Rare Hamraku Spotting

Roving Cuteporter Chief Sister Officer spotted this two limbed nugget nestled among the astroturf lined shelves of Tokyo toy mecca Kiddy LandImg_1060_2Calling all Japanese Cuteologists to translate exactly what this little dude is up to here! Arigato!



  1. Awww, it’s Mr. Capibara. I never thought the world’s biggest rodent could be so cute!

  2. hm, that cute toy actually does look like a hamster!

  3. Yay, it’s Capybara-san, a giant capybara who is exceptionally lazy and adorable.

  4. How does that thing manage to be so adorable? I want one!!

  5. Capybaroo?

  6. Lol, Subhangi!

    It’s hugemongous furry schnozz is quite huggable!

  7. He reminds me of the stuffed manatee i have. kinda the same shape.

  8. musicchick2 says:

    Hmmm…. methinks they are “scurrying” on the tryworks site. Or maybe they, um… vibrate??? ;-D Heh heh heh heh *evil grin*

  9. Dozo yoroshiku, capibarasan. *sa-no-ru-go-ru* (That’s snorgle in Japanese.)

  10. It’s another one for the “Just a head” category. Muy cute.

  11. HEE! XD I just saw this thing advertised like, two days ago, and I love it. It’s a capybara plush. Come ON.

  12. He’s like that lazy-ass panda from San-X (the poor Japanese woman’s Sanrio) that you see lolling all over the joint. …I think “arigato” means “very much,” though, based on my Japanese knowlege from “Mr. Roboto.” If so, you are speaking in reverse Engrish. So, excellent job all around. Domo!

  13. That’s truly adorable… any idea how to get one (I know someone who loves Capybera!)?

  14. Must put on my Christmoose list!!

  15. Egg Roll!

  16. [beep] on the nose.

  17. cokane-arigatou is the japanese word for thank you, not the other way around…thanks for reminding me of engrish though!

    cute..capybara (seems to be the consensus) although it kind of looks like a blob of soft

  18. If you poke around on that site, you find that they had a “Summer Vacation Contest”

  19. Domo Arigato Mr Roboto!

  20. Kinda reminds me of my much-loved purple ferret plush I got from Petsmart a couple guhzillion years ago… *squee!*


  21. 2Dragons…a purple FERRET plush…oooohhh want! want! well at least a photo.

  22. i must be missing something here…

  23. ah jaypo, you always make me giggle when you beep things on the nose 🙂

  24. i bought one. to my surprise- it squeaks! even cuter.

  25. The Guy Over There says:

    ! A stuffed Speak! And according to joj04, he actually does! I must have one for the sake of superheroic adventures against the naughty.

  26. ShortCakeSamba says:

    If anyone was curious about the description on the website:

    “Capybara-san is relaxed and goes at his own pace. In wide meadows/grasslands, he spends his day eating grass, going in hot springs and napping.”

    That’s the basic description. There’re a bunch of other cute things about him, like he doesn’t have a tail, he likes swimming “like crazy” in the onsen, sometimes he makes a lane/path in the meadows by eating too much grass, he doesn’t really get angry or annoyed with anything, and his talent is that he’s a pretty good swimmer.

    Oh, and I’m making the assumption it’s a “he”.

    Cheers 🙂

  27. I’m thinking capybara too, but I seem to remember that they were more of a disapproving sort (expressing said disapproval in a sort of capy-baritone, I always imagine):


  28. Gold star for “Capybaritone”.

  29. wow the drawingz on that website are addorable
    they’re little feets are all totetete
    scurry scurry, little tiny legs!

  30. thank you shortcakesamba 🙂

  31. “Eechie, nee, son, shee, go, roku, seechee, hachee, coo, joo! Weddy or not…” This ritter egga ror play hide n seek with Naporean.

  32. He squeaks? *sigh* I wish I believed in Santa.

  33. Lol, TGOT, superheroic adventures against the naughty! 😀

    shortcakesamba, such a nice description of Monsewer Capybaritone. Thank you!

    Capybara swims in the old grass swamp
    Eating all the reeds that he can chomp
    Sniff, Capybara
    Sniff, Capybara
    Gee, your nose is damp.

    Please pronounce damp as dawmp.

    Thank you!

  34. Lauri – Law-ree!!! Applawz!

  35. Lauri – I was thinking of you this weekend. As I sat at the Petco with my foster kitty, there were adoptable piggies there from the Humane Society too. They were two black and white brothers. Veddy veddy Qte! I was actually having insane thoughts… 10 cats and 2 guinea pigs… how insane would that be????

  36. Trin sez: “2Dragons…a RRET plush…oooohhh want! want! well at least a photo.”

    Actually, they’re one of the Petsmart line of dolls, like the red doggy and blue kitty dolls that are supposed to represent their logo. Last I checked they have the fertie, a fishy, and a birdy. I’m trying to find pics of them on the website, give me a little while and I’ll see if I can find one for ya! 🙂

    While I’m looking though, I came across this and it cracked me up:


    (yipes, that’s one long link! sorry!)


  37. D2D – that is hilarious! As it was loading, I saw the title first… pet chopper… I will not go into details on what horrible thought crossed my mind!

  38. Mee two, ceejoe. The other improbable thought was a critter-operated paper shredder…couldn’t fathom why…

  39. ROFL, cee joe, they DO need to change the name of that….pet hog, maybe???

    But, the toy itself, how hilarious is that? I am sure we will see someone’s ham on youtube in one, soon!

    As for adoptable piggies, I have friends calling me all the time whilst checking Humane society sites to tell me that there are G.pigs there!

    I have NINE, I think I have to quit adopting for awhile!!! 😛

  40. Hmmm…seems like the website doesn’t have the plush dolls. I don’t know if they were a limited-time thing or if they just sell them only at the stores.

    My purple ferret has been through all sorts of adventures–living in four cities, going on several camping trips, being my neck pillow when I gave birth to my son as well as his snuggle-toy when he was a baby, and now he’s the Mighty Violet Guardian of Zane’s Bed, Defender of His Master’s Dreams. He’s a little worn, his stuffing isn’t as springy as it used to be and his fuzzy hide has become faded and matted, but he’s one VERY loved little fella! 😉


  41. Ok, so you piggie people out there: how do cats and piggies get along?
    Can you let the piggies run loose without the cats trying to attack them?
    Or does it depend on the individual cat?
    And am I insane?

  42. …..as for insane….4 cats, 4 dogs, 3 goats, 4 chickens, five or six aquariums, 9 gpigs, 4 bettas….

    Nope, you are not insane in the least, cee joe! 😀

  43. Ceejoe–yeah, it kinda caught me off guard too…*LOL!*

    Lauri–if you’re wanting to do the whole biker thing, it’d be called a “pet hawg” instead… 😉


  44. OMG, cee joe, you DO have the bug!!! Lol!

    I keep the piggies in covered cages because of the dogs. My cats have never paid much attention to guinea pigs because they are not as little and twitchy as a bird or a mouse.

    We had a pig years ago in a huge open aquarium, and our kitten would jump in to visit, and play and then jump out again.

    I would never leave them unsupervised, though.

    Go for it!!!

  45. Thanks, D2D, I like to get my terminologies right! 🙂

    *practices* “Ahem, hawg!”

  46. D2D – What a wonderful life your plush purple ferret has had. I’m reminded of the Velveteen Rabbit – if you take out the sad parts that still make me weepy…

  47. So Lauri – Do you ever let them run loose? With supervision of course. Or do they get enough exercise in their cages?
    Would they leave little turds all over if they ran loose? :o)

  48. We bought Piggie Playpens (just wire fences which fold up when not in use) and let them tear around the floor, which is covered with four old bathtowels.

    Why covered? Cuz, yes, they produce waste products at an alarming rate!

    When they are done playing I roll up the towels, shake the pellets outside and then wash the towels with bleach.

    In the summer I have a pen my husband built that is covered tops and sides with chicken wire and allows them to eat grass all day long! I just move it around as they mow the grass.

  49. Lauri – how long would it take them to mow an acre or so? The grass around the pond behind my parents house grows extremely fast. I keep telling Mom to get some goats to take care of it.
    “But the coyotes will get them”
    “So get some donkeys to protect the goats”

    She doesn’t think I’m being terribly helpful, but I think those are grand ideas.

  50. AmyH, I saw a guy on TV who got a donkey to protect his sheep from coyotes. I guess there’s long-standing bad blood between that branch of the McCanines and the McEquines.

  51. sweet jane says:

    that pet chopper is a pretty darn good reason to get the pet.

  52. D2D – the hawg is hilarious! I’ve also seen a Volkswagen Beetle lookalike thingiefor hammies that I think would be great to see in action.

    A thinker – you were obviously thinking of another product for the CO dream office!

    Ceejoe – I dunno about the piggy/kitty interaction. The cat shelter I volunteer at has 80 cats, give or take, and we also had a cage with 2 degus (small, rat-like, Aussie, I think) that the cats usually ignored. Until one fateful night recently where they waited until we had all left for the night, somehow got the cage open, and KILLED THE DEGUS! AND ATE THEM! And these are sweet and docile cats. I was appalled.

  53. Well, not really *appalled* – I mean, I understand animal instincts and all. But still….!

  54. how can I get one sent to america? I really want one!!! anybody?

  55. Amy H – Donkey. OK. Or, Great Pyrenees, or Anatolian Shepherd. Maybe a donkey is easier to feed. Coyotes – shudder. If only coyotes were understanding of how beautiful goats/sheep are, or property limits, or dangling participles.

  56. Not to change the subject of anything, but I would love to know what’s going on in the lower left-hand corner of this page (capybara & spiky round ball – is it a hedgehog, by any chance?):


  57. does petsmart still sell the purple ferret? I would love one but cant find it anywhere online…

  58. lurkertype says:

    I’m just speechless at how the Peeps are really on fire, wit-wise, today.

    The Japanese are truly pwning us in Teh Qte. This lil’ chubster is anerable, nothing like the Disapproving real-life capys.

    There is a store near-ish me that sells imported Japanese plush toys. I must go there and see if they have one. If so, I shall [beep] his nose for Jaypo.

  59. lurkertype says:

    Ooooh, I wonder what CSO is doing in Japan (other than finding the kawaii).

  60. E. Collison – The spiky round ball is a sea urchin! So cute!

  61. Pyrit – Donkeys are actually common ‘guard dogs’ for sheep herds. They eat the same as the sheep, there’s no risk of them turning on the flock like with dogs (it does happen) and they can be as “ornery as snot” as my dad would say. They are effective at chasing off the ‘yotes.

    The sheep herd up at Michigan State has a couple of donkeys in its employ. I forget their names, but they are fun to see.

  62. Speaking of animals down on the farm, my neice is also trying to talk my Dad into getting her a miniature horse.

    When we were younger we tried to convince him we needed monkeys to help with the barn chores. Mom said the cows probably wouldn’t think that was as good an idea as we did.

    Okay, now I’ve frittered enough time away. Must go back to reading proposals. [Snore…..]

  63. hrh.squeak says:

    Oooo, E.Colison, did you know that if you roll your mouse over the little critters in that picture they start talking and moving and eating little grassies? And if you roll over the capybara, the spikyball rolls and says something? It’s all in kanji, so I can’t read it . . .

  64. joj04 i tried your email and it was sent back to me, so where did you get yours??????

  65. Caroline, have you ever been stung by a bee? (sorry – just saw ‘To Have And Have Not’)
    What I meant to say was, have you ever seen a sea urchin skeleton? Very delicate patterns and colors! Though when alive their spikes are VERY SHARP – boyfriend and his surfing buddies used to call them ‘spiny devils’, because their spikes went right through their wetsuits – HAH!

    Ummm…how’s Captain Capybara doing up there?

  66. Finally, a use for all those years in Japanese class.
    I’m in love with the screen savers found on this site.

    Mr. Zoo keeper is also quite cute.

  67. Cap’n Capybara is disapproving the fact that we got waaaaay off the topic which was, Cap’n Capybara! 😀

    And, to continue off topic, our chickens sleep in the goat house with the goats because last year something (possum or raccoon) broke into the chicken house and killed all the chicks who did not happen to be sleeping with the goats.

    I have also heard that llamas are excellent to have around to keep roving dogs, and coyotes out of a pasture.

    And, now we return to your capybara programming.

  68. juss for the record.. its Kapibara, if you were to spell it in English. There are no “c’s” in romaji. And if you were to translate it, it would REALLY be more like “Mr. Kapibara”… ‘san’ at the end is like our Mr. or Mrs. 🙂

  69. Lauri – I think AmyH was considering getting goats to chomp her pond grass (ah! that sounds awful! hee!)
    and her mom said coyotes would get them so AmyH said to get donkeys to protect the goats to which I suggested 2 dog breeds as an alternative to appeal to her mom whereupon AmyH replied again about donkeys, then mentioned monkeys and miniature horses and cows, for other reasons, and Aubrey replied about a bee and spikey sea urchins, then we learned even more about Japanese and finally the correct spelling of our friend, Mr. (C)Kap(i)ybara.
    So, what were you saying? Something about being off topic? Nooo. On CO?

  70. Pyrit – it’s like water cooler talk at our CO Dream Office! Yay for disconnected tangents!

  71. Oh, and about my pond grass? HAHAHAHA!

  72. “disconnected tangents!”
    …my trigonometry a splode

  73. Ah! Capybara-san! My friend Miru brought one with her when she stayed with us while studying abroad from Japan. とてもかわいい、ね?

  74. I’m back; had to leave early yesterday and so missed some of the tangents.
    And so back to cats and guinea pigs… I think I’m obsessed with those two piggies I saw. I was thinking about them all last night. What should I dooooooooo?????

  75. I think the two piggies are calling you, ceejoe…..hear them?

    ceeeeeejoooooooeeee, take us home and love us and feed us and we will squeak and eat tons of food and make tons of…oops, just take us hoooommme!

    pyrit, I had just swallowed a mouthful of OJ, thank god, or it was coming out all over the keyboard at the “chompin’ her pondgrass” comment.

    *snorkellin’ my way off to get something done*

  76. lol, thanks, Lauri…
    How big of a cage should it be for two piggies?

  77. Looks like it was I who spoke in reverse Engrish! (Yesss!) Cute Overload should go on a field trip to Japan to harvest all the kawaii!

  78. Um…..?? (LOL)

  79. I want one.

  80. Petco or Petsmart sell great cages, plastic bottoms with wire sides and tops, which are very handy. Light for cleaning, but covered for protection from predators.
    Also, Much better ventilation than aquariums. (an old, but not very good way to house piggies)
    I have mediums and larges…I think they are around 2 feet by 3 ft. …I can’t find a measuring tape *grumble grumble*

  81. Thanks again, Lauri. I’ll let ya know what happens… :o)

  82. Good luck! 🙂