The Orange Menace!


Marissa R., A star is born



  1. Orange menace is right!!!

    Little thing’s a holy terror!!!

    /grin. They are all so cute at that age thought….

  2. and…first!

  3. ***

    fluff-tocks …


  4. aah yes. I had one of those when my kitty was small. A whirlwind like the tasmanian devil in the looney tunes. exhausting for all the other animals in the house. They grow out it though, just like toddlers. phew.

  5. Momma cat is all, “Oh no, who gave the kids caffeine? I said NO caffeine!”

  6. Big kitty is very, very patient. Gawd bless her….

  7. Kimberlin of Doom says:

    Props to the oh-so-patient tabby cat. I can so relate to him. I teach middle school, and my students are at Level Orange Kitten all the frickin’ time.

    I am not as patient as tabby cat.

  8. I love that bit where the bigger cat swipes the orange’s back leg from under it. XD

  9. The look on the tabby’s face on the sofa:

    “Oh ba-rother”

  10. Oh yes. That brings back some memories, especially since the big tabby is the image of my Minsky.

    Minsky acted, with a pretty good grace, as adopted uncle to a couple of equally insane ginger kittens. One of them was a bit hazy about biology, so you could just *hear* Minsky saying, “Listen very carefully. I. Do. Not. Do. Milk!”

  11. Oh yes. That brings back some memories, especially since the big tabby is the image of my Minsky.

    Minsky acted, with a pretty good grace, as adopted uncle to a couple of equally insane ginger kittens. One of them was a bit hazy about biology, so you could just *hear* Minsky saying, “Listen very carefully. I. Do. Not. Do. Milk!”

  12. The soundtrack is the best!!!!

  13. Isn’t anybody else worried about what happened to the camera crew? For all we know, the person might not have survived and that Marissa might indeed be The Orange Terror trying to send us a message.

  14. I’ve never actually posted on here before, but I think it’s definitely necessary here.. so so cute!! 😀

  15. Perfect thing to have running through my mind on the way to bed. Brings back fond memories of when my monsters were little and hyper.
    Will share the link with friends in the morning.

  16. AAAAAAAHHH!!1 It’s so cute I can’t breathe!
    Looks so familiar, too, with the kitteh endlessly pestering the elder cat, who just patiently starts washing the bebeh. <3

  17. AAHHH!! Attack of a marmie-vanilla kitteh!!!

  18. Oh, that is wonderfully funny… I remember the hyperactive stage quite well… I used to have a picture of what my home office looked like after the Twin Tuxedo Terrors went on a rampage, and it’s not pretty. 😉

  19. Awww <3
    That was probably the cutest Fluffy-Orange-Disasterarea-of-Doom I’ve seen in quite a while <3
    I luf me some cute kittehs ;3

  20. I swear I thought creamsickle kitteh was going to climb the leg of the white socked dude at the kitchen counter? Why? Cause its happened to virtually everyone in my family when we had kittens in the house.

    And yes bless that sweet and patient tabby!

  21. Squeeeeeeeee! Such a cutie! And what a patient friend he’s got! That totally made my day, thanks!

  22. Brandi lee says:

    I have 8 of those toddler kittens running around my house right now LOL send help

  23. I love the part where the terror is in the middle of the kitchen floor, looking around, considering what sort of mischief he’d like to get into next. Also, the tabby just holding him is wonderful. “Just stop, baby. Baby. Stop. Shh.”

  24. OMG AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! What a sweet fluffy orange kitteh! And the tabbie’s so cute too!!!

  25. Brandi lee!!! 8!!!??? Do you have a house left?

    Go Little Menace, GO!

  26. useta hada kitteh says:

    I, too, was certain the baby would climb that blue-jeaned leg. None of the kittehs I had would have missed such an opportunity. When they’re on the couch, the patient tabby looks like it’s thinking “If I close my eyes, maybe it’ll go away…sigh…whatever…”

    Love it!

  27. Little bebes gone wild… PERFECT way to start my morning! Thanks!

  28. *Runs in circles giggling like a dolphin on helium* I love the lil creamsicle kitteh! He looks precisely like the olive monshe-ing Taz (RIP). Taz was more of a lounge-monkey, tho, unless he was startled. That tabby cat is beyond patient, except for that dirty look from the couch: “A new kitten. Oh, how lovely. What the aitch-ee-double hockey sticks were you THINKING!”. Bahaha…

  29. that thing is the bouncey-est little kitty i ever did see…


  30. I lof it! The floof, eet keels me. I loves da kitters…and what a patient older cat!!

  31. What a cutie-patootie! And the teeny orange patootie is such a cutie, too!

  32. I’m going to keeel you! Now I’m gonna roll around! Now I’m gonna eat your toes off!
    What an energetic little fuzz-fuzz.

  33. this made me fucking happy first thing in this cold morning!! thanks

  34. Love Gabe’s “What did I do to deserve this?” expression. Reminds me of a mama tiger at St. Louis zoo years ago. I got a photo of her walking around a bush and one of her two bouncy kids jumping out onto her head, and her “oh, gawwd” expression is priceless– poor woman would have given anything for five minutes’ peace.

    The little bouncemonster looks like our Robin– four years old and his life slogan is still, “What’s under HERE?!” The scary thing is that he HAS slowed down; he used to be like this!

  35. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! When the hand picked him up – he’s so -tiny- still 😀

    Also, that song is now stuck in my head. *grin*

  36. Good editing, sound track fits well!

    Oh, yeah! Was that momma cat, or a long-suffering former #1 kitty? Poor girl! On the bright side, a spunky kitten can rejuvenate a bored older cat. Great film, all around!

  37. OMG that little dewd is hilarious! He’s gonna be huuuuuuge…I picture my former work kitty the 27 lb Big Guy like that as a kitten. Floofy & feisty! Now he’s a big ole grump!

    I love the shot where Gabe has him in a headlock like ho hum…this is the only way I can keep him from bugging the poop out of me!

  38. When you sleep Nermal….when you sleep…..

    I think that’s what the big kitteh is thinking.

  39. Oh my god……

    FLUFFIEST little kitten EVAR! i LOL’d when he charged the camera XD *sighs happily* I love them when they’re at that age…

  40. Man that kitty’s like a lion cub! ‘Cept floofier. And that video was super adorable Elyse. I find it funny that the cat hasn’t changed a bit.

  41. honest to pete – LOL to the posted one and the link from Elyse – what a cat!

  42. musicchick2 says:

    My favoritest EVAH is the stage where kittens do the poofed-out-sideways-crab-walk-aren’t -I-scaaaaaary routine. Endless free entertainment. I’m so glad the tabby (Momma) is so sweet and patient. That little guy is BUSY!

  43. musicchick2 says:

    Brandi Lee – OMG! You must be giggling your ass off all the time! Well, except when you’re detaching them from the curtains. 😉

    *Runs in circles giggling like a dolphin on helium*. Inktupbbw = Now THERE’S a visual! LMAO!! Oh yeah, and the soundtrack TOTALLY makes this video.

  44. Beside himself with fun! Oh to be happeh as a kitteh. Older friend is so calm and patient.

  45. soooounderstanding says:

    i think that kitty is just lonely,it would not feel so alienated if it had other kitty to play with…

  46. LOL I dunno Soooo, that momma cat seemed pretty playful to me. :p

    Besides, kittens are ALWAYS little terrors at that age. Any kitten owner can tell ya.

  47. LOL that was exactly like my two cats when Sophie arrived on the scene.

    Sophie: Play with me! Wrestle! Play! Fight! Climb! Plaaaaaaay!!!

    Sebastian: Dude, I am 12 years old. *bodyslams kitten* Stop. Right. Now.

  48. Awww!!! Kitten Crazies!

  49. Yeah, I can’t believe Creamsicle didn’t climb that leg! She’s going to lose Hyperactive Kitten points for that.

    Xena (whom I sometimes think of calling “Xenu”, instead … let’s see who gets *that* one …) is in this stage, only at 9 weeks, she’s leaner, longer, leggier, and eleven times as crazy.

    Xena would have climbed the leg. Xena might have even bitten the crotch.

    The Xena/Prudence (older shelter cat) relationship has become very friendly, similar to the one in this video, except every now and then, after hours spent tenderly washing Xena and patiently enduring her many raids, ambushes, and assaults, Prudence will absolutely *WAIL* on Xena’s teeny little tuxified ass.

    But Prudence is usually protective of her, and will let us know if Xena is in any perceived danger. When we gave Xena her panleuk injection in the neck skin, and Xena yelped, Prudence ran to put her arm around Xena, licked the injection site, and stared at us balefully, as if to say, “You *monsters*!”

    When we locked Xena in the bedroom briefly, so we could stuff the Thanksgiving turkey without stepping on Xena … again …, Prudence did the “Lassie” thing, running from the closed door back to us, yowling with worry, repeating this process until we finally let Xena out.

    I’m a little concerned that Xena has begun growling at Prudence at the food bowl, and Prudence, four times her size and at least a year older, defers.

    Ah well. I’ll try to get some video of the two of them.

  50. michellemybelle says:

    If all menaces were as cute as that one, bring on the terror!

    CatFreak – Tom Cruise will show up on your doorstep if you rename the kitty – don’t do it! 🙂

  51. CatFreak, I love the Xena/Prudence stories. Keep ’em coming anytime.

  52. iloveusame says:

    who would ever want to roofied such a cutie patootie! so sad!

  53. So Cute

  54. Hee hee!

    I don’t know which one I liked better, the charge-pounce of the camera, or the random attacking of human feet.

    And yeah, that older cat deserves a medal of honor for putting up with all that. I especially loved the ‘maybe if I hold her down, she’ll stop’ part.
    Nice try.

  55. I loved it when the bigger cat held the kitten down to lick it. So cute.

  56. Heather Giraldo says:

    HEY!!! I was about to post this!!! O_O

  57. > ‘maybe if I hold her down, she’ll stop’

    Yep. Prudence does this with Xena, sometimes. Just reaches out a paw and kind of staples the little writhing Xena to the floor for a while.

    I don’t think cats can sigh, but … Prudence looks like she’d be doing a lot of heavy sighing, if she could.

  58. lurkertype says:

    I LOL several times at this. I wish things were going this well here — HRT is still grrr hiss at TK. No leeckingk here.

    CatFreak, cats can mos’ def sigh. HRT does it about TK, at exactly the times you’d expect if they were human.

  59. lurkertype says:

    OMG, I just watched the full-grown version and I’m all verklempt. The Orange Menace looks exactly like our previous kitteh. We got him at 7 months, so we have no pix/video of him as a teeny kitten. So this video shows us what he’d have been like. Sigh.

  60. We had a brief interlude when my sister’s kitten came over to play with our two 6 year old cats. They didn’t play, though, they ran and hid while the kitten terrorized the house.

    Even though Squiggy and Gesundtheit out weighed and out muscled the kitten

  61. KOD I think you just invented another CO-ism: Level Orange Kitten.

    My fav is when the little taz rushes the camera.

  62. That orange fuzzball is a walking disaster hazard! Just imagine the chaos it would let loose if left alone in a supermarket! 😀

    Our cat Vodka used to be like that. She’d keep on attacking beercans and whiskey bottles for no reason. Right little menace!

  63. iloveusame says:

    yeah…i dont understand why kittens get so mad at trash sometimes…maybe they want to help you clean up the neighborhood so it can be safe.

  64. OMGp0ni3z! says:

    in the scene where the orange cat was like attacking the other one that was trying to sleep for a moment when it looks up at the camera and shot to possible phrases through my mind:
    “dear god save me”
    “for this, you die tonight”

    it was a perfect moment, the kind where you really wished you hade a really awesome camera.

  65. i bet this little marmazmanian devil plays a professional grade game of toe-mice.

  66. OMGp0ni3z! says:

    sorry peepulz, bad grammer back there… sorry

  67. Ah, the orange menace looks just as fluffy and cute as my Lint ball did when he was a runt. That little fuzzmuffin grew up to be the longest, sleekest cat I’ve ever seen. Yet, he still has a poofy tail. How odd! And he torments our blind dog whenever she walks by, and any human legs are fair game as well. That kitten is too adorable 🙂

  68. that was so freakin cute!!!

    that kitty would drive me crazy though

  69. Trooper has a song for everything…even bouncing orange kitties!

  70. Your kitten gets mad at trash?

    Xena gets mad at bath water.

    She loves to jump in the tub when it’s empty, and then “ski” down the sloping back.

    She becomes really annoyed when I have *water* (and myself) in there, ’cause … she likes the tub, so it’s *hers*, right? To play with when she *wants*, right? And I have no right to crud it up by pouring *water* in it!

    When I let the water out to the point where it’s only 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the tub floor and maybe half an inch deep, she’ll jump into the tub, stalk up to the edge of the receding water, and hiss at it and swat it until she “chases” it all down the drain.

    Then she looks extremely proud of herself. She has kept that horrible Water at bay!


    She’s mental.

  71. CatFreak, she sounds like Nana the hamster on Baruchito’s Homecage, fighting the evil curtains. I guess only our furry pets cat truly see the nefariousness of our household mundanities.

  72. My cat Heidi has dedicated her life to killing rugs – she flings herself sideways at the corner of any rug she can find and does the manic kick and rabid glare until it’s subdued. The bathmat is especially vulnerable. And rolled up rugs are the target of especially violent attacks, as well as a great place for claw-sharpening. I thought I might stop her by getting a bigger rug, but she’s not afraid of it – the rug must die!

  73. Ah, now, see, Prudence, my older cat, is also a great and mighty Rugslayer.

    She likes the rug in the bathroom, ’cause she can run down the length of the hall to pick up momentum, then leap onto that bathroom rug and ski on it, right into the cabinets. Then she flops on her side, grabs the Rug of Evil in her paws, wads it up against her belly, and, with her eviscerating back feet, teaches it a lesson it won’t soon forget!

    We’re lucky we have these excellent protectors of our homes, aren’t we?

    Now … if I could just figure out what the cats know about that poor little African violet that I don’t …

    I checked. African violets are not poisonous to cats, but these two cats are turning out to be poisonous to this African violet. 😦

  74. omg, that revenge video was hilarious too!!! He is definitely gonna be as big as my former work kitteh. and FWK used to bite the other cat too, just like that, only the other cat wouldn’t stand for it like Gabe the angel, heheh. a little disappointed the piggeh & bunneh didn’t get credits!

  75. iloveusame says:

    it’s not the little african violet that scared the cat but the torns that are hidden under it…

  76. iloveusame says:

    who would hide torns in a soft african violet…

  77. Now this reminds me of when we brought Mr. Bounce home. RAISE A LITTLE HELL!!

  78. Okay, I just watched the second video…
    That’s not a kitteh, it’s a VAMPIRE!!! Best to sleep with garlic necklaces, people.

  79. iloveusame says:

    Jeremiah(in the revenge of the Orange Menace) is like this mysterious breed between my own two favourites pets…a dream come true!

  80. iloveusame says:

    dont listen to Patrice, he is trying to keep Gabe under his own bite…:)cheers bro!

  81. “Like a dolphin on helium” giggle giggle lets see how we can use this in a sentence…. my kitty squeeks like a dolphin on helium??

  82. hahaha!lol!Rosie! she does,she does…

  83. Lol, Catfreak! “teaching the bathroom rug a lesson it won’t soon forget”! Hilarious!

  84. Actually I think Heidi may have a bigger, more noble vision. You see, I love hand-knotted rugs and have started collecting them, which could quickly escalate into a very expensive habit, except I always keep in mind that my cat will be attacking it several times daily, so I don’t buy the really nice (expensive) ones. So she’s actually saving me from myself. How very noble. What would I do without her? I’d just be a sad, lonely, shell of a person surrounded by antique chodor chuvals and yomud asmalyks.

  85. SO CUTE!!!!

  86. I also love it when a kitteh attempts a cam slam: when there’s no defence for the lens.

  87. Reminds me of when Havok was a baby…. oh wait… he never grew out of that. Aptly named.

    “Must not throw the kitten into the wall – must not throw the kitten into the wall – must not throw the kitten into the….”


  88. Given the proclivities of my two new cats, I suspect we will *not* be getting a Christmas/Yule tree this year.

    Or maybe we could get one, and leave it bare … or decorate it with feathers, and catnip mice, and those stand-alone blinky battery-operated light toys.

  89. CF: I can’t believe I was able to find this:

  90. Okay, I think some of the “baby photos” from fluffytails belong on this site. ADORABLE.

  91. Ah, God, Aubrey! Fern and Iris *really* did a number on that tree.


    If I put one up, I’ll use nonbreakables, and try for “before” and “after” pics.

  92. the orange menace and revenge of the orange menace are two of the best kitten/cat films i have ever seen. when i saw the orange menace i was just imagining how beautiful jeremiah would be grown up. low and behold, revenge was there and he’s just as i imagined and still adorable and lovable and the tabby (sorry, can’t remember his name) was just as patient too. these cats are very well taken care of. thanks!

  93. […]Extraído de Cute Overload[…]

  94. OMG, kittens: adorable, but not so bright no?

  95. you are a animal abuser that was a cruel thing to put that small little bundle of fluff on the tunnel and then rool it off! also you probably forced it to do those tricks

  96. …oh, brava. Brilliant. Whom are you even talking to, anyway? Me? Marissa R? Anybody who reads this? Cute Overload? YouTube? The larger cat? Chuck Norris?

    Eat paper and fart piñatas, Jessica.

  97. Julie Raven says:

    Jessica obviously has never owned a cat, and nor can she recognize CAT TOYS. I think if they were DANGEROUS for kitties, they wouldn’t sell them. Goodness gracious, all of these “animal abuser” posts are ridiculous– animals are more resilient than you think, people, at least on THIS website, are definitely not cruel or else WHY WOULD THESE THINGS BE POSTED, and you would be able to TELL if the animal was upset– this little kitten looks like it’s having a BALL.

    I speak from experience.

    😀 gorgeous, precious, little baby <3