Commodore (hello, awesome name for a cat) and Heather A.—Great work.



  1. First post? Me? Think of something clever, quick!

  2. could I be… first? Maybe

    Dude that cat is creepin me out. His name is Norman Bates

  3. I have this strange feeling someone is watching me. Hmmm

  4. Darnit I missed it. But that kitteh is mega cute except that hes psycho

  5. bunnyhunny says:

    This must be a still from an early cut of the movie Psycho, when the character of Norman Bates was still being played by a cat.

  6. bunnyhunny says:

    Darn, Michele got to the Norman Bates joke first!

  7. “Just keep the fresh salmon croquettes comin’ Bub, and I won’t tell a soul.”


    Oh kitty! You’re such a peeping Tom!

    (Qu’est que c’est?)

  10. I’m gettin’ PARNOID.

  11. Dangit, everybody’s doing the Psycho joke. Ah well.
    Who’s next?

  12. that’s what my cat does too!!! i wonder if there are any other cats who have the same prediliction???

  13. Tony James says:

    They do this to prevent cat-astrophes – they know that the water goes down the plughole while you shower, so they take up position ready to save you in case you go down the plughole too.

  14. That kitteh has some wide hips.

  15. ok, i read these every day at work and force my coworkers to check out the pics too usually. and i’ve never posted. but today, i just gotta ask…. why do people try to be first? do you get free kitten snorgles for being first post? i feel like i’m missing something… i mean, people are just so enthused about being the first post. 🐱 ? [uh, insert theo’s ‘first post’ link here ;p]

  16. SHAME on you Kurt. Wide hips? I believe the words you were looking for were “That kitteh has some junk in the trunk that makes me want to crunk.” Or something to that affect…

  17. lol, how in heaven’s name do they get into such places???
    Another reason to stick with my shower curtain. Besides, it gives them something to shred when they’re pretending they’re rock climbing…

  18. I TOTALLY heart monorail cat. Diet Coke went up the nose with that one! And I meant “effect” in my earlier post.

  19. Another Angela says:

    Cynikat, It’s a phenomenon wherever people post comments to internet things. People just like to have a little fun being first. If it annoys anyone, I suggest they just skip the first few comments 😉
    I find the first postings amusing myself.

  20. Monorail cat! LOL.

    Gah, though, every morning I gots to put up with creepy alien cat spying on my hygiende time. Now I gotta see it at work?

  21. Redz – lol, I have two or three cats in the bathroom with me at any given time… they come and go…

  22. Holly – “peeping Tom” snerk!

  23. AA… i don’t find first post contests annoying… i just always felt like i was missing something. like a secret web society that awards such things =)

    and yes, monorail cat is definitely a ‘soda out the nose’ kinda funny!

  24. Does anyone else have a kitteh that waits by the shower door then bolts in once I step out so she can lick the glass? I know what your thinking..YES she has plenty of fresh water and even sometimes a faucet left on to play in. Not sure why she likes the shower glass run off. Brightside…she forces me to keep the shower clean!

  25. Peeping Tom:”Oh your taking a shower? Please, go ahead, don’t mind me.”

  26. Nora — our cats could give a crap about the shower… but turn on just the slightest thread of trickling water in the SINK, and ohhhhhhhh… kitty heaven!

  27. I like the look of concern:

    What is with this?
    Why are you getting wet?

  28. Every bathroom needs a shower purr-tain, for when you take your meow-er.

  29. This actually reminds me of ceiling cat.

    And I shall say nothing more on the matter.

  30. Cat: “C’mon sport, that washrag is covering up NOTHING. Besides, what’s the prob? Tomaseenya like that a hundred times before.”

  31. Rubber kitty, you’re psycho,
    You make bathtime, like por-
    No! Rubber kitty I’m awfully fond of you.

    (neeeeeoooorrwwwmm -)

  32. This reminds me of my kitten, who jumps up on my shower door towel rack every time I shower. I can never decide if its cute or creepy…

  33. Oh mah lawrd.
    It MUST be (quasi-) Friday.

  34. Sorry if someone already pointed this tidbit out but… who keeps their camera in the shower?!!!!

    Beautiful cat, so special.

  35. acelightnign says:

    My cat Loki used to do that – in the house where we used to live, he could jump from the sink to the top of the shower rail. He never did it when anyone was *in* the shower, though – just when he was randomly racing and jumping around the house. (Now we live in a house where there’s no way for him to get up there. And I think this rail would be too narrow for him anyway.)

  36. lurkertype says:

    This pic made us smile (TK loves to climb and loves the shower, but hasn’t done this as yet).

    “Monorail Cat”, however, had us both LOL. The web is a weird and wonderful place.

    Nora, my mom’s cat was like that with the jumping in and licking.

  37. I wonder if cats watching us shower is like people watching gruesome snuff films?

  38. Honestly, I’ve never wondered the exact same thing.

  39. Banana:

    Kitteh:”Oh the water! The water! I can’t watch is too much!”

  40. Stephen, I’ll your monorail cat and raise you a ceiling cat.

  41. We once had a kitteh who would meow most anxiously at us when we were in the hot tub. “No, come out of there, it’s WATER, this is madness!”

    Eventually she gave up trying to save us from ourselves and would just hmph. “Go ahead, be that way.”

  42. Maggie — my adventure cat, George, enjoys his perch above the shower. He still does this post-bathroom renovation when the door was replaced with a shower rod and curtain. His tail gets quite the work out, and it’s jolly good he’s not afraid of water.

  43. lol! i thought of ceiling cat too! i really have to spend less time on this durn machine!
    but the kittehs! oooh the kittehs!

  44. There’s a bunch of “I’m in ur… [doing whatever]” here:

    have fun!

  45. “I have two or three cats in the bathroom with me at any given time.”

    I never pee’d alone when I had my kitty. And once I was in the shower, her black and white floofiness waited patiently on the bathroom rug. [sigh, still missing her]

  46. Now I have to stop complaining about my dog staring at me through the glass shower door. At least keeps his distance. Our pets just appreciate cleanliness.

  47. r u scrubbin ur harbl? 🙂

    (For an explanation of the meme the post refers to, see

    and for examples see )

    This meme slays me; my favorite instance of it is “I’m in your macaronis warming my feets” (worth a Google image search — I would link but I’m fairly sure three links will trip CO’s anti-comment-spam features).

  48. ok, our cats have got to stop going to the halloween showings at the drive in theatres. you *know* that’s where they got the idea. You just KNOW.

  49. and might i just say that this is gonna end up a cat-ass-trophy?

  50. There’s nothing like rinsing the soap out of your hair, opening your eyes and discovering the cat IN the shower with you. I can screech almost 4 octaves. My certifiably Psyco cat Bucky loves to shower with me (he’s snowshoe siamese…maybe that’s the answer)

  51. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba loves to be in the bathroom when I shower–but thankfully I have a shower curtain only, no glass doors, so she can’t do the Monorail Cat thing. I think she likes the humidity. Maybe she was a jaguar in the steamy South American jungles in a former life.

  52. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Hubby: “Honey, have you seen the cat…?”
    Wife: “Uh… [looks around, then looks up] Yep.”

  53. mwwawawawaahhhhahahah
    the macaroni/feets thing did me in…. and I was already toast after the monorail cat, Oh my god I needed this today…

  54. get him declawed… haaha, if he fell in, it would hurt! Cat scratch fevvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaa!

  55. When I’m in the shower, I’m afraid to wash my hair,
    ‘Cause I might open my eyes and find some cat hanging there!
    People say I’m crazy, just a little touched,
    But maybe showers remind me of Psycho too much!
    That’s why…

    I always feel like some cat is watching me,
    And I have no privacy! (oh oh oh)
    I always feel like some cat is watching me!
    Who’s playing tricks on me?!

  56. CP ?
    r u cute?
    For an explanation see:


  58. If I were in the shower looking up at Mr. WideLoad here, I’d be in fear for my life….

  59. JinxtheCat says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Meg!!! Thank you for brightening all my days. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  60. What’s missing here is the next frame, where the cat falls off onto the photographer’s head.

    As my cat did once, as I was photographing him from this angle. He was a klutz. Oh how I miss him.

  61. my dog used to sit outside the shower and lick the bottom of the door to try to get at the water dripping down. We’ve since moved and he’s given up since our new showers don’t have the right kind of doors. It hasn’t stopped him from staring at you while getting changed or literally BARGING in while you’re going to the bathroom. Pets are creepos sometimes…

  62. Sterling F. says:

    The best result of the “I AM IN UR…” meme is this, I think we’d all agree:

  63. I guess this is the origin of the ever popular ‘Peeping Tom’ ;D

  64. God!! I cant breathe!!! I hadnt seen ANY of those pics…great links you guys….

    Happy Thanksgiving all and Happy Thursday to everyone else!

  65. musicchick2 says:

    When he was younger, Pooh used to actually come into the tub/shower and stand on the tub rim while I was in there. I blocked most of the water, but he didn’t even care if he got wet. Goofball! Now he and Tipper take turns on “shower watch” and one of them is always laying on the rug waiting for Mommy to get out of the shower. Then of course they have to jump in and lick the water off the sides of the tub. My little furry wierdos! 😉

  66. I have to say that the rare time when I have opened CO and it appears I might be the first commenter I get this adrenaline rush, and this juvenile urge to simply say First post! First post!

    My fear of Theo has pretty much kept me in check, though.

  67. Lauri, you feel like this even on the 68th post?

  68. P.S. Happy Giving Thanks to everyone Stateside and Happy Almost Friday to the rest o’youse.

  69. Lauri – You have nothing to fear, except fear itself…and Theo. Remember, fear is a 4 letter word…and so is Theo.
    Hee! 😉

  70. How come no one else thought of Jack Nicholson in THE SHINING?

    (Okay, he looks more like a shark than a cat, but still.)

  71. FEETS!!!!!!!!!

  72. There is a tiny little perverted French man inside every cat. Why French? Because the accent is nice and perverse.

    “Slooower mon cherie, reeelax and lather zee rack, ouiiiiii. Zat’s eeet.”

  73. TastesLikeChicken says:

    Reading the comments makes me realise I’m not as strange as I thought!
    Happy thanksgiving to all.

  74. Chris Johnson says:
  75. Theo, do you happen to know Moxy Fruvous?

    Just wondering because of the qu’est que c’est.

    I sing it to my kitty all the time. “Psycho kitty..Qu’est que c’est..fafafa fa fafafa fa fa fa..”

  76. OMG that could be my shower and my cat, if the eyes were blue and the fur more moonlit and pale.

  77. My cat used to watch me shower, but always with a little nervous face, as though he were my lifeguard in case the water decided to “get” me.

  78. This is a little late, but we had a rabbit – Blossom – who used to like to lay behind the toilet. And if you needed to use the toilet…

    it never bothered the rabbit.

  79. That cat looks like Flower the skunk from Bambi!
    Not in color, I mean, but in markings and face shape and…he just does!

  80. Hi, this is Heather, Commodore’s caretaker. I hate to ruin the jokes for more than half the people who posted but … I wasn’t actually in the shower when Commodore was up there. And no, I don’t keep a camera in the shower. He just likes to hang out up there and one night I grabbed my camera and took some photos. Though once he was up there in the middle of the night and when I went to use the bathroom (with the aid of only a nightlight) I looked up and saw two glowing eyes looking down like a great old owl. He’s a crazy kitty.

  81. I thought Commodore was very cute, although a little to curious!

  82. Villy — I only know Moxy Fruvous from Googling them just now. “Psycho Killer” is a Talking Heads cover; that’s the only version I know.

  83. … Great, now I’ll forever be checking the curtain bar thing every time I get into the shower.

    My boyfriend’s going to think I’m losing my mind.