Spiny miceatudes

Would you please LOOK at these delectable morsels!

Look, I know SOME OF YOU [Looking around room] don’t appreciate mices — you may find them small and snivel-y, but come on, these little guys are totally gonna win you over. I mean, look at them!



Ehn! [Trying to walk]


Mice work, Gambian! Special thanks to Spinymice.com.



  1. Smooshy!

  2. I looooooove mice! They’re the sweetest of the rodents, imho. Those are so tiny!

    …am I really the first comment?! What the hey!

  3. Hah! Thwarted!!

  4. Oh aren’t they just so incredibly adorable!

  5. At last! Mousies!

  6. Tiny meeses! Cute!

  7. PS – the website is adorable, if you like that sort of thing. I do! Spiney-mouse-cam and everything…

  8. The bottom mouse is adorable. Amazing ear to face ratio.

  9. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yay! We need more rodents! (Other than hams.)

  10. I don’t usually make any sounds when I see a new post, but this one made my jaw drop, my eyebrows soften, and go “(first picture) Awww… (second picture) Awww!!”

  11. good gravies!! lookatha schnuzzles on the 2 lil gray dudes! pink and jowly! squeeeee!

  12. Whiskerage!
    First pic: Mouse on our left:
    “I can’t see, your Careless Whisker is in my eye!”

  13. Joke: You know you’ve had too much whiskers when:
    You have to screw up one eye to see double.
    Wait, sorry, that’s a whiskey joke.
    Anyway, fantastic whiskers. Like fireworks.

  14. the first pic of those 2 is TOO CUTE!

  15. The festive and stylish whiskers, on such cute bulbous snoots! The 360 degree-whisker mode. Fantastic. Not to mention those big eyes…

  16. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Definately some BEF goin’ on there, too. Adorabubble!

  17. Oh, they are SO ADORABLE!!! I love meeces! They are just the cutest things ever! I vote for MORE MICE on CO! How can anyone possibly not love mice!!!

  18. leprechaun says:


    *cough* yup. cute.

  19. Have you guys noticed they have little white EYEBROWS? And that they indicate they are somewhat sad?

    Mouse on the right: “Oh no, mommy forgot to brush our whiskers AGAIN!!!!”

    Mouse on the left: * sobs *

  20. I only don’t like mices when they are not pets and are crawling in my bed (I had a bad experience with my apt in NYC one time)…These meeces are SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I love mousies too! bought 2 “males” once and had 13 jelly bean babies 3 months later.

  22. AWWWWWW!

    hehe at first I thought that someone had newborn pics of my little Elvy!

  23. Tarah – Me too! One crazy night with a non-pet mouse crawling across the bed covers, towards me, is too much. I flung the covers up and a few minutes later, it came back! I’ll never forget it.

  24. Oh the darlings!!

  25. Awwwwww! I prefer rats as pets over mice, but really, I think rodents are sooooo cute (unless they go streaking across your kitchen floor when you flick the lights on; then it’s not so much “cute” as “blood-curdling”)!

  26. Argh! First with a super-concentrated dose of The Cute, and then Pyrit got a Wham song stuck in my head, and I went from being carbonated by joy to wanting to drill holes in my skull…

    Normally, I would be obliged to wreak revenge by humming a few bars of “My Baby Takes The Morning Train”, but I *do* like you people, so I won’t 🙂

  27. Bayby Muzzlepuffs!

    Do the mices in pix 1 have enough muzzle?

    I mean, could they have any more muzzle, and still see around it?

    Are mouse muzzles like puppy paws, and they have to grow into them?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  28. useta hada kitteh says:

    I can’t see the mousie on the left, his eyes aren’t open enough…

    Mousies in general make me shudder, the thought of mousies on my bed … well, um, I’d be sleeping outside. In the cold.

    But these mousies are sorta cute. The guy in the bottom picture needs a buddy though. The top two seem to be holding each other up. “Okay, left paw, step together. Right paw, step together.” Miss a step, and your paws get tangled and you fall into a mousie heap.

  29. bucky spalding says:

    I love meeeeces to peeeeces!!!! pink, tiny, cute!!!!

  30. *thumbs up* These little McMousersons are awesome.

  31. useta hada kitteh says:

    Lauowolf — that’s “mouslepuffs”, isn’t it?

  32. And, what are those ears, anyway, one cell thick.

    I mean, I can almost see THRU the one ear on top.

  33. chet's momma says:

    I wanna a pair o’ Pink-Cheeked-Wild-Whiskered Spiny Meece! They look like little glazed donuts!

  34. AlbertaGirl says:

    Velvety fur – check. Translucent ears – check. Ginormous muzzlepuffs & whisker array – check.

    I’m all set for the day. Thanks Meg!

  35. acelightning says:

    I’ll bet all three of ’em could fit in a teaspoon!

  36. No cheeses for us meeses!

    (these little guys remind me that it’s almost time to stick “Muppet Christmas Carol” back into the DVD player for the annual month long constant play rotation…)

  37. chet's momma says:

    MELIS!!!! Too late!

  38. mouslepuffs!

  39. Awwwwwwwwwww… *eyes wide, hands to mouth*

    Eeky and Squeaky McSqueakersons… And their cousin, Sneaky 😀

  40. oops. Someone beat me to the mouslepuffs. Great minds think alike!

  41. These make me want a mouse in my mouf. Super silky fragilicious beebees.

  42. aww baby meeses!!!!! you could wrap them in a fluffy washcloth and snorgle! just don’t squish!

  43. The top photo with the bulbous seeming snouts made me think of the mice in Disney’s Cinderella. All they need are the little hats.

  44. The only things that would keep my from loving a bed full of mice are the fleas and the fear of squishing them. Otherwise, I would be perfectly contented to snooze amongst furry beasts large and small. I would infinitely prefer seeing a mouse skitter across the floor than to see a big fat roach scurry away when the lights came on. *shudder* I love little mice. I find them beady and small. Adorable!


    Good God I love these guys. The whiskerage is insane!

  46. mkb: that is a horrible site. This is a site about adoring all things cute, not disgusting the readers with horrbile pictures. Go away.

  47. chet's momma says:

    jaypo-imagine the whisker tickliciousness in your mouf! squee!

  48. On a more positive note, *squeeeee* baby meeces! I want to scritch their little earsies! 😀

  49. mini ‘squeex’!!! yay ==(‘.’)==

  50. That’s the mousiest mouse I’ve ever seen!!

  51. Beth: In nature, many cute things get eaten because they are vulnerable. It makes no sense to ignore the fact these cute little things must also kill and eat to survive.

  52. I see EYE CAPULES 😀

  53. Jessica “Mousiest mouse” HEE! You must be channeling me. I say that to my pet mouse all the time!

  54. Are the ones in the top photo babies, or do they look like that as adults?

  55. useta hada kitteh says:

    AliceBlue and MamaDawn — (said with some horror), “Piggy Pudding???” (no, Figgy Pudding. Made with Figs.)

    I thought I was the only one who listened to Muppets all Christmas Season long. But my CD is John Denver and the Muppets. Don’t know if Piggy Pudding is on Muppet Christmas Carol.

    Anyway, somebuddy ‘pult me some Figgy Puddin, ‘kay?

  56. NebraskaErin says:

    The one on the left is SMILING!

    He obviously knows something we don’t know.

  57. useta be in line says:

    How in meeces did my comment scurry up ahead of MamaDawn’s, when MamaDawn’s was there when I started commentin’?

    Time warp on Aisle Three…

  58. AliceBlue: Five golden rings… (ba dum bum…)

  59. Meeses!! So cute…and I thought my family was the only one who said “meeeses”!

    Useta: Love that CD, I keep trying to convert more fans every year by playing it practically non-stop on my PC at work!!

  60. you guys r silly says:

    AliceBlue, MamaDawn & useta hada kitteh:
    *I*TOO* am a Muppet Christmas Carol *LOVER*!!!
    It is NOT Fall/Winter/Xmas without watching it REPEATEDLY. (I watch it in the Spring and Summer too…)
    I *heart* that movie!!!

  61. “If a kitteh eyes
    A couple of mice
    And then he replies
    They do not entice
    I think that he lies

    But I’d be remiss
    If I would insist
    That ALL cats persist
    In mouse-hunting bliss”

  62. mkb – it’s true that things must kill to survive, but the point of this site is not to watch that happen. We come here to see cute things and FORGET about that sort of thing. I’d appreciate it that, if you’re going to post a link to something like that, you at least warn that babies are being eaten.

  63. mkb – It says “Spiny miceatudes” not spicey meatballs. Bye-bye.

  64. I love mice. So cute. 🙂


    As for someone like mkb – who invited the sourpusses?

  65. Just LOOK at those eye capsules on the first two!!

  66. Awww!

    If you don’t think this cute, you don’t have a soul.

  67. musicchick2 says:

    awww…. I lub ‘dese meeces to pieces!

  68. Holy whiskers!! Those things are bigger than the meeses!

  69. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awwww… such cute little mices!! I don’t know why people don’t like mice…

  70. MC2:

    And the love never ceases!

  71. brownamazon says:

    Um, what makes them spiney? Baroo?

  72. pistache268 says:

    Head same size as body! 🙂

  73. Some people don’t like mice?! I admit, I don’t get why some people love rats so much. Some rats are cute, and some just have that carrying-the-black-death-and-LOVIN-it look. But mice are their littler, cuter cousins! I love mice! If they weren’t so smelly I would have some just to watch them scurry and look cute. 🙂

  74. hrh.squeak says:

    Teeny tiny tickley toeses . . .
    Lub dem! Meeses!!

  75. I love mice! Of course, I also adore cats.

    I have never had good luck keeping them in the same house.

    Sooner or later, somebody leaves the wrong door ajar, and tragedy ensues.

    But oh, such precious little mousyfaces!

  76. ereshkigal says:

    Spiny mice don’t smell! Unlike regular mice they don’t have smelly pee. My ex and I used to have two spiny mice, Winky and Stumpy. They are adorable. They are social creatures and have to be adopted in same sex pairs. They’re desert mice, so they need an acquarium to stay warm.

    The only bad thing with spiny mice is that if they get scared while being held, um, their tails come off. Which is why Stumpy was called Stumpy. (We didn’t do it, the pet store did.)

  77. ereshkigal says:

    Also, since spiny mice live in an aquarium with a screen on top, it’s very easy to keep the cats out. My cat would sit with his nose pressed against the glass for *hours*. The mice were completely unaffected by the presence of the large predator.

  78. Martha in Washington says:

    useta-“made with figs”-and bacon!

  79. I think the second picture calls for a new rule “your body is the same size as your head”


  80. Martha in Washington says:

    My husband makes us pack away “The Muppet Christmas Carol” and all our Christmas movies with the decorations so we won’t watch them all year long. Scrooge!

  81. Who is da wittie meeesie-mouseses wit the ootie cutie-iest mousepuffley snoots?

    They are. I’m telling you, it’s these two.

  82. Oh GAAAH! They’re ears are like crepe paper! And the wispy fur!

    If I could have had a pair of these little guys in my pencil pouch all day, I would have been in a much better mood at my poopy meeting.

  83. How could anyone NOT think these are cute, when there is such ENORMOUS whiskerage?!

  84. Redz, did everyone sing this before the meeting started?


  85. (flinging poo at Redz’z meeting comment) Here Redz, have some whiskey, I mean whiskers.

  86. Pyrit, perhaps some Wild Turkey?

  87. They nibble things they shouldn’t touch.
    And no one seems to like them much.
    But I think mice are nice.

  88. Thank you, lauowolf, for that humble but heart-felt paean to the mousies.

    And thanks for the likker. Could have used that to go along with meeses in my pencil pouch.

  89. army_kitten says:

    brownamazon, they are called spiny mice because they actually have tiny spines on their backs, a little bit like hedgehogs. here’s a link to a photo of the spines (magnified) from the website listed above:


  90. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Mousie in second photo: “Must… walk… plush… blanky…. too… soft and plushy…!”

  91. AAawwwwww. I love mice. I have had hundreds of pet mice in my life. Well, I had some and then they had some and then….

  92. Reverend Kate says:

    Awwwww, look! Snake food!

  93. ereshkigal says:

    In some kind of weird synchrony, I mouse ran across the aisle in Safeway as I was shopping this evening.

  94. I have 3 spiney mice and they are soooo anerable! They have pokey little noses that are as long as their bodies are! They are so so cute! I wuv dem!

  95. punk penguin says:

    I once had 2 Spiney Mice named Plague and Pestilence. they were left at a pet shop one day and were permanent residents. the manager knew me quite well and knew how much i took care of and loved my animals so, one day, i asked him if i could buy the Spiney Mice and give them a real home where they would have toys, a wheel, and get lots of attention. he said i could have them for $5 and they came home with me just before christmas, to a nice BIG aquarium with all kinds of goodies. they were very smart, but they were a bit bitey, but i didn’t care. i have no idea how old they were when i got them but they lived with me for more than 4 years and were at the pet shop for 2.

  96. mmmm yummy Red… How could anyone even entertain the thought of giving one of these little guys over to a hungry snake? Maybe for entertainment? I refer of course to this video thats been circling the internet for sometime now….

  97. mkb: I don’t think you understand the premise of this site. It’s CuteOverload, not RealityOverload. Yes, many cute things are eaten in nature. I know, I participate myself in this act (I’m looking at you, turkey baby!) But the whole point of this site is to comment on how cute and adorable various animals are, to relieve the stress of daily life with something to make you smile. You, sir, ruin all our fun. Leave us to snorgle our mice (and other rodents) in peace! Who’s with me??

  98. Yes, let’s snorgle in peace, not in peices!!

    Lookit the baby mouse on the left…his muzzlepuff is all crinkled up in a smile! 🙂

  99. Snorgling meeses,
    as cute as theses?

    I’M UP FOR IT!

  100. Anyone notice the whiskers?! Rotsa, rotsa whiskerses. And they’re as long as the entire body!

  101. Guess that’s why the mouselpuffs have so much “puffitude” – to bear the weight of all that whiskerage!

  102. “Mouselpuffs.” Nice, Carolina!

  103. EEEEEE!!! Cute lil’ mousies!!!

  104. Aww! Little Redwall dibbuns!

  105. Ooo! Teeny little mouses! The sweetest little meese ever!

    That second picture is so cute, it should perhaps be submitted to the Smithsonian.