Some Days, Only Duckies Will Do

Make way for Mama Mallard and her intrepid fleet o’ bebeh boids.



It’s been the sort of day that demands ducks.  Yes, yes, I know it’s a teensy photo, but wait till you click on it.  And if the long view still isn’t enough, I’ve got even got VIDEO for ya.  Lookit ’em go!  This is what it’s all about, peeps.  (Er… quacks?)



  1. Oh, so fun! Yay, Duckie Day!

  2. OMG! I clicked out and in.. and a new post! Yay!
    and cute duckies, no less!

  3. Duckies! Awwww flippitty flappitty fuzzy duckies with fuzzy flipper wings and rubber feet! I wubs em!

  4. Qvack! Qvack!
    Like Hagar the Horrible’s duck. I’d like to stick little horned hats on these kids.

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the way the bebehs feet are working sooo hard to keep up with Mom. EHN! Quack! EHN! And what a blustery day!

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    Chicago…my kinda town.

  7. Yay, Theo! Turning a sucky day into a ducky day!!

  8. Don’t mess with a mama duck. I once saw one bite a gull (which was bigger than she was) that got a little too close to her ducklings.

  9. I wish I was a duckie.

  10. I still say that a duck says, “Mek.” Really. Next time, listen to mama duck. She’ll say, “mek”, not “quack”.

    …as a matter of fact, say “mek” to yourself right now. Sounds right, don’t it? Slightly more onomatopoeidic.

  11. useta hada kitteh says:

    I can see Theo galloping over the hill, picture in his hand — Theo to the rescue! Duckies!

    Boy, am I glad that the apt. building I live in has good soundproofing — I’ve just been sitting here at my computer, going “Mek. Mek mek. Mek mek mek.” Who let the ducks in?

    Love teh duckses! I was gonna start singing “Six little ducks that I once knew…” but then I counted. Okay, “EIGHT little ducks that I once knew…” “SEVEN-Little-ducks-and-a-mama that I once knew…” and I guess I have to end the song with “The one little duck with the feather on his back, he led the others with a mek, mek, mek…” Maureen, it doesn’t rhyme!!

    Thanks for the fresh injection of cute, Theo!

  12. np, Useta.
    I never understood that song, btw… don’t *all* ducks have at least one feather on their backs?

  13. It probably means a sticky-up feather.

  14. Ha – Useta. Your calling for ducks reminded me of wind symphony rehearsal this past Wednesday night. The gal playing English Horn can alter the migratory patterns of geese. Ugh. I kept watching the door to the band room to see if a wayward flock was going to show up and join in.

    The rest of us cringe whenever she has a solo. I’m sure the really good oboe player wants to shove her horn in the other’s ear on a weekly basis. I know I do… and I have a saxophone.

  15. You can put a duck in water, but you can’t make him sink.

    Yay for getting stuck in this quackmire of cuteness!

  16. Hmmm… I saw a bunch of mallard behbehs hatch in my office parking lot once. Mama immediately took them a-marching down the road to the park (the same park that was lawn-mowed by rent-a-goats). But one duckling was sort of club-footed and couldn’t walk. Mama didn’t even seem to notice him, so I snatched him up and took him to wildlife rescue. I figured if they could raise him until he could fly, he could perhaps survive outside, or at least in a protected place like a city park or something.

    Aaaaanyway, this has a sad ending, but the cute part first–I had had recent experience with an attempted rescue dying in my hands, so I was quite nervous. I wrapped him in my hoodie and held him gently in my lap as I drove to wildlife rescue. He merrily peeped for a few minutes, then quieted down. I got very nervous and whispered, “Duckie? Are you still there?” To which he responded “peep-peep-peep-peep-peep!” And we did this every few minutes until we got there. I swear, he responded to my voice! If I had kept him, he might have followed me around and decided I was his mama.

    Anyway I delivered him, made a donation, and then left. They gave me an ID number for him so I could call and check up on him. I called the next day to find that he hadn’t even lasted a day. They said that since he was born crippled, he likely had some other congenital defect inside. Poor fuzzbucket. But oh! What a lucky urban girl am I, to have been a ducky mama, for even ten minutes!

  17. Oh, Arvay – how good you are for trying. You did what you could and Fuzzbucket was safe for his time.

  18. Happy CinnaBun Lover says:

    OMG! Arvay, that literally brought tears to my eyes! Poor poor fuzzy behbeh…

  19. no, no, no… not all little duckies have feathers on their backs… not yet… some still have only downy fluff. That’s how I like to picture it: the one little duck with the feather on his back is the oldest, most grown-up little duck with a real feather all of his own. And all the other little fuzzy duckies let him lead, because they think he’s, like, SO COOL. You know, all mature and stuff.

  20. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Arvay, that’s such a sad story! Poor crippled duckie. Theo, great video of the bird babies! Look at how blue the water is! Where are they–the Bahamas?! Where are their sunglasses and teeny, doll-sized swimming suits? How long will they be vacationing? I love watching their webbed feets swim along….this makes me want to go to a nearby park and feed breadcrumbs to the Nebraska “locals”…generally of the mixed duck and/or geese varieties! More birdies, anytime!!! <3

  21. whoa…that…video…makes…me…a…little…seasick…

  22. Aubrey: Horticulture! Horticulture! Rah rah rah!

  23. Denise in NE — the video actually has a bunch of explanatory labeling & titling…?

  24. crippled animal stories always make me cry. Especially the cats and dogs that have “wheelchairs” for the hind legs. I don’t know why but gawd they just get to me. :’-(

  25. I saw those exact same ducks in Chicago at Navy Pier. Really, the exact same ones.

  26. Why, what happened today? not that I disagree with ducks fixing most everything…


  28. T:

    You can give me words for fodder, but you can’t make me blink.

    (continues to mad dog T.)

  29. [teh courtly bow.]

  30. Peg of Tilling says:

    I make way for these ducklings.

  31. little miao says:

    Awwwww, duckies.

    Over the mountain and far away
    Seven little ducks went out to play
    Mama duck said
    Quack Quack Quack
    but only six little duckies flew back.

    *sniff* It’s a sad song, but in the end they all return to mama duck.

  32. thats so funny, i was just complaining about not having my “ducks in a row” at work yesterday.

  33. Heh… I was being “nibbled to death by ducks,” myself.

  34. There’s a scene in an episode of Babylon 5 in which an alien ambassador asks his aide, “What are those Earth creatures with feathers, go ‘Quack’…?” “Uh… cats!” “Yes, that’s it. I am being nibbled to death by cats.” (Don’t want to be too commercial, but if you go to and look for some of those key words, you can buy a t-shirt to announce to all that you’re being nibbled to death by cats. I know I certainly am, and I wore it yesterday.)

  35. I love it. We say “Pecked to death by ducks” but, same thing.

    When things are crazy at the hospital, and there are too many airheads around and not enough air traffic controllers…all we can do is yell “Duck!!!”.

  36. That video was obviously not shot in Chicago TODAY… BRRR.

  37. Zap, I might need one of those teeshirts! 🙂

  38. GeorgiaGirl says:

    Amanda, your comment reminded me of a sign I saw in a local restaurant here in northeast Georgia a while back.

    It advised patrons that the restaurant was unable to accept credit cards at the moment “because the credit card issuer has not yet been able to achieve linear waterfowl compliance.”

    Har… [I’m easily amused.]

  39. LOL! “Linear waterfowl compliance.”

    That is SO my new quote!! I’m looking forward to confusing people with it 😀

  40. Georgiagirl-I love it! i’m so going to use this tommarow and comfuse my dumb coworkers.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    I’m with Martha. The video makes me a little queasy…

    Cute, though!

    Mek, mek, mek…

  42. artschild says:

    All the boids lately… remind me of this book, Enslaved by Ducks – highly recommended for all fans of the beaked and feathered Qte. It rawks. Oh, and it has buns in it, too. And it’s a true story!

  43. I prefer devilduckies.

  44. Ducks bobbing on waves! That’s so cool!

  45. Cute little duckies! Now if they could only do the Bollywood boogie…. 😉

  46. Mek.

  47. Wait… is that song to the same tune as:

    One elephant went out to play
    upon a spider’s web one day.
    He had such enormous fun
    that he called for another elephant to come.

  48. nightbird says:

    really reeaaallly cute…btb…just noticed this on another pic…there are actually two of us jen barnetts here? that’s my name too…how weird is that?

  49. Doesn’t this picture just make you go quackers?

    I will stop there and casually duck after mentioning ginger sauce.


  51. Here it is! What you’ve all been thinkin! Enjoy!

  52. *Doing the rubber ducky dance! Grabs Theo, Amanda, Little Maio, Aubrey, Lauri and anyone else who wants to join hands and dance in a circle like pre-schoolers! *giggles behind hand*

  53. I love baby ducks, they are so precious. I love Ernie, too, coincidentally. *hums “Rubber duckie, you’re the one”*

  54. Oh count me in on the dancing circle btw. 🙂

  55. Martha in Washington says:


  56. k, i’m very confused. have always been told, in my family (and i’m a city girl) that male ducks were called mallards. so i figured maybe meg got it wrong but then i searched on wiki for mallard and it is a type of duck. so now i’m left with wondering the correct generic name for a male duck, any help?
    i’m feeling the void of knowledge

  57. They’re called “drakes.”

  58. hrh.squeak says:

    musicchick2: When my co-workers hear me singing “Rubber Duckie”, they know that I’m thinking too much again. Usually I’m thinking “Uhhh, how can I make this work??”

  59. pistache268 says:


  60. Maureen and Useta – Maybe “Mek” is correct, but I’ve also heard ducks go WACK, WACK.

    Arvay – Awwwww!!! That story reminds me of my kitten Yuki, whose kitty mama I was for, oh, 2 hours. Sniff.

  61. this is no surprise. chicago does have the cutest ducks!

  62. TIME FOR A DUCK JOKE (threadjack)

    Did you hear about the doctor who visited the sick farmer?
    The ducks insulted him.

  63. Subhangi – I’m laughing.

  64. I don’t think I get it, Subhangi. 😦

  65. *snort* I DID just get the “linear waterfowl compliance”though. There is still hope! 😉

  66. hey! i own them ducks, stheriously! we bought 2 babies that looked just like that. then they grew and looked sorta like the big 1. except purtier. and not as wet.

  67. I love how the Rubber Ducky lyrics are hosted at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. They obviously know this song is good for you.

  68. Lauri – You are smarter than I am.

  69. Pyrit — you’ll get it. Don’t try too hard. Just takes a little organization.

  70. Dang Subhang, took me like 34 seconds to get the joke, but then I laffed.

  71. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, duh! It took me about 34 seconds, too, Redz.


  72. O.M.G.
    It took me 34 Minutes of intense concentration, but I finally got it.

    And, it was well worth the effort, Subhangi….I laughed quite loud after yelling Oh! Oh! Oh my gosh!

  73. The linear waterfowl compliance reminds me of a term we use in the hospital in times of tenseness.

    The patient is purchasing a large tract of agricultural real estate.

  74. The perfect music for gazing at this picture for hours: Desafinado by Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto. …aaaaaahhhhhh…

  75. AlbertaGirl says:

    Well, I feel like a big dumb idiot, but I just don’t get it. Could be that I’ve been answering cranky emails all morning or that I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but… ?????

  76. AlbertaGirl says:

    And one blinding flash of insight later, I get it! And I laughed out loud too. All the effort makes it that much funnier. 🙂

  77. It took me entirely too long to catch the punchline of that joke, subhangi. 😉

    DUCKS! Oh, where’s a loaf of sliced bread to toss to them? I used to do that; buy a loaf or two of cheap-o bread and put it in a backpack, then go down to a particular local park, where I’d toss bits of bread to the ducks and geese that paddled around there all the time. They never fought or got aggressive, just paddled around and waited for their share. So peaceful.

  78. Lauri — I thought they closed on that deal ten minutes ago?

  79. Hello. I finally got my stucks in a flow. Theo was right, I was trying way too hard. Baaahhhh.

  80. Lauri – You used that term “in times of tenseness?” Baroo?

  81. A couple of things:

    Re: “mek” -> I love how animals in different languages make different sounds. Ducks in English “quack”, but in Cantonese for example the go “ap”. Dogs in English go “woof” and in Japanese they go “wan”. Makes me smile. Like the fact that mom (from South America) and I speak to each other in Spanish, but if our pooch is there we’ll revert to English to talk to him. Having been born in Western Canada he’s an English yapper, through and through.

    Re: Doctor joke -> A couple of years ago there was an international contest for the funniest joke. In Belgium (I think) the winner was this absurd 1 – 2 combo:

    Q: Why do ducks have flat feet?
    A: To stomp out fires

    Q: Why do elephants have flat feet?
    A: To stomp out burning ducks.

    ….still makes me giggle like crazy…….

  82. Vader787 — yep, me too. Oh, the mental imagery…

  83. misscrisp says:

    I’m going ahead and admitting it: after mounting frustration and shame, I just now got the punchline. LAH! Agree with AlbertaGirl who sez “All the effort makes it that much funnier. :)”
    [still feeling dumb]

  84. iloveusame:) says:

    the only thing i can say is…it smell like smoke.

  85. True story about the power of ducklings: I once went to the San Diego Zoo and witnessed the cutest ducklings splashing around. What makes it even better is that here we are surrounded by some of the most exotic animals in the world, and everyone’s like “Look at the Ducks!” Priceless.

  86. butteredtoast says:

    that is just to0o0o0o0o000 funny

  87. mitsu, thank you. i feel kinda dumb because in the dark recesses of my brain, i already knew that word…. arrr, sweet cerebral release

  88. the duck pict or video doesnt come up any more? Does anyone know another way to link to it?

    Oh and I took way to long to get the linear waterfowl joke!

  89. oops!:
    ‘way too long’

  90. ok for some reason it is working now, nevermind on the help to see it!