redonkulous cup-cakery

The redonkulousness continues over at The Pixel Girl Shop. I mean, Happy cinnamon buns and cupcakes are devilishly eyeing themselves at their own deliciousness! The happy toilet paper is another story alltogether.


No one sent this one in, I just saw how cute the ad was on the right side of this site. Honest ta Gawd.



  1. mmm. delicious cuteness!

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the cinnamon BUNS!

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    And low in calories!

  4. viscousplatypus says:

    More delicious fabric pastries from My Paper Crane!

    *Eyes box of sewing felt*

    *Tummy growls*

  5. Shouldn’t there be a cinnamon bun toilet paper roll?


    the lady behind the cuteness

  7. yeah i just clicked on that ad earlier today!!
    the site is ace.


  9. I just bought some of this woman’s stuff at Seattle’s local cuterie, Schmancy Gallery ( )
    See? It’s the most adorable soft serve EVER!

  10. Calmness, T. It’s all just a fabric of your imagination.

  11. Aubrey: that Depends entirely on what you just sat in.

  12. Oh and don’t forget about the Amigurumi set of Mr. Toilet Paper and Mr. Poop.
    Great for holiday gift giving.

  13. Redz, you quilt me! Still, I’ll learn to ap-ply my bum with greater care.

  14. Brak_Silverbone says:

    “Let’s join Mr. Poop and Mr. Toilet Paper in welcoming the holiday season :)”

    What a wonderful holiday card this would make. I envy those with the skilz to make such things.

  15. . . .

    [even longer pause]

    …no. I just can’t.

  16. Wow, thanks for making me spend $100, Meg! Way to hold a gun to my head….

    At least my Christmas shopping is almost taken care of now 🙂

  17. It must be that cold Northern blood that makes Teho so squirmy. I thought Aubrey’s joke was Charmin.

  18. Thank you Redz. It was the result of much toil-let T. do what he wants.

  19. I’m part Scott (very Northern) and I thought it was Charmin, two.

  20. I bet Teho was gonna start singing.

    Something about christmas poo, no doubt!

    You guys, I just spent over an hour going through mypapercranes flickr site. OMG, the CREATIVITY!!!

    I am ultra bowled over!!!

  21. Grrrreat. I have not done ONE useful thing since getting home from work. I have looked at stuffed cupcakes, spiny mousers and CO.

    Welp, time to watch TV!

  22. ok, yes, very very tempting. but what is it *for*????? please unconfused me, PLEASE!!!!!

  23. Peg of Tilling says:

    Oh Christmas Poo
    Oh Christmas Poo
    Please pass the Charmin
    For the doo…


  24. I want the cinnamon buns to be ear muffs.

  25. when i first saw the toilet paper, i instantly thought of this:

  26. Hmm…Jen, I think that might be a great Xmas gift. Get two of the cinnamon rolls and turn them into a pair of earmuffs.

  27. Rosie, they’re not for anything. Like all art, they just *are*.

    I don’t understand things like this either, which is why my house is decorated with thousands of books and four live cats and a few old family photos and no art in sight.

    But the little cinnamon buns are cute. I’ll grant that.

  28. did nobody check out the link to her flickr? there is so much more cuteness there guys! 😦

  29. army_kitten says:

    i have known about pixelgirlpresents for years and years, before they even had their amazing shop, because they have such an awesome collection of mac icons and desktops and i am obsessed with customizing my com-poo-ter. bwaha.

    their store seems to incite material cute lust like nothing else. i’ve never bought anything from it, but i want about half the things on there. i don’t know anyone manages to make toilet paper cute, but somehow…!

  30. here’s the online shop that sells all this cuteness..

  31. I will not rest until plushie toilet paper and are formally introduced.

  32. Check out the last photo on the burgerlog website! Mr. Soggy at the Space Needle.

    Observation: The happy, wide eyed faces on these characters remind me of Hello Kitty, urm, Hello *hitty.

  33. LOL, PegofT!

  34. pistache268 says:

    Have you seen the happy tampons? THEY RULE.

    [no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no]

  36. Teho, I get the message that that is a forbidden link.

  37. Am I the only one who thinks the cinnamon roll looks like a poop?

  38. LC — heh, not surprised. Blogger doesn’t like deep links.
    Copy & paste the whole URL into a fresh browser window, instead of clicking on it.

  39. All I can say is, there simply is no point to felt pâtisseries, since they are inedible. If you’re gonna make pastries, go in the kitchen, so we can eat them afterwards! None of this teasing! Cupcakes and brioches are MEANT to be eaten! (yes, it’s 5 pm and my tummy is growling mercilessly)

  40. Eat ’em up, yum!

    There, there, Theo, this will stop the shiverin’…

    *hands T-O a warm blanket*

    *…embroidered with smiling cupcakes*


    (C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t make puddins with smiley faces.)

  41. …I really don’t.