This week on C.O. Reality TV

3 kittehs

2 Pups

1 parrot

2 hams.

WHO WILL WIN ONE MEEEELLION DOLLARS? [paw up to side of mouth]


This kitteh certainly cannot be bothered with a show like that. OK, cancelled! [singsong] (Thanks anyway, Sarah M.)



  1. ChapeauNoir says:

    Say moi?

  2. SixFootJen says:

    Television… so… warm… zzzzz snork…

  3. Copy Cat. Sooo cute!

  4. AlbertaGirl says:

    Aww! Sleepy marmie kitty. I bet its nice and warm on top of that monitor!

  5. Cute sleepy kitty redux!

  6. I would totally watch that channel all day long. WPUR!

  7. C’est MOI!! Et Monsieur Bounce.

  8. Does being on TV make my nose look fat?

  9. Saying “the kitty is on TV” now has a double meaning!

  10. ChapeauNoir says:

    Theo: Er, c’est vous aussi?

    (Only my second-ever post and I nabbed first spot. I feel . . . apologetic.)

  11. you guys r silly says:

    Theo – IS this Mr. Bounce???

  12. this is not Mr. Bounce, c’est ne pas?
    the ears dont’ look right.

  13. Nah. But it might as WELL be me & Bounce.

  14. Curse you, Meg!!!!
    I was so totally taken in, I was holding my breath while the picture loaded.

  15. beeeaaautiful kitteh!

  16. ooooooo I gets it now.
    Bounce because Bounce is also a ginger kitteh
    you because you wish you was a ginger kitteh
    /am I right?
    //do I win sumethin’?

  17. There is nothing like just gazing in love at a slepping kitteh…
    Do you know what I mean?
    Do any of you just look at them and feel your heart swell up with *love*?

  18. This is horrible!!! Cat’s do not belong on TV’s! The radation will kill them! The cord will trip them! The rabbit ears will tease them!!!

    Cat’s don’t sleep on TV’s in the wild!!! Shame!!! Shame!!!

    (is it wrong that i Totally want to wake that kitty and hug him and squeeze him and call him George…)

  19. ceejoe
    [raises hand]
    I do, I do !
    my heart swells with love
    and with jealousy
    that they get to sleep and dream while have to go to work to keep ’em in kibble and litter.
    plus this picture reminds me of what is possibly my favoritest picture evar in CO:

  20. Um, er, wha?



    Wishes to kiss kitty on pink nosicle.

    That is all.

  21. ceejoe: I have ten kitties too. Cali was on my bed this morning and as soon as I opened my eyes she started to purr. Of course my heart swelled up and I had to cuddle her before I could get up. Is it any wonder I’m always late for work?

  22. Yup. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
    (Glad to know someone else has ten!) >^o.o^<

    And here’s a picture of the stray kitty turned foster kitty:
    She’s a beauty! And a real personality!

  23. ceejoe: Was she declawed when you found her? That’s just awful that she was left to fend for herself with no claws. Once on vacation I found two cats that were all four feet declawed. They had been abandoned in a parking lot. I fed them all week and then borrowed a carrier and caught them and took them home. Best souvenirs ever!

  24. Oh yes, she was already declawed. She’d been hanging around my backyard for months, and I just couldn’t stand seeing her out there anymore in the cold and wet. So she is safe and warm and well-fed now. We will find her a good home!

  25. OMG, that’s awesome!!

  26. I should add that I did run a found ad in the local paper. So that I wasn’t kitnapping a neighbor’s outdoor/indoor cat. But apparently nobody was looking for her…

  27. ceejoe: You are strong, the longest I’ve held out has been two days. But I am so happy for her to be inside. Thank you so much for caring for all your kitties.

  28. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “3 kittehs
    2 Pups
    1 parrot
    2 hams”

    What an odd recipe…

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    cj-your Honey looks just like a cat my sister had named Fancy. She was the grumpiest old maid cat I ever saw. I hope Honey appreciates all you’ve done for her and isn’t grumpy.

  30. Do I foresee a kitty on a tv within a tv within a computer screen being watched by a similar kitty?

  31. Martha in WA – lol, she does get kind of growl-y when the other cats get too close. So I’m thinking she’ll do best as an only kitteh.
    I think that’s a tortie trait – orneriness…

  32. Wonder what kitty will do when owner switches to a flat screen?

    Kitteh:”No way! Mine all, mine…zzzzz!”

  33. Well, geez, I am all confuzzled and confounded, now. I thought when I saw it, Mr. Bounce! Then, Theo said it WAS Mr. Bounce, then several peeps asked IS it Mr. Bounce, and Theo says No, it’s not Mr. Bounce. Lol. Ok, Fine. If it was sent in by Sarah I thought it wouldn’t be….but…..

    Lessee….Oh!,Black Hat, it’s not necessary to feel apologetic for nabbing the “first comment” spot. Be happy! Be proud! And, put on yer Gorptex Puddin’ Repellent Suit!

  34. IM ON UR TV

  35. “WHO WILL WIN ONE MEEEELLION DOLLARS? [paw up to side of mouth]”

    Meg, you nut! You really do tickle the funny bone!

  36. Here’s how you can tell it’s NOT actually Mr. Bounce:
    Bounce would be making Happy Klawz.

    Also, the Catcave’s monitors are all LCD.

  37. Speaking of reality TV, I got called back for the final round of interviews for Hell’s Kitchen. Wish me luck, cutoligists!

  38. ChapeauNoir says:

    [Puts on Pudding Suit]
    BUT is it Klawz repellent as well?

  39. Kitteh takes a quick nap, worn out by the tense finale of his favorite program, “Meal Or No Meal?”.

    Oh and Sven, would PUDDIN be on the menu, by any chance?

    ChapeauNoir, yes – only if you take the greatest klawtion.

  40. When they knead really fast are they “happy fleet”?

  41. Best of luck, Sven!!!!

  42. Good job, Sven!!

  43. NebraskaErin says:

    Yay Sven! If you get on the show, you must make Puddin’s and call the other contestants “Nuffinghams”. And fling the puddin’s at them. ‘Twould make us all so happy!

    Fingers crossed! (Ladyfingers, naturally.)

  44. Fish Eye no Mike – I thought the same thing. It took me a minute.

    As for sleeping marmalade kitties, I see one in the window of the organic pet food shop next to my workplace every morning as I go for coffee. There are some rainy mornings when I wish I were that kitty, curled up in a ball on a big pillow.

    Um, actually, I wish it most mornings. The coffee helps with that.

  45. Um, sorry, that should be “Miko”. Just muscle memory, I guess.

  46. It is SO dark and dreary and damp that I need my own warm TV to curl up on.

  47. Wait, Sven likes Teh Qte, he is Teh Funny, AND he can cook??

    He’s perfect! (swoons)

    Throw a puddin’ at Gordo for us all.

    As to the pic — this marmie should be in the Infinite Cat Project.

    ceejoe — that there is a lovely tortie.

    Speaking of, HRT is still all grrrr hiss at TK, who is larger and pouncier by the day.

  48. I WANT ONE!! NOW!!

  49. Aaaaaaeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I’m so in love with this kittie!!!

  50. Oh and Sven, if you make it on Hell’s Kitchen I may actually watch that show. I agree too… must throw pudding at Gordo!

  51. Is Hell’s Kitchen on cable or something? I don’t watch TV (other than Simpsons) and don’t have cable. So if Sven makes it on – tell us when your episodes will air!!! – then I may have to invite myself over to a friend’s house.

    Since I don’t have the TV on much, I can’t recall when I saw the promo for the new James Bond movie. However, the fleeting image of Daniel Craig in the blue shorts is seared into my brain. (That’s a good thing). Also, I keep making up words to “Goldfinger” to sing to my cat. (That’s a bad thing, at least for Elvis).

  52. I’m-a threadjack now. [ahem]

    This means *you*, compulsive CO comment peeps. (I should know.)

    There is a movie you should go see:

    This flick has SO much going for it, O my wordacious bretheren & sisteren, that we may as well have green-lighted it ourselves. The wit is dry, literate, and well-delivered. There are in-jokes. There are puns. There is understatement. And if you’d rather hear it from someone else, ask teh Schmoop:

    We now return to our regularly scheduled on-screen catnap.

  53. Someone needs to get kitty off the top of the tv.
    He’s messing up the reception.
    The picture is all fuzzy.

  54. Good golly, miss molly – I loves me some marmie kitty…I wanna go home and snuggle with my big guy…wah! I don’t wanna go to class!

    AmyH – funny that you should mention the new 007 movie. The husband is heading out tonight to take in the midnight showing of it.

    I have to agree with you re: Daniel Craig. YUM!

  55. This cat looks exactly, and I mean EXAKTLEE, like my Sweet Pea! Who, as it happens, was also featured on C.O. last year:

  56. lauowolf,

    I’d try to fix it, but I just…can’t…reach…the ehn-tenna…

  57. It’s almost like lookin’ at one of those “Hall of Mirrors” paintings. Hall of Marmalade, maybe? I wanna stroke his sleepy little head.

  58. Hey-that’s me! On Cute Overload! Finally, the world shall recognise my cuteness!

    My name is Boo Boo da Bad. I’z was abandoned at a shelter by my old humans after they had me four-paw declawed.

    The BARK rescue people saved me, and I was adopted by these new humans, who worship me. As they should.

    I have this picture up on a blog, along with a few others of me and my sisters.

    Thanks to whoever submitted my pic!

    Da Boogeyman

  59. Oh, Boo Boo, you are adorable!! My cats also love playing with those little feathery velcro balls. And your sisters kinda look like my kitties (especially the fat tortie!). Looks like you get along well with them – enjoy your lovely new home.

  60. absolutely BOOtiful pictures booboo!

  61. Boo Boo da Bad, you do do da good. Great photos.

  62. Teho, I rarely see teh moveez, but I think I may shall have to make an exception for dis one. Tanks for de recomendaish.

    (And no, I haven’t been drinking–yet–just in an exceptionally funny mood).

  63. Yes, Theo, thanks! I really want to see that movie, but then I heard a very negative review.
    : (
    But then I read the review in the New York Times, and it was fairly positive.
    : )
    Now, with a recommendation from a CO peep, I will definitely go see it.
    ; )
    Especially as, being a Latin teacher, I luv wurds.

  64. (from Blazing Saddles…sort of)

    Hey Boo Boo
    To go do
    That voodoo
    That you do
    so well!

  65. AuntieMame says:

    Good luck, Sven, but I won’t be watching. Gordon Ramsey is a foul-mouthed boor, and he makes me want to throw heavy things at the television.

    As for the slepping kitteh, surely this has also be submitted to the Infinite Cat Project???

  66. Oh man, I gotta get some adorable pics of my cats!

  67. Stranger than Fiction is wonderful! I went with a group of writers and afterwards we were all trying to remember the best scenes/ideas to use to spice up our own novels!

    Love the double-kitty action here. Such a comfie-looking slepping kitty!

  68. lurkertype says:

    I <3 Boo Boo! What a handsome boy, and how lucky to get his new people.

    I HATES people who go for 4-paw declawing. WTF?! It is Beyond Bad. I intend to rescue one if the Universe allows the next time I am in need of a cat, instead of literally depositing them upon my doorstep. We nearly took in a declawed kitteh at the time we got HRT, but he was almost a double of the boy we’d just lost and that was Too Creepy.

  69. lurkertype says:

    Ceejoe: “lol, she does get kind of growl-y when the other cats get too close. So I’m thinking she’ll do best as an only kitteh.
    I think that’s a tortie trait – orneriness…”

    Oh yes. And yes. And even more yes. Had I But Known. Heh.

    Between the tortie-tude and the declawed-ness, she mos’ def needs to be the only kitteh, if not indeed the only pet.

  70. Sometimes kittehs makes a decision
    To lie atop a television
    As the felines would lay
    Pictures were displayed
    With ever increasing precision.

  71. I can’t believe this! I am so offended! That poor cat is clearly suffering! Just look how its eyes are shut in pain. And then you humiliate it by putting it on the Internet?

    I used to think that this was a family-friendly site. But I’m never bringing my kids here again!


  72. Dreaming big while I snore
    I am cat, hear me roar
    On the TV screen I am the show
    On the top is my plateau
    The call of the Wild I obey
    I’ll rule the pride, maybe, someday
    A mighty hunter like Orion
    I am cat, the great fe-lion
    Do I, or not, belong to Theo?
    Don’t forget I belong to Leo

  73. a little kittie on a tv top
    taking a nap that’ll never stop
    showing off his kittie cuteness
    this is something u just can’t miss!!

    ok, this is my first try, don’t be too critical

  74. oh jeez pyrit, u posted a better poem right before i did…curse u!

  75. pyrit – sweet!

    theo – I often wondered what Mr. Bounce was looking at as he gave you teh owch. COTV?

    BooBoo – you are SO *amazingly* adorable. And photogenic galore. I tink I’m in lof.

  76. mmmmm

    morning marmalade on toast-y monitor


    pass the darjeeling?

  77. Oh Boo Boo, I’m so glad you got a wonderful new home! Bless your new family! And bless the rescue people!

    I had a four paw declawed foster kitty years ago, and he was the most un-self-confident cat *evar*! He would walk around the house just marking everywhere. It was awful. So I put him in a room by himself to give him his own space, and he *still* continued to mark! He just *knew* there were still other evil cats on the other side of that door! But at least the marking was manageable in the one room. We found him a wonderful only kitty home and he never marked a single time there! No four paw declawing! Please!

  78. No declawing at all–brutal. My kitty had been declawed by her former owners and she never really like to play. I think it was just an exercise in frustration for her. I used to hold her little floppy paws and send them love and healing. They were always sensitive.

  79. Rosie –
    Please don’t say my poem is better than yours, girl
    Do not curse me, I have the Curse of the Black Pearl
    Not by others your poetry to measure
    To yourself be true and find your own treasure

  80. I want this cat. But it is forbidden. I have 3 indoor cats with 1200 square feet. I cannot have this cat. It’s not fair! Waaahhhh!!!

  81. Anybody have any suggestions on how I can have this cat and not hate myself in the morning?

    Okay, I realize, I’m having a problem letting go, here.

    Just move onto another site, stop looking at the blissfully contended, pink-nosed, marmelehd kitteh. He will never be yours. Accept and move on . . .

    *sniff!!* :*(

  82. We have had two adorable declawed kitties, Raoul (the dear departed, at 17) and Watson (a year old now). Both happy, healthy and indoors, natch. I’m just sayin.

  83. Dear CO Gods, please no declawmentary today, no sharp words, no needling, no cutting comments, no barbs.

  84. What about pointed references?

  85. My kitty is front de-clawed and a little spit-fire.

    She is as playful as she was when she was a kitten. And trust me… this kitteh could defend herself. I have the scars to prove it.

    The only thing it prevents her from terrorizing is my furniture. Darned if she doesn’t still try though.

  86. Boo Boo’s pink nose!! Have you ever seen such a pink nose on a kitty?

    Do you think marmies would eat Marmite?

  87. Jaypo — b’gluaAAAAAGh. Ptui!

  88. ChapeauNoir – OK.

  89. I gotta throw in my two cents worth in…sorry, pyrit.

    four-paw declaw = bad

    I stand against it.

    That is all.

    Return to your lives, citizens.

  90. Wierd – I typed pointed reference with the little point symbols on either side (I’m so clever, eh.) and it goes invisible when I hit the post button.

  91. CO Gods,
    Please listen to pyrit
    It’s been a long week
    (we need to retire it)
    Make our day on Cute Overload
    Follow a straight and happy road
    Undiluted by nuffingham’s chats
    Of babies in danger or virtues of racks
    Shakespeare was wrong –
    Though I do like a play –
    The Cute is the thing
    I’ll always say!

  92. pyrit,
    Just testing…


    (I really don’t want to do any work today.)

  93. Dangit, Jaypo, I was trying to add a rhyme. Just one syllable! But nooooo….

  94. YAYYYY1!! ‘S’FRIDAY!11

  95. sowwy…

  96. OK.

  97. jaypo – I pointed teh points teh oteher ways.

  98. Any Zippy the Pinhead fans out there? This just in!! New book in my library–
    “TYPE Z PERSONALITY – Zippy the Pinhead helps you recognize the 16 tell-tale signs.”
    [sneaks book off to my personal private pile of (more) books to take home…check out of course]

  99. Then it’s agreed–no working today.

    Oh, and on the declaw front, just for the record, it makes the PSI effect *worse*. Sister and I had a shelter kitty that was front declawed, and due to sensitivity in her pads, she walked on my boobs only with her impossibly tiny paw pads. OW!

  100. I am frantic to not work today. It’s Friday. It’s payday. Till 4:00, I’m barricading my desk on four sides with trucks of new books and spending the day reading.

    RedZ, oh yes, the tiny paw pad kronshe effect!

  101. (starts laying out places for the CO-No Work-Holiday-Lunch)

    ‘Class, as it was so nice out today, I thought we would eat outside – can I have a show of hands, for attendance?’

    80 degrees in L.A., peeps.

  102. jaypo, I envy you. I am swamped yesterday and today, since we just closed our big collective agreement. And then I’m going to try a little Christmas shopping after work.

  103. Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho,
    From work we will tip toe,
    Heigh ho, heigh ho
    To make your troubles go
    Just keep on singing
    All day long, heigh ho

    (neeeeeooooorrrrrwwwmmm -)
    If you read real closely it says earworm too.

  104. *insert thread diversion*

    OK, since we’re talking about TV (sort of), has anyone seen the new Ellen Degeneres Amex commercial?

    That’s kind of what the CO office would be like (except it needed kittehs, puppehs, bunnies, and sealionotters – minor detail).

    I loffed it. I wish there were real places to work like that.

  105. oh wait, it did have a sealionotter in its. I fergots.

  106. LaurieC, you’re gonna do just a teeeensy bit of Christmas shopping, aren’t you? So you can go home and have a nice dinner and get to slepp early.

  107. Snorglit — you’ll have to lobby me REALLY hard to get me to give up the Space Needle.

  108. Rik — very nice.
    Sic transit gloria CRT.

  109. By the way — I just set this one as my desktop wallpaper:

  110. \snort\ that’s too cute, rik!
    I don’t spend alot of time on my computer at home, since I only have damn dial-up, so the monitor does not get warm too often. So I have not had this secne re-enacted by my kittehs…

  111. warrior rabbit says:

    Ellen: Shelley, has anyone seen Shelley?

    Snorglit, I like that commercial, too. In particular the giraffe changing the light bulb.

    On an (animal) related note, I just saw this article ( ) and had to laugh at the accompanying picture — doesn’t she look such the sly little devil?

  112. nice, teho!

    snorglit, I have seen that commercial. I was green with envy.

  113. Go girl, Panbanisha!
    And people say animals don’t think and reason…
    HA! I say doubly.. HA HA!

  114. Aubrey & Pyrit – You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us, in the CO. I would say “take the rest of the day off you’ve earned it” but since I am taking the day of (in my head)I would have no way of entertaining myself.

  115. geeeeeeshe… no new Qte, no new SOMC, no new daily kitten… I’m boooooooored….

  116. WR, she looks downright (ch)impish!

    A while back on PBS they did a show on octopii (sorry, I just can’t say “octopusses” without spitting). In the sea lab, the researchers would come in in the morning and find the crabs and crustaceans eaten. This happened everytime they replaced the crusty critters with new ones so they decided to post a hidden camera to see what was going on. The *octopus* was leaving his tank, slithering down the aisle to the crab tank, having a midnight snack, then sneaking back to his own room.

  117. I saw that commercial for the first time last night, and I just have to say: PENGUINS IN THE WORKPLACE!

  118. Theo, are you saying you work in the Space Needle?! Whaoh!

  119. Nora – Wow. You’re welcome. Thank YOU.

    Aubrey – I rhyme with “retire it”! That made me do the Apeiron laugh, “He – Heeeeee”!

    Great links/photos above! Thanks.

  120. jaypo – that is HI-larious! Bet they had an overweight octopus…

  121. warrior rabbit says:

    Hee. Maybe the octopus was on Ambien and doing a little sleep eating. (Huh? What? How’d that crab shell get in my bed?)

  122. Warrior Rabbit – Panbanisha looks crazy like a fox! I have worked for bosses that would have had to meet weekly for a month to figure out what took her a day!

  123. JP, I saw that show too! Yes, they should have enforced an octopus lockout…

    We saw a giant octopus at the Monterey Aquarium: really scared the boyfriend. Now THAT’s entertainment!

  124. I love the Panbanisha story!! She does look sly as all get-out.

    I am avoiding work by pretending to work on meeting minutes while actually working on a novel. Easy to click between 2 Word documents if someone comes by the office.

  125. (Sorry if this posts twice, I don’t know if the first one will show up or not)

    jaypo, turns out the store I wanted to go to isn’t open this evening, so I’ll have to brave it on the weekend.

    And I heard about the wandering octopus from a marine biologist friend in the know. He said a custodian lost his job for leaving puddles of water on the floor that patrons would then slip in. They only found out later it was the wandering octopus on his midnight feasts leaving the floors wet.

  126. Giant octopus ate a shark, too! I’d link it on YouTube but it’s actually kind of gross…

  127. Hidden camera?? Didn’t the tiny cup of melted buttah and crab cracker tools give it away?? [ leaves to go p/u sushi order ]

  128. Wow, LC, he actually had firsthand experience with it! That’s really cool. Bet they didn’t fire the octopus. 😉

  129. And I hope they hired the poor custodian back…

  130. AlbertaGirl says:

    Jaypo – I saw that show too! I love, love, LOVE octopi, and I think it really proved how intelligent (and sneaky!) they can be. I heard somewhere that they are as intelligent as the average 8 year old child!

  131. Redz, don’t you know how employers value a multi-tasker? They should give you a raise!

    JP, and I hope they weren’t BBQ gourmets and decide to fire up the octopus.

  132. Redz, don’t you know how employers value a multi-tasker? They should give you a raise!

    JP, and I hope they weren’t BBQ gourmets and decide to fire up the octopus.

  133. Perfect nose! Perfect triangular pink nose! GAH!

  134. Mary — I’m saying we WILL work in the Space Needle.

  135. Oooops. Double post – I’ll take that as a sign that it’s time to get to work…


  136. Aubs–NAAAAHHHH.

    As for the Dream OFfice, I’m hoping that someday, in another dimension if not this one [start with Elaine from Seinfeld pathetic face], we can all work together in peace and love and [finish with Elaine maudlin face].

  137. “Side by side on my p’yano keyboard
    “Oh Lord
    “Why don’t weeeee?”

  138. They fired the janitor?
    Sounds fishy to me. I hope (s)he didn’t end up on squid row.

  139. OMG, cephalo-puns…

  140. Ack! Edit!
    “roe”, not “row”!

  141. And when they caught the offending Octopus, they said, “Gotcha Sucker!”

  142. And then they said, “Glad we wrapped this one up quick!” A big head start helps.

  143. Ah, the scales of justice…unable to eskate the tentacles of righteous judgement, the octopus was named gillty, s-hake-led (in place if the less-trustworthy sand cuffs) and was left high and dry in cod…

  144. Throw him in the slinker!!

  145. Anybody see, or like, the movie Bowfinger (1999)? “Gotcha sucker!” I am an idiot for that movie.

  146. So where did he end up, anyway? Sink-Sink? He’s got a past: he cooked a manta in Reno just to watch it fry. Which isn’t even cephalogical.

  147. Pyrit: that was a most excellent film!
    Keep it together. Keep it together.

  148. They didn’t get anything out of the octopus during interrogation, though. He clammed up.

  149. *Giggling while holding aching head*

    Nothing to add to you guyses brilliance today. Can’t get rid of cephalopodalgia.

    No, stherioushly, I have a headache.

    In spite of that, thanks for the Wordophile Alert, Theo! I WILL go see that movie! 🙂

    I like Jaye’s website a lot, too. She, also, has a great way with words. 🙂

    Great job today, wits, Aubrey and pyrit and rosie and Theo.

    Do you ever feel like wells that never run dry?

    *Hugs to all of ya*!!!

  150. Redz – “Freddy Shakespeare”! (Def will not get much work done now.)

  151. Bahahaah! And, redz, and jaypo and …well, YOU know who you are!!!

  152. My boss would like to thank everyone for the puns. As a result, I have done absolutely nothing productive today.


  153. Hugs from me too – gotta go.
    (neeeeeoooorrrwwwmmm -)

  154. (looks around)

    Where’d everyone go?

    (sits down to eat puddin alone)

  155. I’m with you in spirit, Aubrey, even though I can’t be at your picnic because of too much work. (boo!)

  156. I gotta go move a bunch of phones & PCs, sorry…

  157. need new CUTE!

  158. OK, I’m particularly happy. Here’s a warm and fuzzy tidbit to tide you over.

    My two foster marmie kitters got adopted last night. They had been in a cage at Petco for 1 and 1/2 weeks (keeeeeled me), and a nice family came along and adopted BOTH of them. YAY!!! Early Thanksgivins. w00t!!!

    and Teho, yes we most def needs teh Space Needle. May have to make some structural modifications…it needs whiskers coming out the sides…

  159. Where’s the new cute?

  160. lurkertype says:

    I agree with Snorglit — there must be whiskerage on the Space Needle!

    Y’all are funny. Puddin’s for everyone!

    If’n we have to get stuck with No New Cute, this is a good pic to get stuck on. Peeeeenk nooooose!

  161. Hooray for the Happy Tidbit, Snorglit!
    The babies get to be together! *does a sitting-at-the-computer happy dance*

    There’s lots of Old Cute to surf back through. I sometimes get lost wandering the vast halls of the archives.

  162. What is all this talk of the Space Needle? I can see it from here. For Realz. I’d much prefer the whiskers to what they have painted on the top.. Seattle’s new ‘logo’ or whatevs… ‘Metronatural’.

    GAH! My tax dollars at work.

  163. Whiskers as antennas. Has to happen.

    Snorglit, to honor the fine job you’ve done in fostering the marmie babies, here-please enjoy:

  164. Aubrey, no! Gotta use THIS for your MFBT:
    ..of course, you’ll have to wait until January. Phbtttttthpt.

    (link will make you enter your birthdate the first time; do that, then click again)

  165. Whiskers on the Space Needle.
    Then we could call it the eennnhhh, Face Beagle – Aubrey? A little ‘elp.

  166. Theo – I am a proud member of Leinie Lodge! A then-BF and I flew into MSP to travel into northern Wisconsin to visit my uncle’s resort. We had a late flight, spent the night nearby and hit Chippewa Falls around 8:30 a.m., which meant we stood outside the brewery until it opened at 9:00. Did the tour and since I wasn’t driving, tried everything they offered in the sampling room/gift shop. BF reminded me we had five hours of driving ahead of us. I think he was just jealous that I was tanked at 10 in the morning and he wasn’t. I also bought a lot of souvenirs. Sneaky that, getting me boozed up in a gift shop.

  167. (head spinning)

    Maced People?
    Laced Feet-le?
    Traced Treacle? (Alice: “Where did they draw the treacle from?”

    (looks for bottle of Advil – and decides to look into T.’s link)

  168. s’ok, Aubrey. We tried. We failed miserably. But we tried.

  169. NO!!

    (flips through array of dictionaries and thesauruses with raw and bloody fingers)

    Sayst Feeble!
    Waste Legal!
    Replace Fleagle!!

    (men in white coats approach)

  170. Aubrey – It wasn’t meant to be. Come back to the fun side. Lookie, I got Hello Kitty banter-aids for your fingers.

  171. Pyrit, your calm words have given me gauze.

  172. A little smoochie fur da peoples who liked my picture…

    And me, lickin Dat Fat Cat…

    What, you thought I meant lickin as in kickin her big ole booty?

    Boo Boo Cats don’t do bad things like that…all of the videos that show me pouncing and biting her are obveeously faked.

  173. They drew the treacle from the treacle well. and if you fall into the treacle well, you will run in viscous circles….
    ARGH! all day I’ve been wanting to make a pun and I can only come up with a non-topical one 😦

  174. The nose! The nose! I am dying of the way too cute magnified pink kissable nose!

  175. Katherine — so your punspiration has been slow today? Like molasses in January?
    Be patient; I’m sure something will crystallize.

  176. T., stop being so sappy.

  177. Soon as you stop being a drip.

  178. Ok, going off on the “pull” word (yeah, it was a syllable, so?)

    I LOVE to see T. and Aub. go Head to Head!

    Awwwwwww……BooboobaBad is SO cute licking his bud, DatFatcat!

    Hmm, that was on my hubby’s birthday…is there a message here from the Universe?

  179. Arrrrr….

    My comment mentions the “pull” comment before it is even posted.

    Am I ambidextrous? ROFLMAO.

  180. Urp, sorry, Aubrey, my queen, continue.

    *Bows out*

  181. pyrit:

    i found my own treasure, a long time ago
    it wasn’t much, just things i now know.
    i know i shouldn’t judge myself by others
    but that’s what you geet for having 2 brothers!

    as u can see, i’m not good at poetry

  182. “RGH! all day I’ve been wanting to make a pun and I can only come up with a non-topical one :(“

    But, katherine, it is tacky. And that’s all we ask, of treacle or puns.

  183. can sumbody send in a cute eagle pic? i’ve got a really good poem (or so i think) and i’d like to show that i can rhyme * sometimes *

  184. Better stop trying so hard to be clever, T. You may-pull something.
    (three musketeers)

  185. Rosie, ‘s ok. We believe you. Every poem on CO is a good one.

  186. True, JP – we’re a demockracy if there ever was one. One peep will never usyrup another.

    My previous comment seems to have hit a wrinkle in time. Wonder where this one will show up?

  187. BooBoo thanks for the photo and kiss! You are simply fabulos!

  188. AlbertaGirl says:

    I realize most of us have moved on, but I’m still fixated on the octopus. I feel the need to share a pic of my personal favourite, the dumbo octopus! Now isn’t he/she the cutest deep sea creature EVAR?

  189. AlbertaGirl, he’s so cute, I want to ten-tickle him!

  190. And Boo Boo, I can see from your other pix that you have absolutely divine amber eyes! You are gawjus!

  191. yea, jaypo, i know. but i wanna show it cuz it took me 4ever to write

  192. *big stoopid grin*

    *still trying to think of another tentacle pun*

    *forget it*

  193. come on u guys!!! we gotta make it to 200 posts, but it can’t just be randon things, it has to do with this. Or Dumbo over there. lol

  194. Okay, Rosie. 200, here we come! This’ll be 197, I think.

    Here is my octopus contribution.

    Octopus Garden-by the Beetles!

    Here is a site where you can hear a sample of the song, and I’ve posted the lyrics…

    I’d like to be under the sea
    In an octopus’s garden in the shade
    He’d let us in, knows where we’ve been
    In his octopus’s garden in the shade
    I’d ask my friends to come and see
    In an octopus’s garden with me
    I’d like to be under the sea
    In an octopus’s garden in the shade

    We would be warm below the storm
    In our little hideaway beneath the waves
    Resting our head on the sea bed
    In an octopus’s garden near a cave
    We would sing and dance around
    because we know we can’t be found
    I’d like to be under the sea
    In an octopus’s garden in the shade

    We would shout and swim about
    The coral that lies beneath the waves
    Oh what joy for every girl and boy
    Knowing they’re happy and they’re safe
    We would be so happy you and me
    No one there to tell us what to do
    I’d like to be under the sea
    In an octopus’s garden with you
    in an octopus’s garden with you
    in an octopus’s garden with you

  195. yay, i love that song!!!!

  196. u know what i don’t get about that song? it says that he’d let them in (the octopus) because he knew where they were, which is in his garden. so he’ll let them in cuz he knew they were in there? argh! here it is:
    “He’d let us in, knows where we’ve been
    In his octopus’s garden in the shade”

  197. Karen in Toronto says:

    Update on Handsome Stranger, who turns out to be a black tabby/tuxedo kitty (he’ll have to grow into his fur a bit more to be sure) — vet will vaccinate him in two weeks.


  198. YEAH! 200+ comments!

  199. Yay!!!! my life’s goal has been satisfied!!! We got 200+ comments on a kitty, that went to octopi!!! yay!

  200. Awww, orange goodness!