I’m a rockin, yes indeed

This little guy is hot stuff!Mini_dog_07Rock n’ roll Paul Lam, rock n’ ROLL!



  1. distractor says:

    is that the same guy as the last post?

  2. Yup! I couldnt resist! Can you REALLY have too much of this Lil guy?

  3. distractor says:

    Not really, he’s amazingly adorable, and the little chair just makes him even cuter.

  4. He’s a lil polar bear dog.

    And I definitely needed two doses of him.

  5. Now…how big is that chair? Is he, in fact, pupzilla the cutezor and that is really a giant chair?

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    This little guy is just too cute! Too much is NEVER enough.
    My neighbor’s lab had her puppies on Thanksgiving morning-on the WHITE sofa! They are adorable. There are 6 black and 1 yellow one. Their eyes and ears are still closed and they are still just scooting around and they make the most anerable squeaky noises. And they smell good enough to eat! And they are sooo incredibly soft and snorglable!! I was supposed to help with the birthing but the silly dog didn’t wake anybody-she just did it all by herself. (Can you tell I’m excited?! And it’s not even my dog! I’m just the auntie!)
    -end of threadjack thank you for listening-

  7. OMG it’s a teeneh weeneh rockin’ cheeah!
    (with an irresistable morsel of Qte™ in it)

  8. OMFG, did word nerd just do that?
    irresistible….but of course!

  9. Is he really truly the size of a thumb, and hanging out in a doll house? Also, is he available for borrowing for emergency snorgles?

  10. lurkertype says:

    Deja vu (Or is that deja baroo?).

    Still, ‘s all good since this dewd is rockin’ teh Qte.

  11. This pup is the new Mr. Winkle.

  12. Rock-A-Pup carol …

    Silent pup, holy pup
    All is calm, all is up.
    Round yon internet, puppy and chair,
    Holy puppy so tender and bare,
    Rock in heavenly peeee-eace
    Ro-oock in heavenly peace …

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    When I was little I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to sleep in heavenly peas. Smooshy.

  14. ka9q's wife says:

    mmmmmmm peas with cinnamon…heavenly, but not as heavenly as the pup. I just want to snorgle it until i asplode.

  15. Now that’s just ridiculous.

  16. It’s a repost!!!!! Still cute though.

  17. I wish I was cute enough to get TWO posts on CuteOverload! Ah, the lil pooper deserves it =D

  18. When this pup’s ‘tocks are rockin’,
    CO peeps can’t stop gawkin’

  19. have we seen this before?

  20. It is a repost, from way back on April 3. Still utterly adorable, though.

  21. This got an audible “ooooooooooh!” out of me.

    What a wonderful present for a sleepless night!!

  22. MUST

    Gimme gimme gimmmmeeee!! Good lord this pup is just about the cutest wittle thing!

  23. glad i’m not going crazy… i was sitting here thinking, i’ve seen this before…!

    definitely worth seeing twice though. 😛

  24. OMG you weren’t kidding with the title of this blog!!!! That is mad cute!

  25. The world is being overrun by Cutezilla! He is everywhere I look! I see him in my dreams!
    Help! I can’t stop squeeing!

  26. If this little bebeh is a repost from April – what does he look like now – is he all growed up? I need closure on this folks.

  27. Why, rocking yes you are, pupkins.


  28. Must snorgle puppy belly!!

  29. Martha in WA: How many pups are you taking? I’m sure you have picked one out already.

  30. Good Lord – that puppy is HUGE!

  31. Fuzzy-wuzzy muzzlepuff,
    How can one resist this pup?

    Paws atop a rocking chair,
    Just looka heem and forget all care.

  32. Black eyes
    and button nose,
    Make me say,
    “Can I have those?”

    I cannot reach him,
    through my screen,
    I’m so frustrated!
    I must have heeem!!

    Gimme, gimme, gimme
    Ehn, ehn, ehn!
    But it’s just no use,
    C.O., you win!

  33. This pup’s a CO dup (see April 4th ’06). We’re becoming Slashdot.

  34. WHAT a sweetie! Is this a Westie puplet? I love terriers — so fierce yet so friendly!!!

  35. (wups… looks like I’m not the first to notice)

  36. Good Lord! That puppy’s enormous!

  37. AAAAAH!!! It’s a GIANT puppy in my rocking chair!

    This is the weirdest thing, but this lil pupper is so cute I have to fight the urge to use lots of expletives to express my disbelief.

  38. NebraskaErin says:

    I agree with Julia2. This pup is so wee that he’s chillin’ in Barbie’s crib.

  39. Tiny puppy, tiny chair! Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  40. What kind of dog is that? Westie? mini schau? mut?

  41. We roll tonight
    To the puppeh bite (soft kronshe only!)

    Stand up and be snorgled
    What all Peeps would like to receive
    We are the polar puppehs
    We’ll give you everything you need
    Hail hail to the pup times
    ‘Cause rock has got to ride away
    We ain’t no legend, ain’t no cause
    We’re just posted twice today

    For those about to rock, we snorgle you

    We rock it down on the front line
    Like a puppeh right out of the chair
    The Peeps delight with the puppeh bite (soft kronshe!)
    Puppehs will baroo and rock tonight

    For those about to rock, we snorgle you

    We’re just a puppeh for hire with a rockin’ desire
    Ready and aimed at you
    Pick up your puddins and load up your werfer
    For a twenty-one puddin salute

    For those about to rock – baroo?
    We snorgle you

    Baroo, baroo?

    We snorgle you

  42. hey, i sent this in and it got posted a while ago!

  43. carolina you write so pearly
    You are so clever so early
    Then, bam! Sabba!!!
    4 letters, *not* ABBA.

  44. Martha in W, do you have pix of the wee pupsters you can share?

  45. Thank you, pyrit! Seems like C.O. has unleashed the creative spirit in many of us.

    But then, just take a look at our inspiration!

    Cuteness is our muse!

  46. Me and my big mouth used to say,
    “Get a Terrier? Right. Nooo way.”
    Terriers are bold, too full of confidences,
    Too much dog for my commom senses,
    Sigh. Never say never to a Terrier,
    To this breed, even a closed mind is no barrier,
    All dogs go to heaven deservedly,
    Including the Terrier unreservedly.

  47. This thing can’t be real. It’s fake, right???

  48. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG…. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Lil’ pup is oh so cute, I want to hold him and kees him and smoosh my face in his fur.

  49. Yay for terriers! And every time I see a Jack Russell bopping along, I spontaneously melt.

  50. We may be forgiven sins
    and expletives deleted,
    But none will swear
    They cannot bear
    To see this pup repeated!

    I want to smell hees popcorn toes.

  51. even my hubby squeeed on this one!

  52. jaypo – What brand of popcorn are you poppin’?
    I always thought dog feet smelled like Fritos. Ha! Fri-‘toes’. No really.

  53. rockin’ muppy!!!

  54. carolina – I happen to be owned by a “Jack Rascal Terror”.

  55. most exalted cotton ball of luv. rock on.

  56. pyrit, the brand with cheeese.

  57. little gator says:

    Why does it look so grumpy?

  58. This guy is sooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!! 😀

  59. I think it’s a re-baroo.

  60. I REALLY want him now!!

    *splodes again*

  61. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    anyone need a “Squeepend”?

    Look people, I’m telling you… you can get fired or at least looked crossly at if you are scanning teh CO at work and you Squee yourself.



  62. carolina – I happen to be owned by a “Jack Rascal Terror”.

    Posted by: pyrit

    Okay, I am now “officially” jealous! However, you can snorgle him/her for me a gazillion times. Woops, my bad, there I go assuming they can remain motionless for longer than a half-second. You can’t snorgle a moving target, can you?

  63. Gary Fixler says:

    Meg, was that a Fats Domino reference? Something like:

    I’m a rockin’
    Yes indeed
    I think I peed
    And I’m hopin’
    That you come back to me.


  64. “Cuteness is our muse!”

    Cute bebehs are indeed our moose, and all other things of that elk.

  65. Someone give this guy his own website!

  66. Is it wrong that I want to rub this dog’s belly all over my face?

  67. The Guy Over There says:

    He should be in a cabaret!

    Someone, give that pup a top hat and a cane.

  68. What good is sitting alone in your room?
    Come where the snorglers play.
    Life is a Cute-o-ray old chum
    Come to the Cute-o-ray.

  69. iloveusame:) says:

    who would ever think of disapearing when knowing what will this rocking puppy will be come:)

  70. iloveusame:) says:

    oups…i meant bunny!

  71. Lillith – Canine decadence, Dahling! – Pup-zarelli

  72. That chair is AWESOME!

  73. pyrit — We need to paint the widdle guys claws green and teach him to wiggle them.

  74. Lillith – I hear its’ little claws clickety tappin’.

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    BlueFairy-I would take them all but my neighbor is asking $600 per pup and I’d definitely lose my husband if I did. My 12yo is pleading everyday for the yellow one-already named Jasper and the biggest, roly-poliest pup EVEH. And they have the same color hair! My 18yo wants one of the blacks-already named Dodger.

    Laurie C-I’m going to try to submit some photos soon. I don’t have a blog or site of my own to post anything but maybe I could just try to DESCRIBE them in great detail for you…


  77. Tony James says:

    News of Teh Ovahlood’s popularity has caused ripples through the animal kingdom, as new animal hybrids attempt to cash in on teh qute.

  78. lurkertype says:

    Kewl, Teej. I wish there was more info on what the original species were and pix of them.

  79. Ohhh.
    It’s the jingle bell rocker.
    “It’s a bright time, it’s the right time,
    To rocker the night away.
    Giddyup, jingle pup, pick up yer feet,
    and rocker the night awaaayyy.”

    Hi Redz, 🙂

  80. omg how adorible is that i would love 2 have a puppy just like this 1!!!!!!!!!! u should send me some pics to my page ortizericka@yahoo.com

  81. hrh.squeak says:

    Well, one of the original butterflies is definitely a Grey Hairstreak. Dunno about the other one, but the iridescent dots – perhaps a Frittilary? It’s a little odd, because Grey Hairstreaks are quite small (1/2 to 3/4 inch) and I can’t think of any butterflies with iridescence smaller than a Frittilary, which tends to be about 1-1/2 to 2 inches. And TonyJ, are those butterflies doin’ Teh Nastie? Are you sullying our site with LepidoptePorn?

  82. Tony James says:

    Squeak – “doin’ teh Nastie?” I have no idea what you’re talking about – please don’t accuse the rest of us of having your kind of filthy warped and twisted mind :p
    They’re doing the Bump, which was a dance that was popular back in the 70s for about 10 minutes.

  83. Yes, Gary Fixler, I have been singing that all day! Not exactly those words, but close!

    Wow, thanks Teej and hrh.squeak. I love that stuff! Those widdle bugs are exquisite, and it’s so interesting to learn names, etc. Haha, to LepidoptePorn!

  84. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    Is this cutie even real? What a dollbaby!!

    I wanna snuggle him…

  85. useta hada kitteh says:

    O’course he’s real! But from the look of his little face, what *he’s* wonderin’ is, “are you peeps for real?”

    Between this pic and the previous pic, I think my whole self is gonna asplode. Not just my haid.

  86. Squeakie, I was thinking frittelary as well — we have batches of ’em here. Didn’t know nothin’ from hairstreaks (what a fun name!).

  87. He’s such a cute little pup. 😀 He deserved two posts!

    Then again, I’d say the same thing about the adorable little dog whose head is as wide as a cell phone. 🙂

  88. Damn you, Paul Lam and your infernal Puppy of Cuteness. Now I have to scrape myself out of my puddle of “gah” again.

  89. this was posted on here before! i remember and looove it.


  91. There’s a reason you got deja vu, lurkertype. 😉


  92. this guy could turn a cat lover.

  93. freetomato says:

    That just might be the cutest pup of all time. Ever.

    I am done. Put a fork in me.

  94. hrh.squeak says:

    The cool thing about Hairstreaks is that when they sit down, they rub their bottom wings (not the top larger one) together. I forget why. Looks utterly cute. “Ahhh, yummy flower!”

  95. shanchan – that is an awesome video!
    sniffs and happy tears here too!

  96. So is this a Jack Russel or what? No one discloses which kind of terrier this snugwuggly bebeh is!

  97. Little? He must be six feet long, on that chair!

  98. Now this is heart-meltingly, mind explodingly cutetastic.

    Between the button nosey and the tiny earseys I toast. I wuv you ittle puppeh.

  99. shanchan, thanks for sharing the video. Amazing story.

  100. I just want to go find that foster lady and hug her!

  101. Is that a Mon-chi-chi rocking chair?! OMG! I have one of those from way back!

  102. What kinda puppy is this? He’s be majorly cute! I want him *pout*

  103. tht is sooooo cutee evn cuter thn my bf ( not)

  104. I have been looking on the internet to find out what kind of dog this is, and if anyone knows I would love to know. I ruled out it being a bichon frise and maltese I believe. If I am wrong please let me know!! This is the cutest dooooog!

  105. sosososososossososososososo

    cute cute cute cute

    give me your dog now or or or or I’ll sou you ya sou you!!! lol

  106. give the dog some knitting needles she is just soooooo cute

  107. if that dog were on brodway i would come see him for a million $$$$$$$$

  108. kdub390 says:

    What kind of dog is that u HAVE to tell me!!

    That dog is so cuuuuuuuutie!!!