Smoosh him? Kiss heem? Smooosheem keeeeeshem?

Smlan2006751With a name like Custer, it has to be good. Kees him!



  1. Must KEES him ovah and ovah

  2. lurkertype says:

    KEEEES his widdle face for DAYS!

  3. *squee* I lof keetens!

  4. Awww!! His little patterned belly is DELISH!

  5. CrazyDiamond says:

    The tiny tiny claws!!!!!!!!!

  6. Can I adopt the little kitty? 😀

  7. Awww…
    Come on …
    Don’t look at me that way …
    ::looks into big blue eyes:: …
    I can’t take it anymore …
    ::Huggles and smooches::

  8. “Put meeee down! you’ve snorgled meeee eeeenough!”

    How prosh…

  9. Sooo cute!!


  10. Christabel says:

    Maybe he’s like one of those stress balls that you squish when you feel tense. I need a kitten ball to smoosh and kiss.

  11. *chomp* …delicious!

    I’m lovin the spotty tummy. <3

  12. oh it’s a pocket sized cuddle baby!
    you could take him everywhere for some travel cuddles!

  13. I’m in ur heart, stealin’ ur soul

  14. PS – welcome back Meg….. we missed you much

  15. I had a baby just like that… and I dunno what happened, but now I have a 12 pound attack monster – who’s sulking because I took the hummingbird away. Mustve been the formula…

  16. You forgot the blow bubbles on his little belleh option.

  17. Wow, what a beautiful cat. It looks like a baby snow leopard or something. So cute, too.

  18. He must be a boy cause he has a tiny mustachio!

  19. OMG…*faints*

  20. “I’m in ur heart, stealin’ ur soul”

    luv it chilli….

  21. jackie31337 says:

    Aw!!! So cute! Watch out for those little claws though. My 3-year-old daughter won’t touch kittens now after she held one and experienced its little velcro claws.

    Drude: “I had a baby just like that… and I dunno what happened, but now I have a 12 pound attack monster”

    That’s pretty much the way I feel about all cats. I love kittens, but then they grow up. Why can’t they just stay that way?

  22. When everyone else turns away (OK, really unlikely), I will remain Custer’s Last Fan.

  23. Oh, Aubrey…Custer’s last fan! I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

  24. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Why would anyone smoosh that cute widdle kitteh…?

  25. Gimmmeeeeee
    smooch smooch

  26. Aubrey, that was amazing.

    I wanna rub my nose against that blurry little belly in the background. XD

  27. Jackie, I feel exactly the same way about children. The kitten’s adorable though.

  28. Estelendur says:
    Couldn’t resist. 😀 (Also am new.)

  29. musicchick2 says:

    Oh my goodness! Teeny tiny baby kitteh! He looks so fragile & helpless..*takes my finger and very gently strokes the soft downy fur on his forehead, nose, tummy-tum-tum *faints*

  30. Cute kitty, but not happy kitty! Claws out, dude, let go of me, like right now!

  31. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Estelendur: So true!

  32. This much cuteness should not be legal.

  33. Ooooooo teeny tiny tigger kitteh, kees kees kees


  34. Kissy kiss!

    Awww, cute baby.

  35. Baby baby kitten! I want to cuddle and snuggle and rub my cheek on his fur.

  36. Awwwwwwwwww – I just LOVE the “bear ears” that all bebeh kitties have.

  37. Ooh, I have just the place for him in teh crook of my elbow!

  38. Cat, no. Effryone knows that the place for this wee one is right up by *my* neck. It’s purrfect.

  39. He’s all, “You’re not my mommy. I think. ‘Cause I really can’t see very well at this stage of the game. But you definitely don’t smell like my mommy.”

  40. It’s laundry day today, sigh, think I’ll check CO first. Heavy Duty Cutie Washing Instructions: Needs a little spot remover, no softeners yet. May need Bounce later. Gentle cycle.

  41. Look at those teeny tiny claws!

  42. My 12 pound attack monster (actually 13 and 1/2 pounds last vet visit) still has an adorable baby face and still melts my heart every day. She walks up and settles herself on my pillow and then starts her “grin and purr right in Mommy’s face” routine. If you have to wake up in the morning, that’s the best way!
    But yes, that little Custer is a yummy nugget of kiss-faced delight! And he has an extra-yummy tummy!

  43. *squeee!* Oh he’s adorable!

    I want to cuddle him… this is the perfect start to a Tuesday morning 😀

  44. OMG, how old is that wee little peanut?!?!?? S/he is cuteness, personified. Or animalified. Or whatever. 🙂

  45. We miss our fosters.
    *I* miss our fosters.

  46. I’ve bottle-fed a couple of orphaned/abandoned kittens, and while they are super-prosh, they are LOUD! You can’t believe the racket one of those babies can produce!

  47. It’s ALIEN KITTY!

  48. He can steal my soul any time.


  49. omg, I *never* had any babehs that young…
    I miss my babeh fosters too…

  50. Hey Theo – If a certain marmie ever gets a little clingy, try some Bounce. That will put a bounce in your step. Heh, heh. Betcha nevah bounced around those before, Mister.

  51. Look at those paws and claws! Is that actually a pussy domesticus or is it a teeny-tiny feral beast?

  52. [smacking forehead]


  53. O

  54. OMGOODNESS!!!!!!!!


  55. Awww …. that’s about how big Xena was when I found her — maybe 8 to 12 days?

    Love the yummy yummy spotty tummy.

    As for cats versus kittens, I love ’em both — there are pros and cons to every age — but I was surprised to find out how sweet a really senior cat, like over 15 years old, can be.

    I love all the stages of their lives. But let me tell you (as I sweep up the remains of the beautiful pot where the African violet used to live), your *stuff* (and your toes) are safer with an older cat. Yeahhh… I gots a little Kitten Rash on my legs and ankles right now …

  56. iloveusame:) says:

    i though i would see an ordinary tabby with white paws, a slender young gentleman…but this look more like…A crouching, fluffy, brownish-grey cat that is stealing up the side of the fence…am i right? Cute, nonetheless…

  57. I’m keesing, I’m keesing…!

  58. iloveusame:) says:

    purr..purr Jaypo!

  59. Ya know, given that color pattern, with that hint of orange among the gray, “Custer” may actually be a “Custress”. This could be one of those soft gray torbies.

    (Oh, Lord, the miniature ears are *killing* me!)

  60. Widdout a doubt, this is the fuzzy-wuzziest noggin mound I have evar seed! Snorgalicious times 10!

  61. C.O. – you do a great job, but hows about a bit more “belleh shot” – we are seeing jist enuff belleh here to tantalize us, but not enough to snorgle our monitors over. Sender-inners, on pics as cute as these, please PAN OUT to include maximum belleh shot! Thank you.

  62. Kees Heem before he claws yer eyes out!

  63. Carolina — what about the paws? The schnoz? And oh mah lawz!

  64. He’s getting a good clear look.
    He’ll be able describe his kitnapper to the authorities later.
    Mom is soooo going to get you for this.

  65. Bad name, fabulous kitty! I wish to tuck him into my shirtfront so I can get time-release cute all day. I don’t even mind the tiny claws.

    To think, my 30-lb Godzilla-beast used to be one o’ those…

  66. Theo: My comment was in no way intended to detract from itty-bitty paws, the teeniness of which is underscored by the size of the “holder’s” hand, as well as the distinguished brown nosicle there. No, indeedy. I could look at this all day.

    But I guess I’m just getting greedy. I want teh belleh, too cuz I’m guessing it’s just ripe for some well-intentioned raspberries!

    Thhbbbbpppptt!! **kitty feebly squirming to get away from freak blowing baby raspberries on teeny spotteh belleh: rasp-bellehs!**

  67. That sweet little face!!!


    /rub itty bitty tummy gently…

  68. I wanna burwy my face into his widdew miwk-bewweh and just spend hours sneefeeng his wispy fur! *reduced to baby-talk*

    Somebody mop me up pwease? I’m a puddle of squee…


  69. The name Custer is vewwy nice,
    In General, as a Last Stand.
    He looks more like Vincent Price.
    Or the Archduke Ferdinand.
    David Niven, Errol Flynn?
    Don Juan, Genghis Kahn?
    Clark Gable, Yosemite Sam?
    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.
    Captain Sparrow, Johnny Cash?
    I gotta get over that mustache.

  70. T. sez “We miss our fosters.
    *I* miss our fosters.

    aww. I miss your fosters too.[sigh]
    stay strong, stiff upper lip and all that. think of the future fosters! they may even be…dare we dream…


  71. CF,
    my symphaties on the passing on your beautiful African violet (and pot). but rest assured, Xena has thwarted some evil and nefarious plot by said innocent-looking African violet.

    however, can you imagine how mnay laughs Amber is having now?

  72. Fuzzzeee fuzzzeee!! Nawm nawm nawm….. What?

  73. TeratoMarty says:

    This kitten seems suspiciously large and spotted. Is it a baby leopard?

  74. [intermission clap for Pyrit]

    …I’m not big on golf.

  75. *prostrates before Pyrit*

    The dreary winter has arrived – alas!
    We know all good things must pass.
    Yes, T-O, we miss teh Doonces too,
    But YOU can snorgle Bounce & Spot when you’re feeling blue!

  76. …true

  77. ShelleyTambo says:

    T-o, I know the feeling. I left my foster boy at the shelter while I was away for Thanksgiving, and a rescue swooped in and took him. Best all around, I guess, since he didn’t do well at the shelter, but he looks so scared in his pic on the rescue site that I’m about to start bawling.

  78. Can not fathom golf. I am not puttin’ you on. Wait! Tiger Woods. Now there’s cute!

  79. Okay, was I the only one who thought of this guy when I noticed kitty’s leetle moostachies?

  80. HeidStar – Salvado-ray Da-lee. Si, si. From CAT-alonia. Famous of zee flying kittehs.

  81. ROFL, Renee…Cute Angina.

  82. I love how round the top of his head is. 🙂

  83. Tony James says:

    KittinKapitan! Ve mussen make mit ze preparation fur ze Schnorglekanonen to be liberating zis hostage of ze LoadingOver! Mach’ schnel’!

  84. Schnell zees, schnell zat – pppppffftttt I am on zee brayke – MIT KITTEN!!! hahahhaahahahahahahhahaha

    hokay, I ham not gut mit ze lyingk – to ze Schnorglekanonen!

    Herr KittinFuhrer, haf you tseen ze new puddingkpultingkthingymasheen?

  85. LOL at the ages of cats… I had a scared little feral black mouse, then I had a la-di-da bad-attitude young teenage kitty, then last week she suddenly figured out how to suck up to Mommy. I love it when adolescent cats turn around like that; it only takes a few days and then they are lovebirds the rest of their sweet lives. Hooray 🙂

  86. ohmydoodness!!! whatta tootie!

  87. Farshtaist? A breyte daze hobin! A glick haf dir! A tisket a tasket oh bla di oh bla dah a weem o wep a weem o wep!

  88. ROFL.

    Yep, yep.

  89. “I love how round the top of his head is.”

    (looks at Dali photo again, shakes head)

    I dada-oubt it.

  90. Teeny baby kitty with very sensitive eyes and someone picks up this kitty and flashes a screamingly bright light right in those teeny sensitive eyes.

    Makes me unhappy. If you must take pix of the bebeh kitteh, please put him under natural light.

  91. Oh fer cryin out loud.

  92. chilli

    “i’m in ur heart, stealin’ ur soul”

    i think i love you.

    that is the greatest comment i have evah seen on CO.

  93. Chris Johnson says:

    Im in ur Cute Overload
    about to go MEER MEER MEER MEER MEER


  94. Rich Fader says:

    Keess heem and smoosh heem now, because he’s going to be a big boy when he grows up.

  95. Y’know, one of these days I’m going to get through the screen and snorgle the fluff out of these wittle critters!

  96. awww, what a purrrrrfectly cattastic kitteh <3 Me wants cuddleh that kitteh all day long <3

  97. Smoosheem, keesheem? I’m going for both: SMEESHEEEEEMMM!!!

  98. NebraskaErin says:

    Holy ear-to-head ratio, Batman!

  99. cutiepiebarley says:

    Spider cat,
    Spider cat.
    Climbs on the walls,
    And ruins your flat.

    Sthewiouswy. We gots some serious wall-scratching material thar. *nodnod*.