[Starbucks joke here]

Look—I have 15 cups of coffee a day—I mean, I have 15 decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n’-Low and one NutraSweets a day. So?


Starbucks joke from George Carlin, bunny courtesy of sender-inner of—oh shoot—where is he in my beeeelions of emails? Shoot.



  1. Tony James says:

    P0iT! Pwn! Bunny! Pwnny?

  2. So it’s a male bunny?

  3. That’s quite a head of foam on that hot chocolate!

  4. karen in toronto says:

    At first I thought those ears were legs. What kind of little animal would that be with its head, arms, and torso in the mug?

  5. Tony James says:

    Aub – it’s a buck, and he’s a star…the cawfee is Star Buck’s…d’oh…

  6. TJ:

  7. Teehee, it’s a funny bunny. Another bunny creme, as well?

    I do wonder what was in the bottom of that cup to get da bunny to stick his face in.

  8. Man-that’s what I do every morning before I go off to teach my 8 am class-classic!

  9. I want a mug like that!

  10. chunkstyle says:

    Foam is getting out of control these days! Bun-a-chino?

  11. Wit a Timothy Hay Scone, to go.

  12. I want to be served by this Bar-ears-ta!

  13. I’m just waiting for the peeps to say “caffeine kills bunnehs!” Oh brother, in anticipation.

  14. A bun put his head in a mug
    And thought, “Now I feel like a lug,
    I can’t get it out
    For my face is too stout
    I’ll just have to continue to chug.”

    /short and not-so-sweet, Peeps.

  15. “I do wonder what was in the bottom of that cup to get da bunny to stick his face in.”

    I’m gonna guess it’s the last few drops of a Carrot-Cake Cappuchino!


  16. Java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java.

  17. Oh,
    like bunnehs NEED caffeine.
    (unlike me)

  18. I’m just waiting for the owner to turn the coffee cup over and read ‘Kobayashi Chinaware’ on the bottom.

  19. wow, magicians must really be working hard to keep up with the times!

    “And now I’ll pull a bunny out of my espresso cup!”

  20. “I’m just waiting for the peeps to say “caffeine kills bunnehs!”

    Dara, it ain’t generally the peeps who go all negative, those would be the Nuffinghams.

  21. Tony James says:

    Bun-where, inside a Starbucks,
    Rab-bit pie
    There’s a site that I’ve dreamed of
    That always makes me sigh.

    Somewhere, inside Meg’s inbox
    kittehs hope
    to be showcased on the website
    that’s called Teh OverLoad.

    Each day I log on to the site
    and skwee and laugh with great delight
    It pwns me.
    The bunnehs play and disapprove
    While tabbehs get into the groove
    That’s where you’ll find me.

    Sometimes, when my day’s dreadful,
    Meg comes through
    I get my fix on her website
    Come with me, you can too.

  22. Nice, TJ, very nice. Better earworm than I was walking around with so far today.

    Also, this bunista is clearly taking “quality control” very seriously.

  23. Oh T.J.

  24. Actually, Dara, we can’t even tell what’s actually IN the mug (other than the rabbit), so anyone who does complain will be going on insufficient data.

  25. That’s what you call being ears deep in your java.

  26. I asked for NO WHIP. NO WHIP, people! Wait, that’s not whip…

  27. “Toto-ny” James – Beautiful. True. Happy little bluebirds to you.

  28. Sure beats having the *other* end of the rabbit in your cup.

  29. There’s no place like CO…
    There’s no place like CO…
    There’s no place like CO…

  30. Tony James says:

    The best part of waking up
    Is bunnehs in your cup.

  31. Laurie C: Kopi Luwak, bunny-style?

  32. Ahhhh! This is *exactly* what my Starbucks needs! my coworkers will love me… and my boss will kill me :p

  33. Just wanna say thanks to everyone for keeping me amused today. I am all alone today at work. There are fricking tumbleweeds blowing down the hall outside my office.

  34. Karen in Toronto says:

    Aubrey, as usual I suspect you have a clue.

  35. LOL, Laurie C! I hadn’t even thought about having the other end of a rabbit in my cup.

    And, now in honor of the Irish let’s all sing a round of Whiskers in the Jar.

  36. Karen:

    Soze you.

  37. Lovely rendition, TJ! 🙂

    “Some-one’s barfing a rainbow…”

  38. Redz, what’s the point of giving you all those management training seminars if they leave you alone with no one to inflict your mad new skillz on?

  39. and this reminded me of: i don’t have an addiction, i can quit whenever i want! http://api.ning.com/files/989788

    anyone else thinkin that?

  40. Wow, Redz, how weird to be all alone at work! What are you doing there? Go home! No one will know!

  41. Lol, Rosie, narmkronsche!!!

  42. TJ – and your song’s ref-rainblows me away!

    Redz, don’t you get a half day or nuthin’?

  43. There is a hare in my coffee!!!

  44. Bwahahahaha, Banana a! I hadn’t thought of that one! 😉

  45. “decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n’-Low and one NutraSweets”

    Ok yeah, the bunny is cute, but the power of the cuteness isn’t as strong as my will to fix this order so it’s in proper *$ speak. Curse you, Corporate Caffeine, for brainwashing me!

    p.s. Also curse George Carlin.

  46. “You’re nobunny until somebunny javas you.”

  47. From the Binky Spots:

    “I love coffee, I love buns
    I love the java jive and it’s such fun
    Coffee, bunnies and the jivin’ as one
    A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!”

  48. Redz – sux to be you, all alone in the office. My boss just came by to kick me out. Which is good because I have to go get ready for the annual Thanksgiving Eve Bar Tour. Hooray for cab rides and cheap hotels!

  49. Tony James says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…The Chairman of the Board!

    When somebunny loves you
    It’s no good unless he loves you
    all the way (to the bottom of your coffee cup)

    (“Thank you, thank you – it’s really great to be here again…”)

    Blue Moon
    You saw me drinking alone
    Without a bun in my cup
    Without a skwee of my own

    (“and this one is one of my favourites – I hope you like it too…it’s about a little town that’s very close to my heart…”)

    These little honk-shu’s
    Are melting my heart
    I’ll have a brand new kittin soon
    on The Overlo-ad

    I wanna wake up
    with a kitty that’s fast asleep
    And find I’m covered in hair! Soaking with drool! Kicked out of bed! To go make break-fast!
    It’s the honk-shus, shu-york, shu-u-u-u-York!

    (“Now I’d like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine…well, that’s not strictly true: he’s not dear – in fact, he’s one of the cheapest men I know! [rimshot] Dean! Dean, if you can pour yourself over here for a moment and give these folks a song…Dean Martin, everybody!”)

    (“Thanks, Frank [takes sip]. You know, when Frank told me that we were playing The Overload tonight, I thought he said “We’re going to get loaded tonight” – boy don’t I feel like a worthless drunk! Which I guess explains that girl I was with last night…”)

    How lucky can one guy be
    I logged on and had to skwee
    Why, that ain’t a pup
    Ain’t that a bun in a cup?

  50. Excellent, TJ!

    I think Starbucks is too snooty for this. I think you get buns in cups at I-HOP.

  51. Bravo, TJ. I think you’ve earned a new screen name. Take your pick:

    1) New Blue Eyes
    2) Rat Pack Uno
    3) Luck Be a Teedly Jidderbums Tonight
    4) Old Blue Balls

  52. Tony James says:

    I’ll take number 4 please, Vanna…

  53. Good man.

  54. Bffft! Just noticed Claudia’s quickie. Hehe!
    Aubrey, Pyrit — rejoinder??

  55. Nope, I’m too new in the office to have extra vacation stockpiled.

    Oh, but don’t worry, Laurie C. I’m not wasting all that training. I’m supervising the !&#* out of myself. I think I’m going to make myself go make myself a cup of coffee. Then I’m going to pinch my ass when I bring it back to the office.

    “3) Luck Be a Teedly Jidderbums Tonight”
    Thanks Teho. Nobody hears you sob with laughter when you’re alone…

  56. T.., I-HOP is the BEST. The use only the best beans: Foal-ger’s and Peep’s Coffees.

    Eh, and those are the only saws that can be used for a re-join-der.

  57. Well, first, I am SO completely thrilled by Mr. To-NAY James! APPLAUSE!

    Teho – OK, Bunnigans’ has the best coffee. It’s ever ready and keeps you going and going and going and going.

  58. just wonderin’ – how “good” a man can someone called “old blue balls” really be? My inquiring mind wants, nay *needs* to know

    I’m quite enjoying this thread more than most – not sure why, but it’s cute, ya know?

  59. Context is everything, Arbed.

  60. pppffftttt context schmontext – I don’t wanna deal with context any more today – my brain is mushy and I wanna go hooooooooome – I hope edgarcat is ready for some hugs!

  61. Redzilla-

    Better leave those buns alone!

    Or you’ll have to sue yourself for harrassment.
    And settle with yourself out of court.
    (And put nasty notes in your own file!)


  62. A friend of mine would let her bun have just one sip oher coffee every morning. Till one day he was a little impatient and burned his little tongue. After that he would just sniff it and sort of sigh longlingly!

    My bun loves tea – I pour a little out for her before I add sugar to my cup.

  63. I’m-a w00t w00t for RedZ and Lauowolf now. Don’t try & stop me.

  64. The bunneh is so tired he fell alsleep in his espresso.

    Also the joke is actually Bill Maher from one of his “New Rules” bits on his show.

  65. Teej, I watched the Tony Bennett special on teevee last night and your fabulous RatPackery fits right in! Big round of applause.

    This is soooo I-HOP.

  66. lurker, you sure that wasn’t the Tony Bunnett show?

    RedZ, I wanna know how you’re gonna settle out of court with yourself.

    Everyone gets kudos from me today. You’re the best entertainment a sick girl can have.

  67. moths_are_scary says:

    oh…my…..OH MY!!! This is just about the darndest cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Oh boy. I think I’m going to SQUEAL!! *eek!*

  68. Happyhappyhappy!!!
    Spent whole day catching lawyers on their way out of town and managed to managed to prevent eviction of a buddy.
    Long circuitious story of no wrong doing at all, on anyone’s part.
    Happy ending at 4:58pm.
    We can all go bake pies and be thankful.
    I’m going to go sit under the cat first, and calm down.
    (wOOt for us all!)

  69. And, yes, it was that much managing.

  70. We’ve secretly replaced George’s cappucchino with Folger’s bunneh.
    Let’s listen in, and see if he notices…

  71. Way to go, lauowolf! Nice way to finish up before the holiday.

    Sadly, in Canada, we turkeyed last month, tomorrow’s a regular workday.

  72. useta hada kitteh says:

    Laurie C — (and I know I’m at risk of starting a tom-mentroversy with my next remark) — I didn’t turkey sadly last month, in fact, I turkeyed quite happily. 😉 But I am sad that I have to go to work tomorrow. And, I wasn’t here this time last year — does the cute take a holiday tomorrow (please don’t say yes. Please tell me I’ll still have teh cute to get me through the workday. Pleeeeeeezzz!)

    Y’know, about this Cupper McCuppersons in the picture above, first I was thinking “now I know why the Pink Bunny keeps going and going and going — it’s the caffeine!” But then I realized that this bunneh must be drinkin’ decaf, because I don’t see any energy happening at all at all. Except maybe in the earses.

    Whatever he/she is drinkin’, it’s definitely “good to the last drop”…

  73. lauowolf – Way to go.
    BTW, most times when I read your name I picture a wolf doing the hula wearing flowers and a green grass skirt. Is that cute?

  74. usetaHK: ‘good to the last hop’?

    The Cute Must Continue. It Must.

  75. pyrit, such a description could definately lei a claim to cuteness. Yes.

  76. When new cute isn’t coming fast enough, I dive into the archives. Theo may be able to remember all the previous posts but I can’t. Old threads involving puddin or punnic wars are great too.

  77. Aubrey – O tell another U to go to L ?

  78. OK – I’ll come clean. I have NO idea what this means. Is it bad? Should I go away? I’m very often quite stupid and so will apologize in advance.

  79. Oh not bad! Sorry! My bad.
    It’s the letters that need to move to spell Luau out of Lauo(wolf). The O needs to go tell another U to go to L.
    Now I have guilt!

  80. (breathes ginourmous sigh of relief)


    Please, no guilt; but I thought ‘go to L’ meant delegating me to the hot place!

  81. Yay, breathing is good!
    Noooo, no delegating to the hot place. Just ultra minimalist puns.

    Now who else’s name can I mess up? Sheesh.

    Well it IS cute when Lauri says, “Alrighty” and “Welp!”

    With that, I say Bonne Nuit, Aubrey.

  82. musicchick2 says:

    TJ, and all-‘o-‘youse guyses… Very entertaining!! Thanks for the giggles!

    Ooh! Ooh!! *raises hand* There’s a vewwy important open letter to all cats and dogs on my vox. http://www.musicchick2.vox.com /end threadjack

  83. useta hada kitteh says:

    musicchick2 — I don’t have a vox, so I’ll have to comment here — hope you see this. I loved the open letter to the dogs and cats! Just great! And I wanted to send my condolences on the loss of your Uncle Gordon — my Uncle Gordon died on the 18th, just four days after yours. it’s a reminder that time is short, and we should let those we love know we’re thankful for them!

    (And we should always hug our kittehs whenever we have a chance!)

  84. I’ll have a some more coffee buns, please.

  85. He should switch to decaf.

  86. umm…that drink doesent exist, even if you asked a starbux employee for it.. you wont get it.

    cute bunny btw

  87. musicchick2 says:

    usted hada kitteh: Thank you so much for your kind words! My condolences on the loss of YOUR Uncle Gordon as well. It’s a very small world, hmmm? But how awesome that the planets aligned in such a way that we connected via the C.O. I think perhaps you may have to come Vox with us. There are many C.O.’aholics in Vox land. It’s fwee! 😉 *hugs to you & your kittehs too*

  88. Chris Berosik says:

    I have a bunny that does that with yogurt. She makes sure the container is spotless before I crush it and throw it out…

  89. OMG that is soooo cute! My friend has a bunny that eats popcorn from a bag but instead of squishing his head in only, he lies in it! lol