What’s up Bun?

P1010408Praying bunage seems to be a trend, a small fluffy trend. Nice one Heather S!



  1. Me play hide n seek wif Napolean too!

  2. bebeh

  3. Put that camera away! I just woke up, and haven’t put my face on!

  4. flash is too bright for bunneh eyes!
    so cute!

  5. such sad buns these days.

    what is this world coming to?!

  6. Don’t look, Ethel!

  7. Maybe he has sleepies in his eyes, from the Sandman!

  8. He’s all: “Oh, noes, I lost a contact!”

  9. hrh.squeak says:

    “Please let this be the day I get onto Cute Overload – oh noes, wait, I’m not ready!”

  10. looks more like defeat to me

  11. Tony James says:

    (with apologies to Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn, & Anni)

    “Bunnage bunnage bunnage,
    Lots of pwnage,
    In a cardboard box.
    All the things I’d pray for
    If I had a little bunnage
    lurking in my socks.”

  12. Tony James says:

    Raymi – defeat? No no no, dose are de paws – defeat are at de odder end.

  13. Bynnys:”The light! THE LIGHT!”

  14. “Please, please..? I’ve been a good bunny all year! All I want is some carrots for christmas.. Please santa?”

  15. That bunny looks kind of like what I do when somebody turns the lights on first thing in the morning… “TOO BRIGHT, TURN IT BACK OFF!”

  16. iloveusame:) says:

    dont listen to Him…you dont really have to play that last chapter of his insane play…it’s just a play. you are writing your own movie.dont forget that.my little rubbing bunny.

  17. iloveusame:) says:

    and saying that…i realized that is exactly what He wanted me to say.Anyway hope you read that play, it is my only insight into what He is trying to do. And i dont agree with the end. I surrely not. But it will be over soon, we are at the last chapters…

  18. Eet ees a washing bunny.

  19. Not to be confused with a washing *machine*…

  20. iloveusame:) says:

    we will both make it in the end.

  21. “…and please give me a mee-lee-ohn dollars and large pectoral muscles.”

  22. iloveusame:) says:

    i am your friend.

  23. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    firefinch said: “Don’t look, Ethel!”

    “It was too late. She’s already been mooned!”

  24. Now I lays me down to sleep
    I prays the peeps won’t make me keep
    on prayin’ to the Lord above.
    I’m tired and sleepy and need some love.
    Gawd Bless MummyBun and PoppyBun and all my bun brudders and sisters….
    oh, and Gawd Bless CO, too.

  25. MEL- omg Thats hilarious! I love ren & stimpy, the old ones I mean, the new ones were sort of … sucky…
    This bunny however is NOT sucky, it is toooo cute and I must stuff in my mouth at ONCE!

  26. Deja’s prayer reminded me of one from Not That Mike The Other Mike. I haven’t seen NTMTOM around much. Anyone else know anything about this disappearance? Or maybe I’ve missed any recent sightings…

  27. …ninety-eight…ninety-nine…one hundred! Ready or not, here I come!

  28. I can’t count how many times this site has made me consider adopting a bunny or two. Except I’d give them not a concrete cage, but a clean litter box and soft fluffy places to snorgle all over. And I would feed them organic carrots and take lots of pictures. Ahh, this year I will be a home owner and I shall make a bun-bun so very spoiled.

  29. I think he looks embarassed that he lives in a cardboard box.
    cute 🙂

  30. GiGi…
    Buns are tons o’fun! (watch the carrots though…high in nat.sugar)

    The praying bun pose always makes me think they are sad…except when my bunny does it, then i know better….

  31. pardon me whilst I go finish taking my spelling lesson…

  32. Teeheehee TJ!

  33. Jenne, no worries! Bun’s always make people twitterpated!!

  34. TJ!! ROFL!!

    I wanna…a..a..abba…abbbaaa….abbbun!!!

  35. Jaye, that is exactly what I thought…all the other buns are running to hide!

  36. Bunny believes…
    As all of them do, in the Immaculate Bun-ception.

  37. +1 to firefinch and FENM for being as old as me to remember “Ethel being mooned”.

    I think this is a seeeepy widdle bunrab. Yawn.

  38. I think bun is saying, “Oh, crap, you doofus. I said to cut the RED wire. Now we’re all going to die!!!!!”

    Maybe. Just an idea.

  39. err, hate to disappoint you folks, but teh bunnage is washing its face, as a thinker said. Normal behavior and all that – rabbits are as fastidious as cats re. grooming.

    ( )
    ” “

  40. I know you are the ultimate in bunnage, EC, but that’s not what the song says.

    Ahem…apologies, also, to abba, and thanks to TJ for the insp-ear-ation.

    Tonight the Super Floofer Bun is gonna find me
    Hiding in the den
    I hide, she counts to ten
    She finds me, then I hide again.

  41. Bunneh: “My God – I’m in a BOX! Where do I hide? HOW can I hide?!”

    (covers eyes in anticipation of sudden onrush of kittehs – whose cardboard box sensitivities are highly developed, as has been CO proved:


  42. E. Collison … thank you master of the obvious.


  43. At least you’re alert enough to recognize a master, MmmKay.

  44. I thought Ethel had gotten a free shot too…hehe.

  45. ummmm, zing?

    you da man!

  46. Thanks, T. I knew you would show up fer that. 😉

  47. Teho – Defender of teh Peeps

  48. I thought Samuel was Defender of Teh Pepys…

    (runs and hides before the PunPolizei come along)

  49. OK… maybe I should at least say this much:

    MmmKay — thanks; I am.

    Everybody — for the indeterminate future, expect me to have the claws out more than I normally do. If you didn’t already know, I *am* a fully-empowered site mod, and I’m disinclined to tolerate fux0ring ’round right now. We’re grownups here, or close enough; we all know how to behave. Okey dokes?

    Enough of that. We now return to your regularly scheduled buns and puns.

  50. They are even cuter when they clean their ears. My big bunny gets so into it he actually falls over.

  51. Theo-

    If you’ve got the buns running on a schedule then you are truly Da Boss.

  52. uh oh, are silly german accents still allowed?

  53. iloveusame:) says:

    who is in the cage with the bunny taking the picture…that looks like an awfully big cage…

  54. Ok, this isn’t bun related, but it made me happy- I love pet/human reunion stories!

  55. Arbed – I guess you roll the dice and take your chances, huh?

  56. I think it’s a fence, not a cage.
    Buns nibble and chew, so even if you let them more or less loose in a house, you still probably have a few areas you’d like to keep unchomped.

  57. Lauowolf:

    Wouldn’t it Benito if we all could be Da Boss? But you’re right, T. is the only one.

  58. iloveusame:) says:


  59. iloveusame:) says:

    maybe he is shy….na! he is way to cute!

  60. ohhhhhhh nooooooooo – TEEEEJAAAYYYY – help!!!!

  61. I for one appreciate Teho’s role as Peep Defender, or site moderator if he will, but it doesn’t sound as cool.

    It’s always nice to know that he’s ready with the CO Smackdown if someone gets all snippity. It keeps Nuffer numbers low. And if someone calls you some kind of a twit (I can’t even remember what kind exactly), you can just sit back and know it will all be taken care of.

    Huzzah and puddins’ to Teho!

  62. Hef no fear, KittinKapitan. Ve hef prepard for zis verrrrrry eventuality. As you ken see from zese plenns (unrolls map), from vichever direktion ze Overloaders deploy zere much feared PeepDefenderTeh0PanzerFaust(tm), ve hef placed landpuddinks at strategic access points. Zis vay ze PeepDefender vill be distracted und ve ken kontinue unser plen of Liberating Ze Kittins!!!!

  63. Shanchan, love the kitten reunion story 🙂 and close to home, for me.

    And thanks to Teho for defending the peeps.

    And love to the bunrab and thanks for info from my non-cousin the bunrab master (mistress?) and ..
    I guess that’s all.

  64. Teho- Peep defender!

    (No pirate jokes, people. C’mon now, we all know where that leads.)

  65. i’m in ur box
    praising the jeebus

  66. “I thought Samuel was Defender of Teh Pepys…”

    TJ, a dire-y fate awaits you if you keep on with that kind of talk.

  67. iloveusame:) says:

    Beware of the power of bunny cute:)

  68. Herr KittinFuhrer – mein hero!

  69. iloveusame:) says:

    Poof.brain dead must go take nap.nighty,nighty lovely bunny:)

  70. Praying? I thought he was ‘It’ for a hide-n-go-seek game.

  71. useta hada kitteh says:

    Whatever the reason for the eye-coverage of this bun-bun, he is mighty cute.

    Today, I was decorating my workspace at work (duh, where else would a workspace be?) and decided that the toy bunny and toy lambs from my Easter decorations could join the snowmen and tree and things. Then I started thinking about the Whiskered White Rabbit of Christmas legend (a legend I haven’t quite made up yet), and decided there needed to be a song. Not surprisingly, the song eventually turned into a CO type song, and so I wanted to share it with y’all. This seemed the appropriate picture to append it to. I’m no Aubrey, but, here goes…

    I’m dreaming of a white bun-bun,
    Just like the buns I used to know,
    With the ears all furry,
    And tail all blurry,
    as he goes hopping through the snow —
    (hop hop hop hop hop hop hop)
    I’m wishing you a white bun-bun
    Dressed in a fuzzy bun-bun suit,
    May you find prosh noses to toot,
    And may all your Overloads be Cute.

  72. TJ, me lurves teh Pepysing Samuel joke!

  73. Oooookay…

    Not a fence, or a fence of sorts. Behold Princess Blackie’s NIC condo:


    Most of us bunrab peeps build ’em, ’cause they’re sooooo much cheaper than decent cages (which are *not* sold in pet stores…).

    And teho and peeps, thanks for watching my back (everyone else’s, too).

  74. Useta:

    The first of our Cutemas carols.

    I propose that we go CO Cutemas caroling, asking no more than a ramekin of puddin for our troubles.

  75. “I can’t seeee you.. You can’t see meeeee!”

  76. [listens to Useta, and can almost imagine Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye crooning their way into the hearts of the Haynes sisters. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… 🙂

  77. I loved those Haynes girls: their voices were silky AND smooth and no matter what happened they were always ultra-cheery.

  78. (I hope the 45 record is over so I’m not interrupting)

    I missed a lot. Good, funny, creative Peeps.

    Theo – Kin we be yuh Deputy Dawgs? Uh, not that you need our hep, oh my Lawdy no. Jes fuh ‘muhgencies like. Naaahhh, I thought not. Welp, jus’ soes you know, weah behind yuh, an’ “Thayut’s all ah have to say about thayut.”

    Useta – You win the prize for the Cutest song!

    Shanchan – *Where* do pirate jokes lead?

  79. musicchick2 says:

    Useta – *applauds*

  80. Wow…I think I just overdosed on cuteness.

  81. Pyrit — well sure. Just so y’know, though, one power I’ve NOT been granted is the issuing of sidearms (or admin passwords). That’s for the Sheriff’s discretion only. So, within the limits of that charter, heck, the only thing left to do is the puddin-dunking & depu-tizing.

    PS — pirate jokes lead straight down the plank, natch.

  82. Oh, it’s so cute I sqeaked! He looks like my dear departed bunny, Cupcake. He’s also a fair representation of my current state: that is, “please please please let me pass my finals.”

  83. And I was totally about to jump in with a “I’m in ur ____, _____ing ur _____.” comment, just because I missed most of the fun and games in a previous post, and here CP goes. *throws up hands in mock exasperation*

    I’m in ur threadz, posting ur grand ideaz, indeed.

  84. lurkertype says:

    The only thing Cuter than that bunrab is usta’s song!

  85. “Come out with your hands up! Oh, wait…”

  86. Yay for small and fluffy!

  87. hrh.squeak says:

    Heya, E to the C, I’m dead jealous of the bunrab condo. I spent All Day yesterday looking online for a new cage for my ratties. Pffff. And the grid on the bun condo is too big for the ratties, even my big fattie rattie.

  88. Denise in Nebraska says:

    The bun’s “Will Work For Food” sign is just out of the camera’s range, on this shot. I’ll feed you, little bun!! Would you like to mow/eat my lawn, or warm my feet up, this morning? Would you like to be paid in cash, or in carrots? Oh–you’re welcome. Please don’t cry. I know you are grateful. :^)

  89. “Damned peep-arazzi…”

  90. useta hada kitteh says:

    Thanks to all who liked my song!

    As for the bun-bun up there, I’m leaning toward the hide-and-seek explanation. “One, two, four, six, ten, ‘leventy-leven, ready or hop, here I come! Wait a minute, I can’t see nuthin’! Oh, yeah, take paws off eyes…”

  91. (\_/)
    (> < )

  92. A little late on the draw here–kudos, yes, to Teho for keeping us clear of the nuffs! Thanks, t!

  93. useta, great Cutemas song!

  94. NebraskaErin says:

    *melts into a puddle o’ goo*

  95. I’m sorry to get political here, I realize it’s a no-no but I can’t help meself:

    I think bun-bun just got through watching Tony Snow’s latest press conference.

  96. hrh, I hear ya – try a search on “cavy cages coroplast” (or something like that). the idea came from GP peeps, and some even use it for hedgehogs, so there *must* be sources for grids that would work for you.

  97. carolina, LOL! do you, perchance, mean this one:

    and btw, I realize this site is “all about teh cute”, but I can just see the bunneh sitting at the press conference, and…and…the image is just *too* perfect.
    thanks! I shall have a grin all day just thinking about it.

  98. hey it’s bunnicula … he doesn’t like light dontcha know


  100. mariser: I was thinking about the one before that but this one’s just as bad. So I think making this precious bun sit through such a thing can only be described is animal cruelty at it’s worst!

    ; )

  101. Dayum, that’s cute. My Millie is still that cute, and she is an adult. Hah! I bet you’re all jealous!

  102. hrh.squeak says:

    Yes. Yes, Arvay, we are sick jealous of you and your Millie and your Doofusbun. Thanks for rubbing it in . . . 😉

  103. Ner, ner, ner!

  104. so cute! ^.^ *pet pet*

  105. Martha in Washington says:

    useta-that is now my favorite Cutemas carol, even above The Boss’s “Santa Claws is Comin’ to Town”.