Deals, Deals, Deals!

Cat stuck in window sill: "Fabulous. Just what I need. First I’m stuck in this window sill, now Mr. McBeadersons here."
Mr. McBeadersons: "Top o’ the mornin"


C.S.I.T.W.S: "Let me out of herrrrrrrrrre!"
Mr. McBeadersons: [Sniffs out selling opportunity]


Mr. McBeadersons: [seizing opportunity] "You know, [paw on pane] these Ultra Millguard wood panes hold in 28% more heat and keep out street noise…"
C.S.I.T.W.S: [In disgust] "McBeadersons, I’m not interested in your junk—"


Mr. McBeadersons: "…I’ve got a red shoebox outside you might be interested in…"
C.S.I.T.W.S: "ooh!" [suddenly interested] "A box? How much?"
Mr. McBeadersons:
[whispers price]


Mr. McBeadersons:
"Comes with a free neck massage." [tiny claws dig in]


Mr. McBeadersons: "Yep, another deal done. I didn’t win ratsperson of the year for nuthin’."
C.S.I.T.W.S: [snoring]


Sooo many peeps sent this one in, it’s imposs to list them all. Thanks, everyone. The photographer unknown, and the series is floating around in emails.



  1. awww

  2. acelightning says:

    I’d love to know the story behind that – how did Marmie and Beadie wind up in the window frame together in the first place?

    And I do believe I’ve got the first post on this…

  3. cute rat

  4. Too funny! Great captions!

    You outdid yourself Meg!

  5. Thees ees hilarious. I long to know how a creamsicle kitty and a ratty ended up trapped in a window together. It’s fascinating.

  6. meg told the story herself. and i bet it’s completely different from what truly happened that one fateful day…of a cat and a rat, living in harmony…inside a window.

  7. Lovely cat and lovely rat. I always appreciate interspecies bonding.

  8. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    argh! omg, this is too damned cute! D=

  9. Aw, Meg, C.S.I.T.W.S. and McBeadersons, I am speechless, for once. Windaful.

  10. STRANGE very strange household

  11. Is that a rat or a degu?

  12. Awww…. How on Earth did they get stuck in the window? But… It’s too danged ute! I want to cuddles them.

  13. I wish my ginger puss was so obliging with little beadersons. he only brings home half a mouse each time. eeerh!

  14. I SO want to know where this came from and what’s going on, really.

    They’re obviously pals but why are they stuck on the window? That last shot though kills me. The way the cat cuddles around the rat.

  15. That is the sweetest of the sweet!

    I had seen the pics, but to read the saga of what is REALLY being said between CSIWS and Mr. McBeadersons is quite a revelation!

    Thanks, Meg!

  16. Wow. That doesn’t even look to be a domestic rat, either.


  17. hah! I wondered if I’d see this on here at some point… it’s been emailed to me several times, already. The captions are definitely a nice addition 🙂

  18. This came to my email under the heading “For Sale, on USELESS cat”.

  19. I know marmie cats are gregarious by nature, but this is just redonkables.

  20. Hehehe! They look like the best of friends! I think there might be some interspecies snorgling going on too! ^-^

  21. threadjack
    I saw Happy Feet last night, and for fans of the Cute, not much beats the baby penguin scenes of the movie. That is all.
    Also, the new Harry Potter movie trailer showed up just before. w00t!
    end threadjack

  22. As astoundingly perfect as these captions are, I keep thinking of a scene between Purr-tia and Rat-ssanio from the Fur-chant of Venice.

    Picture #3: “If you prick us, do we not bleed?”

  23. awwww, no one sent this to me in email!!! soooo cute! i loves me some orange kitteh!

  24. That rat’s acting more like a window shill.

  25. I’m thinking that’s a gerbil, actually, it doesn’t look like a rat. It’s still very very cute, though!

  26. I love it! And your captions with the photos made it all the better.

  27. The final photo looks a little like “Let me sniff your butt.”

  28. i dont get it- this is scary
    why are they trapped?

  29. Yeah. Why are they trapped? It bothers me. I can’t accept the cute without an explanation on this one.

  30. pam- the rodent is too big to be a gerbil. it’s definitley a rat!
    laurie c- i saw happy feet on friday. i loved the humans trying to dance with the penguins!
    and those are some hilarious pics and captions! how did they get in the window?

  31. lurkertype says:

    SalesRat of the year is lucky that’s a marmie!

    Sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

  32. Love the “Let me out of here” pic! That’s how my cats act when one of my rats tries to be friends.

  33. Awwwww!!! What a good night image!

  34. What’s funny is no one seems to be worried there are just rodents wandering into this person’s house…

    At least it has a happy ending.

  35. Where’s the last photo? You know, where Cat finally eats Mr. McBeadersons in a fit of hunger, after remembering what his mother always used to tell him:

    “Kitty, don’t play with your food!”
    “But MOOOOOOM!!”

    i pity him, really.

    cheers everyone!

  36. Don’t leave us in suspense! How much is the box?!?!?

  37. Aha! It’s a window that slides open horizontally (see picture 5).

    My theory: Cat went between the windows when open in order to better stare at shoebox and convince owner to bring said box to the proper side of the window for his own enjoyment. Mr. McBeadersons was then seen joining him and the owner, who never was entirely won over by Beaderson’s salespatter, decided to ensure that nature took its course by closing him behind Cat. His attempts, as we can see, were thwarted by cat-beadersons bipartisanship.

    That said…I’m going to return to using my analytical thinking skills on my thesis paper. This is, unfortunately, my favorite distraction.

  38. Don’t worry, what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe Mrs. McBeadersons comes along?

    Mrs. McBeadersons: “Japers, Paddy! ‘Tis yourself! And who is SHE?!”
    Mr. McBeadersons: “Oy, Luv! Er, meet, er, Ginger, me latest, er, customer.”
    Mrs. McBeadersons: “Oim no eejit, Paddy!”
    C.S.I.T.W.S.: “I hope this is tempered glass.”
    Mrs. McBeadersons: “It’s curtains for you, Paddy!”

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    what the curtains?

  40. Funny, the first time I saw this photo series, I thought there was some kind of Vulcan-rat kung-fu neck squeeze thing going on.

    Plus, when I look at this, it just makes me think of the completely random places I have to lock Flanny cat in to keep her from driving me totally bugshit sometimes.

  41. Reading what I posted, I realized that most people will not be able to make sense of it, so let me ‘splain. Flanny is a cry-puss. Sometimes to make her be quiet, I have to put her someplace completely bizarre for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Then after she is removed, she will shut up for several hours. Like when she was smaller, I once put her in the kitchen junk drawer, and once in the glass front medicine cabinet. Now that she is full grown, I have put her in the shoe cupboard and a plastic sweater box and a file drawer and variety of other places. It’s like quiet kitty time-out to soothe her nerves. Works like a charm. Of course, I’ve never put a rat in there with her.

  42. Redz… I love the concept of a kitty time out (like Bucky Katt’s closet time in Get Fuzzy). All 5 of my cats enjoy a little closet quiet time when things get too strange… and with 5 cats, 2 big dogs and 2 teenage boys it gets crazy often.



  44. Positive Jube says:

    I’ve been at work all day today – after my nice free ‘at homeness’ of being at university……. so what i’m saying is that i’ve had a CO free day – hard to take. And then to see this when I get home….. GORGEOS…oh, too much wine – i can’t eidt proprllly….

  45. Positive Jube says:

    i should say that it is about 7pm here in Australia – don’t want you to think i’m captive hostage at some terrible employer making work till midders..

  46. How sweet! 🙂

    I love this so much.
    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  48. Cutest picture series EVER!

  49. Oh hooray! I sent this in too!

  50. Nice. So Cute,

  51. NebraskaErin says:

    Love pic #2…”Let me ouuuuuuuuuuuut!”

  52. It looks like they were purposely trapped in that window with the intention of getting cute photos. The cat looks panicked to me 😦 Sure, it’s cute, but I see it as kind of cruel.

  53. Kitty time out sounds a little mean to me…a darkened room by herself I could understand, but a drawer? Seems kind of cruel.

  54. My cats would crawl into any drawer I leave open, if I let them. And stay there all day, shedding on my sweaters.

  55. NebraskaErin says:

    I routinely come home to find all the drawers in my kitchen open. Thilly kittehs.

  56. LaurieC, my kitty used to do the same thing. In fact, as I’d be getting ready for bed she’d sit in front of the drawer and wail until I opened it. Yes, NebraskaE, thilly kittehth. (but are you sure that’s the kittehs?)

  57. Aubrey: “Window shill”? BWAH! I just couldn’t let you think no one had caught and/or appreciated that. 😉

  58. I think somebody put kitty in windowsill to get Mr. McBeadersons. However, things did not turn out as planned. They were not counting on a kitty-rat “lovefest.”

  59. Is that a Big Mac box in the background? No wonder they have rats! 😉

  60. NebraskaErin says:

    jaypo wrote: “Yes, NebraskaE, thilly kittehth. (but are you sure that’s the kittehs?)”

    It had better be!!!

  61. Awful. Sad. What kind of a jerk would leave a cat trapped like that? With a dirty disease carrying rat no less.
    The cat must have been there for awhile because it is curled up and trying to sleep in the last photo.

  62. awwww…cuteness! sweet! meow.

  63. lurkertype says:

    Kitties love being in drawers. They just do. I think RedZ has come up with a brilliant idea for calming her kitter.

  64. carolina: I think that’s a good guess about why the kitty was there AND why the rat was there. One of my thoughts was “Bleah! What a filthy place they live in.” :-/

  65. Hilarious – it’s like an animal version of “Green Acres”! If only Mr. Haney had thought of offering Mr. Douglas a neck massage …

  66. Terri Roessler says:

    Oh god..that cat is SOOOO confused!

  67. That has to be the STUPIDEST series of photos that I have seen in CO! I come to CO to see unusual and cute, not potentially dangerous situations for animals to be in…there is enough of that out there already. Shame on you CO and whoever the photographer was!!! And is the cat and rat still there or…dead?!? Again, STU-PID!

  68. Seems like you’re missing the last pic… The ”gaaaalgh” picture!

  69. I hate to sound like a kill sport too, but I agree with others: this looks staged to get cute photo and not a good place for the animals.

    I think that Cute Overload really needs to think about some of the photos posted.

    All I see is two animals trapped together in a window sill.

    PS to the person who shuts their cat up. Have you ever tried paying attention to her? Works wonders. Better than stuffing her in a drawer.

    This place just doesn’t seem all that cute anymore.

  70. I have a cat and similar horizontal-opening double windows like that. Whenever I leave the inner window open even a few inches, she crawls in and goes all the way to the other end. She looks stuck but she’s not, she always gets out (she gets into the funniest positions doing this, however) and she loves it in there, it’s warm and sunny.

    There is no way that cat would curl up and go to sleep if it felt threatened or trapped. Cats in those situations act stressed, not all chilled out.

    I’m pretty sure that’s a domestic rat (they come in all sorts of colours) and they have a prior association. 🙂

    In the second photo kitty was probably saying to his owner, “Hey, Mr. McBeadersons is here!” My cat does that all the time. It’s like she’s looking for approval or agreement or something.

    If I tried to put my kitty in a drawer she’d just whine more! The problem is, the more attention I pay to her, the more attention she wants…

  71. you guys need to grow up.

    seriously, get over yourselfs. Obviously it isn’t a wild rat. A wild rat would have tried to defend itself in that tiny space, regardless of whether the cat struck at it or not. sheesh.

  72. If you look closer they are not stuck. There is no glass on the side closest to the camera. The mouse has his foot on the ledge where there would be a pane of glass. The cat is cute but the mouse creeps me out!

  73. Sandi — there *is* glass on the camera side; look at the reflections against the orange parts of the cat’s coat (esp. pix 1, 2, and 5). But yeah, I very much doubt these two are “stuck”.

  74. warrior rabbit says:

    It’s a Nike box, not a BigMac box — see the swoosh? Unless there’s been some corporate merger I don’t know about, in which case we can all legitimately complain about Mickey D’s tasting like shoe leather.

    Knowing how cats like enclosed spaces and sunny spaces (bonus here), and how they behave with both wild and domestic rats, it’s clear to me that the cat is neither “stuck” nor is the rat unbeknownst to the kitty. He did, however, expect to have exclusive use of the space, and in #2 he’s all, “Moooom, Ratty’s bothering me again!”

  75. Interspecies bonding is cute. Hey grouch! I mean Shelley: You’re wrong about these pictures.

  76. I, too, keep scratching my head over this. The only way it can make sense is if the rat is a pet, but the rat looks filthy! My rats have always groomed themselves much better than this filthy fella! In fact, if they met this guy, they’d have pounced on him and held him down in an “I shall leeck you” moment, not letting go until he was scrubbed clean! Yes, rats do that, and the filthy “victim” often screams bloody murder during his bath. It’s quite cute, actually. 🙂

  77. Easy. Owner sees rat in window. Owner sticks cat in with rat, so that cat can do to rat what comes naturally. Domesticated, urban cat has no clue what to do with said rat. Rat does what rats do – investigate non-attacking things for food. Owner throws up hands and photographs results.

    It is plausible that said rat and cat had made a nocturnal ‘peace treaty’ before the owner knew said rat was around.

  78. I still think its a degu. A degu looks like a cross between a rat and a gerbil.

  79. I’m sorry, but “calming” a cat by sticking it in a dark enclosed space is lazy and mean…yeah, cats like dark enclosed spaces, when they venture in voluntarily.

  80. Aubrey, love the Shakespearean spin.

  81. Cute! But it is so obviously photoshopped (having used the programme to do a few photo malinpulations myself) you can see the lighting effect is different for each subject (done art too 😉 ) and it’s *very* obvious in the third and forth picture.

    Very well done though.

  82. might be, but i doubt it – look at the fur displacement where the ratty is kissing and cuddling him, that alone, if fake, would have taken forever! i’d say it’s real, real and weird as.

  83. not amused says:

    sorry, but i dont see what’s cute about this… a cat trapped in a tiny space with a disgusting rat?

  84. I agree…this is not funny in the least bit. Infact it is very disturbing. What kind of cat owner locks their cat up anywhere? Dont like how a cat acts? Then dont get a cat. Cat’s arent children, they dont understand ‘timeout’ and why theyre bring put in a dark closet, WINDOW or DRAWER (that better have been a sick joke, and not serious). I am disgusted at those who think this is ‘cute’

  85. Welcome one and all to Assumption City, last watering hole in the Grammar Barrens.

    It’s all true. It was on the internets.