Alright, guys. LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!

Turklettes scheming their prison break. If you look closely, you can see ‘anti-cornbread-stuffing’ arm bands.

  close up 
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  1. LOL! I think Meg is just trying to step on toes. xDD

    They’re so cute though!

  2. Peg of Tilling says:

    The one in the middle has that Steve McQueen look.

  3. death is all upon us kids!!!!

  4. Jess the Mess says:

    Power to the Poults!

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    “Mrs. Tweedy! The chickens are revolting!”

  6. hrh.squeak says:

    The one on the left has a wonderful disapproving look to him – “Humans. Bleh. I’ll give them a cornbread stuffing, all right.”

  7. Tony James says:

    Turklette on left: “I don’t know about you guys, but this oven light is giving me a lovely tan…”

  8. hahaha. poltry revolt!

  9. Tony James says:

    Sorry again, that should be “Turklette on right”.

  10. Yep, that is pretty much what baby turklets look like. I tried to take pictures of ours when they arrived but it was rather difficult because they moved so much.

  11. I think Meg bought stock in Tofurky.

  12. NebraskaErin says:

    S’okay, Tony James. It’s the turklette on the left if you’re the turklette.

  13. Ewww tofurkey!

    I had thought that they days of “fake meats” were gone! What’s wrong with eating nothing but potatoes and corn and veggies, fercripe’s sake! Does the word “gluten” even sound appealing to anyone? 🙂

  14. I agree Arvay. I let my vegan friends in on a new place in town and said I would go with them. I saw the menu, shuddered and said that I wasn’t going to eat fake meat. I like my veggies to look like veggies, thank you very much. I’m not a big fan of fake anything, really.

  15. From ‘Not For Din-Din’ Thin Lizzy

    “Tonight there’s gonna be a coop break
    Somewhere in this town
    See me and the peeps we don’t like it
    So were getting up and going down

    Hiding low looking right to left
    If you think we’ll end up as leg or breast
    Cooks might pray, shed a tear – that’s OK
    We don’t pity chefs

    Tonight there’s gonna be a coop break
    Emeril’s gonna frown
    Tonight there’s gonna be a coop break
    HEY – how does tofu sound?

    Tonight there’s gonna be trouble
    But we don’t like carving knives
    See the peeps and me mean business
    Joining up with the turklette tribes

    I can hear the sous chefs start to wail
    All hell breaks loose, Martha Stewart will fail
    Lose the game, time for the
    Gravy pail

    Tonight there’s gonna be a coop break
    Somewhere in the town
    Tonight there’s gonna be a coop break
    We ain’t gonna be found

    Tonight the fryer’ll bubble
    It’s what I could find myself in
    But tonight’s gonna see a coop break
    And trust me, I know some friends

    Tonight you’re gonna have steak out
    Won’t be no turkey bones
    Don’t you dare to try and stop us
    We’ve got bananaphones

    Tonight there’s gonna be a coop break
    Cooks will wear a shroud
    Tonight there’s gonna be a coop break
    What to do, Alton Brown?

    Tonight there’s gonna be trouble
    But Thanksgiving’s gotta end
    Tonight there’s gonna be trouble
    Gonna find myself a hen”

  16. Blinded once again by Aubrey’s brilliance. Bonus points for working in ‘bananaphones’.

  17. Tofurky… *shudder* Eeeeeeeeeeeew!

    I’m not a vegetarian or vegan however, I’ve found some vege burgers that are really tasty. As long as you stay clear of the ones the look like an actual hamburger (ooo nasty) many of them are quite yummy.

    I recomend Morning Star Farms Garden vege and their spicy black bean patties. Even their corn dogs are kinda tasty with a little mustard.

  18. Waaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! I can’t see the picture… I just get the little red X in the corner. Any suggestions, peeps?

    /whispering… but I’m with Arvay! Veggies – corn, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, yummmm!!/

  19. (flicks virtual butane lighter, adjusts flame to high) Auwww-BREEE!!!

    Aubrey and the Turklettes?

    P.S. You all can keep your vegan grain ‘n root veggie loaves. I LOVES me some Tofurkey.

  20. Oooh! I just got it!
    They look like baby chicks, huh? Never seen a baby turklette before…
    Dis site is such a learnin’ experience!

  21. God bless these baby turkeys lives. God bless all the turkeys and thank you God for the cute little turkey guyses.

  22. Morningstar Farms’s got some frightening chemicals in there though. I try to eat only substances that I can both spell and pronounce. 🙂

    That would be a serious limitation on my stepdad, though. He’d probably eat nothing but bananas! 🙂

  23. HeidStar… you actually LIKE tofurkey? How interesting! I had thought that people like you were a myth! Do you also like fruitcake? 😉

  24. Watch out! Arvay feels feisty today.

  25. Meat is like milk. You were conditioned to eat/drink it. Once you get off it for a while, it’s hard to want to go back.

  26. The one in the middle *does* look a lot like Steve McQueen. And I think I can see some James Garner in the right one.

  27. Redzilla, what do you mean *today*?

    At least I’m not touching the veggie/meat-eating debate! I actually have very strong feelings on this, but I am keeping them to myself.

    I do ADORE corn and mashed potatoes though. I must say, if there is ever at time to be exiled from Alaska to California, this is it! I got a beautiful Fall in AK, then a beautul Fall in CA (making it six weeks of fall for me!). And here, we have a second harvest of CORN! YUM! CORN!

  28. mm, i never knew they were so cute – they grow up so ugleh.

    even MORE unfortunately for these turklettes, they are also vereh vereh tasty. Sorry, but i will be munching.

  29. Mmmm…cornbread stuffing…and crispy roasted turkey skin….

  30. Ain’t nothin’ wrong ’bout enjoyin a nice chink of meat.

    But don’t purchase meat from factory farms, for the love of our beautiful world. Factory farms torture animals from the moment they are born till the moment they die. Do you really want to put money into that? Do you really want to support the torture of animals that gave their lives for your pleasure?

    Free range may not be perfect, but it’s better than factory farmed.

  31. Mmmmmmm… MorningStar corn dogs. Those are so tasty. I am drooling right now thinking of the transfatty goodness.

  32. I avoid tofurkey because the soy beans have been rudely ripped from their vines, divested of their homey little pods and then mashed and squarshed through all kinds of weird netting. Then they’re left to starve on racks for who knows how long. Uh-uh. I’d rather eat my words. 😉

  33. Three little turklettes
    In a rooker-ree
    First comes the eggs
    Then comes the chicks
    Then comes the gravy on the drumsticks!

  34. Baby turkeys are cute. That’s why we don’t eat them until they’re grown up. 😀

  35. Here’s a question which I’m totally serious about and have never heard an answer. With all due respect to peeple’s differing chosen paths to yummy goodness at the table–if vegetarians don’t eat meat (for whatever reason) why do they like things that taste like and chew like meat? Really, why is that?

  36. Here’s a question which I’m totally serious about and have never understood. With all due respect to peeple’s differing chosen paths to yummy goodness at the table–why do many vegetarians like things that taste like and chew meat? Why does the vegetarian market want pretend meat?

  37. Blkech, turkey… gimme a nice, juicy ham, leg of lamb or beef roast any day of the week…

    Baby turklets are cute – although these three look a bit evil. Cute, but evil. Decode all that cheeping and chirping and who /knows/ what they’re really saying… ^.~

  38. Sorry for the double post. Slow puter.
    [slinks off and hides]

  39. Oo Oo I know the answer! Errr… I know two possible answers of many…

    1) Some don’t. Friends of mine who’ve been veggies for years tell me that, for example, Boca burgers make them yarf.

    2) Some veggies want to be veggie for moral and ethical reasons, but still enjoy the taste of meat. Is that hypocritcal? Your call.

  40. I’m an omnivore (former vegetarian) that happens to still enjoy some fake meat now and then. My personal faves? Morningstar Farms mini corn dogs (great late-night snack) and Gardenburger riblets.

    Also, if you’re ever on the south side of Chicago, you must go to Soul Vegetarian. Soul food, but vegan. (I know, totally crazy.) They have this “BBQ twists” sandwich that they claim is made of gluten but tastes just like a BBQ pulled pork sammich. YUM.

  41. Yes, Arvay. Those are two possible answers. Next.

  42. I ate a tofu ChickPup once from Whole Foods. I could have inflated the Goodyear Blimp on just one of those suckers. Never again. Do like tempeh, though. And pork chops.

  43. I do like tofu. But I cook it as tofu and don’t pretend it’s meat. I’ve wondered whether people so frequently dislike tofu because they expect it to taste like meat. Isn’t that a bit like eating an onion and expecting it to taste like an apple? I mean, what a terrible apple! As an onion, though, it’s quite tasty!

  44. Well, Jaypo, I hate to break it to you, but there really is no “The Answer.” It varies from person to person. I just gave you the answers of 90% of the veggies I know.

  45. For as evil as factory farms are (I’m no fan), we as consumers forced this to be the case due to our desire for cheap food and not wanting to work for it ourselves. It’s kind of like complaining that all the manufacturing jobs are going overseas and then shopping at WalMart.

    My family is fortunate that we are still relatively small scale and my brothers wanted to keep it going after graduating college.

    It’s tough to be a farmer these days, but the growing trend for people to get back to the land and for others to pay fair price for their food is very heartening. It’s a case of supply and demand – and people being more socially demanding about what they eat.

  46. I could live on popcorn and beer.

  47. Oh, and at home I eat vegetarian more often than not because:
    1. I’m cheap
    2. I don’t have time for more than nuking a baked potato or fixing a bowl of cereal

  48. I used to be vegetarian for a while back… I love the taste of “fake meat”, before, during, and after being a vegetarian, just for the “interesting” taste factor, I guess. In my culture there’s a long-standing history of Buddhism, so they have hundreds of years’ experience making fake meat that tastes just like the real thing. I went to a famous vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai over the summer and you pretty much couldn’t tell the difference. It was goooooooooood too… If I can eat like that all the time, I really wouldn’t bother with real meat.

  49. mmm… Soul Vegetarian. I’m not even vegetarian, but I’ve eaten at the one in Atlanta (run by the same– er– let’s say non-traditional, but pretty innocuous seeming religious group) and they make some damn yummy food. The “ice kream” sundae with strawberry sauce and peanuts is awesome!

  50. Jaypo,

    1) variety. tofu/soy/wheat gluten in many forms = less boringness
    2) texture. I may be “weird” but I get texture cravings as often as taste cravings when it comes to food.

    Arvay, I am not myth. LOVE Tofurkey, LOVE Boca Brats, LOVE the funky chicken-shaped pressed wheat gluten that I buy at the pan-Asian food market. Nix on the fruitcake though. Gotta draw the line somewhere. 😉

  51. martha in mobile says:

    I am much happier eating eggs from my backyard chickens than buying eggs at the store. I know my chickens have a good chickeny life, scratching in the garden, eating bugs and charging me when they see me with the scraps pail (a little scary, that). I know what is in their food (and by extension, in mine). And I eat them with thanks and respect when their egglaying time is done.

  52. Good points, AmyH.

    It would be great to have better access to information about where and how food is raised so we can spend our money on food that is raised responsibly and safely.

  53. Good for you, Martha in mobile.
    I just posted on the last picture that my chickens live out their retirement after they get done laying cuz I don’t have the guts to eat them. But…that is my choice. I could also choose to eat them if I wished!

    Instead I buy chicken feed at the store for the chickens and chicken meat at the store for me! 😉

  54. Turklette in the middle: [to turklette on the right] Hurr-hurr-hurr…dude, what’s that white plastic button that just popped out of your butt? Always figured you were a butterball! hyuck hyuck!”

  55. I’d love to raise my own food… My grandparents had 5 acres when I was growin up. Summers there were incredible. We’d eat farm raised beef, garden vegetables, fruit right from the orchard.. it doesn’t get any better. The meat tasted so different. I remember eating store bought hamburger once as a kid and I thought it was rotten. *sigh*

  56. (scolding motherly voice) “TONY JAMES!”

  57. A looooong time ago, my mother was way ahead of her time. She was all into health food, nature, respect for animals. I am thankful for her. I consider myself lucky. I feel at home in the health food store. I know what all the stuff is about. The big grocery chains are looking healthier lately too, maybe because of folks like yourselves. But it takes all types to make up a world. Rock on Peeps.
    To baste or not to baste, that is the debate.
    “Funny old world, eh?”

  58. [looks around guiltily and adopts feline “whatever happened it wasn’t me and you can’t prove it was” look]

  59. Would these guys consider freeing the Chicken of Tomorrow?

  60. Golden: I’m with you!! My grandpa had a small herd of beef cows on his farm, pasture-raised and not shot full of steriods and antibiotics. I have to think that beef not only tasted better, but was healthier. Grandpa not only ate a fair amount of beef, but would ask us to pass him the “wee bits of fat” that the rest of us would cut off the meat. Grandpa farmed until he was 90 and died when he was 94.

  61. All these pictures of edible fowl remind me of a conversation I had with a farmer friend a few years ago. Britain at the time was in the grip of a foot-and-mouth disease crisis, and as a consequence lots of hoofed animals were being destroyed. So this friend of mine decided that the sensible thing to do would be to start raising chickens and get rid of his beef herd.
    So off he went and bought 20 chickens to start a flock, but sadly they all died within a week 😦 So he bought another lot, but they all died within 10 days.
    So we were having a conversation about what might be going wrong, and we seemed to have covered all the options. Finally he slapped his palm against his forehead and yelled, “I’ve worked out what the problem is!”
    “You have?” I asked?
    “Yes,” he said. “It’s obvious – I’ve been planting them too deep!”

  62. [runs and hides from Pyrit]

  63. Martha in Washington says:

    A question please, that perhaps one of the nice “health food people” can answer–
    “free-range chicken broth”?

  64. Martha in Washington says:


  65. It’s chicken broth when it’s in orbit on the Space Shuttle. In zero gravity, liquids just form a ball. You don’t need a cup or a bowl to contain them.

  66. Oooh, Golden, too true. I grew up only eating food that I was personally aquainted with, and had been grown by my folks. Then got out in the “real world,” and for a long time thought something was wrong with my taste buds. Went hungry in college,’cause all the various commercially produce food tasted so nasty to me.

  67. The chicks look like they’re on the verge of a “Christmas means carnage!!” stampede 😉

    re fake meat- only if it doesn’t look or taste too much like the real thing for me. i eat veggie burgers cause they’re convenient, not cause i want a hamburger. but i think it’s fine when people want stuff like meat w/o the actual meat. why do people eat splenda instead of regular sugar?

  68. Baby turkeys are cute!!! How do they go from that to bald, red, and wrinkly?

    I need to draw a guerilla turkey holding a machine gun for a friend of mine. Don’t ask.

  69. So…gravity Gravy?

  70. Tony, Tony James. Sigh.

    I’m sure local farm-raised beef is fabulous. I was stuck with dairy cows. There’s a reason beef cattle are famous for beef and dairy cattle are famous for milk.

    Dairy meat is so tough and stringy, I’m surprised no one in the family pulled a jaw muscle or lost a tooth during Steak Night. We joked that we didn’t need knives, we needed saws. Even the hamburger had to be mixed with pork just to have enough fat to keep it from falling apart.

  71. teehee arvay.. i read your response before the free range question.. then i read that and couldn’t stop snickering..

  72. gloom raider says:

    I’m not a vegetarian, but I love Morningstar Farms’ meatless buffalo wings, the only “veggie” product my carnivorous father will willingly eat.

  73. Martha in Washington says:

    Arvay–Is that why it can be so expensive” It’s grown in SPACE?

  74. I want a lot of whatever Arvay’s drinking!

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    AmyH–my husband has this theory about why some beef is tender and some isn’t. It has to do with whether the cow is left-handed or right-handed. A cow, when standing on a hill, will always put his strongest side downhill. Left-hander’s strongest side is his left and vice-versa for a righty. So that side will get more exercise and probably more sunlight and thus that side of the cow will be tougher. So, always ask your butcher for the left side of a right-handed cow and vice-versa. (How can you tell if a cow is left-handed? Hand it a pencil!) He swears this is true! (Whenever he starts telling a story, one of us will always ask “Is this a left-handed cow story?”

  76. pyrit, you’re scaring Tony James! Of course, after that joke he needs a good scaring! 🙂

  77. MiW – So, is that where half ‘n half comes from? An ambidextrous cow?

  78. Lauri, not scaring…but scarring, perhaps.

  79. And, pyrit, I would guess that milk from an ambi-dextrose-ous cow would require a combination of sugar & Splenda.

  80. These Turklettes look very disapproving, indeed.

  81. Martha in Washington says:

    Pyrit-And which side would you want to eat then?

  82. ka9q's wife says:

    If you knew how nasty turkeys can be when they grow up (and how stupid) you would eat them too.

    You all are right about homegrown food. When I was growing up we had all kinds of fruit trees and the fruits were so good and tasty and the ones from the store never ever taste as good. sigh. I miss that.

  83. fridgedicebunny says:

    About the fake meat-

    Are you serious?

    Most people who become vegetarian or vegan don’t do so because they dislike meat or the taste of meat. Moral convictions and health are the number one reasons.

    I like a great variety of fake meat. Real meat at this point actually tastes pretty bad (for the most part) and my palette has adapted to the alternatives. Said alternatives provide me with yes, variety as well as different recipes, craving satisfaction, and PROTEIN.

    I can’t see how this could be any more obvious… Also, the fake meat market has improved conciderably in recent years.

  84. MiW – The answer to your question has too much at steak.

  85. k9q’s wife,
    My peach tree died last year at the “ripe”(pardon me) old age of 20.

    I need to plant new ones this spring. Nothing like homegrown peaches, tomatoes, and…eggs!

    I am getting a whole new flock of chicks this spring too! Wheee!

  86. My dad used to subscribe to Organic Gardening magazine in the 1960s. We grew everything in a little garden in the backyard of our quarter-acre suburban lot–asparagus, beans, squash, tomatos, peppers, cherries, the list goes on and on. Gooood stuff!

  87. Lauri, my father grows tomatoes in the backyard. Every early summer there is a vast crop of them. It’s really too bad that I CAN’T STAND THEM.

    We once had planned to grow some carrots. As I was digging up the soil…I saw a worm.

    And that was that.

  88. Turklettes are too cute.
    Veggies are good… so is meat. But not weird meat like tongue or liver… bleack!

  89. Since when does anyone “pardon” puns around here?

    My other half is about ready to kill me, after I brought home cod for dinner last night. It’s been a night and day of “Oh my cod!” “We have cod inside of us.” “How much marinade should I use? Cod works in mysterious ways.” Etc.

    Flock of chicks, Lauri? Where do you live? Can I come visit? 🙂

  90. Aubrey, you’re hysterical! Love ya.

  91. Aubrey, you are *only* meant for the finer things in life. I am so with you on the worm thing.

    To Arvay’s cod story I add this. Was sitting with a friend watching Iron Chef one night and the secret ingredient was “carp!”. Only I read the subtitle as “crap” and we were in stitches the whole hour mentally substituting “crap” every time we heard the word carp and giggling like nine-year-olds.
    “Fukui-san, he’s braising the crap now!”

  92. Omgosh, arvay and aubrey and laurie c….giggling like nineyearolds is what I do best! Lol…braising the crap!

    Aubrey….homegrown tomatoes….oral orgasms if ever there were any. I just started making bruschetta with my tomatoes and basil this year. ……. aaaaaaaaah!!!

    arvay, I am in SE Michigan (um…ugh?)…but, in the prefect place in SE Mich. You are welcome anytime. I have goats and old retired chickens, guinea pigs, fish, hermit crabs, dogs, cats….I think that might cover it.

    Oh, a husband! Lol!!

    My daughter and I will probably be getting rabbits next, partly thanks to your disapproving buns…our Humane Society always has some who need a place to disapprove at! (dangling preposition??) (sorry crankypants) !!

  93. Weighing in on the “why do vegetarians try to make things look like meat?” issue…I think some of it is just familiarity with what you grew up with. Sometimes you want to stick close to that.

    But, on the other hand, I *love* cuisines that are already heavily vegetarian, such as Indian or Thai food. There, the food doesn’t need converting, if you know what I mean.

    And I agree with someone who made the comment about tofu not tasting like meat. First time I tried it, I was expecting meat. Nearly spit it out. If someone had told me in advance it was closer to egg-white, it would have been fine. Now, of course, I love it (except for the slimy nasty boxed silken kind).

  94. Oh, alrighty then. We live in the perfect place in SE Mich., not the prefect place. 😛

    Hmm. “Heroes” was fun tonight…I just started watching it last week. 🙂

  95. Hi, suda nim!! I, too, love heavily vegetarian cuisines. I still eat meat, but a lot of the more vegetarian tastes and “feels” so much better for me.

    I think more veggie is in the future. 🙂 IaPW (in a perfect world)…a phrase I am using more and more, vegetarian is the way to go.

  96. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey – What is it about tomatoes that you don’t like? I am reminded of the great George Carlin’s routine “Fussy Eater”, in which he says that the reason he won’t eat tomatoes is because when you slice them, it looks like a pink bicycle tire, and “there’s something in there in the Larval Stage!” You need to hear the whole routine. Why he won’t eat eggs is unprintable, but hilarious.

  97. ka9q's wife says:

    I hate hate hate tomatoes. I have tried them and i just can’t stand them. That said I love love love salsa as long as it does not taste like tomato. I adore dried tomatoes in my salad. weird huh?
    I love alot of vegetarian foods. I don’t think i could do vegan but vegetarian is ok. Especially stuffed Manicotti…yum. I sneak a little tofu in for some added protein and no one ever knows…’cept you guys now. Even my meatatarian friend will eat it saying it tastes meaty.

  98. Squeak, it’s the smell, the taste, the inherent squishiness, the seeds becoming disengaged from the tomato slices…I mean, I know people who eat tomatoes like apples, but happily I believe they’re receiving help.

    Actually, I make myself eat them, raw or cooked, because they’re so very good for you, but aesthetically speaking…they offend all my senses.

    Sorry guys, don’t mean to be hatin’ on the tomatoes.

  99. Oh, and a great line from “Why I hate Saturn” by Kyle Baker (great graphic novel – buy it! buy it!)

    Cynical sister dealing with flaky sister’s vegetarianism:

    “Why do vegetarians always try to make everything taste like meat? Do monks buy a lot of inflatable sex dolls?”

  100. I’m stupid ka9q’s wife.

    Are you going to me too?

  101. AlinaBeans, I had a terrible experience at Soul Vegetarian. The SAME food is served at Chicago Diner, but being the only white people at SV, it took 35 minutes for us to get a glass of water. TWO hours later, we finally got our food (other patrons were seated, served, and left before we got our food). Good food served, utterly terrible and racist service. I will never go back.

  102. I used to hate tomatos, too, but in the past couple years I’ve been forcing myself to eat them for health reasons, and wouldn’t you know it? The taste has rather grown on me! I still don’t LOVE tomatos, but I will happily cut one up and eat it on my salad. If the insides are too gooey, I just give the slices a squeeze to get rid of all the seedy bits.

  103. Aubrey,

    Yay! Another mistie on here! “The Chicken of Tomorrow” is hilarious – did you ever see the short where the little kids go to the farm?

  104. Oh yes, kestrien – and to the Fair, and to the Circus…

  105. What a great thread today! Love all the opinions and the respect for all the opinions (mostly, anyway).
    And Aubrey I am with you. Salsa, pata sauce, ketchup – yum. Tomatoes – ick!
    Where’s Teho and Subhangi anyway? Vacation?

  106. Lauri’s getting rabbits, Lauri’s getting rabbits! Haha! Sucker!

  107. YAY! I can’t believe there are so many Misties on here! Chicken of Tomorrow was way off–the creators of the film would probably be horrified by what factory farms have become. And unfortunately, unless you’re buying certified organic stuff, that’s almost definitely where your meat comes from.

    (I posted this on the last turkey page but won’t post it again.)

    Please get your turkeys from certified organic vendors, or don’t eat it at all.

    Thanks guys. 🙂

    Anyway, TONS of people like Tofurky. I’m one of them. I don’t really like other fake meats much though.

    There isn’t anything hypocritical about enjoying the taste of meat, though–people don’t become vegan or vegetarian to protest taste. That would be weird. Plus, a lot of people grew up eating meat and associating the taste with comforting things, such as holidays and family gatherings–hence the popularity of the Tofurky.

  108. Martha in Washington says:

    Adding my two cents worth on the whole tomato issue–I will eat tomatoes any way they can be cooked. I even LOVE the whole canned tomatoes. I’ll eat them straight out of the can. But, raw–ewww. I have to pick every last seed off a sandwich or out of a salad. Luckily my husband loves them so we are kinda like Jack Spratt and his wife. Between us we lick the platter clean. My husband’s favorite tomato recipe though is a tomato sandwich-white bread, sliced fresh tomatoes, mayo and salt. YUCK! And to torture me even more, HE ALWAYS ASKS ME TO MAKE THEM FOR HIM! (And he won’t let me have a kittie.)

  109. If “tons” of people like tofurkey, then I must not be remembering right, because I remember tofurkey being pretty terrible the one time I tried it. Tofurkey may well be like veggie burgers and come in lots and lots of varieties.

    Anyway, I *adore* tomatoes in any way, shape, or form. We have the sweetest ones this side of heaven, here in California.

    Martha, I’ve got your horror sammich beat. My stepdad eats peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. Ewwww! My stomach is turning just thinking about it now, and it’s been years since I had to witness one!

  110. Well I for one LOVE non sequitur sandwiches.
    With a fickle, soul claw, and a sprig of harshly.

  111. T., your sandwich should be deep-sighed.

  112. Batter make it a duffle.

  113. “why do people eat splenda instead of regular sugar?”

    Because their pancreas will reach up and KEEEEEEL them otherwise? They’d much rather be eating sugar, trust me.

  114. But you run the crisc-o stuffing yourself before dinner.

  115. I’m thinking this is a conspiracy on the lines of “Chicken Run”.

    Go, lil’ turkeylings!!!