Ahhhh. Warm clawsitude…

OK, does snorting wine out my nose have to BE a nightly occurence!? [Chandler voice]

The shower cat thread (below) produced this article that lead to this macaroni photo.

Hot damn you’re funny People.


[Wine snort]



  1. XD Ahh, that’s just awesome!

  2. oooooh!!! SECOND!!!!!!!!!11111

    I had to do it to ya, teho.

    v. v. v. v. funny shot and caption, too!

  3. lurkertype says:

    I have the feeling that whatever the reason the bird was in the macaronis, it’s even odder and less explicable than for warming its feets.

  4. LMAO!!! This site should be called Redonkulous Overload if this keeps up.

  5. I lurve his little “aaahh!” bird tongue.

  6. Maybe instead of “I am leecking you” or “I am groooooming you” as a category, CO should have a category of “I’m in UR ___, ___ing UR ___!” Love the madlibs!

  7. Ahh. I love it.

  8. I can hear the bird cackling. “You wanted to finish your dinner, eh? Take THIS, person-who-won’t-give-me-treats!”

  9. There is another bunch of those “Im in ur…” pictures here: http://shadowdane.shackspace.com/cats.htm
    Mostly cats, and some foul language, but some are rather funny 🙂

  10. More carbs? Do I hear the frantic squeaking of a certain puppeh we became aquainted with today?

  11. The ultimate list of “I’m in UR…” with cats is available at the following link:


    It has like 50 pictures, some milk-through-the-nose funny.

  12. That is SO cute!!! 🙂 Love it!

  13. THANK GOD I wasn’t at work when I saw this because I would have been thrown out for laughing too loud!!!


  14. why is 4chan taking over cuteoverload?

  15. Im not a bird person (I dont know why!)

    But the link Meg posted from where the phrase comes from has some REALLY not nice images on it. I didnt want to see those. the knitemare one is fun tho!

  16. If you loved the shower cat and the mac parrot,
    you’ve GOT to DIE when you browse through all these!

  17. those knitemare pics had my wife looking at me funny wondering what I’d been drinking, I was laughing so loud and hard, had tears in my eyes.

  18. omg.. so cute.. thats why i blog about all things cute. my inspiration is cute overload. you must see belle the blue bird form my blog.. looks cuter than ever..


  19. I love the caption and this is sooooo cute.

  20. I thought birds had talons, not feets (sic).

  21. i am now using this as my computer desktop image!


  23. I’m in your Omaha, meeting your relatives.
    (Seriously, that’s where we Catcavers will be until Sunday. Enjoy ur macaronis!)

  24. By branching off from that article, I have learned that the word “pwned” can actually be found on Wikipedia. Disturbing…

    Also, are you sure he’s warming his feets? He could just be getting ready to poop in the macaroni. 🙂


  26. I have birdies, and they LOOOOVE pasta!

  27. Wine snorts, indeed, Meg. Wine snorts all around. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the groaning smorgasbord of mega-hoots specially for the holiday today. Good work.

  28. Red wine snorts are great for your health, according to all the latest studies! So, by all means, continue with them Meg! They are probably good for your sinuses, too!

    I LOVE this pic and all the ones we have found whilst hopping the links provided.

    Happiest of Thanksgivings to Meg, Theo and all the keepers of the Cute and your families!

    And, to all ya peeps who keep us smiling, laughing and snorting beverages!

    I am thankful for all of you. 🙂

  29. Sweet cuteness!

    That is the cuddliest little bird ever! Look how happy he is.

    Feets! –Best word.

  30. “I thought birds had talons, not feets (sic).”

    Birds don’t spell so well, either. I wouldn’t sweat it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you ‘Murrican Peeps from the Great White North, where it isn’t white yet, which is Great and we had our turkey day over a month ago.

  31. DAMN IT!!! LOL I was laughing SOOOOOOOOO HARD everyone in the office went eh???? hahahahahahahaha LOF this series of pictures, I saw them the other day, they’re awesome, I love the one that said….” I’m in the couch sexing your dog” MAN I almost cry 😉

  32. Here’s a ytmnd with more pics like that.


  33. I give thanks for the “bat country” pic on catsinurstuffdoingthings. Fantastic.

  34. omg that is freakin hilarious@!!!!!!

  35. I posted this on the previous comments thinking it was this one:

    Happy Giving Thanks to everyone Stateside and Happy Almost Friday to the rest o’youse.

    I’ve been sick for five days and my brain is a doh ball.

  36. jaypo – Laughter is the best medicine. Get well soon.

  37. Awwww! Too cute & funny! Does that bird have a TON of personality or what?

  38. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! I remember one Thanksgiving some years back when I was by myself and all I had was macaroni and cheese with tuna in it. If I’d had this little birdie to share it with, I would have gladly let him warm his li’l feets in it.

  39. I’m Mayflowerin’ UR pilgrims.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  40. Meg,

    We know that snorting Merlot is
    Extremely good for our no-ses.

    I hope every member of the Peepsitude has a wonderful day today; and JP, please get better – a bricked-up head is no fun.

  41. Sorry, but not cute, at least not for me. Why? Cause the smell of Mac&Cheese makes me want to hurl!

  42. For everyone giving thanks today, send some good thoughts to Nana at Baruchito’s homecage (see link on left). Javi posts that she’s having some medical problems.

  43. OMG! A bird!!! I AM a bird person and I LURVE it! I have a Grey who thinks she can eat/drink/poop in whatever I have. Pleeeeese, Meg, more birds!!!!

  44. BTW, Happy Bird day….(as in turkey)

  45. Wacky! I was looking at those very articles last night after your shower post because I had seen the thread on BoingBoing.net a while back. Wine snort indeed!

    And PS — I’m VERY Thankful for Cute Overlaod.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. Squawk!!!

    Is it a Budgie?

    >>Phew. Took me 3 Hours to catch up on a week’s worth of CO.< <

  47. Oops – forgot WHAT Thursday it is! Happy Thanksgiving, peeple.

    *goes off to wiki it some more*

  48. that’s kind of old news. my friend has had a livejournal icon of that for weeks. and in internet time, that meme’s reached it’s half-life. 😉

  49. army_kitten says:

    that is a really funny photo, but i made the mistake of clicking on the link to the article and reading all of it. actually, the worst was the definition on that site of “pwned”. i saw a lot of really disturbing photos that completely took away my appetite. ugh. so as a warning, if you are sensitive like me to images of animals/people being mutilated, DON’T explore the site that has that article!

    and have a happy thanksgiving. 🙂

  50. OMG this is one of the funniest captions I have seen in a long tim!! It’s silly but the birds face and the caption together are a frickin RIOT!!

  51. army kitten – Thanks for the warning. I agree. I was going to to comment about it too. A few others have commented the same.

  52. Yay, Emmi’s famous! She makes frequent appearances here:

    agurkPer: “talons” is what they call they claws or nails on birds of prey. All birds have feet with nails on them.

  53. warrior rabbit says:

    Yeah, I was *really* surprised Meg linked to that page. I knew the definitions already, I’m just a link whore — and I was startled and then horrified by the images to the right (and below). Especially when one could have gotten the same (basic) info from urbandictionary, w/o pics of drowned kitties, etc.

  54. army_kitten says:

    pyrit–yeah, i saw the mentions in the comments *after* i perused the site, and i wanted to post a specific warning because i didn’t think a previous poster’s description of the pictures as “REALLY not nice” was adequate. i know she was making an understatement, but i wanted to clarify why they weren’t nice so that curious people (like me) wouldn’t go there anyway wondering why. 😉

    on another note, i just wanted to say that i really enjoy reading your comments. although i probably don’t get some of your references, i still find them delightfully clever and absurd. 🙂

  55. o geez, I would probably keep warm macaronis around in bowls all the time for zis birdie.

  56. EEE parrotlet so cute! I love how they spell feet as “feets”.

  57. JinxtheCat says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to Meg, Theo and all the wonderful people that love this site. Makes my day every day. I give thanks for cuteoverload.

  58. Meg and Sparky have a wonderful Thanks giving, you both deserve it. But at least you will never run out of pudding.
    Only problem is my macorrini didn’t have a paraquet in it

  59. this is my cat squishy in my record bag…

    anyone got a cool “i’m in ur .. ” caption for it? 🙂


  60. Hey petgirl –



    Or substitute musical artist of your choice . . . .

  61. alllll 4chan!

  62. hrhsqueak – nice 🙂





  64. Hey! My monitor’s on CO 🙂


  66. I Love the caption, “my feets”. Tooooooooooooo adorable!

  67. little gator says:

    only byrds of prey have talons. Other brdies have feetz.

  68. little gator says:

    opps, fogot to say that of course any byrdie can be talonted.

  69. Yet another bird who eats in front of the monitor!

  70. Yeah- I cackled. 🙂 Made the DH come over and look too.

  71. Our Ernie Bird (a cockatiel) luuurrrved macaroni and cheese. He would pinch the noodles and try to eat as much as he could but then he’d get the mushy pasta all over his beaky and shake it all over the place! He didn’t care, he’d fly right over and land in your plate and help himself! I miss that little guy. He was so cute!

  72. Maybe I’m a little late to the party, but does this mean that:


    is officially dead?

    Pls advise…

  73. House of Mayhem, oh,I hope not. This bird could also be saying “All your macaronis are belong to us.”

  74. House of Mayhem:
    UR 4chan-ably late.

  75. I’m in ur party
    killing all ur buzzes

  76. Sorry folks, Comments are closed due to AIDS.

  77. Subhangi, I think the little birdie’s a parrotlet ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parrotlet ) or even a lovebird, Certainly not a budgie.

  78. Its a little female Pacific parrotlet. And if it is anything like mine she’s about to go for the jugular. There needs to be more parrotlets on this site. There can never be enough.

  79. Because parrotlets are Teh Win 😉

  80. PetGirl — I’d do a I’m-in-your-X-Y-ing-your-Z caption, but you’ve done it for me. Nice.

  81. Meg,

    Glad to be of service.

    Just got back from an internet-free vacation over the holiday (“can’t type…eating…”), and was so pleased to see our warm-footed friend on CO.


  82. ha ha, I have this pic as my desktop, and it has spawned a disturbing household variation — my feet are always really cold so I warm them on my husband at night, which has led to me referring to him as my macaroni, and him referring to me as periquito.

  83. it’s a parrotlet named ellie, actually. i’m on the same board as the owner, and witness the creation of this photo 🙂

  84. It’s a parrotlet! The smallest (and cutest) parrot ever!!!

    I love parrotlets. They ahve the spunkiets personalities too, and love putting their little toes in whatever you’re eating.