Teeny Tank Ted

Sender-inner Rosalie C. says she has a new pup named ‘Ted’. However, thanks to C.O., she now "refers to him as ‘Baroo’, or if i’m feeling spicy, ‘Bazhoo’. He also goes by the names monkey, butters and tedders."

Forget his name—where did you find that 1910 swimming costume, dahlink! Holy Schmoles!




  1. bleeber!!!

  2. OMGoodness!!!!! LOL I love the swimsuit! LOL I can’t wait to show this to my mother. She’ll actually laugh!
    Cutie pie puggie!

  3. Oh I can only see that guy’s chin and he looks *vewwwy* handsome. Swoon – plunk.

    Yes, the pug, I see the pug! Love the pug. Love the swimsuit for dogpaddling. And the nicknames. I rarely call my pets their real names. Lots of nicknames is a sure sign of affection.

    Wow, niiiiice chin.

  4. Yay for pugs! All he needs is a wading pool and he’s set!

    Please Meg, more pug pictures! My job is safe as long as I can keep my boss’s pug-addiction satisfied. ^.^

  5. His expression reads: “And you picked me from the litter for THIS?!?”

  6. pyrit is right, I also noticed he’s most likely a sailor.. niiice…
    but the pug, awww, look at those sweet lil’ eyes…

  7. * Hopefully today will be a better CO day. Lookin’ pa-retty good already! (doin’ teh limbo)! The negativity here yesterday was…(whisper)abysmal. Were the nuffers baited by the photos and the comments? I ask, did the CO regulars enjoy it, hmmm? There were plenty of upset people and I didn’t see any kittehs being passed around to huff. I think there was one offering of puddin’. Replying to a nuffer with (nasally voice), “…calm the H— down!” or “Your nickers are in a twist!”, etc., only starts a pointless domino effect. It really is easier and more fun to sit back and let them nuffers go, ignore them. Even better, show the true CO ‘tude and offer the nuffers a kitteh, or some puddin’. Please.

    P.S. Yesterday I had a comment all typed up, offering kittehs to huff (because I’m still learning the puddin’) and I even gave the kittehs cute booby names but I deleted the whole thing. I felt defeated because I didn’t see enough indication there would be help passing out the kittehs.

  8. mari – he’s mine, Hon! I saw him first! 😉

  9. I will kiss him : )

  10. Awwwww…. so cute…Barooo suits him. What a handsome fella. Me likes.

  11. yoohoostereo says:

    I like how almost every photo of an animal in costume/outfit on this site, the animal is giving an expression of “Someday you will pay for this.”

    Priceless. I want to pick him up and kiss him on his nosie-wosie.

  12. yoohoostereo says:

    For clarification, i meant the dog.

  13. I’ve always thought pugs were one of the most underappreciated dogs. People always think they’re so ugly, but I think they’re super-cute. Yay for pugs! More pugs please!

  14. Do we EVER mean the human, yoohoo? ;P


  16. NebraskaErin says:

    A dapper chap, wot wot! Needs a wee tophat.

  17. I think he looks mildly disappointed. He was led to expect a beach, with sand. This is only carpet. And the lifeguard is overdressed.

  18. Oh dear me.
    Y’know, I have to say that after a year of cuteoverload loyalty, I had become almost desensitized to the Cute(tm). But this one? This one kills me. It makes me melty and giddy at the same time. I think… I think it’s the realism of having a human in the picture too. It shows the pup’s true size and expression.

    Thank you very much. I will die now. *poof*

  19. I love pugs! They’re so cute. Especially this little guy. He’s so teeny!

  20. you guys r silly says:

    He’s all dressed for the beach because he heard that there was a kitty here who had “oceans in it’s eyes”…
    P.S. I wouldn’t mind schnorgling either ONE of these cuties…&:o)

  21. Charlotte Smith says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. That looks like my wee pug boy Steve McQueen. Who can resist the cuteness that is a pug dog?

  22. Little muscle man, ready to PUGnaciously kick some sand!

  23. BTW, papa is pretty cute too…

  24. If you look eeeeeever-so-closely you can see his little wispy whiskers sprouting from de muzzlepuff.

  25. LOL! Poor puggles. They come in-built with a hilariously laughable expression. Not their fault, but they are the comedians of the dog world.

  26. chet's momma says:

    i lurve the back-paw-splay!

  27. My grandparents always had pugs. The last one was named Pinky because its’ pink tongue always stuck out. So cute. Great dogs.

  28. minnesnowtah says:

    Weeeskers on de muzzlepuff?
    *squints, looks at monitor*

    I can’t see any!

    Oh, Redzilla, you meant doggie muzzlepuff? 😉

  29. I never really liked pugs – until this little wall-eyed dude.

    This pic, plus the last one of the kitten = 5-star cuteness. With what I do for a living, I need it.

    “De doo doo doo,
    “De daa daa daa,
    “Is all I want to say to you…
    “De doo doo doo,
    “De daa daa daa,
    “The innocence will pull me through.”

  30. foxy bingo says:

    If dogs can swear, that pug is turning the air blue right now

  31. Charlotte S., your pug is named Steve McQueen??? How cute is that! I’d like a pug (a black one that I could name something like Goblin), but the husband is being all negative….

  32. Cute widdle bubby bubby!

  33. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Minnesnowtah – Open the bigger version of the pic, you can jes barely see dem whiskers!

    So cute! Puppy eyes attack!

  34. Life is good for this pug
    Lookin’ good, lookin’ smug.
    This pug has a great ‘tail-or’
    (And a pal, who’s a sailor.)
    Can’t see it but it’s curly
    Hiding ‘hind it’s body burly.

  35. A tawny colored little pug
    Is camouflaged on that rug
    Maybe the stripes of white and red
    Alert the people where not to tread

  36. minnesnowtah says:

    TheLoveofIsis – I couldn’t see any whiskers because I was looking at the wrong muzzlepuff.
    The smooth pink muzzlepuff of the orange-shirt-wearing doggie…

    Bravo, pyrit!

  37. Yesterday’s pic of the girl with the kitten was for the men. Today’s pic of the guy with the pup is for the ladies.

    Fair is fair.

  38. Charlotte Smith says:

    Tiberia – Yes, my husband and I have a 3 month old pug puppy named Steve McQueen. He is the sweetest, goofiest puppy imaginable, and he is the apple of his mom & dad’s eyes! He looked a lot like Li’l Baroo there when he was younger, but with a lighter forehead and less bulgy eyes. But Ted/Baroo is pure distilled cuteness!!!

  39. I NEVER thought I’d feel this way about a PUG, yet here I am all cooing and melty about this cute little guy. Time for a hormone level check.

  40. Want to hug the pug! They are the funniest little pups in the world. And little Ted is textbook cute. Lucky owners!!

  41. Aw! A pugpy!

  42. That is one damn cute dog. One of the many great things about C.O. is it lets us see just how goofy our fellow pet-lovers are … and then we feel all normal when we kiss our kitties or bunnies or hammies or puppies on their li’l nosies!

  43. mellamella says:

    it looks like a workout outfit that richard simmons would wear.

    “and one and two, and ugh i need to sit down. the cuteness is weakening me.”

  44. YEAH! That is TOTALLY what I thought too! Richard Simmons voice: “C’mon People! Keep going!! You can do it!!”

  45. My first thought was “THERE’S Waldo!!!”

    Then, I appreciated the handsome hairy arm on the guy in the pic. Yum! 🙂

    Another thought I had last night…let’s have a category “Mutts in Butts”.

    I’ll leave the visual to y’all.

  46. How about we substitute that thar preposition with a conjunction, eh Lauri?

  47. LOL Teho!!

    Erm, yes.

  48. *Cough cough*
    Good suggestion, T.
    Ya wouldn’t want to go back and like…delete and edit the last few comments would ya???

  49. Errata:

    Please read that as Mutts ‘N Butts.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

  50. “Ya wouldn’t want to go back and like…delete and edit the last few comments would ya???”

    [rubs chin]
    In this case… nahhhhh.

  51. I think Lauri is still under the influence of that last Racks picture. Who knows what the cure is? A marmie huff? A puddin’ splat? She needs help!!!

  52. This is the gayest pug in the navy, by far.

  53. sugarskull says:

    that guy’s nose is as big as the pup. Ba-zing!

  54. Denise in Nebraska says:

    I swear on the Holy Bible that I saw Richard Simmons in that very tank top on the Today show, this morning. Not kidding! Maybe the pug, too, is promoting a physical fitness agenda(demonstrating arm-building exercises, here). On second thought, he looks to be resting, in this one. Perhaps he is waiting on the bottle of Evian water to arrive, to refresh himself between stretches. :^)

  55. Oh it looks so completely sad…

  56. yay! hug the pug! hug the pug!

    You know, pugs are actually so ugly they’re cute. I want a little pug-pug myself. Imagine being greeted by that face every morning 😀 Life has got to be good when you’ve got a pug.

  57. Ursula Andress found out just how bad Karma and Reincarnation actually did work together.

  58. that should read, “Ursula Andress found out just how close of a relationship Karma and Reincarnation shared.”

    waah waaah waaaaaaah.

  59. just plop the little curly wig on him and definitely Richard Simmons.

  60. You know, I can’t stand pugs… but that little dewd is deeelish!

    I’d scoop him up in a minute…

  61. Pugs N Kisses says:

    I LURVE PUGS (as you can tell by the name). I also appreciate the studly guy admiring the puggle!

  62. This is without a doubt the cutest pug I have ever seen!

  63. i_am_an_animal_luver says:

    that is so freaking cute

  64. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This pug has clearly just finished heaving a very put-upon sigh.

  65. It’s Otis but, cuter and in a 80’s swimsute

  66. Awww, teeny puggle.