Two-Dog Night

Sing it with me now:

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,

Joy to you and me

(er, pups "Felix" and "Ilsa".)


Matt and Monica, awesome twin puppitude : )



  1. Awww. Those pink noses! And they sum up how I feel right now.

    Night, CO!

  2. And this ink spot looks just like two dogs to me.
    Yes, I know that proves I’m obsessed with cute.
    So what.

  3. Gary Fixler says:

    They should be named Felix and Xelif, like proper mirror-image bookends. I need them to come help prop me up.

  4. I had to look twice. I thought it was trick with mirrors!

  5. Gary Fixler says:

    Awe! I messed it up. I meant Felix and Xilef. Like that’s any better.

  6. FionnaCathyLizzie says:

    if we’re learning latin, the petname Fido is derived from the latin word for I Trust.

  7. Siamese puppehs!

  8. Awwww. So beautiful!

  9. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned hearing the ever so slight honkshew… (I know, the spelling’s wrong, but it’s early…) I can hear them snoring, can’t you?
    *as she listens to at least two of her own Kitties snoring*

  10. Positive Jube says:

    Is this the opposite to spooning?

    Dogs stealing the bed again..sheesh..

  11. Wonder Twin Powers, activate! Shape of….

  12. Are you sure these aren’t conjoined twin puppies?

  13. is it just me or do the look like siamese twins??? too cute 😀

  14. Yup, conjoined. The only question for the medical contemplating the separation surgery–do the patients share a cute?

  15. Aahh, thanks, Meg for the double chocolate House Blend cappuccino. Well that what *I* see in this ink blot.

  16. I’m all weak for those huge pink eraser noses. Are they pointers? Anyone know? They’re beautiful!

  17. Cute, squared!

    Hope the operation goes well.

  18. They are English Springer Spaniels. I have one and she looks just like that.

  19. Hmm, but aren’t Springers a little fluffier? I love them but these look like Pointers.

  20. i would so snuggle between these two . .. maybe then I’d get warm!

  21. That’s how Hubby and I sleep–back-to-back, all warm and toasty together. Only we don’t look nearly this cute… ^__^


  22. Ya know ya can’t kiss just one.

  23. Beautiful.

  24. those aren’t pointers, they’re Britneys – the best pupperses in the world.

  25. Two thirds of Fluffy!

  26. Sel — if you’re talking about the spaniels, wouldn’t that be
    “Brittany”? The breed’s been around longer than *she* has.

    Also, this photo reminds me of our current “desktop” on our TiVo-type PC…
    Now imagine that full-size: 126″ on the diagonal. Yep. We call it the Movie Wall.
    [proud geek moment]

  27. Really? They don’t look like Brittany Spaniels or Springer Spaniels to me. Maybe I haven’t seen enough of them. I thought both brits and springers had feathered coats? These look like very smooth coats to me.

  28. It’s a push-me/pull-you!
    (Doctor Doolittle fans?!)

  29. I have a *thing* about dog breeds. So, I can’t resist one more comment, (“Oops, I did it again!”) that the dogs in this photo look more like pointers. Brittany’s are orange-er, smaller boned, a bit fluffier.

    Theo – I wanted to make a Spears comment but, “Baby, that’s your prerogative.”

    And, WOW, WOW. Yay for your proud geek moment.

  30. Michelle – Yup, no feathers on the backs of the legs on these 2 puppers.
    Are you the same Michelle who wrote that awesome poem a few days ago?

  31. I love puppeh lips. Check out the one one the …er, right.

  32. These puppeh’s here have smooth coat’s. English Pointers…not Brittney or Springer.

    Man, i’d give up my bed to the pup’s anyday…(that’s how i end up on the couch…)

  33. I like their little velvet sleepy eyes.
    These guys are out for the count.

    Probably no need for the couch.
    I think they’ll let you squeeze in on the side, and keep their toes warm.

    And who doesn’t like a kick in the stomach at 3 am?

  34. Awwww!

    I want to hug and kiss them. They are precious.

  35. Lauowolf, too true…plus, when i give up on the bed and go to couch, they just follow me there…. ;D

    Man, i love those pink noses!!!! I must go squeeze a pup (or two)!

  36. Yup, not Springers. We have one (best breed ever, BTW), and although his head looks really simliar to these two pups’, he’s definitely feathery-er. And even if they decided to cut their hair the “wrong” way (i.e. really really short), I don’t think they’d be able to escape the curly-haired ears, which these pups don’t have.

    Aw, it still makes me miss mine though 😦 (I’m away at school!)

  37. Rorshach dogs!

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    Awww…cutie patooties.

    The one on the left has freckled legs — I lof dem!

    On another animal note, a friend sent me this ‘shopped “Who Brought the Cat?” photo the other day that made me laugh:

  39. Warrior Rabbit…

    THAT’S FUNNY!!!!!

  40. Martha in Washington says:

    Doesn’t this look like the PERFECT way to spend a Saturday morning-snorgling with two beeyutifull puppehs!

    WarriorR-That cat looks like he’s having WAAAY more fun than the little girl in the yellow life jacket!

  41. It’s the beast with two fronts!


    (For some reason, I just like saying that).

  43. Wow I just heard that song today too. Weird

  44. You’d think Scully’s singing would wake them up…

  45. Thinkie, a doubly serious Sirius?

    theo, you clever, rightly proud, geeky chap! Loverly!

    [beeps each puppeh’s nosicle]

  46. ka9q's wife says:


    check it.
    full cheeked squirrellly cuteness.

    //end threadjack we now return you to prosh pupness now in progress.

  47. ka9q's wife says:


    check it.
    full cheeked squirrellly cuteness.

    //end threadjack we now return you to prosh pupness now in progress.

  48. ka9q's wife says:


    check it.
    full cheeked squirrellly cuteness.

    //end threadjack we now return you to prosh pupness now in progress.

  49. ka9q's wife says:


    check it.
    full cheeked squirrellly cuteness.

    //end threadjack we now return you to prosh pupness now in progress.

  50. ka9q's wife says:


    check it.
    full cheeked squirrellly cuteness.

    //end threadjack we now return you to prosh pupness now in progress.

  51. ka9q's wife says:


    check it.
    full cheeked squirrellly cuteness.

    //end threadjack we now return you to prosh pupness now in progress.

  52. Yes, these puppehs are conjoined at the Qte.

    The NOSES, people!

  53. kw – Kewt photo.
    Aw nuts, son of a packrat, only 25 days until winter and 2,000 pinecones to go. Zoom!

  54. Awww!! Anyone else see the big brown heart???? They wuv each other and wuv them!!

  55. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I bet it’s nice and waaaaarm in between these two pups. *snuggles in*

  56. Whoa, neat picture! Such lovable snuggle bugs!

    Theo, ONE of those kittens really did almost kill me…..two….well….Still just almost! Awesome pic.

    Haha, WR, I got that picture awhile ago and it is a good one!

    K9-w, now those are muzzlepuffs!

    I really did think “conjoined dogs” first thing when this pic opened, too.

  57. lurkertype says:

    Ahem. Felix means “lucky” in Latin.

    But these puppers are happy and lucky.

  58. Aham ahem. Fido doesn’t mean “I trust”. The literal translation is “I am faithful”.

    Now, I will doff my pedant’s cap and say DANG! Those are cute pups! They should be flanking me when I go to sleep tonight, like a pair of living, snorgling hot water bottles.

  59. Lauri — mon Schmoop likes the kitten on the right, while my fave’s the left one.

  60. Well, that is a strange co-ink-eedink, Theo…cuz I went back, held up my hand to “divide” them, and decided my favorite is on the right, too.

    Is it gender related?

  61. I believe they are German Shorthair Pointers.

  62. I think they’d be way more spotty if they were German Shorthair Pointers. My vote is for Pointers, also known as English Pointers. These two belong to the rare subset, Conjoined Pointers. Heh.

  63. musicchick2 says:

    Yup… “conjoined” pup-ettes was my first reaction as well. Almost completely identical.. the one on the left has more “freckles” on his legs than the one on the right. Soooo Cuuuuutee! *grin*

  64. you’re right, musicchick2 …

    a dainty female on the right & on the left is a male with a big head – typical …

    * a quiet feminist snigger heard while posting*

  65. OMG! That is soo cute! I’m sure you are soo happy to have two hott pups at home!


  66. SO CUTE!!!!

    I’m almost positive these are Brittany’s. I have one myself – he’s orange, but a good friend of ours has his sister who’s liver-colored. Same face and nose shape, exactly. Also, they’re a bit small to be pointers.

    Liver brittany’s have VERY silky coats whereas orange tend to have a more coarse coat. And they may not have feathers because someone could have cut them short, and in that case, they’d looks just like they do. So yeah, I’m like 99.9999% sure these are Brittany’s 🙂 BEST BREED EVER, in my opinion.

  67. NebraskaErin says:

    Wait, there are TWO pups? I thought it was one pup sleeping against a mirror.

  68. They are for sure German Short Haired Pointers. We have one and she looks just like them. They usually get more spotting as they get older.

    So cute!!

  69. the dogs are cute.

  70. wow thats so cool

  71. there’s no way these are German Short Haired Pointers… The facial structure is entirely different, along with the coat. The pink nose is a dead giveaway of a Brittany Spaniel.

    Adult German Short Haired Pointer –

    Adult Brittany Spaniel –
    Not an exact match because that one has more feathers, but very similar looking.

    Also, here’s my guy — he’s orange but his face is just like the liver guy on the left in the pic up top:

    OK, done now 🙂 Love this pic, btw!

  72. Also, I believe I see an eyebrow wisker or two on the both of them, which ever brittany I’ve ever met has always had. They’re so funny!

  73. Backward-spooning puppehs! Awww. Me wants a hug.


    “I feel loooonely
    You’re the one & only
    That makes me feel so bluuue…”

  74. i love dogs