MMMMMM. chain-a-ruuuuu

Mm! Chain-licious….

[Kronshe kronshe kronshe]


Kris B., way to spot ’em! (Oh, helped that she titled her email ‘chompage’.;)



  1. lol so silly

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Remember to floss after every meal, children.

  3. awww everyone needs more iron in their diet

  4. nyahm nyahm nyahm!

  5. Another Angela says:

    is this a musk deer?
    yoim yoim yoim

  6. ahahahahha.

  7. musicchick2 says:

    Aw shucks, thehawke, ya’ beat me to it! Quite a worrisome chain of events, don’t’cha think?

  8. well, chewing chains is not very good for your teeth, dear…


  9. Teething– can someone get her some sugar-free gum?

  10. Ahhh, at least we now know where the missing link went!!!

  11. she’s just trying to join the chain gang, leave her alone!

  12. No wonder…there is nothing else to eat in that picture. Something green…but it does not look very delicious….I’d chew the chain as well!

  13. Haha, seems like the deer in Nara, Japan. We have similar pics of those ones chain-chewing… ^___^

  14. that, lauri, was funny.

  15. that, lauri, was funny.

  16. that, lauri, was funny.

  17. “On Chained Mellow Deer”, ya chink?

  18. Veddy cute, and veddy silly, but to what species belongs this chain chompage?

  19. Ohhh, it’s a chaindeer. Sorry, chain reaction.

  20. *rolls eyes at Pyrit* That is so bad!!!!

    Why in the world would this little dahlin’ chew on a chain?! I would worry about her teeth!!!

  21. Tony James says:

    “…and coming up after the break, an exclusive report from our Arizona correspondent on a new zero-tolerance approach by Maricopa County’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio to animals that get into his vegetable garden. ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ is proposing chain-gangs for deer…”

  22. I think we’re looking at this pic the wrong way. I think the photo shows where chain comes from. Like spiders spinning silk, only HARDCORE.

  23. “…be sure to stay tuned for Jerry Springer’s, “Deer in the feud chain.”

  24. What kind of chain is that? It’s so cute!! Oh…is there a deer in the picture..?

    They’re all the same color!

  25. Dual-mandibular linked metallic formation generating glands, Teho?

  26. Maybe s/he is helpping pull someone to safety ala Lassie????
    Sure is cute!

  27. Ohhh, it’s Pedeer Parker. AKA Spideer Man.

  28. Teho – I resemble that.

  29. Inconceivable!

  30. “No more rhyming now I mean it!”

  31. …anybody wanna Pyrit?

  32. “Yes you’re very smart. Shut up.” 🙂

  33. [giggling like an idiot]

  34. Gah!

  35. I now declare this path open!

    Ah, I mean , now.


    Anyone bring a file?

  36. white_jenna63 says:

    There’s either 38 or 43 deer species in the world, depending on whose classification you go by. Let’s say 38. I can tell you it’s *not* a: white tail, mule deer, moose, elk, reindeer, or caribou. Anybody else able to chip in on the other 32 species? 🙂

  37. Another Angela says:

    I still say it might be a musk deer.

  38. Another Angela says:

    or it musk be a might deer.

  39. hrh.squeak says:

    It’s a pretty darn mighty deer if it can chew chain.

  40. I think this deer is like the boy with his finger in the dike. If she lets go, something big will give way and awful things will happen. Hang on, little deer!

  41. (jeez, how many other Angelas are there?)

  42. Lemme guess, it’s one of the deer in Nara, Japan. Those things are so dang hungry. They almost ate me alive:



    I couldn’t turn away from them because they’d bite me in the a$$, HARD. That’s what I get for feeding these “sacred” “living national treasures” a cracker.

    That one must be sharpening its teeth.

  43. Wow! you guys are good! The deer is actually from Nara Japan!! I took it when i was there last year. nice eye!

  44. That deer is working its way up the…food…chain.

    Thanks folks, there are new shows at 7 and 9.

  45. Nara deer!!!! I’ve got a picture of me hugging one! They bow back at you when you bow!

  46. Where I live, there’s nara a deer to be seen.

  47. “They bow back at you when you bow!”

    Like Buckbeak, the hippogriff!

  48. Another Angela says:

    I think there’s Angela, and me, Another Angela, and then The Other Angela. No? Nara deer! I was wrong. Or maybe that was A Whole ‘Nother Angela.

  49. Awww, poor deer is trying to make up for the lack of iron in his diet.

    [Ducks to avoid pudding]

    [On second thought, stands back up and opens mouth wide]

  50. omg… all the horrible puns… can’t. stop. laughing.

    the deer is a cutie too.