Cuteporter: Kittehs in Macy’s holiday windows!

This just in, People! From roving Cuteporter Chris H.! Macy’s San Francisco is featuring precious kittehs in their holiday windows—all for adoption—beware, there may be some stampeding.




Keep up the great reports, Nation!




  2. I love the little black and white kitteh! I want to adopt him. Look at the little white streak on his nosie!

  3. I wonder if all the Macys are doing this. They are having a problem in Chicago cause they bought out the landmark Marshall Fields, but kittens in the windows would bring back even the most diehard Field fans.

  4. YAY!! kettehs in windows! it would be so cute if the gray was sitting in Santa’s (?) chair. “And Annie wants a kitten? Well I’m right here!” All too many on the list would want kitteys tho… TIME TO RESTOCK!!!

  5. the first picture! omfg!
    is the Parker’s living room:
    leg lamp and all.
    how Original, Traditional, One-Hundred-Percent, Red-Blooded, Two-Fisted stupendous!

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    Hey! top kitten Ralphie got a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock! And there’s the Major Award in the window!

    I wonder if the holiday decor includes festively wrapped litterboxes?

  7. Yay, Christmas Kitters! Hopefully they can all go to a home for the holidays.

  8. musicchick2 says:

    Awesome! I hope they find homes for bunches ‘o kittehs.

  9. WOW, I wish Macy’s ALWAYS did this! There’s SUCH an overpopulation of cats, it’s unbelievable (at least, in Minnesota). The humane society I volunteer at has been inundated with cats all year – it’s insane!
    Anywho… they are absolutely ANERABLE! Best lil’ stocking stuffers EVER.
    I’m gonna walk to Macy’s right now (in Mpls) and check out their windows.

  10. and the 2nd picture is “Kitteh on 34th street”

  11. Emily Anonymous says:

    Where are their litter boxes, I think I missed them.

  12. mariser, i saw the leg lamp, and that’s what got my attention. then i saw the red ryder, couch, and tv and i knew that the christmas story hasn’t ended yet

  13. I would adopt them all.

    And then the wife would kill me.

  14. I walked by here yesterday! the animals are so f-ing cute it’s unreal!

  15. love the window display for the adoption..makes to feel like home.

    What adorable kittens!!!!!!!!!!

  16. tuxkit has to be named Ralphie. has to!

  17. Kittehs should not have BB guns. They’ll put somebody’s eye out.

  18. thehawke – *lol*
    maybe you need a new wife! Men like you are hard to find. >^0.0^<

  19. This is the 20th year that the San Francisco Macy’s has done this, in asssociation with the SF SPCA. This year’s theme is Hollywood, and each window represents a seasonal movie.

    Press release:

  20. oh! The first kitty must be imported. She’s FRAAA-GEEE-LAY!

  21. Arrgh! I can’t believe that I was in downtown SF on Sunday and I didn’t go by there. I remember when Macy’s did this years ago– I thought they had stopped.
    Now the question: do I brave the holiday crowds to go and see the kitties?

  22. Dazie, ROTFL

    some folks watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Christmas eve. at my house we tune to the 24-hour “a Christmas Story” marathon. no betta way to spend the holidays.

  23. Cuteness! If I lived up north I would visit these little babies every day! 🙂 I hope they get adopted and get all the love they need!

  24. That’s IT! I’m moving to San Francisco RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

    This post has COMPLETELY MADE MY DAY! Thank you, Dr. Cuteologist!

  25. This is one of the *best* things about Christmas in the Bay Area. The SPCA windows started years ago at Gumps, and now they do it at Macy’s. It is worth the absolute nightmare of parking in The City to see TEH CUTE! Fergit shopping, gaze upon the wee kits and mogs for a wonderful afternoon!

  26. Kitties. Are. The best window display EVER.

  27. I’ve got chamber music on the radio, I’ve got ZuZu’s petals in my pocket and I have this post in front of me.

    Nothing can hurt me.

    (Walks into busy intersection to prove the theory, only to be saved by a…dog in a seatbelt???)

  28. Holy Turkey Legs!!!! The cute is killing me!!!! I want da kitties to wuv and snorgle and play wiff!! I would take such good care of them!!!

  29. Damnit, I KNEW I should have gotten an application for the Macy’s downtown – I’m a native San Franciscan hunting for a job. “Kitten wrangler” would look purrrrrfect on my resume, no?


  31. The Guy Over There says:

    Move over Tickle-Me-Elmo.

  32. They did this for many years in a row at the Bay department store in downtown Toronto, in conjunction with the Humane Society, and I’d walk by those windows every dayon the way to and from work. At 9 in the a.m., I could always get right up close to see the kittens, by 5 p.m., there was no way with the crowd of people around. The litter boxes are always hidden out of sight behind some prop so as not to be unsightly.

    I can only speculat they stopped doing it for one of two reasons:
    1. The Humane Society decided not to promote the idea of pets as gifts as opposed to responsibilities.
    2. The store wanted the windows to promote commercial items rather than charitable.

    Any of the Toronto peeps out there know the real answer?

  33. soooo… hard to resist… Seems like a really great idea – draw in people, adopt out some cats. Hopefully they’ve got a kitty-friendly return policy. Lots of places don’t adopt out this time of year, because they worry about impulse adoption.

    Aaack, look at those teeny white feet! I used to have a cat who looked just like that. He was my buddy. I’M in danger of impulse adoption.

  34. Pure GENIUS!

  35. Haha yay, the first picture is awesome. You’ll shoot yer eye out!

  36. That may be one of the greatest ideas ever! Way to go Macy’s!

  37. Just remember kids – a kitteh is for life, not just for Christmas.

    Hey, shouldn’t we invent a new holiday – Cutemas? It could unite the globe (dreams of mice and cats and puppies all holding paws as they sing the festive Baroo song…)

  38. chet's momma says:

    AWWWG! Dazie, that’s my favorite line! and, mariser, i also tune in for the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon. it’s the best way to watch it! I hope these baby kittehs find the bestest homes!

  39. chet's momma says:

    AWWWG! Dazie, that’s my favorite line! and, mariser, i also tune in for the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon. it’s the best way to watch it! I hope these baby kittehs find the bestest homes!

  40. chet's momma says:

    AWWWG! Dazie, that’s my favorite line! and, mariser, i also tune in for the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon. it’s the best way to watch it! I hope these baby kittehs find the bestest homes!

  41. chet's momma says:

    AWWWG! Dazie, that’s my favorite line! and, mariser, i also tune in for the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon. it’s the best way to watch it! I hope these baby kittehs find the bestest homes!

  42. chet's momma says:

    AWWWG! Dazie, that’s my favorite line! and, mariser, i also tune in for the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon. it’s the best way to watch it! I hope these baby kittehs find the bestest homes!

  43. chet's momma says:

    AWWWG! Dazie, that’s my favorite line! and, mariser, i also tune in for the 24 hour “A Christmas Story” marathon. it’s the best way to watch it! I hope these baby kittehs find the bestest homes!

  44. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Okay, that is like, the most awesomest thing EVAR. More stores should jump on the bandwagon and do this. I’m sure every city in the country has an overpopulation of pets that need good homes. My kitties were rescued. 🙂 I wish I could rescue them all.

  45. I saw the kittehs last Friday – this year’s displays are great. You can check out more pictures of the display at my blog:

    And there are puppies too!

  46. michellemybelle says:

    No kitties in the windows of the Chicago Macy’s – the main windows are Mary Poppins though – I would prefer the kittehs (I work right by the store, so that means I’d get to see them twice a day!)

  47. Laurie C, I wish I’d been there for kitties in the Bay. They must have stopped that by the time I moved to TO. Would have been *much* cuter than the high-artsy displays they always have now!

  48. useta hada kitteh says:

    I love this! Our city has a “Twelve Strays of Christmas” thing, where for 12 days in December, the Humane Society features a different dog or cat on the TV news. They always caution about giving animals as gifts, though, which is important to emphasize in such programs.

    Meantime, I just loves the cute kittehs…

  49. Mariser – Your enthusiasm is wonderful.
    thehawke – You sound wonderful.
    Katie – My mom was the head “window dresser” for Marshall Fields in Chicago. If she was there now (Macy’s) there would be cats!
    Laurie C. – I guess a combination of the two?

  50. Cutemas. I love it. I think there needs to be a family kitty huff around the fire on Cutemas Eve and catnip pudding on Cutemas Day.

  51. thinker, they only did them on the Yonge St. side. The Queen St. side was still always left for some storybook/Santa Clausey display with moving elements for the kiddies to watch. Or, like last year, the Narnia themed display based on the movie, with lots of terrifying dioramas of characters wielding sharp pointy things. I kid you not.

  52. How did I forget Cutener? Cutemas!
    Wonderful idea! I vote you Cute Overlord of the globe.

  53. i took pictures of those cats on sunday! they were so cute!

  54. They don’t look like they have any toys or amusements though. 😦

  55. Zenith — you’re joking, right?

  56. And, to all you Peeps living in San Francisco, -phphphlblblltltttt. No fair.

    Theo – ‘Me hearty.

  57. Jess the Mess says:

    Yeah really. If they put kittens in the window at the Chicago one, I’d start shopping there again.

  58. Remember…you can find it at MACY’S…great job, good public service and kittys will find homes! Happy Holidays everyone!

  59. The SFSPCA does great work and will help you match up with the right kitty – if one goes home with you and it doesn’t work out, there is time to bring them back so they can do to the right home. Volunteers are there every day to help work out adoptions, so if you’re in the Bay Area, go check it out! And if you don’t want to brave the crowds, there are plenty of kitties at the (gorgeous) shelter a few short blocks away.!

  60. Cutener: “Hey, shouldn’t we invent a new holiday – Cutemas? It could unite the globe (dreams of mice and cats and puppies all holding paws as they sing the festive Baroo song…)”
    — you rock! Now we just need to write the lyrics to the “festive Baroo song.” It should probably include the words “baroo,” “honk-shu,” “kronsche,” and my personal favourite: “ehn!”

  61. Wah.. no kittehs in the Minneapolis Macy’s windows. Just lots of sparkly clothes and candycanes. Kind of boring, if you ask me!

  62. Fabulous idea! So much better than when Needless Markup sold Sharpei puppies (I think they were $2k each) in an early 1980s Christmas catalog. We had the misfortune of “inheriting” one of those, and what a wreck that poor thing was.
    I suspect that the SF Society, if it’s done this for years, has a good notion of how to avoid the impulse “wanters.”

  63. There is something like “cutemas.” I believe it’s in October, and it involves putting pictures of your cat on your blog. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was actually called. Maybe “catmas”?

  64. No kitties or puppies in the Biltmore Macy’s across the street from me here in Phoenix. They would probably bake if they were in the windows.

    I did, however, browse the clearance racks – the last chance shelter if you will – and found a great suit for $70 and a few cocktail dresses 50% off lowest clearance price. Some nice, deserving clothes, passed over by other shoppers, now have a good home.

  65. Yes, I was right. “Catmas.” The first Friday in October. Check out

  66. I did a search, because I wanted to find out what the titles were over the windows (didn’t find the info in my search so thanks Sassy), and I found an article about the process, looks like the kittens are moving quick, Ralphie is probably in a nice snug home by now, and the new parents are getting well vetted; so kits and pups with happy homes for Christmas, gets the season off to a good start.

  67. What a rockin’ idea.

  68. Tuxfeets! Tuxfeets! The bestest!

  69. J.Bo – I thought you said ‘TuxFest’. And why not?

    (looks out window)

    Hey – I see a squirrel!

  70. The Christmas story FRA-GEE-LEY crate is there too!

    Thank you Macy’s

    The black and white kitteh looks just like my Gumbo-kitteh!


    To inspire everyone else to write the Baroo! carol. 🙂

  72. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Tux-kitty says, “… Be sure to drink your … Ovaltine? … Ovaltine?!?! A crummy commercial!?!? Son of a bitch!”

    (I *love* that movie!)

  73. Ah, the SF/SPCA and their holiday kitty display at Macy’s. One of the things I miss about living in Ess Eff! It’s so cool, I wish they did that in my town.

    I volunteered for one of those once. What they do with the litterboxes is, they conceal them behind one of the display panels in the back. And yes, they get beaucoup adoptions that way!

    I gather that if multiple people were interested in one particular critter, they’d take the time to turn them on to ALL the kitters they had available to make sure they got the one they liked the best! Also, they don’t do on-the-spot adoptions — they want people to think about it at least overnight before taking one of the meowmeows home with them.

  74. The Baroo carol must have “Bananaphone” in it somewhere. Otherwise, I’m not singin’, no way, no how. Of course, I’m a horrible singer so perhaps leaving it out would benefit all humanity.

  75. Well she’d kill me because we already have 2 monster dogs and 3 cats.

    FYI I am a girl.

  76. Ugh. Why kittens? This makes it a lot harder to hate Macy’s for buying out Marshall Fields. And… a more important question… why isn’t that kitten busy destroying the shop display…

  77. OMG! That top kit is identical to TK, down to the halfnose! (TK has more white on his back feets, though)

    I don’t always get to downtown SF this time of year, but when I do, I enjoy the Macy’s windows.

    The SFSPCA is like, the best about finding proper homes for critters. Not only do they do this, but at most big public events (craft fairs, etc.) they’re there with racks of cuteness for your perusal.

  78. Peg of Tilling says:

    Baroo honk-shu
    Snorgle honk-shu
    Baroo Cutemas
    Come this way

    Baroo dorb’bble
    Snorgle snorglum
    Baroo Cutemas
    Cutemas Day

    Baroo baroo
    Snorgle snorglum
    Baroo Baroo
    Honk-shu honk-shu
    Cutemas day is in our mitts
    As long as we have pups and kits

    Hammie marmie
    Puppers tuxkit
    Baroo Cutemas
    Bring your fluff
    Hammie marmie
    Puppers tuxkit
    Baroo all
    With cats to huff

    Baroo Cutemas snorgle honk-shu
    Baroo Cutemas snorgle honk-shu
    Cutemas Day will always be
    Full of fur and full of squee

    Baroo Cutemas
    Dorb’bble honk-shu
    Baroo Cutemas
    Dorb’bble honk-shu
    Baroo Cutemas
    While we awww
    Over every paw
    And sometimes claw

    Honk-shu honk-shu
    Snorgle snorgle
    Baroo baroo

  79. Peg, I genuflect in your general direction!!!


  80. Oooh, I’ve accidentally started a new spiritual movement – Cuteism! I only have the chorus and the first 2 verses so far:

    Its Cutemas Day, Its Cutemas Day, join paw and pouch and claw and mouf and sing Hip Hip Hooray!

    1st Verse:
    We sleep and go ‘Honk-shu’,
    Then wake with a ‘Baroo?’!
    We live for cute,
    It makes life such a hoot,
    C’mon and get cute too!


    Beadyeyes or fluff,
    a beak or muzzlepuff,
    Oh, life is grand,
    with a bunbun in your hand,
    With cute, life’s never tough!


    Now then – what day should we have Cutemas on?

    PS Thanks mleiv – that pic is going on the front of the first official Cutemas card!

  81. Yay for Macy’s doing a good thing. I agree – I hope impulsiveness has a nice return policy. Pets aren’t presents unless carefully planned for.

    I would be trapped there all day watching kittehs play. Cant just run into PetSmart either – have to watch everyone playing…

    gray kitteh with more white on his legs has SIX toes. Thats a good luck kitty!

  82. Macy’s isn’t in charge of the display, they merely loan out the space to the SF/SPCA, which handles the adoptions. And they will only allow you to adopt for yourself and your household — no gift adoptions are allowed!

  83. michellemybelle says:

    AmyH – it was great of you to open up your home to those garments in need of rescue

    Peg of T: DELIGHTFUL!

  84. Let’s put Cutemas in January, because usually that’s when we could all use a little cheering up from the post-holiday exhaustion.

    Either that or on the birthday of our CO Enabler Deluxe!

  85. I have NEVER been so glad my grandparents will want to go to San Francisco for Christmas. Eeeeeee!

  86. I think the holiday belongs in January because, well – it’s *January.* (Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case it’s prime beach time.)

  87. Gonna have to go to Downtown Crossing now in Boston to see if the Macy’s there got kitties in their window, too..:)

  88. I work in a small Macy’s in So. Cal, and I saw this when I came home on my lunchbreak this afternoon. I went back to the store and told my store manager, but I don’t think our store will be getting kittens. My coworker then came up with “kitten time”, which would involve some serious kitten snorgling after a bad interaction with some mean customer. “Where’s Amanda?”, they’d say, “Oh, she went to go have kitten time.” Long story short, we’re not getting any kittens in my little Macy’s.

  89. anneelizmary says:

    Yesohyes! Peg and mariser–I saw “the leg lamp,” AKA “the Major Award,” and the Packard in the window. Makes me long for the traditional Chinese duck Christmas dinner. Baroo?

  90. I’ve seen the lovely displays in Macy’s windows in SF for several years. It’s so great of them to donate their storefront windows to the SPCA every year. There’s always a huge crowd looking at the kittens and puppies and loads get adopted. I enjoy searching for where they hide the kittens’ litter boxes and food and water bowls.

  91. last year they had a puppy in the window that just ran in circles! and a little room full of kittens for you to play with, i missed class because of those lil’ babies! but i got so much kitten cuddle action, so worth it!

  92. Not even kittens could save Macy’s in the eyes of most Chicagoans.

  93. george w boosh says:

    I walked by there last Friday and the kitties in the Christmas Story window were going apeshizz- chasing each other everywhere – so presh.

  94. What a brilliant idea! I especially lurve the Christmas Story room 🙂

  95. AIEEEEE!!! I hope I find a kitty this XMas season.

    If not, there’s always my berrrrfday! [singsong]

  96. nae-nae says:

    da wite paws r adorable! nd i gt a kitteh dat look like da 1 in da bottom foto xept it grey all over nd stripy ill put it up soon!!! lol!