Carbs are baaaad, MMMMKAY?

But when you get them, it’s worth the effort.

Love the yelpitude, Wing Y. OH, and Go Crimson!



  1. Sometimes I feel that way about pasta, too. Go, puppers!!!

  2. So, this reminds me of the Great Burrito Theft of 2001. The Beagle darts around a corner, looking guilty as sin. I get up to go investigate and while my back is turned, the Jack Russell Terrorist jumps up, steals my burrito and runs off with it. I’m pretty sure they had a deal to split the spoils once the caper was complete. Pet collaboration, I tell you.

  3. That will be me when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. MST. At 3:30 p.m. MST, I’ll be zonked out like a slepping kitteh.

  4. Um, that’s not a yelp…. that’s a squeek!! Redonk. And by the way, did anyone else hear them say “Redonk” and “Redonkulous” on How I Met Your Mother a couple weeks ago?? Doesn’t CO own the patent on that?!! 🙂

  5. That’s not cute… it’s a poor, poor puppy being teased and not being taught or trained properly.

  6. Oh please, ‘me’. It’s completely harmless.

    That is ridiculously adorable. I almost cried. And did you see his name is Baron von Augenbraue! That is just too great.

  7. Mouse – Or, Jack Rascal Terror.

  8. lol, they are teeeezing that poor puppers…

  9. I’m definitely with the dog on this one – mmmmm, pasta! Too bad this little guy didn’t have anyone to help him, eh, Mouse?

  10. This is why I find dogs TEH ANNOYING. No offence to any dog lovers, but the doggie food obsession is a little more than I can handle. At least kitterses are generally more discriminating and subtle about it.

  11. Loves the yelps.
    Loves the sweater.
    Loves the doggie.
    Loves it!

  12. Yeah, thinker, like the time I went to answer the phone and came back to find a cat standing on my bagel, shlurping the cream chees off it. Subtle AND discriminating.

  13. I see your point thinker, and it’s true that many many doggers are way too obsessed with food. There are some, however, that aren’t food-motivated at all. They can all be trained to be polite around food though! That said, I think this vid is adorable and vastly entertaining. That’s one determined lil doggie!
    p.s. Is that a Miniature Schnauzer? Kinda looks like one, but then in some angles it looks like there’s brown/tan coloration. Hm.

  14. If you think THAT is teasing, our childhood dog, a black lab named Digger, would always beg for whatever you were eating. Not in an annoying way, but would sit in front of you and stare. If you ignored him, he would put a paw on your leg as if to say, “Excuse, but might I have a taste?”

    One day Brother Steve gave him a chunk of Bit O’ Honey. We howled with laughter watching Digger try to pry his mouth apart with his paws. Mom yelled at us (I saw her laughing, too), and Steve said, “But he WANTED some!”

  15. [grumble, mumble] I guess I’m just not a dog person. I’m sure if I was, I would find it rather cute.

    And Redz, point taken!

  16. Jahari thought it was highly amusing. She is a cat though… He was cute!

  17. Tony James says:

    Redzilla wrote…
    “Yeah, thinker, like the time I went to answer the phone and came back to find a cat standing on my bagel, shlurping the cream chees off it. Subtle AND discriminating.”

    Am I the only person who read that as “came back to find a cat standing on my beagle, shlurping the cream chees off it,” and wondered what on earth was going on?
    This clip is only missing the final moment when the cat hops gracefully onto the table and, oblivious to the dog’s yelping, proceeds to scarf the spaghetti before giving the dog that supercilious “You ignorant sap…tcho!” look that they do so well.

  18. Damn, I need one of those magic pet-repelling tables. Despite all my efforts to train her, my troublesome tabby Macaroon is like having a monkey in the house when it comes to food. She hurls herself at my plate from any and every direction.

  19. Jen-

    I’m not sure if CO owns the rights to that, because i’ve heard it years and years ago. And i thought it was spelled ‘redunculous’ as it comes from redundant and ridiculous? or not, that’s just me.

  20. i once had a tuxedo cat, Pookie, who was a complete diva… but if you were eating, she would climb up directly beside you and try to pry the fork from your mouth and direct it towards hers…. if you had finger food, she was grabbing your hand before you could get it anywhere near your mouth…. it was hilarious when i was at home alone, but kind of embarrassing with company….
    although, it was much quieter and subtly classy compared to a doggeh…

  21. forgot to mention, ole Pookie had a voice like WC Fields, she was like “hand it over, m’kay, see, slow like, see, thats my food, see….”
    always made me giggle…

  22. LaurieC, maybe you need to eat in a cage?? ‘Course, that would be mean–to Macaroon. 😉

    Thinkie, I’m half with ya there. I love animals but the food thing with dogs is too much like my Italian upbringing, food=love=food and “no thanks” has to be crammed into the family vocabulary.

  23. ahahahahahaha.

    That’s too funny! Poor dog needs some traction to get to the spaghetti.

    I find with dogs, there are different kinds of begging:

    1. Patient hanging around, hopeful glances
    2. staring, getting close to food (I can’t stand this kind of begging).
    3. Giving me the saddest, most pathetic look. A look that says, “Please… they starve me and beat me, but you’re so nice… pleaaaaaase, please, just a morsel.”

    I will always give into #3. I’m a sucker.

  24. Awwwww, he wants that pasta SO MUCH! I got the feeling from the giggles in the background that he ALWAYS does this and that this time they decided to film intead of yelling at him. heh heh. He just KNEW if he kept trying he’d find a way to get a mouthful of nummy noodles, yay! My dog has learned not to beg because I don’t reward it, but he still does the hopeful stare just in case. I don’t think this is neccessarily a training issue, “me,” some dogs, especially puppies, just REALLY want people food! Replace the pasta with a big hunk of chocolate cake, and you’d see human kids jumping up and stealing too!

  25. I love that (seemingly) wrestling is on pause on the TV in the background.

  26. My coworker’s cat apparently begs too, just squalls and meows like he is just DYING…and you can save him…with just one piece of taquito.

  27. Oh my god.
    That was ADORABLE.

  28. me, you forgot the part where it’s not being trained or taught properly and when it’s no longer a puppy, it’s no longer cute and they give it up for adoption.

  29. Ah, this reminds me of the great pumpkin pie theft of ’02.

    It was Thanksgiving, and my mom was down for dinner. She had brought an absolutely fabulous pumpkin pie – she’s a great baker – yum! We were in the middle of dining – all of us refusing to meet the soulful glances of the family mutt – Fritzi. I think Fritzi got tired of being ignored. Right about the time when everyone had finished with seconds and were trying to determine if they’d burst if they had “just a little bit more” there was a great CRASH from the kitchen.

    Fritzi had knocked the pie from the counter (which she shouldn’t have been able to reach!) and was scarfing it down as quickly as she possibly could.

    I’d feel a little less bitter if I knew that she was actually tasting the pie as it went down her gullet, but I somehow doubt that she was savoring it.

  30. Oh, that poor, little blighter. He’s going to make it after all.

  31. TJ, you are a pervert. Shlurping cream cheese off a beagle. I would never let that kind of tom-foolery happen in my house. Mostly because I don’t have a beagle.

  32. Whew, this is why I am a cat-lover! ><

  33. why do people think that just because it is amusing to watch this pup being teased into stealing food that it is acceptable behavior for him or his owners? I can’t believe that people are dissing “me” for pointing that out…

  34. I sure do hope that knife wasn’t sharp. I was watching it the entire time hoping that he didn’t knock that over or grab it by mistake.

    But overall it’s cute.

  35. this reminds me of a fabulous story my boyfriend told me about his miniature schnauzer CHEWY.

    one day he had come home after a long day at work. he decided to stop by KFC and get himself a nice crispy check breast. he said he put all of his food on a plate, set it on the livingroom table, and went to wash his hands.

    when he came back out to eat, the chicken was mysteriously missing from the plate. in his confusion, mike didn’t know what happened, and double checked the bag, thinking he might be losing his marbles and forgot to put the chicken on the plate.

    well, he stopped rustling the bag long enough to hear a distinct chomping sound coming from under the living room sofa. when he got down on hands and knees and peeked under, all he saw was a furry snout and some growling teeth from chewy, daring mike, actually daring him, “c’mon dude, just TRY and take this from me now.”

    mike was defeated. he went to bed without any chicken that night, but his story of chewy the chicken snatcher still lives on in our hearts to this very day.

  36. He’d be sorely tempted at my house right now – the fridge is carb-oring quite a lot of Thanksgiving treats at the moment.

  37. thats an incredible story kelly, incredibly boooring. dogs stealing food from plates, never heard that one before.

  38. Geesh. Some pet-owners are so holier-than-thou. “I can’t believe they don’t train their dog not to do that, those are terrible owners, look how that dog suffers… etc etc etc”.

    We live with animals, people. Did you notice that? Sometimes they will behave like animals.

    Get over it. Or, alternatively, let’s post a video of the behaviour of YOUR pet and we can all have a go at criticizing you.

    That is one determined pup. Hilarious. My cat makes very 007-like elaborate missions to steal Doritos from us, involving deceit and spurts of violence (ie. paw slaps). It’s her personality. All we can do is laugh.

  39. I hate to say it…but I also disapprove of this behavior. (a) there’s a knife in that dish, (b) he’s not being taught proper manners and (c) they are taunting him. None of these things are okay. BTW, this is my first CO disapproval.

    A thinker, you would have LOVED my Pandora, god rest her soul. She was a gorgeous Siberian husky that we often thought considered herself a cat. She walked around with an air of self-importance… sort of Paris Hilton, but actually beautiful.

    She was quite discriminating about food and only ate treats placed in her food dish. And she quite frequently walked through a room with company in it, only to shoot them a look like “oh dear. you call THESE people your friends?” She was a hoot.

    Pavlov, the chocolate lab, though is all dog. But even my lab has been taught her table manners.

  40. ka9q's wife says:

    Yeah horses don’t beg…that is why i got pushed towards the tack box by a horse who knew there was treats in there. It was funny because i knew that horse was not going to hurt me but damn that big galoot was strong and determined.

  41. Hey, anyone with these food-stealing-family-pet storys, does your tale end up “and then we dumped chewy at the shelter because he was a pain in the ass”?

    Thought not.

    Yes, dogs should behave.
    Sometimes they don’t.
    Love ’em anyway.

  42. Lighten up, some of you. Sheesh.

    My rabbit will sneak up on you if your banana is too close to the ground. And if it is….look out.

  43. db-
    That’s an incredible post db, incredibly ruuuude. Nuffingham harshing on someone else’s cute. Never heard that one before.

    And happy thanksgiving to you too.

    I had a cat bring home someone else’s take-up Chinese lunch in a bag. Mongolian Beef, rice, napkins, chopsticks, and a fortune cookie.
    He carried it in by the folded top of the paper bag, and dropped it at my feet.
    I always wondered what his victim made of it when his lunch walked off.

  44. lauowolf, I hoped you tipped your delivery cat with a piece of Mongolian beef or something.

  45. Haha delivery cat! That’s awesome!

    The best is the interspecies collaboration, though. I used to have a cat who would jump onto the kitchen counter, knock over the box of milkbones and push them onto the floor for the dogs. I never figured out what she got in return for that!

  46. Laurie C-

    I gave him all the meat, figuring he’d earned it.

    He also brought me, completely unharmed, a tame white rat.
    I had to buy a whole rat set-up for it.
    (You can’t release a tame animal into the wild.)
    He’d sit by it by the hour, just quietly watching — rat died of old age.

  47. Lauowolf, hysterical! That cat obviously thought he had made a prize kill and was bringing it to you like he would a mouse.

    And ka9q’s wife, yes, horses do beg, and they can be quite persistent and even–ahem–forceful, about it, as you’ve noticed. That’s why I try not to feed the silly things too many hand treats…

  48. Lauowolf, I meant the meal, not the rat.

    The second story is even funnier. Your pet had a pet!

  49. Cheers for Chewy the challenging chicken chow-hound and Mike the Chump and Kelly his Chick.

  50. I’m going to have to (oh-so-politely) agree with the dissenters, although I don’t agree with their judgemental attitude. True, if this was the pup’s ONE offense in his months of proper training, then I’m all for it. I let my pets get away with things every once in a while.

    But like a previous poster pointed out, this might be something that happens all the time. If so, what about when you have company? What about when you have a bad day and just want to eat dinner in peace and the pup just annoys the crap out of you?

    It is still a cute, funny video, but both owner and pup (or kitty or bun…) are hurt when the pet is not properly trained.

    And scene.

  51. my uncle had a rather amusing red point siamese who would sit on his lap during all meals. when something particularly tasty was on my uncle’s plate, we’d see a reddish-orange paw slapping the table, hunting for my uncle’s meal.

    it happens.

  52. ka9q's wife says:
    I love this story. I don’t know how true it is but i think it rocks.

  53. My dog looks at me, then looks at the food then looks at me like “you aren’t REALLY gonna eat that are you? Because if you aren’t, well, such a shame for it to go to waste…”

    When he was a pup he did his begging thing while the wife was making a peanut butter sandwich. We decided to see just how much he would like peanut butter. We laughed and laughed as he spent at LEAST 10 minutes trying to get it off the roof of his mouth. He managed to figure out how to eat peanut butter in the future without it doing that and now would eat it like it was a piece of meat.

    My cat is like, “wtf would I want with HUMAN food? GROSS!”

  54. ka9q's wife says:

    I camp several times a year at a local county park. One of my friends who camps with me told me that one of the scrub jays had teamed up with some of the crows and they had worked together to steal a can of nuts. The Blue jay managed to get the lid off and they all shared it.

  55. Kathryn Young says:

    Next time, get a CAT!

  56. Is that a Comcast remote?

  57. Well now that I’ve seen how upset people get over animals being “allowed” to steal food, I have a story of pet endangerment and bad manners that you’ll really hate! I left my beloved dog Quentin with my parents once when I was visiting my inlaws out of state, and while he was there it was my dad’s birthday, and my mom got him a big box of those little chocolate liquor bottles full of rum and cherry cordial and such. We have all learned to leave the chairs pushed in under the table at all times because Quentin knows that they are stepping stools on the way to table-land. But apparently the chocolate smelled SO good that he went under the table and scrabbled around until he pushed a chair out enough to hop onto it and from there to the table. They came home from work that night to find a VERY happy tipsy dog and a lot of colored foil all over the couch. They kept an eye on him in case he needed to go into the vet, but apparently his 20 pound body handles alcohol better than I do, because he didn’t get sick. (We already knew he wasn’t allergic to chocolate like many dogs are from a birthday cake stealing incident several years before.) He turned 10 years old on the 15th and I have to admit, I admire his devious ways. I call him a big dog in a sneaky little package. At least a few times a year he manages some sort of theivery, and it’s certainly never made me consider giving him away! I just hope he makes it another 5 or 6 years so he can be around when we have kids to steal from!

  58. His little yip sounds like a squeak toy! cute

  59. A more likely scenario would be a beagle licking cream cheese off a cat. Redz do you want to borrow one?

  60. i will quote “me” and say
    “That’s not cute… it’s a poor, poor puppy being teased and not being taught or trained properly.”

  61. Here’s a concept some folks might want to try on for size. It’s radical and a little frightening at first, but you get used to it.

    1) Develop the attitude that the MAJORITY of pet owners are good people. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

    2) When looking at pictures and videos on CO or other places, try simply enjoying the moment captured and not dive into the utterly unknown before and after.

    3) Take the saying “Judge not lest ye be judged” as your personal motto and try not to judge the people submitting the photos and videos unnecessarily.

    It’ll take some time, but life will be sweeter and you’ll have less wrinkles.

  62. Brak_Silverbone says:

    A few years back, I was seated on the living room floor eating a Big Mac. Koji the Wonder Poodle decided he wanted a bite, so he started to pester me. His style of pestering is a wee bit more restrained than the pup in this video, but not by much. He was lying close by me, fussing and making those strange, growly, almost speech-like noises that dogs are capable of.

    Finally, he decided he’d had enough of my stubborn refusal, and he ACTUALLY SAID “Nyum num num num num!”

    I gave him the rest of the Big Mac (only a bite or two at that point). I figured a dog who could talk deserved a snack.

    The worst part is that I was alone in the house when this happened, and I therefore have no witnesses to this.

  63. My God. That dog is its own squeak toy.

    lauowolf, what a great cat!

  64. musicchick2 says:

    Laowolf…. Here’s one, & it’s true. The only dog I ever had was given to me as a puppy by my sister. I was about 10. We’d had her for about a year I guess. Then one day I came home from school and couldn’t find her. “Where’s Daisy Dog?” I asked my Mom. “We took her to the pound. She shed too much”. Needless to say I was DEVASTATED. I have always had cats ever since.

  65. musicchick2, that’s a TERRIBLE story! But it’s not a reason not to own a dog, it’s an example of horribly cruel, I would even say emotionally abusive, parenting. My condolences to you. 😦

  66. jasonzhang says:

    wow!This dog is so lovely!漂亮的狗狗!

  67. I never comment and I always love CO. BUUUUT…

    I wonder what they will do with the dog once they get visitors and want to have a meal in peace and he keeps trying to take the food like that. They’ll probably try to dissuade him and eventually will get mad at him and scream at him.

    My father has trained dogs for most of his life (God bless his soul). And I can tell you for sure: this is the best way to make this poor adorable fella go neurotic with the two conflicting ideas he has about food on the table.

    And no, I’m not going over the top. It does happen.

  68. Awww.. poor puppy.

  69. Re: redonculous. Isn’t it from “The BFG” (Big Friendly Giant) by Roald Dahl?

  70. a schnauzer! (i think?)only the best dogs ever ;D

  71. LOL!!!!

  72. I don’t think it’s wrong for animals to want to steal food (and to sometimes get away with it). I just find the video of this noisy dog very annoying. Plus, it’s not like the dog is trying to be sneaky and steal the food… it’s blatently obvious that it was set up. The dog also doesn’t act like it knows it’s wrong to do what it’s doing, so this seems to be a common and acceptible occurrence; hence the annoyance and why I am a cat lover ^^

  73. Also, there is a difference between training a dog and teaching a dog basic things like: The word NO.

  74. Heyyy…here’s a thought, folks.

    The dog in the video is not Jesus/Buddha/Zeus/Your Mom!


    Yeah, hush you. I have an english bulldog and, honest to God, she was a pain in the ass, neck, hands, arms and feet for about the first two months we had her. Biting, talking, crying for food and non-sleepy freedom…everything…all the time! But now, now she’s more or less a good dog. She’s house trained, she doesn’t speak when begging, she doesn’t bark unless it’s to identify something she doesn’t know…

    So yeah, shut up and enjoy the cuteness. =P It doesn’t always last forever.

    And I didn’t think those were knives so much as fancy untensils; forks and spoons.

  75. SO adorable!!!! I was watching and my little boston terrier was running around trying to find the yelping doggie that must have invaded our apartment, finally settling right in front of my laptop LOL

  76. So it’s OK to make broad assumptions about which all we know is a short video clip?
    I would invite Mr. Schnauzersons to my house for dinner any day of the week, even Whinesday.

  77. LOL Congrats to the pup for achieving his goal!

  78. To all the people out there who are displeased by this because they think that misbehaved dogs will wind up in shelters, I ask you to please lighten the heck up.

    Obviously the person in this clip loves this dog enough to find this humorous and cute. Enough so that they filmed it and put it on the internet. Geez. I reeeally doubt that this person dropped this dog off at a shelter because it begged when there was company. What kind of company do you guys have at your house? Anyone who was really bothered by a begging animal would be no friend of mine!

    As for people who aren’t dog lovers, remain silent. There is no reason in the world why you should share the opinion that this clip is annoying because you don’t like dogs. That would be like me commenting on a cat video by saying, “Oh, yeah, cats sometimes pounce on your toes, which is annoying. I guess that’s why I don’t like cats.” Ridiculous.

    Speaking of which, all you people, would you drop your kitten off at a shelter because it pounced a guest’s toes? Probably not. Relax, all.

    Note: I love all animals. I have two cats now but I had dogs before, and I desperately want to again. While I agree that animals should have boundaries, this video clip is no different than parents who videotape cute habits of their children. If you don’t enjoy the journey, you will be very disappointed sharing your life with a pet or a child.

  79. thebewilderness says:

    It reminded me of the video going the rounds of the soldiers teasing the children of Baghdad by holding a bottle of water out the back of the truck and laughing as the children ran begging for mile. If I hadn’t seen that video I don’t think I would have reacted as sharply as I did to teasing the doglet. Although I will say that the rules around this house when playing with pets is that you must let them win. No teasing.

  80. Hey, that’s my co-worker’s dog and he’s ADORABLE and she’s a really good dog mom. She and her fiance dote on the Baron.

  81. I’m Baron von Augenbraue’s mommy and he is a very good puppy. He was only 3 months old in the video and that was the first time he ever barked. We were in the middle of doing dishes in the kitchen and he spotted that plate of pasta in the living room. We were shocked to hear him make noise (up until then he was silent). He was so tenacious and cute that we had to pick up the camera. We train him and take very good care of him–he is probably better behaved (and more spoiled) than most children. Don’t be so quick to judge. And, yes, he is a miniature schnauzer.
    P.S.–those were forks

  82. daisy duck says:

    what sick fool actually thinks this is funny? it is torture to that poor dog. not to mention the harm that could have happened. CUTE??? forget it….you need a reality check.

  83. Daisy Duck — I just looked up “irony” in the dictionary, and waddyaknow, there you were.

  84. WhippetsAreCute says:

    Aaaw he is so cute! You are so lucky to have a dog as beautiful as the Baron!

    Even though it’s kind of mean to tease a puppy, I still think this video’s great – at least he got the food in the end!

  85. Well, people are just to uppity! Obviously they have never owned a miniature schnauzer, this pup looks similar or a close type of terrier. THIS IS HOW THEY ACT! They are crazy, if you’ve ever seen a schnauzer scramble across a vinyl floor, polished table or any smooth surface–you know exactly how heartingly silly they are. But you never forget their ambition to get that food off the table or off the floor before its swept away! That yipe-ing is just something you have to live with, they yipe anytime they get excited over absolutely anything! And not everyone wants to stunt their dogs personality by making them act like unwanted children who are taught to be seen and not heard. Let the little dog have its fun!

  86. >>>”A thinker, you would have LOVED my Pandora, god rest her soul. She was a gorgeous Siberian husky that we often thought considered herself a cat. She walked around with an air of self-importance… sort of Paris Hilton, but actually beautiful.

    She was quite discriminating about food and only ate treats placed in her food dish. And she quite frequently walked through a room with company in it, only to shoot them a look like “oh dear. you call THESE people your friends?” She was a hoot.”

    I don’t think you’re talking about your dog anymore, I think you’re talking about your own feelings.

    If you people don’t like dogs to act like dogs than don’t ever get one. If you can’t love a dog for being a dog than you don’t deserve one. Dogs are to be loved for all their quirks and doggy behavior! Yes you teach them not to bite, you teach them not to jump on people, you teach them to relieve themselves outside. But forgodsakes people let the dog live a little! This is typical miniature schnauzer puppy-behavior! I know I have 3, this dog loved everyminute of acting crazy, it’s in their nature! They are the most loyal and passionate dogs out there!