Mini Neigh-er

Mini-neigher, Peeps!

It’s like you could cuddle him and put a Barbie on his back to ride around.

Am I right, People?!

Once ageeeeen, the fine folks at Pacific Pinto Fahhhms deliver! Literally!



  1. Long time viewer, first time poster, sending out my very first e-snorgle!

  2. He looks like he’s 1/2 sea horse! Look at the head people!

    *keels over*

  3. ***

    now you see him, then you don’t …

    he’s in my pocket, the little darlin’


  4. awwww what a cute horseykins.
    perfect start to the weekend

  5. His lovely furry back legs make me swoon… I want to snuggle them! (and get a mini McKickersons for my trouble)

  6. OMG! pon1es!

  7. it makes me want to bust out all my old ‘my little ponies’ and have a tea party.


  8. A Barbie? I dunno. She might squish the lil’ horsie. A paper doll might be a safer option.

  9. This is actually is an adult horse, who has been able to retain his youthful appearance. This is a picture of Dorian Neigh.

  10. I first thought the caption said a mini-neighbor and now I have Mr. Rogers in my head.. “won’t you be my neigh-bor”.

    This little cutie can be my neighbor anytime, as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Dorian Neigh…*gigglesnort* I love it. Good one, Aubrey.

  12. Positive Jube says:

    I bet he has eraser hooves just like lamblets.

  13. He’s gorgeous!!!!! I wonder how the cat would take to a mini horsey?

  14. Ooooh, ’tis the wittow tiny wittow fuzzy baby horsie…

    [falls into incoherent babbling and hugging of horsie]

  15. Dorian Neigh! Good one, Aubrey.

  16. my lil pony. kissing him.

  17. It looks like he’s wearing cute little white tube socks. hehehe! CUTE! ^-^

  18. Something about him makes me think of those inspirational corporate posters, which is really weird because I think he’s adorable and I hate those posters.

  19. SudaNim, those inspirational corporate posters are the devil’s work! Every time I see one, I rippppppp it off the wall, rolling my eyes and screaming “Devil, I cast thee out!”

    Teh horsey him(her?)self is ahdohrahbibble. Schmibblywibbly howsey…

  20. All the full-size horses were being arses today. I really needed one of these guys. When they misbehave, I can just pick ’em up and put ’em where they’re supposed to be, as opposed to being almost trampled by 1500lb idiots with steel on their feet. Gah… horses.

  21. suda nim,
    We haven’t herd from ya in awhile! (Yeah the “herd” was on purposse’).

    Sabba, I am so sorry the bigsized horsies are being uncooperative. We could threaten to have them drawn and quarterhorsed, but I thoroughbredly believe they are allowed to have a bayd day now and then just-in morgan as we are.

    Bet-ter luck tomorrow, sweetie! 🙂

    This darling….I pictured him in my head….real-sized…that is, TINY….bucking around in a tiny pasture…and well, my gray mare-tur is splattered on the walls.

  22. This is Michael L., of “Xtreme Gluttony” fame (see gray hamster “Moose” in “pocket pets”) …writing to you all from my home in Japan!

    Just wanted to share some Japanese animal onomatopoeia with all of you… English-speaking horses, as we all know, say “NEIGH!” …but Japanese horses say “HEEHEEEN!” Like this:


    I love it. I say it to myself sometimes, it always cracks me up. I’ll try to post more examples whenever possible!

  23. I really meant to put this in my previous comment:

    YES, Meg, you are right!!11! < ---It is to laugh.

    You are right, as usual. 🙂

  24. Michael! Thanks for the Japanese horsey talk!

    And, please, continue to share with us!

  25. Sabba, being idiots is what Horses Do Best.

    If we didn’t love them, they would be out of a job. And care.

  26. thinkie,
    It just occurred to me that horses have a similar disposition to disapproving buns.


  27. Disapproving? Horses? Hmm, I’d have to think about that.

    They certainly can be ornery. And stubborn. And silly. And stupid. And get mighty scared over nothing at all.

    Kinda like some people I know, come to think of it…

  28. Ok…upon further reflection…disapproving may not be the word…but, tempermental? Mental?

    Anyway, they need understanding!!!

  29. Come to think of it, it would be a good idea to do a “Disapproving Horses” series, kinda like the disapproving buns.

    “I disapprove of you picking my feet.” “I disapprove of being asked to do a half-pass.” “I disapprove of cantering on my left lead.” “I disapprove of being ridden past that funny shadow.” “I disapprove of moving when you need to clean my stall.”

    Yup, think it would work out well.

  30. Hmmmm, bunnies?! Yes,”They certainly can be ornery. And stubborn. And silly. And stupid. And get mighty scared over nothing at all.” Thinkie, you don’t mind that I quoted you, do you?

    I wov da pony’s swishy curly widdow tailio.

  31. [offtopic] peeps, how CUTE is that chimp on the right side of the page who is sucking on a baby bottle?!?! [/offtopic]

  32. Not atail, Jaypo. Mind being quoted, that is.

  33. But bunnies disapprove so naturally, it’s in their faces. Horses mostly are like “Huh? Did you ask me something?”

  34. [offtopic] you just *know* he is wearing a little chimp baby diaper that’s jussst cropped out of the pic! [/offtopic]

  35. You’d have to get a really good angle, Jaypo. A nice low-down shot up the nostril.

    Maybe sorta like this:

  36. StarBurSnickers, have a seat. Now, let’s talk about the chimp. How long ago did you first feel the chimp was calling your name?

  37. ROFLMAO, tinkie! They shore got the tongue action over the bunnies.

  38. lurkertype says:

    Sabba, I seem to recall you have a Disapproving Horse pic on your blog. With the big ol’ tongue.

    Just as I went to post this, the pix on the side were 2 Disapproving Rabbits.

    Now this little guy must come and live in my backyard. I will buy him horsie sneakers if he wants them, but only if.

    (And maybe, if he’ll allow it, a little tiny saddle so he can carry the cats around. Because you know HRT wants her own horse.)

  39. A thinker, that picture reminds me that there is nothing better in the world for rubbing and kissing than a softvelvetyrubbery horsey nose! Especially on the ones who don’t mind it, and kind of snuffle and breathe on you while you’re smooching them…/swoon!

  40. For Arvay

    Imagine a mini horse bouquet
    What in the world is that you say
    Arranged together in a crystal vase
    Blacks and Bays, Dapples and Grays
    All the colors painted by Monet
    Fillies, minis and ponies that play
    On one side of the vase a beautiful sleigh
    And on the other is a cabriolet
    Lots of ponies to choose from each day
    A pretendy thing made for Arvay

  41. acelightning says:

    Is this a miniature horse? – s/he doesn’t have the long-legged “coltish” look of a baby full-size horsie. So, could this little guy grow up to be a Guide Horse?

  42. acelightning says:

    Oh, he *is* a mini!

  43. This makes me happeh. Tuesday my wonderful mini horse Pumpkin was killed by dogs. Here’s his memorial site, if anyone cares to look:

    I miss him. He was a little bigger than this when I got him 4 years ago. He was 6 months old then.

  44. OMG ponies again! These little guys seriously make me laugh. I jokingly tell my mom if she ever needs an assist animal to get a mini-pony (she has MS, but she can still walk and get around).

    And Aubrey – thanks for making me crack up.

  45. Lauri, I read your puns this morning, and about died laughing. My poor roomie really thinks I’m bonkers! Thanks. 😀

    Yes, I *do* own a Disapproving Horse….er… Pony, here:

    At his very worst…er… best.
    Lurkertype, what I want pictures of is when TK decides to take a spin on HRT’s pony… yee-haw!

  46. Jenni, please accept my condolences. I loved the pictures, hanging with his goat-friends. He was beautiful. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, Pumpkin.

  47. Jenni! I’m so sorry! Pumpkin was so fantastic. What a little cutie. 😦

  48. Little baby, all dressed for school!

  49. Oh, Jenni, Pumpkin was absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure you loved him very much. I understand how painful it is to lose a pet before their time, especially so unjustly. I think your memorial page to Pumpkin is a wonderful expression of love. I’m sure he’s up there somewhere, appreciating everything you have done and continue to do for him.

  50. dr. jaypo, the chimp never spoke to me, but he IS taunting me! i can feel his eyes mocking me as we speak.

    am i really the only one who is shellshocked by this chimp’s amazing cuteness?! i refuse to believe such sacrilege.

  51. Jenni, I’m so sorry to hear about your Pumpkin 😦 He was indeed a little cutie and it sucks to have lost him that way.

    I hope you enjoyed his life to the full.

  52. Jenni, your heart must be breaking. What a tragic end for your beloved little pal. Be assured that he’s running and leaping on the Other Side, missing you too.

  53. neigh-er for short shorts!

  54. “Who wears short shorts, We wear short shorts, They’re such short shorts, We like short shorts …”


  55. jenni,
    I have been looking at Pumpkin and seeing his love for life.
    He is absolutely beautiful.

    All that energy and love will never be truly gone. It has just moved on.

  56. “I wov da pony’s swishy curly widdow tailio.”

    Aw Jaypo I was gonna say dat!

    oh well you said it better anyhoo.

  57. Jenni, I’m so sorry about your Pumpkin. Doesn’t make any sense. Poor thing.

    Anyway, does anyone else think this thing looks like a horse rocker come to life? Like he just shook off the rockers.

    Is anyone else seeing a resemblence?

  58. Ceebs, I don’t want to be a neigh-sayer, but that stuff NEVER worked on me.

  59. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Jenni, so very sorry to hear about Pumpkin. He was clearly a wonderful little guy with a lot of personality.

  60. Kar, the Rocking horse similarity made me snort really loud.

    Luckily, no boogers got on my keyboard.

  61. Hey you guys, thanks for all the kind words. It made me smile. 🙂

  62. NebraskaErin says:

    So sorry to hear about Pumpkin, Jenni. What a senseless tragedy. Pumpkin was a beautiful animal. I love the very first picture on your site. Just precious.

    I saw a little horse on Saturday. My 4-year-old nephew and I took an alternative route to my parents house, and saw a group of kids walking what I thought was a large dog. I had to stop the car so Trevor could see the little horsie. Poor guy was confused…horses are supposed to be big!

  63. Jenni…. Oh what a “lil pumpkin.” Pumpkin was a perfect name for your perfectly adorable pony! Sorry you have to experience such a tragedy. Glad he had you in his life! He looked very happy!

  64. Fuzzy lil Whinnie McNickersons! Can I haves him?

  65. Awwwwwww, wee lil’ pwnie!!!


    this is the link to the smallest horse in the world!!!

    check it out!

  67. Miniature ponies- can they ever be NOT cute?!

  68. Kc Hartley says:

    I think it’s a beutiful horse!!!

  69. Ashley Brenew says:

    he’s adorable we have 2 miniature horses that are cute as well!!!!!!!!!