Holiday Cookie Inventory

OK let’s see… we’ve got the Pfeffernusse all done, the Snickerdoodles are in the Tupperware, the Spritz batch is racked & cooling for another 30 minutes, the Springerles were packed yesterday… um hon, where’s the Klipspringers?

two Klipspringers resting

…hehe!  Trick question.  Love ya.

These little dudes are also at the Henry Doorly Zoo, and they most certainly pwn j00.

PS — no gingerbread this year, sweetie.  We’ve got too many computers already.  😉



  1. Yeep!

  2. Rudolph’s cousins!

  3. They look like they’ve been running about outside… it’s snowing (Ski Oklahoma!)

  4. not enough powdered sugar!

  5. They’re so pretty!

  6. Darling!

  7. aww…such cute widdle faces!

  8. And the funny thing was, when I clicked on the Spritz recipe, I got a message saying that I had to enable cookies on my browser! HA!

  9. They’re beautiful!
    And again I see reference to “pwn” and I don’t know what that means. 😦

  10. I got that same message. Trust me, I like to enable all the cookies I can this time of year.

    “Ski Oklahoma!” [snert!]

    This pair does look like they’ve had a light dusting of powdered sugar.

  11. Oh hey peeps — if by chance this post inspires you to actually *make* Klipspringer cookies, do me a favor and take some really good photos, ok’ly dokes? And then let me know, ’cause I’d love to post a follow-up. I can be reached via my Vox:

  12. THANKS for the new ideas for Christmas cookies!!!

  13. /threadjack/
    Theo (and those north of the Mason Dixon line)… you’d laugh yourself silly to see the weathermen freaking out over our “blizzard”. We’ve got 1/2 inch of sleet under 4 inches of snow and Tulsa has screeched to a halt. Our three snowplows are overwhelmed. It’s time for a hot toddie and puddin!
    I return the thread, frozen but unharmed.

  14. Mary – see Theo’s links from your question a couple days ago. In short (and I learned this from CO also) it’s an expression that gamers originally came up with. Guess that the pronounciation is “pone” and it derives from “own” when people are typing fast and spell wrong (thank goodness for spell check for me!). It basically means that something or someone owns you or has beaten you at a game. For us I think it mostly just means that we are once again prostrate before the Qte.

    Wish me luck, peeps – 1/2 inch of ice followed by 6-12 inches of snow by midday tomorrow!

  15. In L.A. today it was 63 degrees, with a light breeze.

    I would like to type more, but the sounds of sirens and screaming citizens are simply drowing out my thoughts.

    Hang in there, snowy and ice-y peeps!

    Oh – and I love this kind of klip art.

  16. Thanks, Teugh! it seemed like it suddenly popped up and everyone understood it but me (snf).

    Now I’m pwn also ? prostate before the qte, for sure.

    Good luck to all with ice and snow. We had freezing rain threatened but it hasn’t..yet anyway.

  17. Ahhh, “another day, another Doorly.”

  18. It’s weird but when I first looked at this picture, I thought it was a couple of very cute and photogenic snails! Am I the only one that sees the snail-i-tude in their posture & the way their little horns are sticking up?

  19. I think these were just on TV yesterday. Maybe Jack Hannah’s show? I only remember that they had been raised indoors but had to be moved outside because, like goats, they eat everything.

  20. leetle noses and great big eyes — are you sure these aren’t deer manufactured by the Japanese?

  21. also — 66 and overcast in Atlanta.

  22. These little dolls have beautiful eyelashes!!! They are adorable!

  23. f_f:

  24. omg, must have a pair of these for my lawn!

  25. Enable Cookies! Wouldn’t that look great on a teeshirt with a huge chocolate chip cookie?

    Klipspringers! Perfect name for these adorababies!

    As for springerles…I don’t think I can eat anything with anise oil in it. Sowwy!

  26. little miao says:

    Great t-shirt idea, Lauri!

    Awwww, what pretty demur little Klipspringers, lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar.

  27. klipspringer is cute, but have you seen dik-dik?

  28. little gator says:

    Oh, deer!

  29. Oooh, that’s what those are called. One of them was at the Artis Zoo a while back, and it was very friendly. It was also a very brave little guy! It had made it to the other side of it’s moat to beg pets from zoo visitors.

    I am happy to report that Klipspringers are insatiable lickavores. 🙂

  30. Those little guys are adorable but I can’t help but laugh at the thought of them.

    You see, I work in a library. One day, a friend of mine was organizing the book shelves and discovered a book from the 1930s or 40s titled “Animals Looking At You”. It is the most paranoid book in the world, with pictures of gorillas and lions and things glaring out of the pages. The captions read things like, “This gorilla is studying you.”

    There’s an absolutely gorgeous close-up of a Klipspringer’s face. The caption?

    “The most delicious member of the animal kindgom is the Klipspringer Deer.”

  31. little gator says:

    I forgot to mention that I have always thought “klipspringer” is one of the cutest words ever.

  32. Now THAT is seriously cute. Squee!

  33. firefinch says:

    MegW’s comment reminds me of my favorite “Far Side” cartoon, captioned “Anatidaephobia – the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.” In the cartoon a man is standing by the window, and there is a duck with binoculars in the building across the way. And ducks DO watch people! A pair of mallards used to visit my house every spring for handouts of corn. Whenever someone peeked through the curtains to see if the ducks were outside, they’d come waddling on up to the house (“oh good, they’re home. Let’s go eat.”)

  34. These fellas wear very heavy eyeliner, but they pull it off smashingly. Very mod 🙂

  35. NebraskaErin says:

    Okay, I am SO totally excited that the HD zoo is gettin’ so much play. It’s a theriouthly kick-ath zoo. And yeth, I am aware of my dorkitude.

    These cutie patooties are pretty much the first thing you see in the Desert Dome. They are absolutely darling and pwned me from the start.

  36. My third favorite animal at the zoo! (following closely behind penguins and sloths)


    I’m also excited that there are so many wonderful zoo pictures!

  37. spork – So, klipspringers can’t hold their licker?

  38. I’ve always thought there should be a cookie recipe for lemony snickets.

  39. Hear hear, Pyrit.
    Apparently there’s a few cocktails that bear the name, but check out what I just found in Denver:

  40. Aubrey:
    Anime-ls — so obvious!

  41. Theo – Good job! The word ‘cookie’ must have been the problem in my Googling. “Bars”. Of course. I’ll try the recipe, thanks, and let you know.
    What’s next, a lemony snicket cocktail bar?

  42. Brak_Silverbone says:

    SO!!! CUTE!!!

  43. Stooges Woman — PHOTOGENIC SNAILS!???
    You got a *big* LOL from me with that one.

  44. /return to threadjack/ MamaDawn- as people would have laughed at Boston’s “heat wave crisis” this summer. They said they had to reduce the speed of the T because it could derail at over 100 degrees F.. Yet tonight, hours away from December, we drove in Boston w/the top down on the convertible! Miraculous, I say.

  45. Awesome pic! We just went to that zoo about a month ago but I didn’t get any good photos in that dome area.

  46. “Hanging around the Doorly
    A feast for the eyes
    Hanging around the Doorly
    From Cute you’re bound to die”

  47. Julia2… it’s a well known fact that oil made Tulsa and air conditioning made Tulsa livable. Snow we aren’t used to. We’ve gotten 10 inches so far which is a major blizzard for us.

  48. astrogrrrl says:

    great, just what I need: more cooke recipes! I knew cute overload was great for procrastinating, but this is more than just a 10 minute break! must… not… make… cookies… tonight…


  50. MamaDawn, I’m green w/envy. Just green. Living in Western Mass. where we usually have snowcover by mid-November… my PRIMROSES are two inches high! In freakin’ NOVEMBER!!! It’s an insult to meteorology everywhere, I tellsya. I want snow. And one of those powdered sugar splitfringers up there.

  51. I love cooookies. A thin, super crispy gingersnap dipped in hot coffee. Or a pecan sandy with tea. I could do with a Mexican Wedding Cake too. Make that two.

  52. Wow, I might have seen 3 flakes so far this year. Not that I’m looking forward to winter! Nosiree! Spring seems to have abandoned New England the last few years, so, winter can start as late as it pleases. The only cool wildlife I see in winter anyways are coyotes. No thanks.

    *cracking up at astrogrrrl* *totally relating*

  53. chimera17 says:

    Chicago’s a nice balance weather-wise, meaning you can experience the depths of misery on both ends of the spectrum. I’m pretty sure a “blizzard” around me has to surpass 10 inches, and a “heat wave” has to be multiple days in a row with the temperature over 100 (this is usually accompanied by 100% humidity.)

    Nyaah, I digress. These little guys have pwn’d me. Which in this contest means I am completely defeated by the cuteness.

  54. JP, hold on. My December cookie itinerary will include chocolate macaroon bars. As soon as they’re done I’ll side arm a few to you. The lower the delivery the better – less wind resistence – but I’ll keep the arc of velocity above 2 inches. Primroses are pretty.

  55. This Desert Dome looks super cool. For those interested in more about the Sonoran Desert, c’mon over to Arizona and check out one of our crown jewels, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson. Part zoo, part botanical gardan, all kick-@ss.
    Also, the daytime temps will probably be in the 60’s from now until March, in case you ice- and snowbound types want a bit of respite.

  56. AmyH I would love to visit Arizona. I’m in Bloomington, IN, and it has been raining for two days, and it’s going to snow all day tomorrow. Where’s spring?

    Oh, and in general, these guys are really cute. They kind of remind me of the goats at the Indianapolis Zoo petting zoo, but, you know, exotic-er.

  57. Martha in Washington says:

    Here in the Pacific Northwest-namely Seattle and surrounding areas-we had record-breaking rainfall then SNOW for 4 days and record-breaking low temperatures!! My kids have been out of school since the day before Thanksgiving. This hasn’t happened in the 12 years we
    ve lived here. Where is this “global warming” thing?!
    Rorye-I think you are getting what we had. PS- Are you a Hoosier? I’m a Boilermaker!

  58. OOOOOOOOOOOMG! Cutest animals ALIVE!

  59. pfeffernusse? PEPERNOTEN!! yeah, love them

  60. hrh.squeak says:

    It’s pretty cold in San Francisco right now, at least for San Francisco. (20 degrees Fahrenheit at night? Urk.) But the coldest place in San Francisco, for some damn reason, is the second floor dressing room corridor, men’s side. Where I work for two shows. Gloves and coats on Everyone (makeup artists and dressers) who sits in that hallway. Stheriously.

  61. hrh.squeak says:

    Oops, that’s at the SF Opera. Sorry.

    And, hats on half of us. It’s Cold, Peeps.

  62. Ahhhh well as I sit down here in South Carolina, enjoying my 67 degree weather and slight rain, I’m thinking about the many years I spent living near the Henry Doorly Zoo…

    I miss seeing the snow, but do NOT miss shoveling it, or driving in it with a million other idiots… So I’ll think about the folks in the storm, and hope they’re safe, as I walk around in my short sleeve shirts, and riding my motorcycle… *grin*

    OH, and these are cute, but I do think that the Dik-Dik’s are much cuter!!

  63. klipspringers and dik-diks… hee! Who are the lucky people that get to names these cutie-patooties?

    And here in lovely central MI, we have a 1/2 of ice covering everything this morning, and 4 – 8 inches of snow on the way as the freezing rain changes over to snow. Hoooo boy!
    Thank the Qteness that I only have a 10 minute drive to work on main streets. Just grin and *bear* it…

  64. errr… make that a 1/2 *inch* of ice

  65. I miss winter! My parents in SD are getting a major storm and I’m sitting here in SC where the mere PREDICTION of snow sends everyone rushing off to the grocery store to buy bread and milk. What are they going to do, make french toast?

  66. Klipspringers? Wow, never heard of ’em! I thought these were dik-diks.

    *Vocabulary overload*

    Stooges Woman – LOL regarding the snailitude.

  67. They do look like frosted little treats.

  68. Yummy-licious! Gingerbread with a dusting of powdered sugar…mmm.

  69. NebraskaErin says:

    Hey, Nebraska Peeps who’ve been the zoo recently: were you completely pwned by all the baby monkeys?? There was a baby orangutan clinging to its mama, a baby gorilla being cared for by her grandmother, and some other baby wild monkey in the jungle. My niece and nephew made a game out of spotting the babies. And if I knew how to get the *#&)$% picture of the orangutans off of my camera phone, we’d have yet another CO pic to pwn us.

  70. Wouldn’t they just be TOO cute harnessed to a tiny sleigh and dressed up in bells and holly garlands?? Awesome.

  71. ohhh, I totally thought they were dikdiks –

  72. “Oh I wish I were a Henry Doorly klipspringer!
    That is what I truly wish to be-ee-ee!
    ‘Cuz if I were a Henry Doorly klipspringer,
    I could be a cookie recipeee!”

  73. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Nebraska Erin: My favorite part of the H.D. Zoo is the “nursery” area. The last time I went, there was a baby (just born) gorilla in a diaper, and an orangatan baby–also in a diaper. I think they were bottle feeding, for some odd reason. Did we go at the same time?? They sat right by the window and looked directly at their audience…it was quite precious.

    Everyone else at C.O.: Last year in NE, we didn’t get a fall—it snowed right away and basically didn’t stop, the entire winter. This year—no snow yet!! What is going on?! It’s still nearly fall-like, here! Did all of you steal our snow?? My grammie lives in CA, and they think unbearably “cold” is 40 or so degrees. If there is even a light powdery dusting of anything on the ground, the schools are closed and people freak out. At least, that’s been my experience with people living around grammie (and grammie herself). For those of you unfamiliar with snow, the best experience as an adult is to get one of those cheap sleds at Walmart, Target or ShopKo (disc-shaped), then find a hilly region and go to town! Sledding as an adult is–in my humble opinion—more fun than as a kid! p.s. Those klipspringers are precious!! **gets excited that Santa may be in Nebraska soon, looking for his reindeer…**

  74. Pyrit, love it! My new song for the season!!

  75. Those things look sharp!!! Usually antlers don’t look like needles – but eeeeesh!!! Ouchie!!!

  76. They are just too cute. I want them for my lawn. Peeps with snow, please send some my way. I live in NW FL and would love snow. I would lay in it and think CO things.

  77. Tony James says:

    [another threadjack…with PIK!]
    A seal pup has been found at the side of a country lane in Lancashire – about four miles from the sea.
    “He was a bit grumpy…”
    [that is all]

  78. Mary and Teughcats – I think “pwn” is pronounced just like “own” – only (mis)spelt differently.

    TeeJ – Thanks for the disapproving puppage! Wonder how the poor thing got there …

  79. I would expect a Lemony Snicket bar or cookie to have some suprising and unfortunate ingredient. Like biting into a sweet cookie and finding sardine filling. Not tasty, but thematically appropriate.

    BTW, the kitten swarm at my vet that I mentioned in a post here a couple of weeks back? There are now photos on my vox.

  80. Hey NebraskaErin. Guess who has a baby-orang-with-mama photo too?
    (Sadly, the baby snow leopards were beyond my skill as a photographer to capture well.)

  81. Christina says:

    I come here after noticing the snow on the ground here in Ottawa (Canada – land of snow and ice) …

    And notice snowy adorable creatures.

    I demand adorable creatures with my snow. All of the time.

  82. NebraskaErin says:

    Denise – we didn’t go into the nursery area, but these wee ones were with their mamas/grandmamas. I was there in October, I think on the 22nd. And are you, by chance, a fellow Lincolnite??

    Theo – Could you possibly email the photo to me?? I’d be your slave forever, as long as I got dental and holidays off.

  83. Oh, and in Toronto, it’s cold (*almost* freezing) with pelting sideways rain, and winds of 34 mph, gusting to 44 mph. My jeans are still damp from the walk in and my rain jacket’s not as waterproof as I thought. But I still made it down to the boxcars this morning to feed the cats!

  84. Tony James says:

    Laurie – Swarm!! Swarm!!
    ‘nerable 🙂

  85. Lauri C – you are my hero!

  86. SNAILS!? rofl!

    I must remember to *put down* the coffee whilst reading comments. It hurts when it squirts out my lil nosie.

  87. NE Erin — nuh-uh. But it’s *just* possible you’ll get it anyways.

  88. Laurie C –
    Thematically, in the filling of a lemony snicket,
    Emphatically, you would find a Jiminy Cricket.

  89. NebraskaErin says:

    Well, I do like *possible*, Mr. Theo.

  90. pyrit,

    And on top, when expecting some marshmallow fluff,
    You’d find red wiggler worms and other gross stuff.

  91. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Nebraska Erin: Yes, I’m a Lincolnite! Lincoln–where all things “cute” happen. :^)

  92. EEE! They look like Clarice, Rudolph’s girlfriend. “She thinks I’m cuuuuutte!!” < ---fav line of the movie. I puffy heart the Henry Doorly Zoo. In 6th grade we took a cross-state field trip and got to spend the night in the zoo. Good times.

  93. Alicia/neonkittens says:

    yay more Henry Doorly zoo cuteness! I love HDZ, especially the Lied Jungle and the Desert Dome, unfortunately, I haven’t been there in about a year (even though I’m only about 40-45 (to 2 hours, depending on where I am at the time) minutes away from Omaha.

    I’m a Lincolnite too… 🙂

  94. useta hada kitteh says:

    For all those silly peeps who want snow, of all things, I am loading my puddin’ pult with as much of the white stuff as it will hold. One, two, three, FLING!!!!! There. (dusts off hands, and runs back inside where it’s warm).

    Our bit of Canada went from late fall (last week) to mid winter (this week) in one fell swoop. Well, in one fell snowfall-that-lasted-for-three-days. Bah. I’m dreaming of a BROWN Christmas… I don’t think I’m gonna get it, though. At least it has warmed up. The last few days, it was in the minus 30s C with the windchill (dratted chilly wind…). minus 40 C and F are equal, so that’s cold.

    These little springerflinger whatsits have definitely warmed the cockles of my heart, though. (Just in passing, I’ve never seen “cockles” in a diagram of the heart in the doctor’s office…) If I still owned sugar and other baking supplies, I would definitely make a batch of gingerbread klipspringers, with a light dusting of what we call “icing sugar” in Canada. Shouldn’t be too hard to do that shape with gingerbread. (I can’t eat sweets anymore, so it’s best not to have the makings of sweets in my apartment.) …yum, gingerbread. pfeffernusse. Swedish ginger cake. Cinnamon cookies. Jul-kakor. oh pleeze…

  95. Laurie C – Eeewwww!!!

    Erin E – My fave line too.

    All this talk of winter, My least favorite season,
    Except for the WKC Dog Show,
    Which I find to be most pleasin’.

  96. I don’t like snow either, and I particularly dislike ice! But having the extreme seasons here in MI gives us such contrasts in our lives. And it makes me oh-so-grateful for spring, summer and fall beauty!

  97. //sweets jack

    “Yummy-licious! Gingerbread with a dusting of powdered sugar…mmm.”

    I have a recipe folder of nothing but gingerbread, tinkie.

    /end of sj and nose back to grindstone

  98. useta – Thanks for the snow flurries, I can see it falling as I type – Wishfull thinking – its 68 degrees and sunny.

    Here is some warm sun back to you -> WOOOOSH 🙂

  99. useta hada kitteh says:

    Y’know what? There’s sunshine out there! Thanks, cattails!!!

  100. /threadjack update!/
    Wheee… Tulsa got 12 inches of snow last night on top of 1/2 inch of ice. For the first time in 20 years they closed my office!! No plans, no school stuff. Only the CO peeps and my knitting. Heaven.

  101. My best gingerbread moment:
    At the base of the lighthouse in Peggy’s Cove (picturesque maritime village in Nova Scotia — if you’ve seen any picture of a red and white lighthouse in Nova Scotia tourist info, it’s probaby that one) there’s a folksy restaurant. Among other things, they serve warm gingerbread topped with soft ice cream. Heaven.

  102. OH, LC, that sets my tum growling! But I must know–is it a dark gingerbread or light? Was it cakey or dense? I’m much partial to the denser, darker gingerbreads. One of my favorites has the unlikely addition of espresso for depth. And adding a pinch of black pepper to the batter–ohh!

  103. Laurie C – Peggy’s Cove, yes, been there. Yes, a very picturesque and very interesting place in many ways.

    Laurie C. and MamaDawn both ended their comments with the same one word sentence one minute apart.

  104. /threadjack update from Kansas/
    Utterly robbed. I’m an hour west of Kansas City and we GOT NOTHING! I’m at work today, because we GOT NO SNOW!!!
    [bangs head on desk]

    But wait! Just because I’m at work doesn’t mean I have to do work…

  105. jaypo – cakey, cut in squares.

    “Laurie C. and MamaDawn both ended their comments with the same one word sentence one minute apart.”

    I was still typing when MamaDawn posted, so didn’t see it till mine went up, but clearly our minds melded on a similar higher plane.

  106. Redz… I’d gladly send you all our white stuff. I just had a snow frosted black cat jump in my lap. Yikes! COOOOLD. Plus I have a husky who thinks this is great and she’s tracking snow all over the house (pet doors can be a problem).

  107. Jaypo: Please to fling me some nice gingerbready goodness right now. The darker the better, espresso and black pepper welcome. Shouldn’t be too far a throw…

  108. Oooohh… what if you made bread pudding with brandy and dark gingerbread. I think I gotta go to my kitchen now.

  109. Whuh? TULSA gets a foot of snow, and Illinois gets some puny little trickle of slightly cold rain?

    HOW can I expect my office to be closed under these conditions? *grumble*

  110. Katerpie… remember, we’re not used to it. I think we have something like 3 snowplows. My husband works for the ABC tv station here and even their live truck got stuck in a ditch (at 2 in the morning).

  111. the gingerbread server RULES my BOOTY.

    also: currently 70 degrees and windy in maryland. waiting for the bottom to drop out tonight.

  112. Does anyone eat gingerbread the way I was “taught”.. warm but with butter on top? no whip cream, ice cream, etc. Just butter or marg.

    Heaven, is right.

  113. Dear captionista: you rock. As if the pictures aren’t cute enough, you make me want to cry in laughter. T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U.

  114. Highwayman says:

    I was getting ready to settle into a nice global-warming-influenced winter here in ChiTown, chimera17, heck a few days ago I was scurrying around in my shorts and flip flops! But I gotta admit, I love the first snow! So refreshing and fun. Today we are going to get to do a little big city boarding (snowboard, car, street). Yay!

  115. Mary: I was “taught” to eat gingerbread with hot, homemade lemon sauce poured over it. But gingerbread is awesome with anything or nothing!

    LC: Your mind melded with MamaDawn’s, like molasses and melted butter.

  116. Any other literature dorks out there have a bell ring at the word “Klipspringer”? Wasn’t that the name of the Gatsby’s permanent houseguest in “The Great Gatsby”? Didn’t he sort of play the piano and flit around from place to place? Do we think we could teach the darling little deer to play piano and drink gin in the interests of synergy?

  117. (gingerly enters the discussion)

    Kate, ‘Klipspringer’ was the name of his boarder; perhaps I should finally read the book – I tend to approve of people flitting about, drinking and disucssing.

    And I wish I was enough of a dork to know that automatically. Had to look it up.

  118. SilvorMoon says:

    Those. Are the cutest. Deer. Ever.

    (We’re talking “excessive punctuation” cute, here, people.)

  119. Will there be pictures of Robert Redford in the book?
    If so, I’ll read it too!

  120. marsheeeee says:

    40 degrees and beautiful clear skies here in Jackson, Mississippi. We panic and go out and buy bread and milk here, too, when snow is forecasted. (Loved the “French toast” question…) But I live in the capital of the state, and have found that when the legislature is in town the snow goes south or north of here. All that hot air.

    Lovely little animals, by the way.

  121. Wow, this is a really long thread for one without Nuffers in it. Just sayin.

    Tineh deersie hoofies are so charming!

  122. Lunchtime. I am going to run, run, as fast as I can, to get me some gingerbread. Man!

  123. ebee, this always happens when we start talking about cookies, etc.

  124. Another 70-degree/windy weather person here in Maryland. Is it awful that I was secretly wishing for snow to keep the ILs in NY and let us have our weekend to ourself? Well, 4 bottles of wine to help self-medicate. And I even have cookies on hand, just to stay topical. 🙂

  125. In Phoenix, the only way offices would close would be if the power went out in the height of summer (110+) and there was no air conditioning. Growing up in rural Michigan, we went without power in the dead of winter more than a few times. I would rather be there and cold than here and hot. You can always put on more clothes.

    I always thought winter gave you the best feeling in the world, when you come in from the cold, sipped a cup of hot chocolate, wearing your flannels and watching the snow slowly float to the ground. Ahhhh…. So peaceful.

  126. Laurie C:

    Cookie conversations are great! I intend to give everyone on my list gingerbread biscotti, dipped in white chocolate…this will turn out to be a baking weekend, I can feel it…temps here in Cincinnati are tanking as we speak. 20s tonight, brrrr….

  127. AmyH, another fine winter comfort: flannel sheets on the bed. So cozy.

  128. bunnajenny says:

    TtownAnne – I’m in Virginia and the wind’s so strong I got blown down the street, plus the warm weather thing is freaky. I say fling that puddin’ my way, I want snow!snow!snow! Mostly because I want to introduce our puppy to the white stuff. Hot chocolate, ginger snaps, and all those other cookies don’t taste as good when it’s 73 degrees.

  129. iloveusame:) says:

    the only big question about that movie…why can i only have one…please give me two in one!

  130. Peg of Tilling says:

    Ooh, bunnajenny–puppy + first snow = insta-cute! Send pictures!

    I let my brother’s cat into his first snowfall and the trajectory was something like bound-bound-bound-REEEEEEET! (airbrakes)-backup…backup…backup…carefully fitting each paw into the pawprint.

    Baking weekend for me too–vanilla layer cake and chocolate pound cake…I usually use Emily Luchetti’s lemon bars recipe from Stars Desserts–maybe they could become Lemony Snickets with extra salt for savory and some red pepper for snark in the crust? Just guessing. I think a klipspringer cookie should have cocoa and cinnamon…

    And I called my parents at noon to tell them that here in Georgia it’s 70 and sunny but they told me how pretty it was in Michigan with big fluffy flakes floating through the air and clinging to everything and now I want to be there because it’s December and 70F temps are unnatural.

  131. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    Joining in here. I too thought these little dudes were dik diks. We learn new cute EVERYDAY! Here in MT it was perfectly nice when I got back to work after lunch. Then, exactly 6 mins. later, I looked out the window into a snowstorm. Still 30 degrees though. That is NIIICE compared to the weather we have been having of 8 degrees during the day & -30 at night. I couldn’t find who was talking about the dark gingerbread, but I have a recipe I love that does include instant coffee! So, the flavor is strong & dark. I agree it is best that way.

  132. Cozy is the best. Just the best feeling in the world and winter multiplies the goodiness of it exponentially. Everything goes with winter: flannels, kitties, hot cocoa, stews, snow, home, blankies, and a good book or a bad movie. Pining for snow here…where they never close anything for it. They let us out of work only when the driving is so bad there’s the possibility of killing ourselves.

  133. Redz- you got no snow? My mom lives an hour north of KCMo and she said they got tonsssss of snow and ice.

    Also, to Martha in Washington (forever ago) I am indeed a Hoosier! I don’t harbor any great hatred towards the Boilermakers, though. Only when we play you in basketball.

  134. Rorye – and the Oaken Bucket! I come from a long line of Boilermakers (I’m a defector).

  135. sweet jane says:

    Rorye–if you play the Boilermakers in b-ball, does that make you an IUer? If so, me too…

  136. Neighborhood Kitty Haven: I like my gingerbread ‘strong and dark’, too. Like my men.

  137. Well, snails can be photogenic and cute too – check this out and then compare it to the Bambi twins: Blood sisters, I’m sure!

  138. bunnajenny says:

    Peg of Tiling — I’ll fill the void until this season’s snow with a couple of pics from earlier this year with our other pup’s first adventure, but there are also pics of new puppy there too:

    A couple of others are up at

  139. I’ll be home in Michigan for Christmas and I’m hoping for snow on the days I’m not trying to get in and out of the Detroit airport. As my mom says, “If it’s going to be cold, it had better be pretty.”

  140. Peg of Tilling says:

    Pretty puppies! I hope they don’t team up and try to take over the world!

  141. I’ve only known CO for a couple months but this seems to be one of the most wonderful threads ever. You peeps are COzy! Each of you are the sweetest ingredients.

    Peg of Tilling – You really had me fooled. I was so surprised to read you are in GA! Your name made me think of the Olde Country. I VERY much enjoyed your description of introducing kitty-kitty to snowy-snowy. Ha!

    TtownAnne – 4 bottles vs the ILs. I have a friend who wont let the ILs stay more than 30 mins. Yours stay for the weekend. Mine stay for six (6) #@!*! weeks. That’s a lot of wine.

  142. “If it’s going to be cold, it had better be pretty.”

    Sadly, in downtown Toronto, a fall of snow only stays pretty for about an hour, till the traffic turns it all gray-brown and slushy. Which is why I’m just as happy to do without.

  143. iloveusame:) says:

    hmmm … christmas without bunny is still going to be kind of rough for world peace…i am just sayin…

  144. iloveusame:) says:

    it’s a’s a dance…

  145. Oooooo, I love this thread! I LOVE being inside, with a fire, flannel sheets, cocoa, gingerbread (YES, with just butter, Mary!!) and to hear the wind howling outside the window.

    I am making curried pumpkin soup tonight, it’s blowing/sleeting/snowing outside and well, I can just stay home all evening! Yay!

    Stooges woman…the EYEballs on top of stalks on that snail!!! TOOOOOOO squeeeable!!!

    More zoo pics, teeeeho!

  146. I hear you, Laurie C. Out in the middle of nowhere, our snow is lovely until it melts and the world is brown, gray and u-u-gly.

    Do you remember that old children’s story about the king who say the snowfall and it looked like diamonds? He sent out a messenger to tell the village residents not to walk in the snow. He saw the messengers footprints, was upset and ordered four men to carry the messenger around on a litter (I think that’s what it’s called). Then that upset the king and he sent the party out in a horse-drawn wagon. It went on and on like this, until all the snow was trampled. Or at least that’s how I remember it.

    Even though I can’t remember it all clearly, I still think of it whenever I see a fresh snowfall under the moonlight.

  147. One on the left looks like she’s been dusted with powdered sugar.

  148. I miss winter! My parents in SD are getting a major storm and I’m sitting here in SC where the mere PREDICTION of snow sends everyone rushing off to the grocery store to buy bread and milk. What are they going to do, make french toast?

    Posted by: Tricia

    Born and raised in SC, guess you can tell by my “handle” and yes we do freak out over a couple of snowflakes. We’re just not prepared! But I do think the grocery runs can get a bit silly.

    However, I don’t know about where you live exactly, but our power goes out a lot when we have storms like these so that’s one reason people freak.

    Also have to confess that I don’t like winter – the short days make me depressed. And I simply can NOT imagine living in SD. I had a friend who lived there and moved down here after she met her husband, who was from here.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like living with so much snow for such long periods of time. Quite frankly, I think I’d shoot meself.

    But it’s all according to what you’re used to. And I certainly admire people who can handle it. I’m a big wuss.

  149. Martha in Washington says:

    Rorye and sweetjane-I’ve lost some of my hatred towards IU since being away for almost 20 years. Still have friends in Lafayette and since my husband (we met when we lived in the same dorm), sister and a b-i-l all went to PU I still hear the news.
    Katerpie-“Hail, hail to old Purdue. All hail to the old Gold and Black.” Can you believe I still remember that?!
    And we can all gang up on the peeps from Michigan!

  150. Peg of Tilling says:

    Pyrit, Tilling is a fictionalized of Rye (insert booze joke here) in England–it’s from the Lucia/Mapp series by EF Benson, which everyone should read. And the leap/reverse was one of Bandit’s better moments–he asked to go out, really, though. And I live in a college town, so when there’s three snowflakes in the air people rush to the store for bread, milk, and beer…though often the bread and milk seem to be optional.

  151. Of course, it’s also possible I need new glasses … 😉

  152. I net-flixed some of the Mapp/Lucia series (from BBC.) Pretty funny, and, I now know why “Tilling” sounded vaguely familiar to me. That would be a great series to watch with the cocoa/toddy and gingerbread (with butter) and blankies.

  153. AmyH, I’ve never seen fresh snow under moonlight – the closest I ever got was the Pacific Ocean under a crescent moon, which I saw last Saturday, and which was pretty darn bonny.

    Peg, was EF Benson born and bread in Rye? And I like your name, too – it sounds so merrye and olde.

  154. P.S. I’m in Washington and right now we have chilly but bright sunshine. Nary a flake in sight, not counting co-workers.

  155. Hey, I’m in Minne-freakin-SOTA and there’s no snow here either.
    It’s pretty *brisk* outside, though.

  156. bunnajenny says:

    PoT – try and take over the world…um they already did. Those spaniel eyes are killer – we had 5 at our house the other week…here’s a photo of that day:

    Laurie C, one of my enduring memories of winter in Toronto was thinking i was jumping into a snowbank only to find out that it was a slush bank…that and those brilliant days when the sun was shining and everything looked so perfect but it was -45c out. brrrrr.

  157. bunnajenny says:

    grrr..the photolink’s not working, sorry ’bout that. I’ll have to fix it later, I’m being whisked away for my birthday dinner.

  158. Happy Bunny Birthday, bunnajenny!

  159. BunnaJ — I fixed your wonky URL. Happy birthday.

  160. The pure cute of it overwhelms my brain… which is about to implode, by the way.

  161. Gawd. Lookin’ at ’em again and they really DO look like cookies.

  162. …or snails.

  163. Peg of Tilling says:

    bunnajenny, I bow to your spaniel overlords. And Happy Birthday!

    Mary, the books are so much better…things like an entire chapter on the politics of penny v. threepenny Christmas cards. The Riseholme “no.” Weedjing. Georgie’s amethyst tie and matching socks. All too, too good.

    Aubrey, Benson was a son of an archbishop of Canterbury (I think. A high churchman, anyway), so I think he moved to Rye later in life and lived in Henry James’s house (James was not there at the time). I’m trying to express this with a pun but I’m finding nary a crust of punnage in the cupboard…crumbs!

  164. Peg — I read that as though the son of the archbishop was a church highwayman.
    (Who came titheing
    Titheing, titheing…)

  165. Peg o’ T: There must be a pun somewhere. I think if we set the entire CO crouton it, they’ll be able to come up with something.

  166. you guys r silly says:

    Oh Oh Oh! PLEASE invite me over to your place the next time you are serving men! er, um, I mean GINGERBREAD…

  167. you guys r silly says:

    P.S. Phila. PA here — 70 degrees and windy – raining like ALL get out earlier, but now it’s stopped. If I NEVER see another snowflake in my entire life I will not be disappointed!!! (The shoveling, the bad Philly roads, the snowed-in parking spaces, the missing work & not getting paid for it…Nope! I will NOT be disappointed at all!)

  168. Wait. This looks familiar. Isn’t this actually a diorama at Cabelas????

  169. Peg of Tilling says:

    Aubrey: puns flour so easily here I think the crew would loaf to do it–I’ll bagel out of it–I’d only muffin it up, ’cause I’m toast–seven long days make one whole wheat.

  170. Whoa, a whole baker’s dozen of freshly-baked puns from PofT.

    LaurieC: snow in Toronto? Half a foot of mushy, slushy stuff on the sidewalks that is a major aerobic workout to walk three blocks in; and massive puddles on the street corners that are so big they swallow whole taxis and get your feet soaked every time because they lurk under the *seemingly* solid stuff.

    Tobogganing at Riverdale Park, though? Now *there’s* a good thing about winter.

  171. AuntieMame says:

    Ooh, Mapp & Lucia! *ears perk up*

    I’m in the middle of watching the video series. It’s pretty funny, but the book is loads better. Everyone should read it! And then you should listen to the audio books. Geraldine McEwan and Prunella Scales particularly do an incredible job with their reading.

    There are dik-diks at the Denver Zoo. They’re in a cage with some exotic birds…that are almost bigger than the dik-diks.

    They had the same squished little faces as these guys.

  172. Peg: I’m baking you: yeast and desist!

  173. Happy birthday bunnajenny! Welsh Springer Spaniels, huh? Ya don’t see one of those every day. Well, maybe *you* do. Heh. They are adorable! Lucky you!

  174. Peg of Tilling says:

    But Aubrey, I’m on a roll!

  175. AuntieMame says:

    Butter listen to Aubrey, Peg.

  176. T-O: Love the Highwayman reference. Favorite.poem.ever. *Finds it in worn poetry book, reads to cat as it’s better out loud*

  177. bunnajenny says:

    Thanks for the birfday wishes peeps and for Theo’s technical wizardry at fixing me wonky links. I’ll have to keep the spaniels from reading the comments, otherwise they’ll be completely insufferable…and the cats’ noses will be severely out of joint.

    Off to groan at puns and celebrate that the balmy December finally broke in VA!

  178. those guys look like the ginger molasses cookies we make. *sniff* i can’t get away from cookies. not even here!

    the puns are still amusing though. weather in good ole co is cold. snow is predicted for tomorrow…we’ll see…

  179. Phel — eeeeeevil!
    (Still have never stepped foot inside a Cabelas, but it’s on my to-do list. The Klips shown do in fact move & breathe & need to be cleaned up after.)

  180. i got one!

    ciabatta (pronounced cha bah ta) believe these punsters are creative

  181. Peg of Tilling says:

    For Christmas we should work on the Challah-lujah chorus.

  182. SweetJane- I am an IUer. I bleed Cream and Crimson, baybay.

    Martha in Washington- I’ve got a lot of friends at PU so that’s why I don’t really buy into all the animosity. Now Michigan I can loath without hesitation.

  183. Martha in Washington says:

    Rorye-how ’bout Ohio State and Wisconsin?

  184. Martha,

    I don’t mind them so much. I don’t know why I’m so picky about my team hatreds… who are your least favorites?

  185. Martha in Washington says:

    Rorye-basically any other Big 10 team. Northwestern isn’t so bad. I always felt sorry for them. I’m also a U of Kentucky fan. (I’m originally from Louisville, KY) So I dislike U of Louisville a good deal and Duke. Explanation for the UK vs. UL thing-you CANNOT be for both teams. I think it’s a law or something. Makes for interesting times around my family- most are rabid UK fans except for my older brother who went to UL and, of course, roots for them while rabidly hating UK.

  186. hrh.squeak says:

    The Big Game is today, folks! The Big Ol’ Blue and Gold against Leland Stanfurd Jr. College. Best college football moment Evar – the play which won the game *and* squished a Stanfurd trombonist who ran onto the field for a very premature celebration. Forget what year. wOOt!!!

  187. Martha in Washington says:

    Hope the trombonist was ok. Both my sons play trombone!

  188. hrh.squeak says:

    Martha – I believe both trombonist and trombone were fine. I like trombonists, it’s Stanfurd grads I must denigrate, for the honor of the Blue and Gold.

    (and we won – wOOt wOOt wOOt!)

  189. The Big Game _was_ Saturday, and the Mighty Blue And Gold (the good guys) won!!! Decisively!!!Knocked those @$#*%&#@*% Trojans out of the national championship game, too (‘course they still get to play in the Rose Bowl, but I’m only going to the parade anyway…).

    Whatever else happens, it’s always a good UCLA season when we beat USC…