What a nice tock-a-lope. Dont’ you just want to reach out and pet? Ahn.


Soft ears of thanks to Martha B. 😉



  1. blueberries4me says:

    Bunntocks Rocks!


  3. blueberries4me says:

    Reminds me of when my own Daffer (French Hot Tot) lays down she will point her tail straight up like a deer. Heehee

  4. Not to mention the soft silky fuzzy earses. Those are da bestest part of da bunny (I like to put them in my mouf).

  5. Giant hoppy feets! I miss my bunny.

  6. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Furry bunny buntocks

  7. I wanna pet those hind feets.

  8. Oh GOD, the bunneh feetsies. Over-padded, soft furries toesies…and the tail ever-so-demurely dropped to cover…things.

  9. Tux bunny!
    Bunny slippers!
    Shoeshoe hare!

  10. thinker, I’m with you on the earses, including the “mouf” part.

    bun feet fur is *so* soft, but very few allow their humans to touch them.

    Bunny toes are also awfully awesome… 😉

    ( )
    ” “

  11. Imagine the amount of macaronis it would take to warm those feets!

    Looks so soft! I gotta find a bunny to snorgle…

  12. Wow, it must be the angle of the shot, but that looks like an enormous bunny. Do they make them extra large for more snorgling time?

  13. Awww!!!! Me wanna snorgle bun bun!!!!! I bet he’s silky soft too!

  14. OMG! that bunny is the size of a dog! lol! its soo cute!

  15. The bunrab looks huge because it’s all chilled out, flopped and relaxin’. I betcha it only weighs about 4-5 lbs. absolute max – it’s a Dutch, and the breed is on the smallish side, really.

  16. That bunneh looks like a size 9.5 womens. Look at that cute bunneh bum-bum. Snorgable-delish.

  17. there is some serious junk in that trunk… floofy junk of course.

  18. This bun is so tie-tie from too much (s)hopping today.



  20. Awww! Snugglebuns!

  21. useta hada kitteh..and a bunneh tooo! says:

    Da feets! **poit**

    I never asploded before, but the feets did me in. And in my imagination I can see that nose just a wigglin’ up and down…I wants me a bunneh! Get me one! Now!

  22. What loverly buntocks! YOWZA WOWZA!

  23. ohhh… that is the very same floor that is in my apartment building… I wonder if the photographer lives near me! *puts on detective cap*

  24. I am such a proud bunny aunt! My little bunny niece looks absolutely adorable, as always! Just wait until she has her bunny husband!

  25. oh the fluff… just imagine the pantaloons when he stands up! &:P

  26. OMG tux bunbun!!!! Wheee!

  27. MMMMmmmmmm…..softage!

  28. invisible guinea pig says:

    he is not a fat bunny…dammit…he is a magician


  30. mooned by a bunneh

  31. LittleGirlGhost says:

    VaCKo, what’s up with those bunnehs?!?! they’re so huge, it’s just not cute!

    the bun in the pic reminds me of my bun, Bunzai. he flops down just like that. he loves my fluffy slippers too.

  32. (owner thinking to self)hmmmmm…
    I don’t know whether to put on my tenny shoes or my slippers. Hey! Since when do I have bunny slippers?????

  33. NebraskaErin says:

    Fuzzy butt!!!

  34. That’s a big ‘ol bunneh!

  35. Bunnybutt!!!