Wicked Awesome

Ova heah, ova heah! So what if I took a digga! Y’wanna staht? I drank a buncha beah at tha kegga n ate a plattah wit lobstah rolls. Killa pahty down Cape I tell ya!HobieShout out to real Chowdahead Jalebee Larsbien and Cape Cod dog Hobie



  1. what time is it? Can people guess from the dial?

  2. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! I love the extra puppage on his sides and back! I need to squeeze!

  3. I should be doing exactly what he’s doing, just not outside. . . But, lawdy, that looks comfy!

  4. aaaawww…look at how daintily crossed his legs are!!!

  5. He looks so comfy … I’m jealous.

  6. chet's momma says:

    hee hee, hhuynh!

  7. chet's momma says:

    hee hee, hhuynh!

  8. chet's momma says:

    hee hee, hhuynh!

  9. chet's momma says:

    hee hee, hhuynh!

  10. chet's momma says:

    hee hee, hhuynh!

  11. chet's momma says:

    hee hee, hhuynh!

  12. the thing that amuses me the most about photos like this one is how puppies fall asleep in such odd positions. it looks like he just passed out mid-fetch or something. i bet he’s even snoring! look at his mouf!

  13. musicchick2 says:

    I’m tempted to very carefully place a little, um, loincloth on him. *looks up in wide eyed innocence. Blushes* 😉

  14. ooh, what a snorgle-able belleh!!! i wanna kiss that lil Labbie and smell that puppy breath! so cute!

  15. Eeeeee! 😀 That big smile 😀

    Despite the title “wicked awesome” I didn’t pick up on any accent in the caption till a 2nd or 3rd reading, lol.. Yay Boston(ish) accents

  16. That pic either caught Hobie mid-rollover with high-speed film, or he sure does sleep funny!


  17. MC2, I have a nice pair of bowser trousers…

    (motions to rack – not THAT KIND)

    … maybe in collie-ester, or what about just a pair of boxers?

  18. Meg’s back; hoooooray!!!

    I’ve had SEVERE withdrawal symptoms these past couple of days;

    this pup’s waaaaay too cute for words …

    love him, love him, love him, love him, love him, love him, love him, love him …

    in all his innocence

  19. oh i wish i could cuddle with that lil’ baby it’s soooo cold and i bet he is still in that always warm puppy stage

  20. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Love it when their skins are still too big because they haven’t grown into them yet!

  21. Puppy. Sleeping.

    Snuggle snuggle snuggle!

  22. Took a digga? ‘Splain pls!

  23. Down THE cape. It’s never just cape 😀

    But this dog, he is so beautiful! I want a Cape Cod dog…


  25. That’s it. I’m calling for a Puppy Porn category. Seriously. In addition to this post, it includes:

    June 26, “This was me all weekend”

    June 10, “Fanilow”

    Mar 1, “Oh Puh-lease!”

    Feb 28, “Who owns this blue couch of Fabulousness?” and

    Feb 14, “Leesten to thees, my Babies”

    More than enough for a new category or rule of cuteness. 🙂

  26. Is it just me, or did this puppy fall asleep while doing Yoga?

  27. Looks like it was another great party at the Kennedy’s.

  28. MC2, Aubrey – “Loincloth”, “bowser trousers”, or a “merkin”? See: Pupzillian

  29. Catman Dude says:

    For cryin’ out loud, put some pants on!!!

  30. slackin’

  31. Heeeee! Wrinkly forehead!!!

  32. I think puppers fell asleep in mid frolic…at a clothing optional resort. Let it all hang out, peeps. It’s natural.

  33. Cute doggy… but as a Bostonian, I must make some corrections to your accent:

    1. I never heard the word “digga” before.

    2. It’s down THE Cape, not down Cape.

  34. mouse – I don’t know if you spend time around small children, who tend to stumble and fall? And the moms and dads say, “Woah, didja take a diggah?”, or, to explain the boo-boo on a child’s face, “Yup, Tylah took a diggah.”

  35. Wow, I wish I could achieve that supreme state of relaxation!

    Oh, and this puppy is adorable, splayed legs and all! 🙂

  36. I agree with Mouse, it’s always “down THE Cape” and what in the heck is “digga”.

    Otherwise, wicked awesome puppeh – splayed out belly and feetsies are quite silly.


  37. Heehee! Pupster is just a sack of skin encasing bones and fat. Dat’s why he’s ultra-flexible and looks like he was just dropped into position.

  38. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolls!!!!!!! So cute!

  39. Kris in NE — see Pyrit’s explanation; it’s outrrageous Bahstin-speak for “faceplant”.

  40. Theo – Thanks. I am not in the mood to haftah roll the scroll bar for ’em.

  41. And no more whingin’ about ‘the’ Cape. JEEPAHS! Meg’s *back*, give her some slack.

  42. Way too cute for words… way to tired on my end for something witty to write

  43. Yep, just like a frat boy that one.

  44. I agree about the yoga thing. Maybe its not sleeping, maybe its transcending this plane to upper planes of super consciousness….

    OOOOOOOO that puppy is sooo cute! *snorgle*

  45. That pooch is doing a spot-on impersonation of my husband after a long night at work! Only he’s much cuter… (The dog, that is!) *LOL*


  46. jaypo – And *where* would you “beep” this puppy???!

  47. Well, the puppy can be au natural, but just don’t send us any pics of your hubby in that postion without his pants
    on, please and thanks, D2D! 😉

  48. That pup needs a good chest scritching, and a big smooch planted right on his lips! As for a “beeping”….I don’t think I would.

    Hey, youse guys, I keep hearing the word “whinging”. It means whining, right? Is it a regional thing to say whinging?

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    I always thought whinging was Commonwealth for whining. I don’t think we Yanks use it anywhere…

  50. “whinging” is definitely Canadian and UK usage.

  51. Awww, my dog used to look like that! lol. She’s still cute, but not puppy cute. (shh, don’t tell her I said that!)


  52. It’s not fringe,
    You’ll find “whinge”
    Look in Roget,
    From the UK.
    Or, Merriam-Webstah,
    From U.S.Ah.

  53. Lauri sez: “Well, the puppy can be au natural, but just don’t send us any pics of your hubby in that postion without his pants
    on, please and thanks, D2D! ;)”

    *SNICKER* *SNORT* Hubby would KILL me if I DID! Plus, let’s face it…*it* is cuter on the puppy. Human ones? NOT so much. *LOL*


  54. ROFL….I’m with ya, there, D2D!!

    And, pyrit, what a wit!
    Not a twit, not a bit!

    When it’s data
    We are seeking,
    pyrit’s greatah,
    and needs no tweaking.

    *Thumps head on desktop*

  55. My only wish is that I could see his big floppy earsies!

    (Man, I said “earsies.” CO is taking over my life. :P)

  56. DAWGS are the CUTEST

  57. Um. Debowchery. That crotchitude should be pixelated. I have an impressionable young pup in my lap right now.

  58. Pervert!


  59. Don’t fear, Tracy.

    I, too, added nosicles and schnozzles and kronsches and anerables and snorgles and baroos to my vocab and almost no one in my life thought I was any weirder than they had before.

  60. To take a “digga”: a term often used by “Southies” to describe falling; ie “I tripped and took a wicked bad digga”.

  61. that “Wicked Awesome” post was “wicked pissah!” now theah’s a pup who is sawrin’ wood.

    (grew up on the North Shore…)

  62. As a Cape Codder, You’d be suprised how few of us have the accent. Its more Boston. The closer to Boston, the less R’s. Thats the way I look at it.

  63. That’s the coolest dog I have ever seen.

  64. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Man I wish we had grass to spral in right now. It’s -33C here today.

    *cranks up space heater and curls up with dogs and hot chocolate*

    Bah. Humbug.

  65. if reincarnation exists, I want to come back as a big floppy lab puppy.

  66. Anon — if you ever meet your genie, you *might* want to be a bit more precise in your wish wording. You don’t want to end up a boneless laboratory specimen, do you?

  67. I want to kiss that puppeh right on the little seam under his nose…is that weird?

  68. I LOVE HIM!! [singsong voice]

  69. NebraskaErin says:

    I wish I could do that RIGHT NOW.

    There is nothing cuter than sleppin’ baby animals.

  70. Yeh, he’s a wicked little critta.

    I always understood “digger” to refer to bicycle accidents, like when you’re going too fast and try to turn on a patch of sand.

    But then I’m in SE Mass, not Bahstin.

  71. Imma dreamin’ Imma flopped down crashed out honkshuhin’ right next to fluffy pup

    WITH my pants on.

  72. Theo – HAHAHAHA.

    OK. I take it back. I want to be a big labrador puppy with floppy tendencies.

  73. This just made my very crappy day bright and shiny! Thanks Meg!!! My yellow lab still sleeps like this and it’s so damn cute! He happens to weigh 95 lbs, though, so the takes up a lot more room. 😉

  74. Miss Bear says:

    Oh his face! His sleepy little face! Tis too much =]

  75. So cute! This little snoozer is a perfect candidate for http://www.sluttypuppy.com!