Krazy Ham Wheel

Now playin’ at CuteCast, People!

Jessica W., founder of the New York Hamster House sent this one in… Is that her giggling in the background? Fabulous.



  1. I’m getting dizzy just watching this!

  2. Them wild and kee-razy ham daredevils. LOL!

  3. i don´t think thats very nice :/ all that bouncing. must be quite a stress, i´d think.

  4. Very funny! I couldn’t stop giggling.

  5. Oh Noes, those two lil guys are too slow!!!!

  6. OMG, too funny. This makes me think of kids on a playground. You remember how there was always one kid who wanted to spin the merry-go-round so fast that no one could jump on? And kids would fall off? It’s a good thing these little hammies are too fluffy to get hurt falling off, and are surrounded by shredded material… which, oddly enough, is what I see around playground equipment these days in modern playgrounds.


  7. Of course, now that I watch it again, I see that there isn’t any of that shredded stuff in there for them to fall on. Thus dieth a perfectly good analogy.

  8. Jesus H Christ, that’s brilliant. Thanks so much, I needed a laugh!

  9. This is the strangest attempt at film restoration I’ve ever seen…

  10. That was pretty funny. I needed that laugh. XD

  11. Possibly THE MOST HILARIOUS thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

  12. I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard at a video.

    Especially when Mr. Substantial Ham joined the crowd, and squeezed into the wheel.

    Still kinda’ giggling hysterically.

  13. That big hamster seems like kind of a bully. Still funny!

  14. Soooo… dizzyyyyy……..

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Points for persistence, but hams aren’t noticeably bright, are they?

    JAAAAANE! Get me offa this thing!

    And is that a mutant hammy or were the other two just really teeny?

  16. Thats the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! Thanks! 😀

  17. Wow. Hamsters really DO rock, don’t they?


  18. the hamster in the wheel goes round and round
    round and round
    round and round
    the hamster in the wheel goes round and round
    all through cyberspace.

    the hamster hangin on the wheel gets thrown on down
    thrown on down
    thrown on down
    the hamster hangin on the wheel gets thrown on down
    all through cyberspace.

    the hamsters make the wheel go squeak squeak squeak
    squeak squeak squeak
    squeak squeak squeak
    the hamsters make the wheel go squeak squeak squeak all throug cyberspace

    the co peeps watch the video and laugh laugh laugh
    laugh laugh laugh
    laugh laugh laugh
    the co peeps watch the video and laugh laugh laugh
    all through the night

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    …so this is what’s happening when my computer acts up? [Eyeing CPU…]

  20. fuzzy little hammies going round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…
    and round…

    oh i’m so dizzy!

  21. co addict – Yessss! …The owner of the hamsters goes giggle, giggle, giggle…

  22. I think it may be:
    “mom! mom! Mom! slow down I wanna get on! Mom! “

    Persistent little guys! I have a new metaphore waiting for a chance to be used. “As persistent as a hamster.”

  23. fuzzy little hams
    do you see them go around?

    yay!!! i did a Haiku!!! 😀

  24. Hamster/Gerbil Carpool nightmare. Still funny though.

  25. Heeeehehee! How can one not love the flying furry goodness of the Three Ham-ooges, how, I ask you?

    Although, when Big Ham stood up at the beginning, he looked strangely like Dr. Evil…

  26. elizabells says:

    Oh my lawd, I had a truly hellacious day today, and really should have been in bed quite a while ago because I have to be up again for work in five hours, and thank you, Meg, thank you for this video. Wiped away the hour spent stuck in a subway tunnel tonight.

  27. This may seem funny, but it’s clear that two hamsters need two wheels. This little guy just wants to use the wheel, and he’s obviously quite anxious to get aboard. He needs his own wheel. It’s necessary for his happiness. Please get a second wheel.

  28. Phaedra, there were three, not two!

    Plus, even if there were five wheels in there, I bet they’d still all try to get in the one being used!

  29. I laughed so hard I cried. I really needed that, thank you.

  30. Oh don’t give him another wheel. No one likes being in the third wheel.

  31. *giggles* Minime and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  32. I laughed so hard I cried too! What a hilarious lil movie.

  33. Methinks the cameraperson was trying to be all professional and preserve this phenomenon scientifically and objectively, but was ultimately overcome by the silliness. I personally laughed rather loudly the whole way through. Caught my breath until I had to start chuckling at 3rd wheel and other comments..

  34. hamster-fuge!

  35. “And runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’…”

    At the end, the big one is just like, “Whatevah. Skip you foos.” Ah, the joy of hamsters sharing a wheel. Is it a momma and babies?

  36. co addict, you help nothing! NOTHING! XD I was laughing too damn hard during this entire video and comment reading…

    Ahh, another wonderful way to end the day, Cute Overload style. <3

  37. that was really cute!

    but i started getting worried after awhile that the little baby ones would suffer injuries from being thrown around like that :O unfortunately, rodents do break their necks/legs while attempting to get into a wheel that is being used by another rodent 😦

  38. Are hamsters natural masochists?

    Or is the owner too cheap to buy an extra wheel so they don’t have to fight/fuss over taking turns.

    Or do they just need a bigger one that they can ride simultaneously like a tandem bike. A tandem wheel, hey, it could work.

  39. Hamsters aren’t the smartest animals in the world, are they?

  40. Positive Jube says:

    Oh, just so funny…. 2 lil hams need some lessons in cooperation!

  41. Something about that reminded me of the old dial phones.

    How does she get all of those hammies to live together without fighting?

  42. ommmmiiiigosh!!! One of them got it’s leg stuck!! That could be really dangerous and result in a break! I suggest getting more wheels!

  43. Action-Hamster-Heros !

    : )

  44. Perhaps some sort of wheel-use rota?

  45. dickie twinkles says:

    I’m mainly impressed they got a syrian and two dwarfs to live together harmoniously (well, sort of)

    Syrians are solitary hamsters and usually kill any others they live with.
    Although, when my dwarves met my syrian they all attacked him!



  48. dickie twinkles: They all look like syrians to me, the small ones are just babies who haven’t left their mum yet.

  49. Please don’t use wheels like this as they are known to cause injuries. They should always have an open front, access to two wheels and some soft floor bedding. Provides just as much fun for those using them and those watching. 🙂

  50. “Look at this studio… filled with glorious prizes!”

  51. “Lenny may be the fluffiest, prettiest, cutest hamster ever. But make no mistake, Lenny Briscoe is a brilliant hamster detective-“

    omgoodness, that is just too much Jessica Wells! LOL!

    Here’s Jessica’s working website:

  52. Jess is an excellent hamster care-taker and shelter-runner, and she’s going to be SO excited that her video made it onto CO!! 🙂

    I love this video.

  53. Jessica’s website is terrific! What a cute bunch of guys! And lucky to have found her to live with!

    These hams in this wheel are making my eyeballs spin around this morning. How can they go that fast? And be that determined???


    “Thus dieth a perfectly good analogy” Lol, Kim H.!!!

  54. it’s the tiny pink foot sticking out that did me in!

    eys roolin arund too fsat

  56. I love how the one blonde hammie looks about the same size as the other two ones put together.

  57. the two little dewds are thinking, simultaneously,


    they look like they’re having a blast. thanks SO MUCH for sharing this. it’s a grey sunday here in the country’s midsection, and i surely needed a laugh!!

  58. belleandferdinand says:

    That’s actually really cruel. I bet those hamsters have broken bones. I’m surprised you’re featuring this.

  59. LMAO! That was so funny!! But I feel sooo bad for them cuz they’d like..go in circles D: aha awww <3

  60. I hadn’t thought of that. Hamsters shouldn’t be allowed to dizzy and drive. There’s no dizzygnated driver! Don’t let them get behind the wheel! Tow that revolvo away.

  61. Yes, I do want all the hammies to have happy, safe, wheely fun… but I did laugh like an idiot just then. It was all of them popping in and out at the same time that did it for me.

  62. ROFL, pyrit! revolvo!
    A convertigo?

  63. My gerbils used to have trouble sharing their wheel. Not so much fighting as sheer obliviousness to the fact that another gerbil was already using it (quite like these hammies).

    Then one of them chewed off the little plastic thing that held their wheel up, so no one got to play. 😛

  64. Or a Corverttigo…
    An Escalate.

  65. Well, of course they’re behaving like that – they’re hammered!

  66. Hammered Hams on the NY Turn-pike in a white Ford Bunco. News at 11.

  67. Alrighty, there is that chimp drinking a bottle.

    Not to be anti-monkey or anything, but I think he’s kinda creepy.

  68. It’s ham-demonium!

  69. Gah! You funny Peeps! It’s Ham-mer time.

  70. Lauri – he’s on the ham! He can’t be caught, or it’s the sl-hammer for him!

  71. Lauri – Better a chimp than a chump (remember the Beck ad?).

  72. Aubrey – Do you hear that? Listen, far off, in the distance…woooo-ooooo, …a train whistle is a-blowin’. I hope there’s no car on the tracks…

  73. Lauri! The chimp is cute!

    Chimps are primates, though, not monkeys. 🙂

  74. Oh man this is why I love Cute Overload. Giggling indeed.

  75. Yeah, I hear the whistle blowin’ – yep, I’m going to Fols-ham prison and time keeps draggin’ on…

  76. I’ll be your pun-pal while you’re in the sl-ham-mer.

  77. how is it cruel? they’re doing it to themselves. if they were getting hurt they’d stop.

  78. I’m tired of people getting their panties in bunches every time something is posted–especially about animals they seemingly know nothing about.

    1. It’s obviously a syrian mommy and her two behbehs

    2. If the two hamster kids were getting hurt and getting “broken bones”, they would not be doing that over and over. Hamsters are remarkaly hardy and squishy little animals. Back in his younger days, my little Baby Han would climb and jump off tables for fun, and do it over and over again.

    3. Hamsters are like cats, in that they never do anything they don’t want to do. The babies are doing that because they want to. If they got another wheel, chances are they are all going to cram on the same one anyway.

  79. ahhhhhh…..
    It’s been a while since I enjoyed a truly gut-chorgling belleh laugh up here tha C to tha O.

  80. Oops! Sorry about getting my monkeys and primates mixed up…which, of course, is MUCH better than getting monkeys and privates mixed up.

  81. Thank you, Lauri, for making me think I misread. Twice.

  82. Hahaha. Poor little guys — hopefully all the little fluffballs are okay. 🙂

  83. I laughed so hard I cried…oh it was so funny!

  84. that fat bastard taking over the wheel is HILARIOUS. and i’m not even a ham fan …

  85. Emily, on a hot day like today, I think that’s just what I need.

    A ham fan, that is, not a fat bastard.

  86. This has got to be the coolest hamster film ever. I feel sorry for te small hamsters;_;{this is suppose to be a sad face}

  87. lurkertype says:

    That? Was beyond redonkulous.

  88. I’ve known my husband for 10 years and have never seen him laugh so hard as he did for the entire length of that video — red face, streaming tears, tiny little giggles because throat too constricted from laughing.

  89. Those hamsters are to old to be sharing a home. They apear to be almost fully grown syrian hamsters which are solitary animals…they will eventually end up fighting each other to the death. Also i agree with the person that said they should have more then one wheel- they need to get their energy out some how…it’s vital to their well being. Sure this video could be cute and entertianing but only if you don’t know anything about hamsters…otherwise it is depressing. so not cuteoverload.

  90. There is a serious amount of “Ehn” going on there.

    And did somebody uncork a champagne bottle toward the end? Cheers!

  91. most of the time anything I see on here is adorable, this wasn’t. It was cruel.

  92. Single Malt says:

    That is the cutest/funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you CO!

  93. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Hmmm…on closer inspection, yes, they are baby syrians.

    But this means even moreso that they should be separated. They’re fully furred and running around and this person will probably have another litter within two weeks! (yes, they can breed that fast)

    Breeding your own hamsters is really irresponsible. There are so many things that can go wrong…my missexed roborvski got pregnant (without me realising she was missexed or pregnant) and when she gave birth the others ate her babies and then killed and ate her.

  94. Jess is a very responsible hamster care-taker. If you go to her site, you can see that she runs a shelter – she is not a breeder by any means.

    I’m fairly certain that all of the hamsters in the video have since been adopted out to loving homes.

  95. FrodoBloggins says:

    Just to clear up the misconception, I know Jessica, and these hamsters do not share a home or a wheel–they were merely playing together in the fabulous “hamster playground” that Jess built and that all her hammies get a turn in. Rest assured that all the hammies at the NYHH (which is a shelter) receive their own cages and wheels, ample bedding, and are conscientiously kept from breeding with one another.

  96. Proven!

    Dumb. Is. Cute.

  97. Oh wow, you’re right! I think it’s WONDERFUL what she’s doing… There aren’t that many hamster-specific shelters out there, and each year thousands of unwanted hammies get put down. That’s extra sad because hamsters are perfect little creatures who are helpless and harmless and made of wuv.

  98. “ehhhhnnnn!!” + hammie + giggling in the background = jenn giggling uncontrollably.

    But apparently hammies + not enough wheels = brewing commentroversy.

  99. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG. The butt. The butt. The butt hanging out of the whole as the wheel goes round and round. I can’t stop watching. Or laughing. The butt!

  100. it so cute that all the hamster where trying to get in the wheel

  101. I laughed until I cried. That was HI-larious.

    I found the fact that the wheel swung all crazy like when the big hammy hopped in funny beyond belief!

  102. That was just what the doctor ordered 😀 Happy now!

  103. Hamsters just don’t know how to share. so basically even if they have more than one wheel to accomodate, more than likely the hammies will all go for the one being currently used. I’ve seen hamsters do this almost all the time. They’re stupid? maybe..but at least you can tell they’re not being hurt or having “broken bones” like some people suggested. Otherwise why would they keep doing it?

  104. It’s a Wash machine!!! Loll :-D!
    Or… The ham machine?

  105. You don’t know what,
    we can find,
    Come on, come on
    With me, little ham,
    On the magic hamster ride!

  106. I don’t mean to be gross or anything, but this was squirt-milk-through-your-nose funny!!

    I actually have spittle on my screen!

  107. It looks like a cartoon fight-cloud with faces and paws whirling all over the place

  108. I made this :

    but i don’t know if i should be proud or ashamed of it.

  109. i know for a fact this will cause a break that will lead to the putting to sleep of the animal by any decent vet. NOT CUTE.

  110. “i know for a fact this will cause a break that will lead to the putting to sleep of the animal by any decent vet…”

    Debbie Downer is psychic now.

  111. hrh.squeak says:

    Matth: Be proud. Be very proud. That is the Perfect soundtrack for that! Benny Hill would make a good hamster, come to think of it . . . ..

  112. Seriously, it just seems wrong to wing your little hamsters around like this, they are so delicate with those teeny tiny widdle paws of theirs!

    Perhaps it’s because I’m old that I don’t find it humorous. I dunno.

  113. Nobody’s winging the hamsters around except the hamsters themselves. They look like they’re having a ball.

  114. OMG. My 9y/o daughter learned today that it is possible to cry whilst you are laughing, as she watched mummy do it. Just what I need first thing in the morning!

  115. Now, I always walk away from the harsh, but not when it gives me a chance to mention the cutest product in the universe. As someone pointed out, that’s a Wodent Wheel! And the whole point of a Wodent Wheel is to keep the little pets’ feetlings safe from harm – they’re certified by the ASPCA (as far as I’m aware, the only wheel so edorsed?) and much kinder than wire ones. Enjoy, people. The wodents are wheely quite fine.

  116. Laughed so hard my stomach now hurts. Oh man, when that big fatty-fat hammie climed out, I nearly snorted with laughter, and when their little buns hung out of the openings, that was just it for me. Gotta just go home now.

  117. Hamster House Helper! says:

    Like sfxmaven, I am a personal friend of Jessica and a trustee (and three-time adopter!) of the New York Hamster House. Jessica takes excellent care of all her hamsters … the mama and babies in this video have already been adopted out to loving homes. 🙂 I think there are actually three or four Wodent Wheels in the hamster playground, it’s just that these guys all wanted to share. 🙂 Anyway, if you are looking for more info on the hammy house, please check out

  118. i have wheel needs too guys!!

  119. my eyeballs look like spirals right now.

    [keels over]

  120. “hamster-fuge!”

    OMG, Emma, you owe me a new keyboard! (chocolate milk spit-take from teh hilarity)

  121. ha ha hahhahahhahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhh… hack hack…wheeze… hey some one help i’m dying over here… that’s just too bleepin funny…