing?)

  38. Bears do love playsets! About 2 years ago I was at the grand opening of a sporting goods store, and they had baby bears on a Little Tikes playset. Those bears were having a ball! They never stopped playing – they slid on the slide, climbed all over the playset, ran around their enclosure – I never saw them stop moving.

    If only they didn’t get so much BIGGER…

  39. Whoa! They look very cute…from a distance.

  40. Think we have another adition to dream office(c) a creche with playsets in a range of sizes

  41. Dewi — the way this concept is continuing to expand, by the time we’re ready to start construction, I think we’re going to need the Space Needle *AND* the Experience Music Project.

  42. Those bears are on notice!

  43. luckycliff says:

    this reminds me of the bear areas in the Katamari games…. go Prince! Roll up those bears!

  44. Bears on playsets… this makes the top of the Threatdown.

  45. BB/VA, that sounds SO cute!

    Once I read a story about a guy who was driving a dog sled in the Iditarod. He heard strange bellowing sounds as he came up over a hill. Down below were 5 or 6 muskox. They were going up a hill, running out onto a small frozen lake, bellowing the whole way. Then, turning around and doing it all over again.

    Animals know how to have fun!

  46. Haha…I’ve seen bears at garbage dumps, but this is much cuter.

  47. Ho-kay, that’s it. I have finally lost it. Laughing so hard at zee zilly bearchilds I almost can’t type.

    I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been lurking, reading posts (more uncontrollable laughter; youse guyz are fookin’ BRILLIANT!) and catching up on the archives (the ferret-snorgling cat is just. Too. Hilar. To be real).

    Wow. You all even TALK the way I do … I never heard “redonk” anywhere else until I saw these pages. Theo’s glossary is “deja vu all over again.” So many words and terms that I have used over the years … in “my” particular Qte dialect, it’s “snurfling,” quite close to “snorgling” — and instead of saying “anerable” I say things like, “Oh, it is a doorbell [adorable]” ‘cos my Mother was also a Cuteologist Extraordinaire, and she taught her daughter well.

    Feels like I’ve come home. To not-quite quote Sally Fields’ famous Oscar speech:
    “You’re LIKE me! You’re really LIKE me!”

    Many thanks for the endless pageantry of Teh Qte.

    “I’ll be Bach!”
    (And you can be Beethoven.)

    We loves us some CO, My Precioussss!

  48. Hi, Zhandarq. Welcome aboard.

  49. RavishingRoberta says:

    great pic’s; but a little scary that they can get at that play area.

  50. RavishingRoberta says:

    they seem to all be cubs; wondering where momma is. don.t she know it’s a big bad world out there?

  51. RavishingRoberta says:

    they seem to all be cubs; wondering where momma is. don.t she know it’s a big bad world out there?

  52. Oh, she’s there all right. She sitting over in the bushes gald to be sitting down.

    I got to say, I’m in Maine we have black bears. When my sister was little my Mom heard her say somerthing about bears, she was in her crib looking out the window. There were three bears in the back yard and one was looking in the window at my sister. Yikkes!

  53. Laurie C, many thanx for the welcome!

  54. You like my Glossaree? You really like eet??
    btw, “Zhandarq” reminds me of Dexter’s nemesis’ sister. Kindof an evil anti-DeeDee.
    Welcome to Teh Qte™!

  55. Re the Iditarod, it was buffalo, and they were running and hitting the ice with their legs splayed just so so that they would twirl around when they hit it and make themselves dizzy. Great fun. “Winterdance.”

    Those bears are incredible!

  56. Welcome Zhandarq, and your words!
    We lurves words around here!
    And, thanks to your Mom, she sounds like a winner!

  57. Welcome to the Qte, Zhandarq! You sound like you’re a natural-born Cuteologist. You’ll fit right in! 😉


  58. Hey, my Aunt Pat sent me those pictures a while ago! They come from someone in Alaska.

  59. I’m in ur playset, hoggin yr swingz.

  60. Moma bear’s just out of sight, on a bench holding everybody’s jackets and shoes, and a bag with snacks.

  61. “Ok kids, time to go.”

    “But… but… Mooooommmmm… five more minutes! Puhleeeeez!”

  62. *Snorky snort, Laurie C, Yeah!*

    lauowolf…you MUST be a mom! 😉

    TAJ, you, too! 😀

  63. Hey, aepva,
    Yay, for your Aunt Pat. 🙂

    One of my best friends, who lives in Alaska, would attest to the constant prevalence of wildlife in the strangest places. Yay for them!

  64. Mahan Atma, amazing lol.
    those r adorable bears!!

  65. Cora, that is awesome!

    I love these bears!

  66. Actually, there’s no mama bear. There are just two nanny bears sitting over on side, complaining about their employers. “It’s like they think I don’t need my own life. Grrr.”

    No, really, this photo series is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in ages.

    Killing machines? pft Swinging machines!

  67. THIS slide is too small.
    THIS slide is too big.
    But THIS slide is juuuuust right.

  68. LOL PetMuseum!
    (but there are *four* bears: “And THESE are my Pokemans! Let me show you them.”)

  69. I was thinking along similar lines to RavishingRoberta, that having a playset in a place where BEARS could come along anytime was a little skeery. But so many of you chimed in with animal stories, it reminds me that I’m a wimpy California kid :), from the land of Fences Between Backyards. And that one of the most-remembered stories from my childhood happened when I was a toddler, during the six months or so I lived in Virginia (a land of Fences Not Between Backyards). Neither my sister nor I will ever forget the morning a GINORMOUS tortoise came walking out of the woods. It hung out in our backyard all day; my dad supervised us playing with it, and when the day was over it strolled off again. So…let’s hear it for critters in yards. 🙂

  70. In a lot of places, it was the bears’ yard before it was the people’s yard. But people want to live “close to nature” so, the bears come with it.

  71. I have to add that the first time I saw the top photo, with the two bears standing upright, I thought of the bit David Letterman used to do on his show, “Can a guy in a bear suit get a beer on a patio?” and they’d shoot down at the street at just about this angle to watch the guy they’d dressed up in costume try to go just that. So I thought this was going to be “Can two guys in bear suits play on the swings?”

  72. Good point, Laurie C.

  73. butteredtoast says:

    are those real bears??

  74. These look to be black bears. They’re very timid. Remember the photo of Jack, the declawed orange cat who had treed a young bear in New Jersey?

    I don’t think they’d harm people, but they’d sure wear out the swingset.

  75. Theo:
    “You like my Glossaree? You really like eet??”
    > LIKE it? Dude, I almost wondered why I didn’t remember writing it myself. Yup, it’s dat good.

    “btw, ‘Zhandarq’ reminds me of Dexter’s nemesis’ sister. Kindof an evil anti-DeeDee.
    > Er … I know that Dexter is a character on CartoonNetwork, but I don’t know who his “nemesis’ sister” is. “Zhandarq” should be said weeth an Outrrageous Frawnch Occent[TM] — it’s just an American phoneticization of “Jeanne D’Arc.” Jeanne = Joan in French. My middle name is Joan.

    “Welcome to Teh Qte™!”
    > Why, thank you. Thank you very much. Actually, “senk joo berry moch.” (Some of us speak weeth Owrageous Espaneesh ac-SENTS, joo know, meng?) Mucho gusto en conocerles, alla youse guyz.

    Thank you also to Lauri and TwoDragons for the welcome.

    Gotta go now … missed a few days of Qte that I gotta catch up on!

  76. These bears are in Anchorage. Scroll to the bottom of this page: