It takes two bebbeh

It takes two! To make a dream come true…


Well done on the week old baby bears C Wichner!



  1. NebraskaErin says:

    They’re so WEE!

  2. Those are baby bears? What kind? Squeee!!!

  3. thats so milky !!

  4. Oh my.

    Look at teh CLAWSES!

  5. OMG so TIIIINY!!!! And look at ’em CLAWZ.


  6. Those are the biggest bottles for something that little.

  7. Teughcats – JINX!

    (Is that what you call it? Out here we say “Same pinch!” or, in more robust Punjabi style, “BALLE!”)

  8. YIKES! Baby bears do look old. Ehn galore!

  9. oh em gee. those are BEARS? they look like weird puppies with big heads. and so fragile – you could just snap ’em in half! CLEAN IN HALF, I TELL YA!

    also, i wonder if the one with the red bottle is a female, and the one with the blue bottle is a male? I do hope so.

  10. OMG… what kind of bears????

  11. Bears?! I thought they would be bigger when they pop out.

  12. You know.
    I need a RSS-Feed of…..

    I must be bombarded with cuteness at all times!

    Cute bears =D

  13. Yes, as someone else noted, there is some serious “EHN!” going on for that bottle.

    Their eyes aren’t even open yet! How squee-worthy is that?!

  14. bears in a basket!!!! squeeeeee!

    Can Santa bring me a pair for Christmas? I’ve been so good this year!

  15. little gator says:

    subhangi-here we say GMTA(Great Minds Think Alike.)

  16. Hoooooly jesus, those things are TINY! And bears? Oy vey. I’ve never seen newbie bears before … too cute. I’d expect them to be bigger!

  17. Oh, sure, they’re cute when they’re babies, but then they grow up and you have a 1200 pound bear hogging the sofa.

  18. they are almost like human babies aren’t they? except clawsier. and fuzzier.

  19. It’s kind of like the I-wanna-eat-it syndrome, except that I would like to put one in my rack. With little mittens on those fearsome claws! So warm and fuzzy tiny bears. Eeeeee….POIT.

  20. “Got milk?”

  21. Bebe bears make the most adorable noises when they’re eating like this… a kind of sheepie bleat maaah.

  22. Oh my goshness! Who knew? *sigh*…

  23. Jan Spencer says:

    SOOO adorable…how wonderful they are!!

  24. THAT’s how bears start?!?

    Holy crap!

  25. Meg – More info on these behbehs, please. What kind are they? What are the chances they are polar bears???

  26. OMG, I hope they make it! Poor lil’ wee things. It’s often tough for orphans so young to survive. (Sorry if I’m being a buzz kill.) Jeepers, look at those claws!

  27. I like baby animals, but I don’t think these baby bears are very cute.

  28. Those bottles are almost empty!
    More milk for the adorabubble babehs!!

  29. Bitsy babies!! No wonder they are born in cozy secluded dens in deepest winter.

    Something tells me I shouldn’t even *ask* about the fate of mama bear. Can we get some backstory here? I’m all worried now.

  30. I’m hoping that C. Wichner (the submitter) will weigh in here, with teh infos…

  31. I’m intrigued by the “polar bear bebeh” question. If I remember correctly, polar bear adults have black skin and “transparent” fur, which kind of fits with the way these cublets look.

    I also hope someone who knows these two will offer some info about their type and their mama. Just so we know.

  32. Those bebehs are lovin’ their milk. They don’t look as if they will be too happy when the last drop is gone!

    Yes, submitter, please submit more info! Snorgling minds want to know! 🙂

  33. Catman Dude says:

    I hope that is RAW MILK that they are giving dem bears. Pasturized milk is among the worse stuff they can give them.

  34. Subhangi-
    Yes, “jinx” is what you say when you and someone else say the same thing at the same time. Sometimes people link their pinky fingers together too and make a wish.

  35. Sheesh I gotta type quick ‘cuz that lingerie chick is right in line with my comments: box and I’m @work!

    Anyway, if you Google Images, “newborn polar bear” there is a photo that looks a lot like these 2 above!

    Whew! Done. Hit the post button.

  36. Catman Dude, I imagine they’re actual wildlife fosterers, so it’s likely some sort of momma-bear-milk-replacement elixir (like the momma-cat-milk-replacement stuff I’ve used with orphan kittens).

    But seriously. They’re so cute I can hardly BEAR it! (Seriously? Am I the only one to go for the obvious?) ^_~

  37. …and then they have to buy me a mocha.

    (er… that was directed to Subhangi, re: Soxfan)

  38. Out in the West, we say, “Poke, poke, you owe me a Coke.” (Accompanied by some friendly jabs in the ribs.)

    And then, we looks at the polar bears again, and de wee wee wee bears with the bottles and the basket and the little eye capsules and pinky-pinky noses, and the slurping and the tiny, razor sharp clawses, but the milk mustaches and and and and

    /brain application not responding/

  39. iloveyousame:) says:

    i *heart* polar bears….especially when they come two by two…aaawwww!*dies*

  40. pyrit – I can’t find it… /whimper/ can you give us the link?

  41. oh christ.

  42. “They’re so cute I can hardly BEAR it!”

    Lemur, surely you’re just baiting us?

  43. Only Stephen Colbert would not find this cute!

  44. ringtailroxy says:

    i am curious why these cubs are being hand-reared… i also am always amazed at how people are soo suprised at how wee baby bears are… they weigh, like, 12 ounces at birth! lets think… even a mighty oak starts out as a tiny acorn!

  45. Yeah, but ringtail, though we all start out tiny, we come out of mama at different times. Horses come out ready to go! Marsupials come out when, IMHO, they ought still to be considered fetuses! (feti?) Bears come out in between, apparently! 😀

    And Aubrey, those are bare-nekked bears! And they are barely bears yet!

  46. Let’s see… we’ve got Arvay, Aubrey, and now Pyrit… that’s three out of the four requisite horsemen of the Apuncalypse. Only one left to go…

  47. …aw crap.


  48. I see trouble bruin’ with all these punsters…

  49. Stag, you are it, Theo.

  50. Though we might be polar opposites in many ways, should we gang together, the devastation will be grizzly.

  51. In my book, Pyrit is still a wee bairn of punnage, while Aubrey is its grizzled master. Still, they are not polar opposites.

  52. D’oh! Aub, shoulda known you’d beat me to the Post button!

  53. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,
    Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair,
    Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy,
    was he?

  54. Bearlets.

  55. i’m in yr basket…
    drinking with my brudder

  56. iloveusame:) says:

    are they christmas grizzly?
    are they real…are they photoshoped?

  57. (pelts Redz to keep duplicate puns at bay)

  58. No wonder people used to think bears were born as shapeless blobs, and their mama had to lick them into bear-shapes! Eeee! (cute noise)

  59. “Only Stephen Colbert would not find this cute!”

    Ew. I must be Stephen Colbert because these things give me the heebie-jeebies.

  60. Seriously… has anyone with a login sent this to I want to see it on tonight’s show, people!

  61. How much butt would a bear butt bare if a bear were to bare his butt?

  62. Oooh, Michelle, thanks for the photo! I wanna blow raspberries on the belly on the left there! I lufth thuh warm fuzz!

  63. Is there such a thing as cuteoverload overload??!! Me thinks the bearsies are possibly the CUTEST things EVAR. I too wish to know their stories!

  64. CEEJOE! omg.. stop the madness..

  65. Those little guys make me feel like there is not enough room in my heart for baby polar bears. Don’t worry though, I’ll find a space.

  66. lurkertype says:

    I couldn’t even tell what species these were as the pic was loading up! (teh CLAWZ helped)

    Bebe bears! Who knew?

    CO has certainly expanded my knowledge of Teh Qte. It’s educational, Peeps! (how’s that for a justification?)

  67. Hmmm, here I am at home reading CO when I get a hankering for a snack. Since we happen to have no pudding in the house I get a Klondike ice cream bar outta the freezer, and only on the way back to the computer do I see the polar bear on the wrapper and realize there is some kind of subliminal suggestion thingy going on here.

  68. I think they may be wee li’l black bear cubs. Compare to these squirmers:

    Full bottles, stat!!

  69. Aub: don’t worry. I’ll try to avoid the doubled puns in future. I don’t want to make a spectacle of myself. (get it? get it? sorry.)

  70. D’oh again! I meant: I couldn’t bear to make a spectacle of myself.

  71. Dangit! Stupid wikipedia links hijacking my browser. WHY does the back button not work?

    (I know, I can just open in a new window but that would require more thinking than I am capable of at the moment. Plus wiki should just play nicely and share.)

    I am in ur brain, killing yr brain cells.

  72. Oh, Redz, before I saw your second comment, there, I had been about to proudly proclaim that *I* got it, thinking you were referring to spectacled bears, p’raps?

    I had a bear coloring book when I was a kid. It was a bare bear coloring book until I colored all the pictures.

  73. All the people here wanting baby bears… do a Google search for “Gloomy Bear” and understand why I’m laughing…

  74. Redz, oh Redz, I “bare”ly know ye, yet you have thrown down the puntlet. Just give me two “Bay”ers, a Ca”bear’net, a ham”bear”gur with “bear”naise at an au”bear”ge with subhangi the bom”bear” and WATCH me recite Shakes”bear”.

  75. Redz, it’s hibernature to pun. Don’t worry. Don’t avoid. Just be.

  76. Now, back to the fun:

    “Look for the bare necessities
    The simple bare necessities
    Forget about your worries and your strife
    I mean the bare necessities
    That’s why a bear can rest at ease
    With just the bare necessities of life

    Now when you pick a pawpaw
    Or a prickly pear
    And you prick a raw paw
    Next time beware
    Don’t pick the prickly pear by the paw
    When you pick a pear
    Try to use the claw
    But you don’t need to use the claw
    When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw
    Have I given you a clue ?

    The bare necessities of life will come to you
    They’ll come to you!”

  77. Sing it Peeps! Especially, the “bear”itones!

  78. Hee! Arvay, yes! I love the spectacled bears!

  79. *splort*
    hey pyrit, good call.
    now i wanna walk like you,
    talk like you-oo

  80. Do you guys also spend absurd amounts of time on google image searches? I do it obssessively, even during conference calls! The more generic, the more fun! “baby koala” and “bernese pup” are no-brainers, but try things like “cute fuzzy” (I found an eskie breeder near me! Dayum! eskie puppies!) and “chubby fuzzy” I repeat: Dayum!

  81. Ooh! Tiniest babies ever!

  82. Dah Behrz.

  83. musicchick2 says:

    Re: HeidiStar’s link to the black bear cublets – Did anyone else look at their expressions and think of the Budweiser frogs??
    And these little babies are soooo cute, it bears repeating. I can bearly stand it!

  84. d’oh! Mel, I can’t believe it took someone this long to say that! Is Ditka feeding them?

  85. > Oh, sure, they’re cute when they’re babies, but then they grow up and you have a 1200 pound bear hogging the sofa.

    … and eating your kids. And that’s always so *messy*!

    On other points, yeah, bears, even the young of the largest bears, start out weighing less than a pound, can you believe it? Entirely helpless.

    In zoos, I’ve read that the Moms often reject the cubs, often because they haven’t been adequately socialized themselves, and have no idea what to do.

    A lot of the baby animals one sees in a zoo nursery are in that situation. Zoos are great places for educating people about animals, and especially for making the new generation *care* about animals, but … they’re tough on the animals themselves. It’s a wonder that zoo breeding programs work as well as they do.

  86. MC2 – my dear girl. It might be a Kodiak moment, but you’re em-bear-assing yourself!

  87. musicchick2 says:
  88. musicchick2 says:

    Aubrey, I bear the blame for that barely disguised bear-ish comment. But the facts bear me out. Please bear with me as I bear the burden of my shame. Under the circumstances, I think I’m bearing up pretty well!

  89. Hmmm. I don’t think they’re polar bear cubs (if this has already been established, well… you’ll just have to BEAR with me) because the skin on their lips and pawlets is pink.


  90. oh my god. after reading some more of the comments I apologize for my attempted bear pun. clearly this is one no one can resist, and the sheer volume of punnage is overwhelming. aiieee!

  91. Crikey. I have to panda to you guys – this is hurtful; I mean bear-y me already.

  92. Ceejoe – due to your link, my husband has grounded me from CO for 24 hours. *going to corner to pout and think about what I’ve done*
    The SQUEE was SOOO worth it.

  93. iloveusame:) says:

    oh…nooo…please:)when will they bread…soorryy that is just too much!

  94. Those are bears?!?!

    We used that size bottle on tiger cubs when they got a bit larger than this, lol!!!

  95. Polar bears sleep in their little bear skin
    They sleep very well I am told
    Last night I slept in my little bare skin
    And I got a heck of a cold!

  96. T-O:

    I shudder to think of what you’d be like if you were a mind-reader. :-O

  97. BeckyMonster says:

    I demand to see “in progress” photos of these little guys growing up!!

  98. Why do these people have baby bears?


  100. Wee-tull! Wee-tull! I want to eat them!

  101. useta hada kitteh says:

    Why do people always want to eat things when they’re little and cute? I could undershtand if they were *chocolate* bears… I just want to cuddle them and sing them to sleep. (what song? The teddy bear’s picnic, of course.)

    If you go down to CO today,
    You’re sure of a big surprise,
    It’s lovely down in CO today,
    But better go in disguise,
    For every babbeh bear that was
    will gather there today because
    Today is the day the babbeh bears nawm their bottles…

    (I’m a cuppl’a days late, but I’m well-meaning.)

  102. Yogi and Boo-Boo The Next Generation.
    I mean..they *are* in a pic-a-nic basket after all…

    and those little clawses. man–too cute.

  103. Oh yeah, Layla!!! Perfect! 😀

    That Mt. Rushmore thing scares me!!!

  104. useta hada kitteh says:

    Theo — the Mt. Rushmore thing is fantastic! Thanks! I’ll never think of those four presidents in quite the same light. George Washington singing about Teddy Bears. Wonderful.

  105. book_monstercats says:

    Loose skin! They’ve got to grow into it.

  106. Useta — you’re welcome. (I’m not the author, just the collector.)

  107. those bottles are EMPTY! drain on, young cublings! 🙂

  108. Sorry, this falls into the “somewhat less than cute” category…kinda wormish and squeamy looking.

  109. Actually, it’s in the “Unusual Animals” category.