Listen People, this is how it works.

I usually get home, after a beeeelllion-hour day working for The Man™, and cook dinner for my husband and my housemate, (that’s two) then settle in to take a look at the submissions for C.O.

At that point, I drink too much red wine and decide what should be posted the next day.More and more, I’m finding that peeps are writing to me in my own voice. It’s almost like I AM WRITING TO MYSELF!

Case in point. Will you please look at this recent submishe:

"I’m submitting this on behalf of my friend Aaron, I give him full credit for this one. 

I bring you…


CIRCE, as a baby!" [Followed by photo]

You MUST post this for me!  For the sake of my dear friend as well as myself, this kind of Cute is a crime to withhold from the public!  JUST LOOK AT THE MUZZLEPUFF ON THIS THING!  Make Circe the star she deserves to be. XD

~Humbly yours,

Amy Barklow, a.k.a. “Pillow”"

I mean, do you People/Pillows even NEED me anymore? You’ve got it DOWN!And will you PLEASE look at this bebeh kitteh. [shaking head in disbelief] I just laughed for five straight minutes.


Kitteh Circe rules, Circe’s Ernie toy rules, and of course sender-inner Amy and her pal Aaron B. RULEZ



  1. alwayzalady22 says:

    first!!! i absolutely LOVE this site, and that baby is soooooooooooo adorable! hooray cute overload! 🙂

  2. I have to say that ernie in the background somehow makes this even cuter… sigh.

  3. *splunge!*

  4. i think she is asian kitteh.

  5. we don;’t need you, but we do want you, which is better, anyway.

  6. *******

    yum, yum, almost edible with her chocolate Smarties eyes and little caramel pudding mouf


  7. Holy golden ear-to-head ratio, Batman! Such a tiny face on such a big head!

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ve been a regular on teh CO for several months now and this is the first pic that made me think “OMG my head’s gonna esplode!” PLEASE
    Can I have this kittie!
    I’m gonna whine till you give it to me so just do it NOW and save yourself a whole lotta trouble!!!!
    p.s. I love the Ernie too.

  9. “To learn the Grecian Formula to Circe the kitteh’s legendary beauty, class – I’d like you to read The Claw-dyssey over this holiday weekend.”

  10. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey–Know what a Grecian Urns?

    About $2 a day!

    (slinks away slowly with head bowed)

  11. Another Angela says:

    We all talk like you now Meg! Ernie in the background waving is too much!! and teeeeny weeeeny kitty face!!

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    Now that I can look at this picture and not go blind from the cuteness, I see the basket and I have one just like that…only no kittie 😦

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    I think Circe has been in the butterscotch pudding…

  14. Enough already! This much unbearable cuteness is becoming almost painful.

  15. hehe, she looks like the photographer startled her, “EGADS! what IS that thing?!”
    And I wonder how the sender-inner got the nickname Pillow… Are there some cats ‘n’ racks pics coming soon with babeh kitteh resting on her, ah, pillows?

  16. musicchick2 says:

    Circe looks like one flavor of kitteh in the front, and another flavor in the back. Like a vanilla cone with one end dipped in chocolate. And the little calico-ness could be the nuts! SQUEE!! (And for the record this is the very first time I have EVER squee-d. Almost sounds…durty!) 😉

  17. Cat cat cat cat cat cat! Cuteamus!

  18. Megs, if it’s any consolation… You taught us how to talk this way… You also taught us how to take several minutes a day simply enjoying our wonderful and beautiful critters, no matter WHAT kind of day we’ve had… You give thousands upon thousands of people joy each day!!!

    You taught us new words like “anerable”, “snorgle” (which I now use regularly), “muzzlepuff” (which I used just last night), and “ehhnnn”…

    Do we need you? YES!!!! Do we want you?? YES!!!!!!

    Oh, and by the way… This Bebeh is anerable!!!!!! *grin*

  19. **squeee!**

  20. Absolutely too cute for words. Wonderful!

  21. reamspinnercheryl says:

    We NEEEED you!! This site helps restore my wobbling sanity after a tough day at work-Cute is the perfect stress antidote! Uhmmm…so is that calico bit of fluff in that basket-therapeutic!

  22. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    lets try to get the handle right-“reamspinner” sounds vaguely naughty…


    (and meg too)

  24. Jen in Cleveland says:

    OK, now they have to post a picture of what Circe looks like now, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  25. Lordy, Meg — tell your husband and housemate to do the cooking so you can focus on what’s really important! The world needs muzzlepuffs!

  26. What amyc said.

  27. GAH! That face! You could just DIE looking at it. I bet it’s considered a lethal weapon in most states!

    *tires to avert gaze from the kitteh, fails, dies.*

  28. I have often been told I am going to hell in a handbasket….can I request that it be *this* handbasket?? just don’t harm the kitteh. 😉

  29. Oh my GAAAAALGH.

    Total purrfection on the red towel of fabulousness.

    And, yes, Meg, it IS your fault we are all talking like this, not only in emails, but in real life! It is your fault and we THANK you kindly for it!!!!

    I must attribute the “gaaaalgh” to teho, though.

  30. I *have* to stop checking CO at work in the morning. My co-workers probably think I’m crazy because I’m squealing and cooing. That’s the sweetest baby kitteh I’ve seen… baby kitteh.

  31. Ohhhhh, it’s Circe and Urnie.

  32. AAAAAAAAGH!! It’s too much to bear!! Poofy-faced-kitty-cat…


  33. Jeebus! It’s too early in the morning to absorb that much cute. I just don’t have what it takes, I’m sorry. I fold.

    I must look away, lest me corneas be seared from teh cute.

  34. Okay, I see here from reviewing comments of others that I am not the only one in danger of permanent eye damage from gazing too long on such overwhelming, DEVASTATING cuteness.

    Together, brethren and sisteren, we shall make it. Hang on!

    *steals another peek at kitt’un*



    So much for caution and bravery . . .

  35. Urnie: “Open Sesame!”

  36. I have often been told I am going to hell in a handbasket….can I request that it be *this* handbasket?? just don’t harm the kitteh. 😉

    Posted by: daisycat

    If this is what going to hell is like, I am beginning my campaign of sin and depravity right now!

  37. um…i’m reluctant to point this out, but, isn’t this kitteh porn?

    i mean, the pouty muzzlepuff, the arched back, the lurve beamed into the camera, and, well, ernie, um, spanking her…

    vapors, that’s what it is, c.o. vapors

  38. Stormcat said: “You also taught us how to take several minutes a day simply enjoying our wonderful and beautiful critters.”

    Ha! Look around, Stormy, does this look several minutes a day to you? Some peeps live here.

    Oh, and PS: I don’t think this kitteh is real. The perfect floofitude whiteness of her face is just toooooo perfect.

  39. yoohoostereo says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees the kittyporn.

  40. yoohoostereo – Well I see it too, *now*.

  41. way too precious—–here’s a new CO word—-pluffitude

  42. blair you have studied well the components of porn. 🙂

  43. kitty porn and pup in german means fart. I am learning more than I need to know today.

  44. OMG! Look at that kitteh!
    Good thing I didn’t look at her yesterday after I had my eyes dilated – blindness fur sure!!

  45. Oh! Sexy kitten needs a SPANKIN’!

  46. Redz – I admit I took time out from CO for a shower last week.

  47. The Muzzlepuff is color-coded for your snorgling convenience. This kittawn is like my lil Himalayan at home! The snorggle sensitive areas are highlighted in dark brown =)

  48. I *think* it was last week. What month is this?

  49. Pyrit: we all appreciate your somewhat tenuous commitment to personal hygiene.

  50. dis ish soo cyute. das all i can say….=P

  51. This is OVER THE TOP!!
    ::poit poit::

    Yes, Meg, it is your fault and we be thankin’ heaven for it. Just last night I yawned and said to myself–OUT LOUD–with no one around, “I’m so sleppy now.”

  52. Yess we need you Meggie Moo! I start my day with cuteoverload and end it with cuteoverload! The world needs more cute and more Meggie Moos!!!!

  53. Of course we need you!
    What kind of world would it be without your charming phonetic adorable comments?

  54. Yay for calico kitten day!(See the Daily Kitten for today also). Meg, remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We ALL love and need you!
    Happy Thanksgiving Day, peeps! Whether your choice is a turkey, tofu, steak, ignoring food in favor of scoping out the sale ads for Friday… enjoy!

  55. Here’s a thought…perhaps Meg should re-create this website so that it shows the posts first and you’d have to follow a link to the picture.

    Think about it…how many cuteologists have lost their lives to Teh Cute? This simple change would allow the army of cute to send out it’s elite forces for recon, and if Teh Cute is too deadly, too dangerous, we will all get word of it before witnessing it for ourselves (moments before our heads asplode).

    I volunteer to be a member of the army of cute elite forces (ACEF). I do this for you, my sistahs and brothahs!

  56. THIS is what they modeled the baby Ewoks after. There is no doubt in my mind.

  57. Apply kitten directly to bosom! What a little pooty poot kitten!

  58. donnaeileend says:

    So cute he doesn’t even look real!!!

  59. CAT VERSION OF Haley Joel Osment.

  60. pretty sure that your husband and housemate COULD cook dinner for themselves…

    cute kitteh.

  61. To Our parlay Frawnsay Laday of Cute-ay, Meg
    Who gives us our daily Cute
    She is our chief of the cute motif
    So give her a snorgle-salute.

  62. I’ve been checking into this site regularly for a few weeks now, and it took me a while to understand Meg’s language, but I got it down now. I discovered that if I say “Baroo” to my puppy, she cocks her head and perks her ears up in that supercute puppy way. This language is actually a line directly into the brain of my puppy. “Snorgle” makes her jump on my lap. Swear it. “Snuggle” doesn’t work.

  63. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    I can go until about noon without looking at Cute overload, then regardless of what I’m doing… I have to check it out.
    Meg, you rock our worlds.

  64. Kittens and Sesame Street dolls…what could be cuter?

  65. you guys r silly says:

    &:o) =^;^=

  66. I think our next Cute project should be a bumper sticker, that coming from someone who will never ever put a bumper sticker on her car. *SEE* Meg, how willingly we comprise ourselves for Teh Qte?! I would. I would put a bumpah stickah on my car if it came from CO.

  67. i’m joining the ACEF, where do you sign up? and Meg, you’re gonna have to quit this job if you can’t handle mini-me’s of you. i had to go somewhere, and i was telling everyone to get their tocks moving. i also had to explain what anerable and muzzlepuff were to my mom. i also use ehhhnn, bebeh, kettehs, and snorgle. i’ll baby talk to my dog and it goes ‘snorgle snorgle snorgle! you love to be snorgled, huh? yes you do! yes you do!’

  68. =(^.^)= kontent (with a k) kitteh

  69. and even tho this isn’t a duck pic, i’ll draw one anywayz. ( ‘ )= and a hippo ~(___)`o’

  70. that kitteh has a wonkeh paris hilton eye.

  71. “You know, that bun at Star Bucks said they were out of cappuccino (looks at kitteh’s mouf)…HEY what’s going on here?”

  72. anneelizmary says:

    Must agree. PERFECT “who me?” kitten angst, with the oh so soothing Ernie tucked in against her hip. Sigh.

    Must agree part deux: we’re into the “tock” usage expecially. We have a corgi for a neighbor, who makes up for my standard poodle’s high and barely noticeable ‘tocks.

  73. ‘”who me?” kitten angst’

    Well said. So much better than my reaction, which was to punch a hole in the wall.
    My boss won’t be happy.

  74. Aubrey — nice continuity!
    (re: coffee)

  75. michellemybelle says:

    At this time of year, it is customary for people to state things for which they are thankful. My list: kiki, good health, and Teh Cute.

    Thank you Meg!

  76. This little one looks concerned. Perhaps Bert hasn’t returned with the oatmeal?

  77. its retarded eyes are the best

  78. kitteh’s been in the shpaghettios!

  79. Okay, I’m back. I have knocked back enough tranquilizers now that I should be able to “handle” this photo without my cranium imploding.

    Still, only limiting myself to 1-second peeks at a minimum of 1 hour intervals. This is POWERFUL stuff, not for the faint of heart!

  80. yoohoostereo says:

    Yes I actually googled it

    Risque kitteh poses

  81. Simpson O'Brien says:

    My best friend and I have long said when something is so cute it must be smashed. No other way to vent all the cuteness. We have thrown many a monitor out 30 story windows. And now we find there is a huge subspecies of CO addicts. Meg, please run for president, pope, king and goddess of the world. I’ve written to you before, you are my hero-ette. I am embracing being a blithering idiot in CO voiceovers. To myself, to family and to strangers. CUTE RULES (and so should MEG!!!)

  82. That is NOT a kitten.

    That is the most concentrated anerable parts of several, put together into one Franken-kitteh of overwhelming Qte.


    This is why we need Meg, so we don’t have to search the whole web, we just get the good stuff right here.

  83. I had that same Ernie doll. When my baby brother was still, um, a baby, I called him “Ernest Hortatio Muppet.” My brother loved him, and even took him in the bath.
    Which didn’t really turn out to well…

  84. kitteh porn and pootypoot?

    My dogs are annoyed I awoke them from their naps for laughing so very long and loud.

  85. If it weren’t for my current situation, one look at this picture would have sent me flying to my car for a trip to the animal shelter so I could pick up a fluffy kitteh of my own. In addition…


    Now I have officially lost my dignity. No more guilt!

  86. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Meg, we love you. Please don’t even consider for a moment that we don’t.

    Lookit the li’l caramel-kissed mouth on this sweet little darling… And look! Ernie is peeking over her back and waving at us! Hi, Ern!

  87. Her ears! Her ears! Her little tiny baby ears are so delicate and prosh, I bet they’re papery-thin and feel like cashmere! Caramel calico yumness!

  88. this particular kitteh looks like he might have a spot of down syndrome.

  89. “Will the Muppet with the oatmeal never return?”

  90. Eek, too cute, giant head, tiny ears and face!! XD Love it!

  91. Meg, I’ve started thinking like you now. I’m driving down the highway, I don’t see a skunk; I see a Skunky McSkunkersons! My cat doesn’t eat his food, he kronsche’s it. It’s like total brainwashing. I love it! Viva la cute!

  92. Yeah, after getting a daily dose of CO for about a month, I started talking like you, too. I didn’t realize it until I was watching my friend’s cat trail her around, meowing, and I asked him if he was a “Hungry McMeowersons.”

  93. ;_; This just made my millenia…..

  94. AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Kitty + Ernie ….


    Those are rather small, beady eyes for a kitteh, tho.

  95. Awwww! This kitty is so cute she cannot be real!

  96. Just for the record Meg, yes you have created a whole sub language and yes it does creep into everyday speech (any other CO addicts wanna vouch for this?) and yes, we do LOVE you for it.

    And the this kitteh is kissable.

  97. HEHE! I showed my boss and he nearly died. It’s his kitten XD

  98. Dude, I check this site all the time, and today I was surprised because the person who submitted this photo? SHE’S MY SISTER. Hi Amy, you rock! Love, Kerry

  99. *huggles* Heh heh…

    ….hi sis ^.^

  100. Wait. Ass plosion? ew. That is NOT cute.

  101. There will always be another fart joke. Fact of life.

  102. riinacorneeanne crann shilly bawn matters petoxians says:

    that just might be the single CUTEST kitteh i think i have evar seen!!!!!!!!! w a y t o o c u t e !!!!!!!

  103. Evangelina♥ says:

    Kitteh: I is so sleepeh…..i want a nap.
    Ernie: Air…need…air…