Getting to know youuuuuuuu

…getting to know allllllll about you


Getting to like you!
Getting to hope that you like me


Haven’t you noticed
Suddenly I’m bright and breezy?
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I’m learning about you
Day .. by … day.


Shelley and Cam! Stop it! Stop iiiiiiiiiiit!



  1. Awww! The cuuuute! They’re so friendly and adorable.

    (First post?)



    so CUTE and FLUFFY.

  3. How come I never got to roll around in the grass with sheep when I was little??

    I feel like I missed out!

    btw… shouldn’t it be “Getting to know EWE”? 😉

  4. daddie, oh daddie, i really must have a sheep for christmas, oh daddie please?


  6. aw, cute and sweet! but shouldn’t that be “getting to know ewe”?

  7. Gary Fixler says:

    cEWEtest thing ever.

  8. Oh GOD! Those sheep could…or that kid could…or…that’s irresponsib…er…uh…


    I got nothing. That’s just TOO CUTE!

    *goes to bed, humming “the king and I” *

  9. Didn’t you mean “getting to know EWE”?

  10. Whoops. Cheryl and Gary already made that joke.

    All I can say is


  11. Awwwwwww!!!

    Me thinks the kid is cuter than the sheep, tho.

  12. Mary’s little lamb grew up. 😉

    I can ‘hear’ the little girl telling the sheep she loves them, wants them to play dress up and have a tea party and be best friends forever.

  13. Lol, you guys! My mind is so foggy this morning I didn’t even think of “ewe” until you mentioned it!
    Glad you did!

    I am pretty sure these pics are photosheeped.

  14. Hugging a fuzzy sheepums…surely up there with some of life’s finest pleasures.

  15. chet's momma says:

    the sheepies are smiling! awwwwww. i have also missed out on this little pleasure, but it sure is cute to see!

  16. awww! i love the whispered sweet nothings in the first pic 🙂

  17. Love the ever-present look of content on the sheepies’ faces. And the little kid is vewy cute indeed.

  18. The pic is totally sweet. The little girl and the sheepies are so adorable together. And the sheep do look very content. That little girl should grow up to be a vet!

  19. musicchick2 says:

    Reminds me of a scene that might have been in The Sound of Music. I know, the music is from “The King & I”.. I’m just sayin’….. Vewwy kewt

  20. Painful in its cute-itude. So precious and dear… and an earworm I can live with.

  21. Winston & Charlottes Mommy says:

    This is so totally cute, what an awesome picture for her folks.

  22. Can ewe believe how cute that is? I think those sheepies are smiling too.
    I wonder what the city will say about sheep in the backyard?

  23. Lucky girl, lucky sheep. 🙂

  24. Saint Francis of Assisi approves.

  25. Joshua Lee Blouw Rennison says:

    You have a very Pretty daughter. Thye Pic is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. God bless

  26. Jackie31337 says:

    Any of the Finns out there get flashbacks to the Lambi (toilet paper/paper towels) commercial? It also featured a kid snuggling with a sheep. These pics were way cuter though.

  27. What a cutie.

  28. I could not NOT comment about these ADORABLE pictures. Just two of my favorite things in the world pictured together, children and animals. Kudos to the photog for thinking of this idea!

  29. Those. Sheep. Are. Smiling!!!

  30. Cute kid, cute sheeps. Shoops. Sheepi.


  31. Oh, that’s adorable!

  32. My kitties love to sleep on piles of woolly things.
    I’ve always thought they’d like to go to the source, and just hang out with a sheep.
    This proves it.

  33. Aww, that is sooo cute and sweet!

  34. photosheeped
    getting to know ewe
    cameo by St. Francis
    and those polka dotted sleeves

    [quietly shaking head]

  35. *stares unrelentingly*
    The sheep.

    THE SHEEP!!!

  36. That’s so precious. I’ll bet she remembers that forever.

  37. Gosh, If i was int he field of sheepies, that’s waht Id be doing too!

  38. Aww, that is so sweet!

    We used to have this ram that would get very lonely in the spring when we put him into his little separate pasture. He would baaa and baaaa, so finally I went out to sit with him for a while, and he smiled about like these sheep are!

  39. WickedWendy says:

    So anerable!!!

  40. Ohhh, that is so a-doe-a-bull!!
    And the background tune was right on the money.

  41. Ok. I really like this one.

  42. doesn’t this break the rule about showing your nads?