Oh, Hello

Um, Exsqueeeeeeeeeeze me? I’m trying to watch TV here fr crying out loud.


Thanks, Sender-Inner Tamara and "Smitten" the Kitten



  1. oh my!!!

  2. Humm, new category of “Kitten in a crotch?” 😉

  3. littlespank says:

    carefull it could bite…better be nice to it:)

  4. da na na na na na (batman theme)


  5. iloveusame says:

    that is cute:) my cat likes to hang around my neck while we are watching movies:)

  6. Catman Dude says:

    Balls? I don’t see no balls!

  7. Catman Dude says:

    It’s thw warmest spot in the house!

  8. Is that a kitten in your pants, or you just happy to see me?

  9. Let’s hope that kitten doesn’t decide to start kneading all of a sudden….that’s an awfully sensitive area to be making biscuits!

  10. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Kimberly said: “Let’s hope that kitten doesn’t decide to start kneading all of a sudden.”

    [winces, crosses legs]

  11. noharmthere says:

    Berry berry cute kitten. Feet? Not so much. hmmm….

  12. iloveusame says:

    i am in ur pants warming yur unmentionable:)

  13. sweet jane says:

    iloveusame, HAAA!

  14. I didn’t know that Hobbits had kittens. LOL

  15. I can see Hobbits having kittens as pets, Faye. As long as you don’t mean “Having kittens” as “giving birth to kittens.” Which is just wrong. After all, Hobbits were pretty agrarian. ..
    On the other hand, “To have kittens” can be an idiom for getting really mad, flipping out, or going crazy. So maybe that’s what you meant.

  16. oh, is this All Kitten Saturday? Yay!

  17. invisibleghost says:

    Right now it is thinking…Please dont fart!

  18. lurkertype says:

    TK does this to me, all the time.

    Big HEE! to iloveusame.

  19. Yes, miss souris, there needs to be a new category of “Kitten in a Crotch”! Kaboodle does this all the time with us.

  20. I’m offended. This objectification of men must stop!

  21. why…is somebody sooo grumpy he does not like seeing people having fun…

  22. Tank…*snort* LOL

  23. To: Cuteologists
    From: chunkstyle
    RE:New Category Suggestion

    How about Cats ‘n’ Nads?


  24. ROFLOL!!!!

  25. musicchick2 says:

    Oh my! *fake shocked look* 😉

  26. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    chunkstyle said: “How about Cats ‘n’ Nads?”

    “Cats N’ Sacks”?

  27. Fish Eye, I approve the proposed amendment.

  28. Lol…yeah to the guys standing up for thier rights!

    This pic gives a whole new meaning to “hairball”.

  29. I know everyone noticed the cute cat and the almost equally furry feet, but what about the HEART PRINT PANTS this guy is wearing? Extra cute points? I think so.

    *Agrees with proposed Cats’ n’ Sacks cat-egory*

  30. iloveusame says:

    i think the cats n sacks wants to be pet and play with a little, thats why it is trying to get your attention…just sayin….

  31. little gator says:

    that can’t be a man. Men don’t have, um, pussycats in their crotches.

    I’m surprised no one else was piggy enopugh to say it.

  32. iloveusame says:

    hmmm…what about hermaphrodite…and angel…and gentleman:)

  33. That cat has rainbow eyes.

  34. I think this is illegal in 37 states.

  35. lurkertype says:

    I <3 Caturday!

    I kinda like “Cats N Nads” but “Sacks” is okay.

  36. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I came up with “Cats ‘N Sacks” because it rhymes with “Cats ‘N Racks”. ^_^

  37. guy with a pussy?

  38. “Cats n’ Sacks” it is.

    And I heart the polka-hearted PJs, too.

  39. reanimated says:

    cats in laps!

  40. Very fine jim-jams there, I do hope that kitteh doesn’t decide to pounce, knead or do anything else painful – they do have such an unerring knack for doing so.

  41. There *is* an English idiom that is, “the cat’s pajamas”, meaning, “excellent”. Over 40 comments here and it hasn’t been used yet. Seems to fit the photo but maybe I’m old fashioned and the idiom is pusse’. 😉

    (I’m trying. This *is* a tough crowd. Ohhh, maybe it’s out of towners for the long holiday weekend?)

  42. Doh! sorry pyrit – didn’t even occur to me – you’re right it’s very applicable -it’s the politer version of ‘the dog’s bollocks’.

  43. Two Sheds Jackson – You are the cat’s meow.

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    A marvel of science: He’s got a pussy and he’s got a heart on. (Well, several hearts, actually.)

    Okay, sorry! I let it go for two days…then I just couldn’t restrain myself any longer.

  45. Nice pants. Love the hearts on it.

  46. Ok, everyone wants to call it ‘cats & sacks,’ but what about when they’re in ladies laps? Could that be categorized as ‘The *other* pussy’??

  47. Well! The comments and new category ideas sure do keep groin and groin.

  48. Ok, thanks to pyrit, this just occurred to me.

    This guy better be careful or he is going to get a purr-nia.

    Well, that was a real groiner.

    The holiday is over, people. Help me out, here.

  49. Lauri – Hee! “purr-nia”!
    Would it be an a-cute purr-nia?

  50. If he’s not real careful, he may get cat-strated…

  51. and i thought bunny slippers were a campy christmas present…

  52. AuntieMame – What a cutting thing to say. ;-p

  53. Kitty Nut-cracker!


  54. iloveusame says:

    i would like to tell my L.A friends i saw them for what they where…little pawsitude…oh…god we are soooo lost arent we…but i really heart you, but i am not saying iam any answer in any of it…please understand…WE are the answer…please understand…WE.

  55. iloveusame/kurukulla2 —
    What the heck are you talking about? And can you do less of it, please?

  56. I guess it would have to be Cats n’ Laps if where going to be all politically correct and stuff.

  57. The cat’s got yeems & the pjs gots yeems!

    I don’t even know what that means.

  58. Isn’t Smitten a little young to be so crotchety?

  59. And I HATE pop-up nads!

  60. Sheesh. I go off and return to the workforce (Hints: Major retail chain, smiley face ads, vests with “How May I Help You?” on the back…) and what do you kids do while I’m gone?! Make raunchy jokes and generally act like a bunch of sex-starved thirteen year olds!

    Darnit, I missed all the FUN! 😉

    P.S.: I heart the heart-y peejammies! As for the very toasty kitty, it just goes without sayin’ that he’s a very good-looking anatomical accessory, yanno? *GRIN*


  61. BunnyBooBoo says:

    it’s a fur ball

  62. no, it’s a pussycat…
    first time I ever saw a guy with such a cute pussycat <3

  63. musicchick2 says:

    Aybrey – D’oh!

  64. musicchick2 says:

    Oops… Aubrey… but you knew that, right? 😉

  65. iloveusame:) says:

    sorry i might of suffer from acute cuteoverload…i will restrain myself now:)

  66. there is an HOT PINK muppy here:


    Number 7 in the photostream.

    this dog is even cuter than the Harajuku Pup-a-ru!!!

  67. Meg :-)(singsong) – Let the wine snorting resume!(holding up a bottle of Chateau Lafite Bordeaux) THIS *can* be yours if you uncork some fresh Cute for us. Please?
    OR, (holding up bottle of Boone’s Farm Cherry Hill) this?

  68. “The cat’s got yeems & the pjs gots yeems!
    I don’t even know what that means.”

    ceebs, it meens they have yeems.

  69. I like the man feet too.

  70. Esther — Yeeeee-ikes! Not right! Not right!

    Ceebs — YEEMYEEMYEEM is the electric humming sound you hear when the capacitors in your cat’s eye lasers are charging. Duh.

  71. iloveusame — OK, *that* I understood. Carry on.

  72. Vas ees “yeems”? Ech farmisht “yeems”?? Ei! Ei!
    Doh, er, zazzen uffda wha hey. Eizel farshnickert. Doz iz alts.

  73. y’all are just too funny!

  74. pyrit, imagine a B-rated horror-space-invasion B&W flick from the 1960s. The ship has landed. A hideous creature emerges. You’re cowering in the bushes, spying on it with your best friend and when the alien sees you, his eyes go YEEEM, YEEEM, YEEEM. You.are.pwned.and.in.his.pwr.

    Fast forward to CO in the early 2000s. Everything is color. Your cat is on the floor, begging for a different plate of better food. He looks at you. His eyes go….

  75. Theo, iloveusame should get a pass on a couple of strange comments because “I am in ur pants warming ur unmentionable” is classic!

    Everyone, should we have a contest re “I am in ur ___ ___ing ur ____” while we wait for new cute?

  76. I dunno, I think we could just tighten this up to “I *am* ur harbl” and be done.

  77. Teughcats:
    I am in ur browser, erasing yr bookmarks.

  78. http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/11/oh_hello.html#comment-25756855
    Just noticed that Miette posted the link to that OTHER photo like this. (YAY!)

    Man, I don’t have to do ANY work, do I??

  79. I have loads. And yet I’m still here.

  80. Laurie C – The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll have to catch up!

    “Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.” ~Author Unknown

  81. I can see a bunch of college guys hanging this picture on their buddy’s dorm room door with the caption: “This is the closest that Matt will ever be to getting a pussy near his crotch!”

  82. How about “CATS N’ PACKAGES”

  83. musicchick2 says:

    *pouts & hands Meg a steaming hot cup of hot cocoa* Wake up, beeyootiful!!! We need our new cute fix. PWEEEEAAAASSSEEE??? *batts eyelashes at you, begging sweetly* (Honestly, I hope you had a GREAT, relaxing long holiday weekend).
    *batts eyelashes at you, begging sweetly*

  84. musicchick2 says:

    Dang! I HATE it when that happens. (Grumps off to make coffee to wake self up!)

  85. Ol' Blue Balls (fka Tony James) says:

    I don’t mean to alarm anybody here, but…
    …you’ve all seen the movie Alien, right? Where the thing incubates in John Hurt’s stomach and then busts out? Looks like the Interstellar Kitten Federation have seen the movie too, but got the incubation point just a little low. Which explains why the legs in the picture are horizontal – the kitten has just burst out of this guy’s [ahem] causing him to die of shock. Kitten-related havoc and mayhem will ensue.

  86. oh, and my comment wasn’t directed at anyone named Matt in particular. It was just the first boy’s name that came to my mind.

  87. The entire alarming scenario sprang whole into my mind at “You’ve seen the movie Alien, right?”
    The only thing I’m curious about, though, is the “face-hugger” bit.

    PS — I’m down with OBB (yeah you know me)

  88. Meg – Sigh, waste not, want not! (clankety noise, twist-twist-twist-twist-twist, pop, clink, glug-glug-glug, clink, pause, sip.)

  89. ‘Morning, peeps. It’s 9:30AM here in lovely rainy L.A., and I have 256 emails to pound through. Good to hear from you lot, and it’s always good to have a photo of a crotch kronshe cat to greet me.

    (lines up mini-ramikins of puddin – like Myrna Loy would line up martinis – before setting out on what should prove to e a difficult morning)

  90. G’morning, Aubrey! It’s always nice to have comments from you to greet us.

  91. p.s. I hope the morning for you dries and doesn’t try.

  92. “It’s 9:30AM here in lovely rainy L.A., and I have 256 emails to pound through.”

    There’s one from me in there, Aub. Don’t delete it as spam in your early morning haze.

  93. Ol' Blue Balls (fka Tony James) says:
  94. Oh, this is what my mother’s dog thinks the skwerls are saying: “I’m ur backyard, diggin up yr bones!”

  95. Tony James says:

    Nice one, Redz – however, yeems are not restricted to smaller kitties and bunnies…

  96. EEEEEEK! Tony James, that is some seriously scary yeeming!

  97. Meanwhile in the CO Dream Office:
    Aubrey is up to number 192 in her inbox, jaypo is watching Creature from the Black Lagroin, Laurie C. has “loads” (whatever *that* means), Teho & T.J. sitting with legs crossed, musicchick’s on coffee duty, ceebs is Googling “yeems, iloveusame is away with the fairies, and pyrit is kneeled by the Meg-a-phones, “Please ring!” Oh! And Redz shows up! Yer late!

  98. musicchick2 says:

    *saunters in with a tray of steaming hot Starbuck’s* (‘Natch…I’m from Seattle!) *Passes them out wif Kwissmus cooookies*

  99. Redz, I NEVER liked ‘The Lion Yeems Tonight’, and now all I can think is:

    “O Yeem-oweh
    O Yeem-oweh
    O Yeem-oweh”!

    Pyrit, I’m down to 15, which means I can now pay more attention to the men and women behind the CO curtain.

    TJ, you’re walking a little funny…what’s with that?

    MC2, in payment for spelling my name wrong…GIMME COOKIES!!!!

  100. Ack! Now that my heart is starting to slow down, I feel like I’ve just had a Close Encounter of the YEEM Kind.

    Thanks Teej for erasing the need for anymore coffee today.

    And pyrit – in teh CO Dream Office, no one is ever considered late or leaves too early. That’s another reason it’s so dreamy.

  101. Hey, I just checked in too! Long day catching up.

    My stray/foster kitty got adopted yesterday! Wonderful family!

  102. So thanks MC2 for the coffee, but I’ll have to pass for now. Unless you have some decaf in there?

  103. Tony James says:

    Huge big props n puddin’ to our very own AmyH for having the first entry in a Google search for “Yeems” – woo! yay!
    “I’m on ur surch enjinn, pwning ur yeems”

  104. Yay, Ceejoe! Huzzah for kitteh adoptions and foster fams!
    [toasts with decaf coffee]

  105. Tony James says:

    DAMMIT, Aubrey – I was thinking zacklee the same thing! Can I have my braincell back now, please 🙂

  106. Wha? Huh? Hey – lookit me!!!

    How ironic that I posted last night on my VOX about googling myself and coming up #1 for name. Now I’m I feel like I’m Queen of teh Googlers.

    Puddins all around in celebration!

  107. Yay, ceejoe and her foster kitty! ceejoe gets extra cookies.

  108. Pyrit — you are teh living end. LOL.
    (must call helpdesk about thorny chicken-or-egg problem, ta…)

  109. Tony James says:

    Doing some research into the origins of yeems…apparently in 1964, in response to ABC’s success with Bewitched, NBC commissioned a show about a cat who had telekinetic powers. The intention was to call the show I Yeem At Jeannie. Unfortunately the idea was shelved in preference for Larry Hagman as a NASA astronaut, and a significantly inferior sitcom resulted.

  110. Deep Thoughts: By jack pyrit –
    “If you are at a stoplight and think of a GRRREAT CO comment, I think a funny gag would be to pretend you were swimming.”

  111. TJ, sorry, I’m having the cell recharged, and I think it’s gonna take awhile…how much use do you get out of these things?

    (stops, listens)

    Puddins? Cookies? COFFEE?

    (makes a mad dash for the communal CO lunch table)

  112. lurkertype says:

    w00t for AmyH! She’s internet famous!

    Around here, TK says to HRT: “I’m in ur catbox, peein on yr sand.”

    TK had an Adventure over the weekend — he went to the pet supply store. He was a good boy, but there were too many people and he got kinda scared. We’ll try him again on a quieter day. He does like looking out the car windows.

  113. Tony James says:

    Aub – to be fair, I don’t get a whole lot of use out of the brain cell during regular office hours, but it’s nice to have around. I probably overused it a bit over the 4-day weekend – sorry if it crapped out on you in the middle of something important.

  114. I’m picking out my choco-chips to give to ceejoe. Here, ceej. [puts pile of chocos on her napkin]

  115. musicchick2 says:

    *brings Amy H. some decaf, sneaks Aubrey an extra cookie. Shhh!* Cookies from here, btw http://www.cookiesbydesign.com/category.aspx?categoryid=112&startpage=0

  116. LT, TuxKit’s adventures are way cute on your vox.

  117. musicchick2 says:

    HEY! I just Googled myself (musicchick2) and I was number 1 too. *Sizes up Amy from across the CO Dream Office*

  118. [Eyes MC2 right back. Decides everyone in CO Dream office should be Rulers of their own Google Domain]

    Here’s a toasty coffee toast to you, MC2!

  119. lurkertype says:

    Thanks, LaurieC.

    Aubrey and Lauri (no C) are front page on VOX today! go CO peeps!

    And your new meme/time-waster for today:


  120. NONONONO, Aubrey gived me earworm!!!

    [grabs puddin to stuff in ears]

    Oh, and let’s do the nines in the cyber-hood: “I’m on yr internets, Googlin ur Moms!”

  121. musicchick2 says:

    *limps over to AmyH and smothers her in a big bear hug* 😀

  122. Redz – Oh yeah! Teddy Bear’s Picnic! Uh Huh!

  123. i’m in ur comments
    puddin ur peeps

  124. Oh, wow, pyrit. I had forgotten about that, and now I feel ashamed. That was pure evil.

  125. karen in toronto says:

    Gee, I erased all the pics of Handsome Stranger with YEEMS. When will a camera maker build a flash for radium-eye?

    Speaking of Handsome Stranger, check out the eyebrowz on this dude:


    He’s a pwnster.

  126. musicchick2 says:

    Karen, he is the CUTEST! I want to snorgle him!

  127. I’m in yr puddins
    grossin you out

  128. purr-growl at Redz.

  129. Gah! Karen!! Awesome shot.

  130. OH! Karen, the kitties with “ghost whiskers” always pwn me!

  131. Karen, I have been slain by a single white paw, extended towards me in an act of bene-kit-ion.

    How is that even possible?

  132. lurkertype says:

    Karen, we are ALL pwned. The whole world.

  133. Lurk — somewhat related. And so very true.

  134. karen in toronto says:

    Thanks, all. I’m in lurve with the guy.

    Imagine, if you will, a cozy bed, a good book, a ghost-browed kitteh marching up the covers, parking his fuzzy ‘tocks on the collarbone and warshing his paws real good, then him settling down for a good long purr under the chin. Sigh. The crick in my neck in the morning is worth it.

  135. LT, HOW do you take TK to the pet store? In a cage? On a leash? Even Allie, my friendly kitter who loves everyone who comes to the house, would freak if put in the car and taken to the pet store. What wonderful cat training technique am I missing?

    Oh, and “I’m in ur tax return, finding yr deductions.”

    Wow, that’s kind of lame, isn’t it? I’m not up to the brillo standards of the peeps today.

  136. oh karen, I’m so jealous…
    Mine are all big ol’ mooses now. I would have way more than a crick in my neck!

  137. Looking around at the goggle-eyed Peeps. No fair, Handsome Stranger is on fur-oids, whisker-oids, and eye-brow-roids AND stare-roids.

    So! Just what TV show is Mr. Manly Feet here trying to watch with Yeemy Kitteh in the way? Pimp My Ride?

  138. As long as we can be substandard, here’s my go:

    I’m in ur fridge, eatin ur Thanksgiving.

  139. Crotch Kitteh: I’m in ur shorts, heating up your testicles enough to kill sperm.”

  140. Oh, and based on my calculations of a cat with a body temp of 108 degrees, three 30-minute crotch cuddle sessions in 48 hours would be sufficient to sterilize most men for a week. In case you were wondering about the birth control applications of cat-crotch-cuddling.

  141. karen in toronto says:

    “im in ur brain, steelin ur will. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.”

    Hey, good game!

  142. I try to learn one new thing every day. Thanks to Redz, now I have. I should go home now.

  143. Thank you, Redzilla Bronner. Can I get one of those with a lemon-juice chaser?

  144. (btw… if that was just a weentsy too obscure…)

  145. You’re probably right, AmyH. Nobody should learn two things from me in a day. And I’m just getting warmed up.

    Now…if I could just figure out what Teho’s joke means…

  146. Aaaaah. That’s good soap, by the way.

  147. As I read the Bronner quotes, I *swear* I smell peppermint. Freaky.
    (Still haven’t seen any discussing natural methods of “birth control,” but I *have* seen an interesting reference to Mama Cat.)

  148. I’m in ur coffee, decaffing ur beans.

    Gah! Now I can’t stop!

    Redz – Now I’ll have to make sure my dates like cats. “Honey, why don’t you let Elvis sit on your lap for, oh, 30 minutes? That would mean a lot to me.” Hee!

  149. AmyH – good move, but beware…
    …*some* cats (and I would be the last person to many any names here, but they know who they are…)are complete whores, and will love up on anything or anyone that will let them. Which is fine. Until you break up with that person and the whorecat in question starts giving you grief about it. Or the person starts sending presents *to the cat* after you break up.

  150. many=mention, of course.
    Must be those decaffed beans Amy was talking about.

  151. Sounds like you are speaking from an unpleasant experience, TJ. Yikes! Gotta love those stalkers.

  152. TJ:
    I’m in ur brain, scrambling yr words.

  153. Scary thought: I’m in Meg’s computer, deletin the Qte.

    Where is she?

  154. Hmm, RedZ — it occurs to me that we haven’t spoken about CO backups. But don’t fret.

    And if Monday stretches on into evening with no Meg update, there’s always Llama Llips.
    (Yeah yeah, I know it’s a camel. Work with me.)

  155. Amy – yes, a little unpleasant, although it wasn’t so much the stalking that was the problem. It had more to do with the fact that A Certain Cat was getting catnip mouses, scratching posts, and little pouches of moist nibbly morsels for christmas and birthdays. Apparently catnip can be detected through plastic and wrapping paper, and I used to come home to find a 17lb black neutered tom alternatively bouncing off the walls or flaked out on his back, legs akimbo, eyes glazed, drooling, lying on the doormat among the post.

  156. Y’all.. I missed a few days over the holidays… and now there’s a new word I don’t know.

    What’s “pwn” ?

  157. Mary C — start here & follow the white rabbit… er, the links:

  158. i am in ur showr drinking ur doc bronners *grin*

    RedZ–serious yeemage there! I’m not usually one for hairless cats, but she’s sure beautiful! Well, aside from those glowing 3000-candlepower halogen Peepers of Mass Destruction… 😉


  159. This’ll help too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pwn

  160. EEEK – I’m getting withdrawal symptoms –

    Oh, where, Oh where is CO today?????

    >’I depend on you!!!!!’

  161. TJ – I see. If I run this through my Amy Interpretation Filter ™, here’s what comes out:

    A chemical dependence was created by Ex to maintain emotional control of said cat and thereby undermine/override your personal connection and caretaking of Kitty in the Middle.

    That’s so wrong. [shudders]

  162. One more for TJ/OBB (circling back to earlier topic) —

  163. I bet just prior to this photo being taken…this kitteh was heard saying “look deeeeep into my eyes…now you will feel sleepy…when I count to three you will SLEEP.”

  164. T., before deploying zee LLama Lips, would you consider sharing Karen in Toronto’s Handsome with the world?
    some purveyors of Teh Qte(tm) do not come into the comments.
    /yeah, I know, shame on them
    //but still no reason they should suffer
    ///suffer a defficiency of ghost whiskers

  165. Wooo. Nothin’ left but crumbs and empty starbuck’s cups.

    And some good belly laughs…or was it crotch laughs?

  166. Oh, Karen in T., that boy is gorgeous!

    Though with that much whiskerage he sort of resembles a deep sea creature brought up from the depths!

  167. Lol, T. Can you animate the “alien” so it is moving down into the nether regions?

  168. Mariser, a fine idea. The Ghost WhiskerSir will bring peace and calm to all.

    Lauri, an upsetting idea. But I think TJ started that whole topic – what’s alien him?

  169. Nora — http://aycu37.webshots.com/image/5636/2000590103732950931_rs.jpg

    Mariser — must confess… I wanted a bit more fill-in flash in that shot.
    (I kid, yes. But ask yer schmoop’s opinion of the photo. Diffuse & off-axis.)

  170. That warning label generator rocks. And I’m #1 on google too! I pwn the internets!

  171. Theo- Gah! Nightmares await me tonight…

  172. T.,

    first, brillo interpretation of Nora’s comment. u r a master.
    on the Ghost Whiskerer, yep, I noticed the technicaleness stuft (me smart!), but CO has a history of allowing less-than-perfect photography., cf. http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/04/its_like_brange.html

    yes, K in T is paying me. what of it?

  173. I expect a cut.

  174. congrats Shanchan!
    and boo hiss to myself, who does NOT pwn teh Internets…sniff
    I missed the # 1 spot, but I rulez the next 13 spots.
    still a big Loser…I’m gonna go do something drastic:

  175. I spy
    with my little eye
    something that begins
    with Y


  176. Theo
    One word: Exactly!

    ok… maybe another….Wow!=)

  177. iloveusame:) says:

    you guys seems to be doing a lot of other…hmmm.. unmentinable things…that do not have anything to do with just enjoying the cutenest…i am just sayin:)
    that cat still make me think of D.H Lawrence wich was NOT a sterile man…

  178. iloveusame — this is just what happens when there’s no new cuteness for a day.
    Sometimes less.

  179. iloveusame:) says:

    but there was lots of cuteness you just did not get it yet…
    it just right beside you…waiting for ya to pick up your phone and adopt it!

  180. iloveusame:) says:

    cuteness does not only live in the internet ya know…

  181. iloveusame:) says:

    or…shall i say on tv.

  182. While I miss the presence of new cute, I do enjoy the days when the peeps’ minds and finger run free.

    I also get to pwn the internets with bunnajenny…it’s a refreshing change from googling my real name, which does land one at a very unmentionable web site.

    I should probably, eventually post something on my blog…

  183. Cuteness does not only live on the internets or TV. But Teh QTE! exists solely on the internets and in the warped minds of we, Teh Ovahloadahs, who, like Coleridge’s ancient mariner, are fated to wander the ‘net for eternity, seeking out Teh Qte and sharing it with our peeps.

  184. iloveusame:) says:

    what kind of cute can you find in watching a kitty alone in a cage doing the same repetitive things all the time…or shall i say staring in emptiness…

  185. Wow, Tony James, that just gives me da goosebumps!

    And, may I say about this picture, ..goodness gracious, great balls o’ fur!!!

    ROFL at HankYeems!!! Perfectly spherical yeemers!!!

  186. Kitty?

    D. H. Lawrence????

  187. (puts down cross bow…the albatross flies away)

    “Day after day, day after day,
    We wait, with breath that’s bated;
    Not idle, for ‘twould be our death –
    Thus our hope’s not faded

    Cuteness, cuteness everywhere,
    ‘Tis true, and yet I think;
    Cuteness, Cuteness everywhere,
    It’s missing our Meg’s wink.”

  188. T. Just STOP, with your Teem Yeem.

  189. Whee(m)!!!!

  190. iloveusame:) says:

    have you ever think of the possibility that leaving it alone might actually slow down the process of fabrication of even more cuteness…

  191. iloveusame:) says:

    only fools or shall i say fooled do not accept a change of idea

  192. I never thought of that possibility even a little.

    DH Creepance, Theo.

  193. *lights a candle for Aubrey’s poetry*

    Just beautiful.

  194. iloveusame:) says:

    ok this is nathalie here, remember me…anything you have to say that will make me accept this nonsense of seeing the content of my mind and daily life being displayed for a purpose i cannot quite comprehend!

  195. ILUS — assuming I understand you right —

    Meg has a very time-consuming day job; see her entry here:

    Cute Overload is basically Meg’s semi-pro hobby, for the time being. If it turns out her Monday has been just too busy today to allow her to add anything new, then I’ll see what I can add later tonight when I get home. (I’m basically CO’s volunteer staff, at present. I have a time-consuming day job too.)

  196. (OK, I’m pretty sure I don’t understand you right. It’s getting to be a pattern.)

  197. iloveusame:) says:

    and why cant she do cuteoverload full time and why cant she get help of dh lawrence in the room with her…

  198. iloveusame:) says:

    since she obviously still has some people that are allowed to be with her and help her

  199. re: your first question — patience is counseled.
    re: your second question — I’ll look into it.

  200. iloveusame:) says:

    k.cute and sweet dream:)

  201. All this Chatter-ly about D.H. Lawrence is really getting me confused.

  202. useta hada kitteh, not to mention a brain says:

    is anybuddy else’s brain getting befuddled by some of the commentses on here these days? Snorglish I can understand, but… … …

    Oh well, somebuddy just fling me some puddin’ and I’ll be happy.

  203. BlurpleBerry says:

    Is Meg alright? She usually posts daily, and she hasn’t posted for the past two days. She isn’t hurt or ill or anything, is she?

  204. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teho — Thanks!

    RedZ — ouch! Did Sippy ever try that trick again?

    BlurpleBerry (that was fun to type) — hopefully Meg’s okay.

    Teho — a question. When are you going to get to tell us “I’m in ur Catcave, fosterin’ ur kitters?”

  205. As soon as possible, Useta. But I have no idea when that will be. Kitten season?

  206. BB – I think, like plenty of us, she has ALOT of work to catch up on. T. the Wise – and Weird – would certainly let us know if we need to set out a search yeem, er – team.

  207. Aubrey — remember, I’m not in San Fran. I’d probably only know by intuition and/or inference.
    What does your HEART tell you?

  208. It tells me that it’s not quite time to circulate flyers.

  209. [spluttering]
    Why, aorta…!!

  210. You just pump ’em out like no one’s business, don’t you? T., you really must be a Magic Man.

  211. Aubrey, doin’ the Seattle-ites proud! You’re all… um… you’re swell.

  212. Thanks for the definition, Theo. It’s nice to know there’s a name for that kind of um, persisent behavior. And the yeemy DH Lawrence? Brilliant!

  213. *eyebrows hittin’ the ceilin’ at the lot of ya*


  214. With 200+ comments, I expected to see a nuff parade going through here, waving signs: “Cruelty to Crotch!” “Stop the Underwarmers!” “Kitty Porn is Wrong!” or maybe, “Can’t you see this feline is being objectified!” Instead, I’m glad to see it’s just a bunch of bored cute-addicts waiting for their next fix (like me). If I had a video of my cat doing tricks, I’d post it but sadly I have no such entertainment to offer. She’s trying to crawl under my keyboard right now, though. I think she might start typing with her nose.

  215. musicchick2 says:

    Oh Mitsu, we’d love to see her! We are not only C.O. addicts, but we are kitteh addicts as well. *Introduces self: Hi, I’m musicchick2, and I’m a cute- um, er, cat-a-holic.
    Group: Hi MC2 *golf claps*

  216. Crotch Kittehs

  217. Heidi is amazingly cute – everything she does is cute, even when she’s being a brat. My standard response to anything she does is, “That’s cute, Heidi.” Maybe in a few weeks I might have access to a video camera. I too am a cat-a-holic! And I admit that I’m powerless over cats, and that my cats are unmanageable.