It’s like a cute version of the Godfather PART DEUX

Rufus-Pup was the first one to teach us that re-enacting a scene from The Godfather can be cute. Here we go again. In a Children’s Used Books Store of all places.

Holy Horse Heads, People!


Caroline G., it’s a photo we can’t refuse.



  1. iloveusame:) says:

    no. way.shhhh. prrrrr.

  2. Kitty hugging a horsy. Sweet… And cute.

  3. Kitty hugging a horsy. Sweet… And cute.

  4. Me sorry!

  5. lurkertype says:

    Kitty… hugging horsie… in book store…

    I’m sorry, I have to go lie down now. I am faint from Teh Qte.

    Plus a call-back to Baby Rooofieeeees! w00t!

    (hi Meg!)

  6. Lillian Jackson Braun said, “Cats never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic,” and I think that’s very true. This kitty is gorgeous and just looking at him/her destresses me loads.

  7. iloveusame:) says:

    i said poutine! poutine! dammit!

  8. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    ohhhh look someone has had their first beer! Give that one a hearty fish slap!

    I would have squeed all over myself had I not had on my handy dandy squeepends people. 😀

    Beautiful kitteh, Qte to the Nth degree and extremely close to looking like my dear Mia Edwina. (may she be resting safely in peace).

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ( oh look, I leaked.)

  9. iloveusame:) says:

    do not forget….we got the curd cheese.hey.hey.hey.

  10. musicchick2 says:

    Carrie – um….er… *hands you a package of Poise pads when nobody’s looking* :-/

    To no one in particular – is it just me or has someone come to the wrong site to ramble incoherently? Jus’ sayin’….

  11. iloveusame:) says:

    it al DEPENDS what you feel might be coherent and meaningfull…i am just sayin.

  12. no really you guys are just too much:)

  13. Quandra.bettypage. says:

    Sweat dream!

  14. musicchick2 says:

    And now you too can have your own Godfather inspired horse head to wake up to…in pillow form!

    Yikes! :-O

  15. Eeeeeeek, mc2! No thank you!

    But, I would curl up with Mr. Kitter McLiteratursons for a nap, now, rather than going to work! Yawn!

  16. girlnextdoor says:

    My three favorite things. Kitties, books, and sleeping.

  17. TastesLikeChicken says:

    mc2: Thanks. I know a couple of people that I’d love to give that to. And think of the trauma you could cause in small children – they’d be scarred for life! Brilliant.

  18. BOOKS!

    My weekend’s made.

  19. This makes me want a giant, floofy, cat-shaped floor pillow in the attitude of Mr. Tabby above.

  20. What a cute picture. Gotta love those furry animals !

    I had a very very similar looking Cat when i was younger…

    Oh souvenirs!

    john Kubrick

  21. bloody hell.

  22. hrm. and today is the purrrfect day to cuddle with a floofy kitty, a book, and a steaming cup of tea/coffee/cider/cocoa.
    *wanders off to do just that*

  23. I’m with you, Laurie C. I just want to spraaaaaaawl and snuggle up to a giant comfy kitty!

  24. This is so gonna be me and the kiddo when we get back from Sunday Meeting, curling up on something soft and plush while surrounded by a happy profusion of books! *sigh* Kittie McLiteraturesons has inspired me!

    Sleep on, little fella! ^__^


  25. That has got to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. 🙂

    Well, besides the kittens my mom’s cat just had… and the puppies my boyfriend’s dog just had…

    Which leads to a very important question. Why is it that all newborn/young animals huddle together in PILES? Are they trying to KILL us with their CUTENESS?!

  26. Aieeee! Run, horsey, run! Sigh… brought down by the fearsome Literatikitteh, what a… snorgleful way to go!

  27. Awwww! It reminds me of Dewey Readmore Books from Iowa. He just died. ( ) May he rest in peace.
    And bless this widdle cuttie and his stuffed horsey too!

  28. Ummmm….what’s with the profanity? Am I missing something on how that would be appropriate?

  29. musicchick2 says:

    Miette – Wunnerful idea! i think I shall toss myself into the showah, and when I come out my “Starbucks at home” coffee will be all percolated/dripped/whatever it is those things do. And then I shall curl up with the Sunday paper and peruse all the glossy ads for things I can’t afford. This will frustrate me to no end so when the grocery delivery guy comes at noon, I will find the verboten cheese danish coffee cake I ordered and scarf it down. *slaps hand vigorously* THEN and only then will I curl up and TRY to finish that new John Grisham book! (Already finished the Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom bestsellers).

    TastesLikeChicken: ONLY if they’ve seen the movie. Or if some kindly adult TELLS them why the stuffed horsey is kinda wierd lookin’ 😉

    bfl – You’re not missing anything. Occasionally we get “new guests” here who I s’pose don’t read the ‘courtesy suggestions’ posted on the back of the door. *sigh*

  30. misscrisp says:

    awwwww back Renee. That’s such a sweet story about the fantastically named Dewey Readmore Books.
    I have a real soft spot for book store kitties. I guess because it’s two of my favorites in one place. In England you find store cats more often, but there are a few here in Lost Angels too.
    This guy looks immensely snorgleable.
    Carrie… squeependous! rofl

  31. misscrisp says:

    oops, I forgot:

  32. musicchick2 says:

    Adalia – New puppies AND New kittens?? Oh my gosh – you have your very own real life Cute Overload right there! I’m jealous! *pouty face* You MUST send us some pics at least. Pwease?

  33. Kitty, keep purrring! Horsie is still wide awake.

  34. Oooh.
    Little bookstore guy here has on white gloves.
    I adore working cats, and bookstore cats rule.
    (Many years ago the sci-fi bookstore here in a rather undergroundish lair had a large and quite furry guy named Balrog. I swear he watched you in the bookstore.)

  35. I swear, this photo could be a glimpse into the parallel-universe version of the Catcave. Big kooshy floor pillow, contented sleepy kitters, ugly beat-up carpet, impossible quantities of books… except, where’s all the computer gagetry?

  36. BFL & MC2 — what profanity?

    (Oh, you mean the “bloody hell” comment? Poor mofo…)

  37. There's always one! says:

    Theo, profanity was posted yesterday by someone in this thread and in another.

    The comments have been edited and/or removed.

  38. Awww! A working kitty taking a nap. I bet the kids all love that cat. All businesses should have a cat.

  39. “…I snuggled in the bookstore on a horse with no name…”

  40. “There’s always one” — the comments you’re talking about were removed by *me*.
    Note that winking smiley. 😉

  41. Thanx Teho. I liked your posts too.

  42. *gnashing of teeth*
    Meg’s back??? I want Theo!!!

    Ok, just trying to find out how it feels from the Dark Side.

  43. Horsey: “I dunno, one day I’m on a merry go ’round for kiddies on my back,
    next day, I’m a library throw down for a kitty to attack.”

    That was so bad. Lame. Shame. My worst ever. Depressed today.

  44. Mel – Me hearty. You should comment more often.

  45. There's always one! says:

    Theo…THANKS! >^.^<

  46. Kittybooks! What a wonderful idear! Sit down with in your favorite chair, with a good book, some chocalate milk/coffee (prefer my choco very cold, my coffe with lots of sugar) and a purring, fluffball in yoru lap.

    The stuff that dreams are made off.

  47. Bookstores with cats are the best, especially if you’re a college student in a dorm or apartment complex and you can’t have a cat. Howard’s Books here in B-town has a black cat named Oscar that fulfills my kitty fix.

  48. Lovely snoozling kitteh of teh “Honk-Shu” tribe … one can almozt ‘ear zee purrz! (From “Outrrageous Frawnsh Occents, Vol. I”)

    Horse in this pic doesn’t so much remind me of “Godfather” (and, YEESH, someone actually made a stuffed toy out of that?!?! Nightmare fodder [pun intentional] indeed!!!!) as it does the horse from “The Velveteen Rabbit” — the lovely ol’ horse whose coat was threadbare in spots and whose knees were knobbly ‘cos all the rods making his legs straight had long ago been loved out of him.

    I prefer to think that Kitty in the Bookstore is trustingly resting her/himself across THAT horse … ‘cos he’s a “story-bought” horse, of course (and do NOT earworm me with the “Mr. Ed” jingle, thankyouverymuch).

    Okay, I’ll earworm you with something different: “Beautiful Dreamer.”

    No *cat*apultin’ puddin’, now!

    Cheers, Peeps. ;o)

  49. Forgot to say, regarding “working” cats:

    The bookstore in my Eastern LI town is animal-friendly. We are encouraged to bring in our leashed dogs, cats, ferrets and other creeturs.

    The bank drive-up window will give you a doggie biscuit with your transaction if they see a canine buddy in the car with you.

    There is even a liquor-store cat. Her name? Get ready for it: Tipsy.

  50. Thanks, Theo. Love CO!

  51. Zhandarq–oh now that sounds like the ultimate Dream Town!

    Tipsy the Liquor-Store Cat…*giggles!*


  52. We have two Hallmark Card Store cats….I don’t know their names.

    But, Tillie was the garden store cat. She always slept on the cash register because it blew heat out. Sooooooooo cute.

  53. LOL. “Tipsy” the liquor-store cat. “Tillie” the garden-store cat. I really hope that the tabby in the pic above is named “Sam I Am.”

    And how about a cat for the auto-repair place? Or the drugstore? Maybe a coffee-shop cat? (OK, that one’s easy: Spaz.) If a dentist’s office had a cat, what would its right name be?

  54. Theo, I can imagine a pair of dentist office cats: Rinse and Spit.

  55. A print shop in my town had two cats: The late “WYSIWYG” and the still-with-us “Goudy.”

    Trivia: the horse head in “The Godfather” was a real one:

  56. Patch, the Tire store cat?

    The drugstore cat? Rex-all.

  57. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    Couldn’t be more perfect, wonderful cat, wonderful old children’s series books piled up on the floor. Life’s pleasures – cats and books!


  59. Laurie C gets the prize for dentist’s-office cat names.

    Rinse and Spit. Perfect. Brilliant.

    But I am gaggin’ a leetle bit here … yeah, always a leetle glurge when visitin’ the Tooth Fairy.

  60. Cats at a tailor’s shop: Stitch, Pin, Button, Zipper, Dart, Fold, and Knot…

    Cats at a Fire Department: Ember, Sooty, and Siren…

    Cats at an electrician’s shop: Sparky, Zap, Watt, AyCee and DeeCee…

    Cat at a butcher’s shop: GETTHEHELLOUTTAHERE!!

    *ducks thrown objects*

  61. Is this taken from SEATTLE? 😀

  62. butteredtoast says:

    so00oo00oo cute

  63. This kitty should be in the movies.

    Giovanna Villanueva