They’re just enormous kittens, really

Lorrrrp. Glorrrp.


One last late-night Doorly bit, and I’m off to bed.  It’s laaaaazy time.  ‘Night, peeps!



  1. Now those are KITTEHS.

    Then they get this big you gotta name them in all caps, ya know.

  2. When! When, not then. okay maybe I should go off the bed instead of quilt myself.


  3. Enormous, cute kittieboobo’s that could scratch your eyes and heart out…best left wild..but still lovely. Let’s adore them from their proper place…the wild.

  4. Gorgeous! Story time – I was once leaning against a railing in front of an archway at the Memphis Zoo. Said archway peered into an enclosure of some sort of animal, I didn’t know what, I was on the wrong side of the signs. With my back to the archway, which supported a number of thickish wires, about an inch and a half apart, I suddenly became aware of all the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. Turning around I found myself staring into a pair of huge, golden eyes, a mere few feet away from me. A lioness had crept up on me, and I never heard a thing! Seeing her that close, eyeing me as prey, was an amazing experience. I was grateful for those wires…and for the zoo that gave me the opportunity to appreciate the lioness, and become aware of how important it is to help save habitat so that we don’t lose creatures from the ever-decreasing wilds.

  5. musicchick2 says:

    Pam…OMG! (*psst…did you pee your pants??) LMAO!!

    2nd pic – lioness on the left listens intently while lioness on the right whispers a SHOCKING tale about the upside down kitteh in Pic 1 “I hear she’s a real slut!! Look how she just puts it all out there like that!… Don’t look over there! She’ll know we’re talking about her!”

  6. lol mc2 and wow Pam..yikes!
    They are gorgeous tho 🙂

  7. *****

    middle kitty is pooped; she’s just finished food hunting;

    sniffer kitty is guessing what’s for dinner;

    slutty kitty couldn’t give a hoot about dinner: she’s on heat.


  8. Pam, I had a similar experience at the Indianapolis zoo. I’ve got a picture of one of the gorgeous tigers looking at me like, “Lunch?”

  9. Pam – your story is kind of reminiscent of an experience I had when I was in my early 20s and volunteered at a wildlife rescue place. This particular place had a no-kill policy, and they took in animals that had nowhere else to go. They had a brain-damaged fox, assorted maimed fowl, some really cranky bobcats, a raven with a broken wing, various wolves that had been raised as pets and couldn’t be released into the wild, an African lion named Clyde who had no mane because he had been neutered (he was an old guy, a sweetheart), and quite a few cougars. Most of the animals were in cages made of chain-link fencing material.

    Some of the animals were being rehabilitated for release, and those that were young enough were being raised to not socialize with humans, so that they could be released. One of those was a young adult/teenage male cougar. Near him was a lovely wolf that had been a pet, named Cry. Every time I walked by Cry’s cage, she came up and begged to be taken for a walk or to be petted. She promised to be a good dog if I’d just let her out. It was rather sad, and I tried to give her as much attention as I could.

    One day I was scratching Cry on the head, bent over and reaching my hand in the cage…I guess I forgot about the young male cougar behind me. I guess he didn’t appreciate that. I suddenly heard this humongous “WHAM” crashing sound behind me. I whipped around and saw the cougar, his raised paw speeding towards me as he smacked the side of his cage again, “WHAM!!” His enraged face was only a couple of feet from me and I saw that when he smacked the side of his cage, the whole thing bowed to the side and shook like it might give way. He actually caught the tip of my plaid shirt on one of his claws briefly. The sight of his huge paw and his eyes glaring at me like I was a mere morsel shook me to the core. I’ll never forget that moment when I realized the sheer power of that big cat. He demanded respect. I was very careful to not turn my back on him after that!

  10. Martha in Washington says:

    WOW…Great pics, lovely kitties.
    My husband and I are going to South Africa next year on a safari and I am deperately hoping we get to see some lions up close (but not TOO up close!) I wish there were tigers in SA. I hope we can take the Holy Crap Lions! Tour.

  11. Mmmrrroooaarrr.

    (I’m becoming an expert on animal noises… anyone else notice?)

    Mitsu, if I said “bye bye mon cowboy, bye bye mon rodéo” to you, would you back away slowly, or have a … different… response?

  12. Actually I might wonder if you were the rodeo queen I knew briefly about 10 years ago, when we spent some time talking together in a cement box.

  13. WHOA. Now THOSE are what I call Femme Fatales.

    Pam and Mitsu – great stories!!!

  14. Hey wait a min … one lioness is licking the other! Maybe they’re mama and baby.

    (And that’s one BIG baby.)

  15. Awwww, big ol’ marmie cats w/o stripes! 🙂

    Good grief, I didn’t realize until I saw the big tail tip in the closeup that lionesses had black and white tails. How neat! 🙂

  16. Don’tcha love those chin hairs? 🙂

  17. useta hada kitteh says:

    Down a bit…a little to the right…that’s it! Purrrrrrrrrr…

  18. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  19. While I don’t really believe in astrology, I am inordinately proud of the fact that I’m a Leo — and it’s all because of the beauty, majesty, and general coolness of lions!

    Also, I once went to one of those places that saves and rehabs wild/exotic animals (sometimes sick &/or injured) from homes and zoos, and becomes their permanent home. When I was about, oh, 30 feet or so from the lions’ enclosure, a couple of them started roaring, and it scared the absolute CRAP out of me! I had no idea they were that loud, and evidently the sound of that roar stirred some sort of primitive race memory, because I completely felt like “oh shit, I’m dinner, RUN!”. They were gorgeous, though. 🙂

  20. Teughcats says:

    Theo, no disrespect, love your pix as well, but where’s Meg? Has the job gotten big enough (we peeps can be a bit demanding!) that you two are sharing the distribution of the Qte?

    Know this was in the previous thread, but “linear waterfowl compliance” is hilarious! It’s going to be a new fave expression this tax season.

  21. Wow, Pam & Mitsu. I’d have keeled over right about then. Amazing stories!

    Them is some BIG kittehs. Snorgle at your own risk.

  22. 2Cats — Meg’s been busy, but I heard a rumor that she *might* show up today. Don’t quote me.

  23. (Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom voice:) “Deceptively langorous and lazy, these beauteous animals groom each other peacably in the sun. But wait! A herd of klipspringer approaches, in search of shade and tasty greenery…”

  24. Teughcats says:

    Petmuseum – ooh! Marlon Perkins! Loved that show when I was a kid.

    Theo, you and Meg make a great team.

    Have a great Saturday, everyone!

  25. PetMuseum, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom really does have a big presence at the Doorly zoo. It’s the first logo you see when you walk in. I think they funded the central buildings & exhibits.

  26. chet's momma says:

    meg weee looooovvveeee you……teho, weee loooooovvveeee you, toooooooooooo! thanks for all teh qute yoo provide! I’d be saaad withooooouuut yoooooo!

  27. Alicia/neonkittens says:

    big kitties! and HDZ again! whoo hoo!

  28. Everybody loves the big kitties. 🙂

    Way back in first and second grade, they used to take us on a field trip to the zoo once a year (once in 1st and once in 2nd). The only thing I ever remember about the trips is the second time I went, and I saw the white tiger. When my class went by the cage, he was hiding, but I got separated from them and ended up back there, and he’d come out. 🙂

  29. chet's momma says:

    adalia-that is so cool!

  30. I love everyone’s zoo stories!

    Zoos have improved SO much in the last decades! Thank goodness!

  31. Lions. There are worse deaths than by the jaws of a lion.

    Lions. Leave me almost speechless.

    Lions. Aslan. Leo. Elsa.

    How the wretched pigeons dare,
    Land on the lions at Trafalgar Square,
    Yet the lions don’t seem to care,
    See the indifference in their stare,
    They know, they know, they are royal heir,
    You’ll know too when you see them there.

  32. i wonder if these big kitters get furbolls ?

  33. Rumi – Clyde used to roar at dusk, and when I heard him doing that I definitely had a visceral reaction. Somehow it was like, “stop everything, the lion is roaring.”

  34. Oooo, I love that primitive, instinctive reaction.
    I remember that one when I have seen the northern lights, an eclipse and a comet.

    That deep, primal pause…”baroo” something is happening.

  35. misscrisp says:

    Lion time! The star of this pic is obvo the hedonist giving us upside down coyness on the left.

    Two lion stories to share. It’s interesting how many others have felt that “OMG, I’m Lunch!” sensation when in close proximity, like Pam and Mitsu and me. I got that look from a lion, a suitably regal male with quite the mane, who was chilling in his car-cage outside the soundstage of a TV commercial. I was pretty far away from him, but he locked his gaze onto mine with such utter intensity I could feel it in my belly. Tangible power.

    and Rumi, yes! the roar! It’s quite shocking up close. Last time I encountered a male lion giving full voice it just about knocked me down, and totally agitated the giraffes who were enclosed right next door, a location I found a bit confusing. Lion…ROAR!! Giraffe…run even more frantically in circles around enclosure. It was quite a sight.

    Happy Saturday peeps!

  36. Don’t remember what zoo it was at, but there was a big group of tigers with a big glass window into their habitat. The light was such that they could clearly see us on the other side of the glass. One of them walked right up to the glass where a little boy, maybe 4 or 5, was standing and the tiger liiiiiicked the glass right in front of the kid’s face. Kind of like I feel like doing sometimes at the bakery in front of the cheesecake case.

  37. It’s not just robots who think humans taste like bacon.

    I love the purrrrumble lions do when they’re snorgling each other.

  38. The licked one looks a LOT like my big galloot Elric when I give him his favorite ear rubs…*LOL*

    BTW–howdy to all y’all Peeps! I meesed y’all, but the local dialup got HORRIBLE and I couldn’t gett connected enough to say hello to my buds. But now I’m comin at’cha on CABLE, baby! *GRIN* So what’ve I missed…?


  39. AuntieMame says:

    Martha in Washington, make sure you get your free snorkel! 🙂

  40. Here’s the picture of the tiger who thought that I perhaps sounded good for lunch…

  41. I wonder, are their tongues all rough like normal kitties??

  42. Lyrons! I love lions. Did you know you can see them in Kenya??

  43. whoever has the longest comment wins a lion.

  44. Thanks for more greeny soapboxing, Tomato. We know, we know. I wouldn’t want to cuddle them, but they’re cyute. And Zoos do serve a purpose, you know.

  45. oh no! not more Theo. Where’s Meg, she does the cute SO much better :0(

  46. When I was at the zoo like a month and a half ago, I got to hear the lion roar. He roared long and loud, enough even that the lioness started too (though she sounded rather different–kinda like a braying donkey, odd as that is). As soon as he started, all the other animals in the zoo in hearing range started up their own distress calls–they knew there was a giant predator out there…

  47. Oh and at that same zoo I fell in a fatal kind of love with the white tiger. He was sitting outside his tiger house not far from the viewing area, and (and I know this is a potentially dangerous train of thought on my part) he really, really reminded me of my own cat, Sir Isaac Mewton, who is very large for a domestic cat (he’s like 17 pounds, all muscle, and very sweet). He had the same low-slung swagger and long tail, a big shaggy head that he shook slowly because it was so heavy, and the same slowness when he cleaned himself with his tongue because he was just so BIG.

  48. P. Erasmus says:
  49. Mitsu:

    ‘Clyde used to roar at dusk, and when I heard him doing that I definitely had a visceral reaction. Somehow it was like, “stop everything, the lion is roaring.”‘

    You know, that’s the time of day the lion at Southwick’s roared, too. I wonder if that’s some kind of lion ritual?

  50. Ba! People get busy, Sabrina.
    Stop being a poop.

    Teho, keep teh Cute comin’!

  51. Peg of Tilling says:

    (Marlin Perkins narration:) …and while I rest in the shade with a marguerita and a plate of cheese canapes, Jim will wrestle a giant boa constrictor.

    (I am not the creator of this joke, but I’m happy to pass it along.)

  52. I’m not sure about lions, but I know that tiger tongues are super scratchy, just like the lil guys.

  53. More of lions doin’ the lion thing:

  54. sabrina, Theo is a *godsend* to the peeps, for many reasons. kindly do not diss him.

    I’ve read that the thing about large cat roars that sparks our brainstem reaction is the “infrasound” in it, the frequencies below the level of human hearing that we react to, not because hear them, but because we feel the vibration more or less in our gut.

  55. misscrisp says:

    ooh, Lauri C, that sounds so right!

    I do think that dusk is a specific “loud roar” time…lions have several, but that really thundering one seems always to be at sunset. I believe Saint Attenborough may have told me it’s about claiming ownership of terrain in earshot.

    D2D, welcome to Teh Intarwebs…in real time! I admit I was gobsmacked to learn a while ago that you were gleaning the Cute via dialup (shudder).

    Theo…thank you thank you thank you.

  56. misscrisp says:

    mofo, be careful or I’ll really start some sesquipedalian pontification on you. LOL.

    and Thalia…Isaac Mewton sure is a Kewt’one! (apology Aubrey n pyrit). Stheriously, I always wish I had the whole growth timeline of my kittehs. He’s gorgeous.

  57. Peg of Tilling says:

    A lion-y tribute:

    Theo! Who brings the cute right on time?
    Theo! Who steps in when Nuffinghams whine?
    Theo! Who tosses peeps the puddins tons, with puppity pups and bunny buns?
    Who makes the punster guard his puns?
    Theo! Who make the peeps beam with wonder?
    Theo! Who’s on hand when Meg’s snowed under?
    Theo! Who’s right there when for help we wave? Who’s there always the day to save? Who puts the marm in marmelade?

  58. useta hada kitteh says:

    Wonderful poem/song/chant, Peg of Tilling! I ‘grees with you eleventy-hundred percent!

    As for lion’s tongues, I have a feeling that I heard or read or something that their tongues can actually clean the meat off bones. So, if that is the case, yep, they’re scratchy. Let me just go and google that, to be surer. I wuz right! Yay, me!

    Also says their roars can be heard five miles away. Growwwwwwrrrrr!

    I like dem dere lyonz. Thanks, Teho.

  59. Thanks, Misscrisp, he is gorgeous, isn’t he? I can never resist showing him off–he’s just so handsome!

  60. Oh fer pete squeaks, people.

    And Sabrina — I’m fully aware that I’m a mere Stephen Colbert to Meg’s Jon Stewart. [snicker!] I miss her too. It’s just that she happens to be temporarily unavailable. Life happens, y’know?

  61. Yeah. I’ll just wander over there and give the widdle kitty a scwatchie-watchie behind her earsie-wearsie. I’m sure that little “hello” would be a real Kodak moment. 😉

    Maybe just heave a HUGE ball of yarn at them, then enjoy the ensuing, oversized cuteness.

  62. teho- snick!

  63. Misscrisp sez: “D2D, welcome to Teh Intarwebs…in real time! I admit I was gobsmacked to learn a while ago that you were gleaning the Cute via dialup (shudder).”

    not by choice, trust me! I prefer having the average web page load up at something a bit faster than the time it takes me to start a pot of tea and get in a brisk walk around the neighborhood…

    So now I’m going back to all the old CO YouTube links I couldn’t watch before, and having a blast! 😉


  64. I love reading all these lion stories! I have to confess, I haven’t had too many “chilling” experiences with lions. But I had one with a male gorilla so I know the thrill of it.

    There is a wildlife refuge in Colorado where they took in animals that were dumped by wealthy pet owners or rescued from furriers. So they had lions, tigers, bears, wolf hybrids, foxes, cougars, etc. I went there with my dad and one of the keepers let me go right up to the bars and touch the animals. One of them was a big male lion named Winston. He was beautiful and he was so ridiculously friendly, he kept rubbing himself along the fence and pushing his nose up to us to pet. And all I could think of was Jack Hanna “Any animal will bite–ANY animal.” And the size of those teeth commanded major respect. So I tenatively reached out and touched his nose and petted his mane. I want to say he licked my finger but I can’t remember. I’ve never forgotten it.

  65. Oooh, look at licked kitty.
    Her ears are all curled inward.
    I bet she’s wiggling her toes too — such a nice neck cleaning.

    And Thalia I love Sir Issac.
    Tuxie boys are so magnificent.

  66. awwwww,how cute,they look like a blown up version of my cats,licking each other and layin down

  67. iloveusame:) says:

    i can say it smell like smoke in the savane but will take our cubs out of danger and bring them in a safe area…what a women cant do:)

  68. I hope Meg is well? Not sick? Fluish? That can keep you from posting fer a longtime.

  69. iloveusame:) says:

    you know sometimes it’s not about ya but about the cub…shhhhh!

  70. lurkertype says:

    jenjen, I saw that at happen at the MGM Grand in Vegas. The kid was about 3 and was all giggly that “kitty!” was paying attention… didn’t have the heart to say to the kid or the dad with camcorder, “Ya know, ‘kitty’ thinks you look like a perfect hors d’oeuvre.”

    They have lions on display a few hours at a time and you can get right up to them (saving, of course for the really thick plastic walls). At feeding time, it’s amazing to watch the tongues and teef at work. That, and it’s the funnest to walk through the tunnel and look up at lion tummies all sprawled flat above you. Snorgling NOT advised.

    The white tigers get all the press in Vegas, but the lions is purdy too, and you can get closer to them — and for free.

  71. hrh.squeak says:

    Lurkertype: Love that lion enclosure in Vegas, too. I bought the fridge magnet that shows a male lion, lying regally down, below a caption that reads “HERE HUMAN, HUMAN, HUMAN.”

  72. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Years ago, a friend of mine was a docent at the local zoo. She asked me if I wanted to come sit with her on giraffe birth-watch one night, which involved sitting in a small room with a video monitor hooked up to Ms. Giraffe’s stall, so we could call if she went into labor.

    This was from 8 pm to midnight. Midnight came with no baby giraffe, and as we were leaving, we had to pass through the entryway into the building that held the big cats.

    And we could hear them breathing as they slept. It echoed in the passageway. It was a very strange, very primal experience. And very, very cool.

  73. butteredtoast says:

    true love!!!!!!