Who brought the cat?

OK, tonight is a serious cacklefest.Jonelle T. sent this in, wondering if it’s real or photoshop…

I think we should tell her…


Oh, this one goes our to all the evil uncles out there who pull innertubing girls too fast on speedboats. They grow up and start photoblogs ABOUT PETS FOR GOD’S SAKE



  1. Meg, I think this is a photoshop of the “Don’t worry, Lois, I’LL save you!” picture from about 1-2 months ago – It’s a darn good job, though, and quite funny! Have a good one and keep up the great site. :o)


  2. Good God, I hope that’s Photoshop!

  3. And I just saw your link to that picture, so obviously you know that – must have been overwhelmed by all the cute bebeh kittehs lately…

  4. That’s Photoshop, but funny!

  5. shake it up

  6. just what i needed during the pre-thanksgiving work coma….please i need more to make this slow afternoon pass..

  7. I seriously HOPE it’s photoshop, and I’m guessing it is because the cat looks happy and not scared.

  8. Inner-tubular!

    But there’s danger afoot…(throws out life-rat for kitteh – kiddies don’t look happy but they’re OK)

  9. It is a Photoshop. Snopes shows both the original photos here: http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/raftcat.asp

  10. oh fer cryin out loud! i exhaled my drink!

  11. I think that is Photoshop too. I believe that cat is one of Junku’s amazing shots of hi’s flying cats

    Junku’s photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/junku/

  12. It’s photoshop – it’s on Snopes.

  13. It’s super cute on it’s own, but it also looks super dangerous for those girls! Falling out and hitting the water at that speed is bad news!

  14. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Got home from work to this – thank you for rescuing a smelly day!
    PS No life jackets for cats?http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/6649769

  15. i myself have been known to use this photo:


  16. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Sorry link doesn’t seem to work – can’t do technology. See maltese on 1st November.

  17. You know that amazing pic series with the jumping cats in an apartment? So, this is one of the cats in one of those pics. Great photoshop job, by the way.

    I LMAO’d. ;D

  18. bunnyhunny says:

    A lot of people are apparently not reading the whole post–Meg links to the original photo, so obviously she knows it’s Photoshop. There’s no reason to repeat it over and over again.

  19. I THINK the little one still in her seat is enjoying the ride.

  20. There there meg. It’s okay. Evil uncles really meant no harm depsite the life long fear of life jackets they bestowed in us.

  21. If that were Bunn, I’d call him a flyaway hare.

  22. Photoshop or not, it’s hilarious! I’m sitting here at my desk just dying laughing…

  23. It was me.
    I brought the cat.

  24. That os sooo Photoshop. I mean, I reconize that cat! Good job on it though. =)

  25. That innertube is about to cat-size!

  26. That kitty can be layered into as many pics as he wants. That is the cutest kitty expression ever!

  27. TruthbringR says:

    This PHOTO is SERIOUSLY ANCIENT. It’s also seriously photoshopped. No one would bring a cat waterskiing in one of those rafts, let alone it wouldn’t sit still.

  28. TruthbringR — I’d call it *humorously* photochopped.
    And I actually would bring Mr. Bounce tubing. (Serve him right, the pesty little bastard.)

  29. Brunette girl: “Start bailing, I just peed!”

    Blonde girl: “Did you say, Warp Speed?! Woo-hoooo!”

    Redhead girl: “Wedgie on the starboard bow!”

    Cat: “Hakuna ma tuna!”

  30. would margaret atwood?

  31. What would Brian Boitano do?

  32. pyrit, you reminded me of a favorite MST3K war cry:


  33. Rich Fader says:

    “Toonces, look out!”

  34. Rich Fader:

    Way too funny! Great job who ever modded the photo.

  35. Ohhh, it’s Tomcat Hanks in Cats Away.

  36. Oh gosh! The looks on the girls’ faces bring back memories of my innertubing days! I’m quite sure I looked like that several times, but had the TIME OF MY LIFE! It was fantastic!!

    And Brian Boitano would make and plan, and he’d follow through…That’s what Brain Boitano’d do.

  37. Pyrit — Tomcat?? Good eye! As a matter of fact, this IS a pre-production teaser for Mission Impussible IV: Totally Tubular. And I do mean “fact” in the Fox News sense of the word.

  38. [humming along with Tracibub]

  39. That’s junku’s (on Flickr) cat… I can’t believe I recognized her. She’s famous!!

  40. That girl in the middle is seriously gonna be scarred for life, psychologically if not physically. And she gets to see this pic all over the web for the rest of her days, woo!

    But, who cares, I don’t. The kitteh is awesome as is the Pshop work.

  41. i know this’ been said, but it’s definetely photoshopped cuz it has the same marking as ‘ill save you louis’. but it’s still hilarious!!! 😀

  42. jennifer – Falling off is the bestest part! I’ve been doing this ever since I was a wee one at my family cabin. It looks a bit scary, but it’s just fun 🙂

  43. Why is it that everytime I look at this pic I hear the theme song from A-Team?

  44. The original leaping kitteh was featured on CO once, wasn’t it?!?

  45. One airfilled inner tube
    One fully clawed cat

    PS: we tried to get our cat Hobie on our HobieCat (sailing catamaran) and 20 years later I still bear the scars.

  46. moths_are_scary says:

    Just want to say that this is what should happen to all cats. I believe cats should have a 9 month lifespan because after that kitten stage…they’re just not that great. OH and uncles are notorious for being creepy. So the whole uncle comment just really adds to the effect!

  47. Whitney Marie White says:

    hey that was freakin awesome… I remember those days… The cat is wicked funny man…

  48. Raphael,

    Because we’re watching B.A. Bara-cats in action!

  49. WOW, did I need this laugh! This is hilarious (PS’d or not)!!

    …it’s not every day that you get to watch your job get immeasurably more difficult ON TV.


  50. As said by two other commenters, that is one of junku’s “airborne” cats. Look at all the photos, they’re wonderful! http://www.flickr.com/photos/junku/sets/303691

  51. Haha! Cats and high speed sea travel really don’t mix. But I can remember my days of being flung off the tube and wondering ‘where the heck is my ride’ at in midair. That cat looks more like “OMG! BIRD IN MIDAIR! Grraa-NOM!”

  52. This is one of my favorite photographs (and photoshops) ever.

  53. chet's momma says:

    look at the paws a-spreadin’ and the belly streeeetched for maximum silliness! love this photo as much as the orig series!

  54. It’s definitely a Photoshop of an old pic (known as Supercat on YTMND), but the picture is still cute as heck.

  55. *sigh* soooo many people are just NOT going to get this.

    I think the scared kids are the funniest part of the pic – but then – I am evil.

  56. This is a Photochop, I’ve seen the original picture without the cat.

  57. Definatly a photoshop kids!

  58. This is the magic of photoshop.
    But nice one!

  59. Its a wonderful photograph.
    Realy amaging!

  60. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who recognised the cat as one of Junku’s.

  61. I couldn’t stop laughing, at both the picture and the comments – seriously:

    “Hakuna Ma Tuna”
    “Tomcat Hanks in Cats Away”
    “Mission Impussible IV: Totally Tubular” ?


  62. It’s a fake. 🙂 Go to snopes.com and find out.

  63. this one is HILARIOUS

    of course its not photoshopped. duh

  64. [Takes out magnifying glass]

    Hmmmmm … three things tell me this is the handiwork of the Fling Flan Man:

    The presence of characters who look like they’re singing an Aerosmith song (or some such screamy rock number.)

    The ubiquitous CAT.

    The ubiquitous cat in a stance of power or any such stance indicating domination.

    Yes, there’s a serial ‘chopper on the loose. And his name is Ted BUNdy.

  65. sadie_asher says:

    This is definitely a photoshop, guys…. check out


  66. UncleJimbo says:

    I can’t look at those kids faces without laughing until tears roll down my face.

    Absolutly classic expressions.

  67. lol for some reason the only thing that could pop up into my head on that pic was a caption from the cat saying “Shaaaaaark! Abandon ship!”


  69. toughbubble says:

    oh my goodness i almost peed my pants laughing at the expressions on those girls’ faces. I can just imagine whats going through their heads… especially the middle one.. haha

  70. Thats photoshop…created by a goon over at somethingawful.com

  71. Kirakira Tenshi says:

    OMG we know the feeling! my first time innertubing, I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t keep a good grip on the handholds and when we went over a bump I went FLYING about 10-20 feet into the air (or so says those who saw.) yes, I’m a tiny little bugger–at the time I was 10-ish, and must have weighed, on 85 lbs? or so? but I was that cat. except it wasn’t a photoshop. Hehe.

  72. popscene01 says:

    LOOK AT CUTEOVERLOAD.COM Feb 6, 2006… same cat.

    this is hilarious though!

  73. …um yeah, you can get there faster by clicking the LINK right in the POST. Y’know, that underlined blue text up there, which says “tell her…”? Honestly, people.

    I need to start closing comments more.

  74. mritunjay says:

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  75. derrickgroupe says:

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  76. Veronique says:

    I hope the cat is okay! SOMEONE TELL ME IS THE CAT DEAD!!!

  77. [sigh] …for the LAST TIME: the cat isn’t even there.