Get your muzzlepuffs runnin’


Mini hoppin’ ‘ventures


WAY to rev it, Mr. Jose.



  1. hrh.squeak says:

    Aaaaah! Mr. Mini McBunBunn!! I will nawm him all up in one giant snorglechomp, he is too delishicute for any coherent words!!!!

  2. queen.o.cute says:

    Omg! custest thing i ever saw! Hop on those itsy bitsy legs of your lil bunni and never stop!!


    so adorable ;__;

  4. It’s probably a good idea to have some nitroglycerine tablets on hand before viewing this video. It could bring on a cuteness coronary.

  5. OMG, Mr McSniffitude!

  6. How cute. 🙂

  7. Wooh, this little bunny beats all records of cuteness; simple adorable!!

  8. Wow, he’s just a little guy. What kind of rabbit is that? I’m seriously considering adopting a cute bunny into my family.

  9. Don’t Steppen-thebuns:

    “Lagomorph’s a runnin’
    On the carpet highway
    Lookin’ for adventure
    And whatever comes their way
    Yeah, buns won’t be caught a-nappin’
    If the world’s not hopping, it’s a waste
    Free all of the buns at once
    Watch ’em join in the race

    We hate walls and cages
    We tear ’em asunder
    Hopping like the wind
    And we’re reeling from the wonder
    Yeah, buns won’t be caught a-nappin’
    If the world’s not hopping, it’s a waste
    Free all of the buns at once
    Watch ’em join in the race

    In ways you can’t compute
    We were born, born to be cute
    We won’t be denied
    So don’t even try

    Born to be cute
    Born to be cute”

  10. such a wee bunbun. so adorable!
    and aubrey, clap-clap-clap! this line keeeled me especially:
    “In ways you can’t compute
    We were born, born to be cute”

  11. I

  12. Aubrey, you are one of the folks I look for every time I’m on here… You are absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  13. musicchick2 says:

    IT’S. SO. WIDDOH! Widdle hip-hoppity back feetsies, eensy twitchy nosie! ACK! I think I’m having a cute attack!

    Aubrey – perfection, as always. We’re not worthy! 😉 *prostrates myself at your feet*

  14. oh my golly goodness! He’s so tiny! I’ve had chocolate easter bunnies bigger than him!

  15. omg i want one

  16. musicchick2 says:

    “Who says the bunny can’t rhyme, you’re buggin’
    If Bugs don’t make you hop, you’re buggin’
    Take this Space Jam, don’t stop, you’re buggin’
    Ehhhh, YOU’LL BE BUGGIN’!
    Who says the Bunny can’t jam, you’re buggin’
    If you all don’t know who I am, you’re buggin’
    Bugs ain’t the coolest in the land, you’re buggin
    Ehhhh, YOU’LL BE BUGGIN’!

    Got a gi-url-friend Lola, she’s a fox [*Wolf whistle*]
    Ain’t no bunny like the one I’ve got (that’s true)
    He-he-he-ehhhh, What’s Up, Doc?
    Bugs got more props than the Warner Brother’s lot (twuee)
    More money that any rapper’s voice (twuee)
    Fits bay one hand, his and her first
    Like Trump’s wife, up to my ears in carats/carrots
    Not even the botha can fade the rabbit (ssso what?!)
    See, it’s all good, cause Bugs got props
    I’m a bunny, right? All we do is Hip-Hop
    Get around, (uh-huh) underground, (uh-huh)
    Keep it real, how do ya like me now?
    The bunny got glow, but when he got dough
    On top of the world, Me and my honey, Lo
    So from now and ’til the record stops, (what?)
    You guys can bank, hit, bounce, or do the bunny hop”

    Excerpt from “Buggin'” http://lyrics.astraweb.com/display/989/bugs_bunny..space_jam_soundtrack..buggin.html

  17. Oh, how I miss having baby bunnies around. I always loved watching them tiptoe around and get so sleepy just walking across a floor.

  18. Love the little microbun! This one is so young it doesn’t even know how to hop yet! Awww!

  19. ::::::melting::::::

  20. Nothing cuter! Nothing, I tell you!

  21. Way totally cute! I want one!!!!

  22. CrazyDiamond says:

    I remember when my bunny fit into my hand like that!!! I love it when they tiptoe!!!!!!

  23. Franie Frou Frou says:

    If you like videos of bunnies then I suggest taking a look at this one

    lots of little baby bunnies running around not doing anything much but looking cute 🙂

  24. I would LOVE to get a teeny little bun like this but I’d be afraid my kitties would try to maim him/her! Does anybody have any successful bun & feline pairing stories?

  25. This is just TOO MUCH CUTE-TITUDE! puffy-nose, tiny ears, tuck-up, baby animal discovering the world… This is just too much for me! 🙂 The best 😉

  26. omg. I died.
    from the Qte-ness.
    and I want to go to whatever heaven has babeh bunbuns like that.

  27. THAT is one cute bun. I love how his butt is all jacked up in the air when he walks, LOL!

  28. AWWW! What a cutie little bunniepie! I kept waiting for him to poopoo all over the beige carpet. Like that crude but hilarious paint animation I can’t seem to find anymore where a bunny hops along and the amount of poo around him increases with each step…

  29. Tineh bunneh!
    I could get him in my mouf easy…

  30. I WANT ONE. 😦

  31. OMG OMG the EARS!!!!


  32. Those widdle chubby ‘tocks hoppin’ across the carpet!!!!
    Cutest evah!

    **head esplodes**

  33. Too tiny to hop, li’l beebee.

  34. i’m so fascinated by bunnies. my husband swears there’s no way they could be as fun and loving as a cat or dog. . .but i come here and i am totally beginning to think otherwise. ARE bunnies loving towards their people?

  35. I love:
    the fact that the weight of his head seems to be dragging his front end toward the carpet, and sticking his back end up.


    Is that guy just wearing a towel?

  36. That is just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long while! I love his “baby bunny high up bum, back legs don’t quite bend properly yet” wobble. We have a house bunny – and the same kinda beige carpets…poo poo hehe! It is all harmless stuff and you suffer it all for such little cute bundles 🙂

    And props to the guy in the vid. There is something so utterly alluring about a guy who loves cute little bunnies enough to give a home to one… but that is another matter…
    And yup – to nadia, my bun is very loving. He nudges under my arm or foot for huggles and kisses and pettings and sometimes gives bun-kisses back. He runs at me around my legs every morning for his brekkie and nibbles my ankles if im doing something like reading post instead of getting his brekkie… and yup with love comes sulks – and he does sulk if i do too much overtime at work, or have too many people around for a party, but to be fair its only cos if i have people round he gets petted and huggled soo much that even he has had enough lovin.

    My heart aches to touch and stroke the little babeee!!!
    Soooo utterly cute…

    oh dear… a whole afternoon of swooning for the little bun and pointing everyone i know ever to the vid ensues….. 😛

  37. Lol, Michelle!

    Aubrey, I do believe that verson of the song should be recorded and released to the public!

    I really really really want a baby bun.

  38. OMGOSH!!!! tooooooooooo cute! it walks around just like a doggie!

  39. OMG, he’s so widdle! I wuv heem. Smoosh!

  40. Awwww. A boy and his bun. I love how bun hunkers down in boy’s hand for maximum aerodynamic travel.

    Oh, and Aub, again wit de earworm! Brilliant!

  41. uberkitten says:

    Liz, I agree. For some reason, I always imagine the picture/video-taker to be female, and when it’s revealed that it’s a man, it just multiplies the cute level by 10,000!

  42. At first, I thought someone brought Capybara-san to life. He’s so teeny! He’s like a little loaf of Bunny Bread.

  43. “After a time he began to wander about, going lippity–lippity–, not very fast, and looking all around.”

    Aubrey – “Free all of the buns at once” – OK Folks, she’s “a little bit literati, she’s a little bit rock ‘n roll.”

  44. That’s it. CuteOverload has now exceeded the limit of Possibly Allowable Cute and the website will now explode. Along with all its viewers. And the universe. 3…2…1…


    Sigh. Aubrey you are my idol.

    And yes, a guy’s “hot” factor increases exponentially when he is an admirer, nay, a worshipper of teh cute.

  46. Oh my gawd…

    So teeeeny!! Eet ees sooo cyuuute! <3 And the bun buns in the bunny cam vid... *ded*

    *makes grabby hands*
    Me wants!!!!

  47. I think I’m going to have a bunny meltdown. ADORABLE.

  48. That bunny cam video is awesome.
    Bunnehs on teh loose! Bunnehs on teh loose!

  49. How does his adorable big head not tump him over on his chin? Very very cute!

  50. What a teensy and helpless lil bunbun!

  51. spykes_mom says:

    Aaawwwww…what a sweet little teeny bun!

  52. omg! I need heem..to leeev!!

  53. *gurgle* bun bun bun…

    Aubrey and musicchick2, thanks for the combined earworm. Yowch. Motorcycles and Warner Bros, yikes!

    On another note, I’m actually young enough to have watched Space Jam as a child. I think my parents have the VHS. Horrors!

  54. Aaaiieeeee!!! Tiny ear to head ratio!!!!


    This bunny is SO SMALL that I am DYING…..dying…..dying…..dead.

    In other news, this boy/man/male is awesome. (I think he is wearing shorts, btw.) AWESOME. When he reaches down and rubs the bun/massages its tiny back, not only is it adorable on its own, but also by showing the SCALE. The bun is TEENSY! Yes, I agree, that males who love animals are the best kind. I do especially fancy the ones who bring animals into their lives proactively, as opposed to becoming grudgingly attached once they are thrown together.

  56. I need soft,warm, bunneh!!!!


  57. What’s killing me is the mini-ear-scratchin’ It makes my tummy all warm.

  58. that is the cutest bunram ever!!

  59. pyrit!!!

    I love the quote! I remember that as a kid….”lippity, lippity, and not very fast.”

    Poor Peter!

  60. Squeeee, its a itty bitty baby harlequin. I have always wanted a harlequin, but have never seen any this young.

    And to answer your question about buns Nadia, yes they are really loving animals….when they want to be lol. They are somewhat similar to cats in the sense that if they don’t want to be near you they won’t but if they want you to pet them and you aren’t paying attention they will let you know. They show their love in different ways than other animals. They will run around your feet(a mating dance, to say that they love you lol), they chatter their teeth(their way of purring) and they will give you kisses. The one thing you have to realize is that they aren’t all snuggle buns. They will be when they are little but sometimes when they grow up they won’t want to be held or carried around, but if you lay down on the floor they will come over to you and demand to be pet.

  61. The ‘awesome guy’ is Gulliver, see? He’s even lying down about to be tied up. And that’s no bun, that’s a Lilliputian.

  62. Awwwwww, I want to pet the baby bunny!

    That’s really too cute…I love how he forgets to hop and just sort of pushes himself around the room…!

  63. iloveusame:) says:

    i cant see the video….could somebody describe it for me…where is the bunny going…

  64. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh my doodness! That little bunneh is walking! Walk walk walk on his tiny little feets! Oh my…

    Way back in the last century, (mid century we’re talkin’. early 60s.) when I had baby bun-buns around (2 mamas, 18 bun-buns, 1 tired papa) I don’t remember them walking. They were more like Christopher Robin, if they stopped hopping, they couldn’t go anywhere. Janey Rabbit would hop pretty slowly as she mowed a piece of lawn, but she was still making hopping motions. Could the current bunrab experts out there clue me in? Is walking something baby bun-buns do as a general rule? Or do they mostly hop and skitter around like the ones in the video someone else linked to? Is this little guy special? (well, I know he’s special, but I mean special because of the walking.) Was he raised by cats who don’t understand hopping? Please tell me.

    But first, I think I have to go and lie down. Teh cute! Teh cute!

  65. I didn’t realize how tiny the bun was until it was being carried around in just one hand. Soooo cute! And I have to agree with the people above, a man who has baby bunnies as pets makes me weak in the knees.

  66. He’s a Lilliputian who lilliput… put…puts around the carpet.

    I *heart* him! I don’t think I’ve see a “harlequin” bun before – very pretty!

  67. Oh my <3
    What a cutie-bun <3
    I always luffed buns as a kiddie, but my mom never let me have one ^^ I still think they’re so lovable and cute and…
    But I don’t think Ivan, my cat, would like him/her.
    Then again, he has taken care of 2 dogs up untill now so…
    Oh well… wish I could give the little bun-bun a hug <3

  68. awww, little bun. I was scared when the giant hand came to pet him, but he seemed okay with it. I like how you can lightly touch a bunny’s ear and it’ll make him want to scratch it. 🙂

  69. d’awwwwww.

    I love little bunbuns when they are too little to hop yet!

    Yes, bunnies are loving, but like cats it must be on theit terms. They don’t like to be picked up – it tells their reflexes “aaaaagh something’s gonna eaaat meeeeee!”. But they can be outgoing and interactive – mine hops up on the couch with me and grooms my eyebrows when I’m lying around – just like I was another bunny!

    For the one asking about cats and buns, I recommend talking to your local shelter. You may not get a baby bun (which can be all to the good, as the bun will likely be litter-trained already) but an older bun will be able to hold its own with the cats. I know of one woman who has a large rabbit and 2 cats and they all play together. One of the cats is actually afraid of thunder, and will snuggle under the table with the bunny when it’s stormy out.

    I’m a big fan of adopting from shelters, partly because you have a betetr idea of the bun’s personality and habits, but also because a LOT of rabbits get bought as babies especially around Easter and then get dumped in parks when they become bratty teenage bunnies. I adopted my girl Pepper from a shelter. She had been found in a park last November, probably a discarded easter rabbit. 😦 Right now she’s not too happy with me, as I have to give her nasty ear drops three times a day for an infection, but I love her to pieces. She is free-range in my apartment, VERY neat with her litter habits, and generally a joy to have around. Come spring, I hope to take her “bunny-dating” at the local shelter so she can pick out a bunny-friend.

  70. wendy… “bunny-dating”.. teehee…!

  71. the discussion about the owner dood reminds me of the interest surrounding this post http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/03/a_littel_photos.html

    seriously. almost naked guys and cute animals? I think it needs to be a category.

  72. iloveusame:) says:

    awww so cute, bunny mating! but what does this particular male/walking special bunny wants….

  73. iloveusame:) says:

    the big question is…is he moonwalking;)cause that would be real strange…

  74. I have been wallowing in unspeakable depression these recent days. Then I watched this wobbly little ball of bun-puff with the stubby ears and I feel better. Aaaaaahhh.

    Perhaps I should apply him directly to forehead for instant relief.

  75. AHHHHHHHHH. Baby. Bunny. Fluffy. Pet. So much cute.

  76. carolina –

    No wallowing allowed,
    Unfurrow your brow-ed,
    Follow a marshmallow pillow-y,
    Be mellow, and billow-y,
    Flow and glow,
    A yellow show.

    Hugs. BIG hugs.

  77. I’m dead. *keels over*

  78. oh !! i could stuff heem into my mouf from sheer love.

  79. carolina, what pyrit just said.


  80. Law’ help me, I can’t keep quiet any longer. What drug is iloveu-whatev on? Remind me never ever to go near it, please.

  81. jaypo – If there’s any wallowing then we all wallow together.
    And I vote we let carolina have the bunny for as long as she wants.

  82. we did NOT have a major earthquake in California this morning…it was my heart ‘splodin after seeing this!!
    re: guys and buns. uh…..bunnies.
    we have two…and one night there was this car alarm going off and i couldn’t sleep. pretty soon my husband got up and i thought he was going to make the car alarm stop (why i thought THIS, i don’t know,,,lol) pretty soon i heard him talking quietly, and went out….and there he sat in the bunny area, petting the bunnies, and calming them down. they had gotten upset due to the nasty old car alarm! i told a friend, and we BOTH agreed….WAY better to have a hubby who calms the bunnies than one who goes outside and beats the snot out of some guy with an annoying car!!! awesome husband!!!

  83. iloveusame:) says:

    awwww! i can finally see the hubbie bunny! who is that man in the towel…is it Mr.Templeton…

  84. to those who want a teeny bun-bun like this one – it’s waaaay to young to be away from its mom right now. (I’m sure it was on the carpet for the photo shoot, but still belongs in or near the nest box.)

    Much, much better to adopt an adult rabbit – pref. spayed/neutered – their personalities are set by then. (The lil’ babes change *quite a bit* once they hit bunny puberty, and that’s when most people dump them – very sad…) An adult rabbit can live for 10 years or longer if inside and well cared-for.

    for those cogitatin’ on bunrabness, see http://www.rabbit.org for the lowdown.

  85. iloveusame:) says:

    i used to dream i had a bunny like that…but in my dream i lost it cause he got distracted eating salad,who can blame a hungry rabbit and never quite find him back after when i kept calling his name…

  86. Aubrey, that is just brilliant!

    Meg, that last paragraphy (the chorus) of Aubrey’s revised song should be the theme song of your site. Seriously.

    In ways that you can’t compute…
    We were born — born to be cute…

    We won’t be denied
    So don’t even try….

    Boooooorn to be cuuuuuute!

  87. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*goes on forever* I never knew Baby bunnies were SO CUTE!! I Want a baby bunny 🙂 AWW *dies*!! aw……awwwwwwwwlol

  88. iloveusame:) says:

    well it’s no mystery…the drug i am on is called Celexa and it provides you with ALL the dopamine you could ever needs and it was provided under prescription by the Dr.Magician that save my life…and of course i am also high on the loving care of my friends, wich nobody can ever get enough;)

  89. iloveusame,
    That is so true! The loving care of friends is SO important.
    And the well wishes of unseen friends on the internets can be a real positive force, too.

    So, for anyone feelin’ blue, get into teh Cute and feel it’s healing power! 🙂

  90. E. Collison,
    That is excellent advice, to adopt an adult rabbit..and that is exactly what I am planning to do when the time is right.
    I have met some real sweeties at the local Humane Societies. They are grown up and neutered and just beautiful.

    I was there picking up G. Pigs at the time, or a bun or two would have come home with me.

  91. He is sooooo cute. I love when he crawls around the floor.

  92. Ack. I can NOT stand the teeny, tiny, bunny cuteness.




    I SOOOOOOO love the way the little bun bun actually WALKS on those tiny little back legs.

    I just wanna bite ‘im!

  93. i must agree that when i saw that the filmer was a male i almost fainted. <3

    the tocks in the air was TO cute.

    i had a crappy night so thank you “Mr.Jose” for makeing my day so much better!! (mucho uber big huggs and snorgles for you and your little bunbun)

  94. THANK YOU jaypo & pyrit for TEH HUGS! Hugs back! =)

    If only the rest of the world could be as sweet as C.O.!

  95. And, pyrit: thank you so much for the offer of the bun-loan. If only I could take you up on it cuz I would indeed apply him directly to my forehead and let his fuzzy wobbly cuteness suck all the bad stuff outta my brain.

    Unfortunately, my 3 feline residents might find him a bit TOO cute.

    Still, I can live vicariously through this devastatingly adorable video!


  96. Bravo, Aubrey 😀

    Now, anyone got any songs by the Bun Lovin’ Criminals?

    (“Runnin’ around robbin’ banks, all mute from the bunny cute…”)

  97. pyrit: Here’s my contribution to the effects of C.O. on depression:

    When you’re feeling low,
    try watchin’ a bun,
    It’s the way to go.

    for a little while,
    On his floppitude,
    It will make you smile.

    One bebeh bun hop,
    or two or three,
    And a flippity flop,
    And your troubles will stop.

    Should it not do the trick,
    Find a real bun, real quick,
    And place him gently on your head,
    Rest quietly on your bed.

    All floppsiness and fluffitude,
    Will rearrange your attitude,

    Where doctors fail,
    To cure what ails
    The bebeh bun, he does prevail!


  98. Hurrah! *bun goodness and hugs for Carolina and any other of my fellow CO depressives*

  99. Kate: perhaps we should form a Cuteness Support Group.


  100. In the latest news: A nationally renowned psychiatric insitute is currently studying the positive effects of baby bun applications to the foreheads of depressed patients. Will keep you posted as this story develops . . .

  101. ((((((iloveusame))))))

  102. at our house we call it “Fuzz Therapy”….
    and “if you have an owie, apply a bunny to it!” (hug a bunnie…near your heart…soooo nice!)
    our two bunnies know when we are sick or down, and sit by us, even ON us (for example, if one is on the couch laid up with the flu they will get up and lay right on us…or near by!!)
    so comfortable and comforting!

  103. iloveusame:) says:

    i am not conviced an online study could replace the magic of a lucky bunny paw that you can rub in your own hand…i am just sayin…lucky bunny might actually not even be reading this…that is the abyss of the matrix…yes i need some support here…

  104. lurkertype says:

    A bunrab too small to hop! Whoda thunk it? I want to put those micro-ears in my mouf! What a nice man, too.

    I was just wondering yesterday what this color pattern was called when it occurred in bunnage, being used to the tortie/calico term of kitties.

  105. I agree wholeheartedly that shelter buns are the way to go, but a word of caution about adult buns is some of them have spent most of their lives in cages and are afraid of/disinterested in people. At least if you have a bun from its babyhood you have a chance to get it used to being handled/petted…

  106. Pamela: same thing with my kitties – they know when I’m feeling bad, especially if I am crying. One of mine will actually put her paw on me and start meowing like, “what’s wrong mom? anything I can do to help?”

    Honestly, I am surprised and touched to learn that buns are capable of this kind of empathy as well.
    How sweet.

  107. I really do love how little cute things make people talk in a cooing nonsensical way =D

    *cuddles little bunny*


  108. Y’know, I’ve seen a lot of devastatingly cute bunnies, but this one is a winner. It should be illegal to be *that* adorable.

    Christine, some of asocial/aggressive rescue rabbits can be turned around. My psycho bun Sirius Black(named thusly because he is black, angsty, mostly deranged and has spent a significant part of his life locked up in a cage) is a good example. When we got him two years ago he was classified as “unadoptable” and threw tantrums the size of a minor nuclear explosion. His manners have vastly improved since then, and he’s as interactive as it gets. He still hates being picked up, but so do most rabbits – he’s adjusted very well in all other ways.

  109. “Bunny-Dating” is really the best way to add another bun to your home. Bunnies who don’t get along can fight and hurt each other very badly – I know of one bun who was dumped in with the other buns at a park enclosure and she required months of care and ended up losing half a ear. While they can be gentle some are also fiercely territorial.

    Most shelters will let you bring your bun in will set up a pen for you, so your bun can meet other buns in neutral territory, and you watch their body language carefully to see if they might get along. Some just never do. But buns are social critters and need companionship – from either their human or another bunny.

    Since I’m new at the bunny-business, I wanted to have just one at first, to make sure I knew what I was doing. But I have always intended to see if she wants a friend in a couple of months.

    An I agree – boyz who luv bunnies are hawt!

  110. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Wow, I’m way late with a comment… Man, what’s just… too… cute.. [fading]
    BTW, Franie Frou Frou, I watched that bunny vid. My first thought was, “Aw, cute”. My second thought was: Someone should ‘shop in little buildings and things, and you could have _Night of the Lepus II_. ^_^

  111. Carolina…they are very tuned into their “humans”. when my husband’s father passed away, my husband came in the house to tell me….and the little girl…Nutmeg, saw him and started shaking and peed on the floor (something she NEVER does!!!) and then got upset that she did THAT…and he had to pet HER to calm HER down…she was that upset to see her Daddy upset.
    they go into the pen we have for them when told to go “nite-nite”, and have a strict schedule for their daily bunny routine. they are quiet, adorable, and interactive…know our moods and in general make wonderful companions!!! ours are going on seven years old…they were rescued from the street (then spayed and nutered). they are fantastic!

  112. LesbianNeoCon says:

    My head just exploded from exposure to that much cuteness in one sitting!!!

  113. carrotmachine says:

    That’s so incredibly cute– he walks on one foot at a time like a dog, instead of hopping. Do all baby buns do that?

  114. That has to be the cutest bunny video in the universe!


  115. This adorabunn should consider hisself lucky I’m a leaf-eater, or else I would have to gobble him right up! Instead, I shall have to settle for lots and lots of snorgles and kisses, and perhaps nibble on his ear a bit…

  116. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I didn’t know bunnies came in that color. He looks like a tortie cat!

    And it’s terribly cute with the guy lying on the floor gently playing with the bunny. Take some time out from this frantic life and just lie on the carpet, like you did all the time when you were little, and enjoy the purity and sweetness of a tiny animal friend.

  117. Coat color/markings: harlequin.

  118. Franie Frou Frou says:

    Fish Eye no Miko – I’d never heard of Night of the Lepus I (where have I been!) just looked it up on IMDB, don’t think I’ll be renting it out anytime soon,liable to give me nightmares about my bunny turning mutant and attacking me in my sleep! He’s a harlequin mini lop like the one in the original video. Picture of his gorgeousness here http://www.flickr.com/photos/franie/279802508/in/set-72157594368076310/

  119. franie, His Gorgeousness is quite gorgeous indeed!

  120. Did you see the bunny’s fur?! I really hope its name is Napoleon.

  121. That was the best minute and half of my life.

  122. The…the…the EARS! And…the…TAIL STUB!

    *diez and is ded*

  123. OMG that was just the cutest little bunbun EVER!! And yes, for some reason.. the owner being a guy does make it cuter. I guess cause we’re all so trained to seeing guy’s as being the uncaring, hard, masculine types that it’s just nice to see that guy’s can have that soft side that likes cute things as well 😀 heh

    Anywho… I wish I could have a bunny, but BF doesn’t like them and I know my dogs would probably eat it if we ever tryed to own one.

  124. The bunny is adorable, especially with the great big male hand next to its tininess. And I LOVE Pamela’s story about her husband calming the bunnies. I want to marry a guy who would do that.

  125. I am rendered helpless

  126. EEEEEK!~

    I LOVE the bunny tiptoe… the “I’ve never been here before… must…be…quiet…not… alert… THAT SCAREY MONSTER!!!!” hop hop hop….

    the waddle reminds me of a little hippo.

  127. Late in commenting but I cannot stop watching this little guy 😦 I love that he walks on all fours and they way he twitches when he’s touched.

  128. I had one of those when I was little. I didn’t play with him much, and got lazy about cleaning his cage. I always think back on my pets that I had on a child with sadness; one day, I’d like to get another one, and take excellent care of it, now that I know better.

  129. Pamela: What a sweet story! I had no idea buns could be that sensitive to human emotion. We all assume this is the domain of cats and dogs only. However, it is my understanding that if you hand raise buns and handle them a lot when they are babies, they do indeed make excellent pets.

    My ex’s brother got a rabbit for his kids but they left it in a pen all the time and then wondered why the rabbit scratched their kids every time the kids tried to pet them. They were very “duh” when it came to animals. And, of course, one day the bunny was just gone. I’m sure they just put it out in the country some where.

    The wife of my ex’s brother (same brother) also ran over our dog. Luckily, he survived. But they made no offer to pay his vet bills (he had to have surgery, etc.)

    And, oh yeah, I had to take their cat also (even though I already had two of my own) because they would not have her spayed. After I took her to the vet for the usual stuff, the vet informed me she had been pregnant. Although we are divorced, I still have her.

    Loving animals as I do, I CERTAINLY DON’T MISS THAT CLAN! They have no business having pets. After they got rid of their(1) beagle (which my ex had to take because – SHOCK – he was digging in their yard), (2) hamster, (3) bunny, AND (3) cat, they run out and buy a golden retriever.


  130. woops, cat was #4!

    I don’t know whether the poor golden retriever met their rather unrealistic expectations of pets because if he didn’t, I’m sure he’s gone, too.

  131. carolina, adult (adopted) buns can make *excellent* pets – check http://www.rabbit.org

    Also, rabbits’ personalities change as they mature. It really is impossible to predict adult personality from baby behavior.

    But the most important thing is that rabbits are *rabbits,* not cats, dogs (or whatever). The more we understand about them, the better we can be at helping them be happy, healthy companions.

  132. James Monroe says:

    those ears look extremely soft and cute and I want to nuzzle that bunnie!

  133. My eyes crossed like 6 times because of tha Supreme Cuteness of it all!!!


  134. He’s a wee morsel! I want to eat him!

  135. Carolina….i am sorry re: all the animals ((sigh)). yes, hand raised is best. B.U.N.S. (Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter) here locally has many needing rescue, that are full grown and potty trained and good companions! we got ours when our son and daughter in law found them (different times) running loose in the neighborhood. the little boy (now nutered) was tossed into the yard with a huge black dog (that chased him) when they took him back “home”….our son then asked the boy if he wanted the bunny, and the boy said “no”, and my son and his wife demanded the bunny! since they had some of their own, they brought him to us, and the rest is history! the little girl (now “fixed”) came to us almost the same way, the following year. we are now completely bunnyized and confirmed bunny slaves. all the wonderful information on the internet has helped us treat them properly, and learn to live with them on their terms, which is not difficult and very rewarding! the look on people’s faces when they see bunnies having free access to almost all our house is priceless!!! BUNNY’S RULE!!

  136. Awwww, wookit dee widdle bitty smoosh-bunny! Izzums so coot, yesh he ish!!!

  137. …and Teh Qte™ claims another one.

  138. *please* tell me mama’s nearby. That precious baby is *way* too young to be away from her long.

  139. What exactly is that sweet creature? Just a baby and/or mini bunny? (S)he hops, (s)he walks, toooo cute!

  140. Oh SWEET LORD. I saw the entire video just now – THAT THING IS AS SMALL AS MY HAND!!! I actually screamed “CoochieCoo” and other silly baby noises out loud!!! And and the part where the guy scritches his head –


  141. Yea Bunny Fiver (and E. Collison and Pamela)for setting the record straight on “cage protective” rabbits. I have worked with several abused rabbits – both as a foster and in our adoption center (www.saveabunny.com). I currently have a foster who was most likely thrown from a car and hit by his previous owners. After a week in my home, he no longer cowers and dodges when I lean over his X-Pen to pet him. Rabbits respond to love and patience, and some definitely take longer to “come around” than others, just as we all have our own time lines when it comes to recovery and broken hearts.

  142. you made my day, thanks! yes, bunnies need care, love and companionship…and to be loved on THIER terms! we do put ours in an X-pen when we go out, or sleep…because Nutmeg was nutered late in life and had a few litters and false pregnancy, so she thinks it is great fun to take the stuffing out of the couch…which is NOT good for bunnies! otherwise they are free roaming in our house, and wonderful friends and companions! the vet says she was loose for awhile before we rescued her…so she is skittish because she learned to dodge dogs and cats and cars and such…but she did settle down and is now really secure and friendly…even though a bit skittish. Bunners is just one big fluff of fun and happiness! (and an expert at talking us out of snacks!)

  143. omg, that is so cute, it hurst to watch

  144. Very cute…..but, you need to bunny-proof….lots of electrical wires accessable to the bun….they love to eat wires!

  145. This is the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen! Love bunnies! Oh, and yes, I thought of the same thing, watch the power cords with bunny roaming around! Thanks for sharing!

  146. it is so cute it is a bunnie

  147. yeah man thts a well gd video!

  148. ;_; that bunny is too young

  149. AngelsMomma says:

    Okay, I agree on how cute the bunny is. By the end of the video, I think it is sniffing out the best place to poop or pee! Looks like my doggies did.

  150. Cute men + little bunnies = pure rapture! 😀