Unclear on the concept

Um, will someone tell Lil’ "Napoleon" Kitteh here that Hide and Seek requires a LEETLE more than just covering your face with pawsitude?


Count up to 100 and start looking, Karina P.! ;P



  1. Now THAT’s Cute overload!!

  2. AWWWWW!!!! Peek-a-boo, baby!

  3. TastesLikeChicken says:

    You can’t see me!

  4. Lookit that little pink tongue!

    Too, too cute.

  5. chet's momma says:

    he’s washingk! wot a cutie!

  6. EEEEEEeeeeEEE! that’s so anerable! I wanna snuggle heeem!

  7. Pink puffy paw pads!

  8. I like how he has his tongue out to help him hide.

  9. omg…the tongue….THE TONGUE!!!! *dies*

  10. This just makes me want to ‘splode!!! lufff heeem

  11. nyan-kuch…

  12. Kitteh:”3…2…1! Ready or not, here I come!”

  13. “Mommy, liver for lunch again?!”

  14. obviously, he’s the one who’s counting! sheesh

  15. Flannel blanket, much larger cat to snuggle with…life doesn’t get any better!


  16. musicchick2 says:

    *rubbing sweep outta his eyes* Darn, and I was having such a gooooood nap!

  17. paw(s) over eyes is pretty much, in my opinion, the cutest thing a kitty can do

  18. The fuzzzz around each little arm, mid-lick! Pink jellybeans. [sighs for a keeten]

  19. iloveusame says:


    I can see you!
    And i know what you do!

    So put your paws on your face,
    and cover up your eyes.
    Don’t look until i signal!


    hehe, devo came in handy for once…

  21. iloveusame says:

    i might be blind but i can feel you…

  22. you can’t seeee meee. . . . I’m inveeeezable

  23. invisibleghost says:

    hey maybe it is crying cause it missed somebody…

  24. lurkertype says:

    Marmie kitten, wif tongue and paws!


    I gotta lie down for a while, peeps.

  25. *poit*

  26. My brain just asploded. So fluffy. Like an orange dreamsicle of fluffy. Yum!

    And that little pink tongue… OMG.

  27. No….actually he is laughing to tears cause i am tickling his tummy…tickle…tickle…tickle:)

  28. He’s “It”….counting to 10….mew, mew, mew, mew, mew (are you guys hidden yet?) mew, mew, mew, mew, and mew. READY OR NOT HERE I COME!!!!!!

  29. Ceiling Cat saw something distressing…

  30. Come here! Cum,cum:)


  32. Martha in Washington says:

    OMG! I thought I wanted the little kittie in the basket with Ernie but now I want this one!!! Whatever shall I do!!

  33. kittie in the basket has been roofied that why it looks so scared and mellow…this might be a porblem later…it might develop some weird behavior. Anyway kitty roofying should NEVER be allowed.too dangerous.

  34. and watching other people laugh about it makes you barf something a little less attractive than rainbow…

  35. Oh that is so cute! Just love the little tongue.

    I hate that Theo is missing all these adorable orange little kittehs and will have to play catch-up…..

  36. It’s just too cute! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  37. iloveusame says:

    I think that if i have to count till 2008 it will make more than up to 100…teary eyes….

  38. aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
    i can sleep happily

  39. *snorf* *snuggle* *sigh*

    When did they start breeding kittehs especially for CO?? Dibs on one from the next litter!

  40. What a little muffin.

  41. Teh tongue how it keels me.

  42. Um, wow. Napoleon? That kitty is so not a Napoleon.

  43. squeeeeeeeee! the leetle tongue and the leetle paws. so cute!

  44. Marni's bubbe says:

    Lil pink tongue
    lil pink tongue
    lil pink tongue

    Oh my!

  45. My Emma does this move when she’s napping and you disturb her too much or the light gets too bright– sort of a self-face-squash. Except, I must say, her’s is even cuter, because she always does the full on crossed paws hide your eyes move. It never fails to slay me.

  46. So.
    Anybody got a guess as to what just became my desktop wallpaper? C’mon, guess.

    [snortle] THHPPPPPPPPPPPT!

    And I’m curious about Li’l Threebert Hidey-Pants’s gray-coated companion, too.

    Wow, I’ve made it a whole three sentences or so without any diffic

  47. *

  48. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    I think I squee’d myself.

    **brains poufs away into a ball of squeeness**

  49. The cute paws.. >.< '' *dies*

  50. You can hardly see momma(?) behind Napoleon! I just noticed the fluff behind him, and if you look right, you can see her whiskers.

  51. Lol, Carrie, you squeed yourself! Gahaha!

  52. necksnoffler:) says:

    honestly, i dont give a damn about ANYTHING you guys could have made up to make this sweet … it is just sweet you know like anything pure that is only yours and everything at the same time…like a dream you keep under your pillow…like a little treasure,,,but heck it’s too bright and it got to shine and i am happy for it!awwww!pleaSE LET IT BE! free of me or anything… it can live on it’s on it will fins it’s way…trust it!

  53. AWWWWW, so cute! My little Summer does this same thing, when she’s sleepy…usually it’s a long streeeeeeeeetch, followed by one front paw curled over her eyes, and the other over her little pink nose. 🙂 Warms my heart’s cockles, I’ll tell you!

  54. Napoleon has just met his Paw-terloo.

  55. I just got a serious case of AWWWWWWWWWWWWW’ness…
    Dat dar’s one cute critter, ya!? <3
    And teh tounge makes him even cuter…
    Can’t… resist… the cuteness… aaawwwww *dies*

  56. I think little kitteh was tired and just wanted to take a little Nap-oleon. No one has told him that impromptu sleeping during Hide and Seek will result in immediate Disqualification and EXILE.

    And THEN he’ll be toast.

  57. NebraskaErin says:

    I think we’ve found the way to world peace. Show everyone this picture.

  58. the little mouf and little chin!

  59. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    I am thinking of selling all of you CO’s my new hygeine product.

    “Squeepends” They help control those uncontrollable “Squee” Accidents that everyone on here seems to be having….

    Are YOU wearing your Squeepends?

  60. Looks to me that someone has had enough of turkey leftovers already!
    That little tongue action is absolutely A-DOOR-A-BULL!

  61. EEEEK! Widdle tounge!

  62. Estelendur says:
  63. Estelendur says:

    Or, alternatively, I are sleeped…

  64. Estel — what about “i are slepping”?



  66. elena Raguseo says:

    oh,thats so cute I love kittys!!! XP

  67. That is beyond adorable. 🙂 The paws *and* the tongue. I have two friends on Live Journal having b-days tomorrow. May I use the picture to make an online b-day card for them? I’ll include a link back here in my post.