25ccs of cuddles STAT

This is really just ridiculous. Could this pup just stop looking so pathetic?

He looks like he NEEDS massive cuddling JUST to survive!

25ccs of cuddles STAT!!!


Dr. Liam C., I suggest you attend to your puptient.



  1. guuaaAAAAH!
    teh TUNG!!!

  2. Achtung, the tongue!

  3. omg, look at that razor sharp claw!!!!

  4. May I sign up? Oh pick me, pick me! Pleeeeease?

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    I think this little guy is a big huge faker (“But I’m too siiiiick to go to schooool…”)

    …but I better cuddle him anyway. Just in case.

  6. NebraskaErin says:

    I think this little guy is a big huge faker (“But Moooom…I’m too siiiiick to go to schooool…”)

    …but I better cuddle him anyway. Just in case.

  7. Ack! I just want to smoosh my cheek up his bulbous forehead ~ ultra smooth fur alert.

  8. NebraskaErin says:

    Heh. Weird. Sorry about that.

  9. Gahhhh!

    Massive cuddles infusion. Statum!

    I want to nuzzle the moist schnozzle.

  10. I love that he’s wearing a sweater AND is tucked into a blanket.

  11. the tounge, the TOUNGE!!! OMG THE TOUNGE!!! *flops around like a trout on the floor*

  12. I totally missed the sweater, thanks Jory.

    He’s toooo adorable!

  13. “Clear the way, there! Get this puppeh to the C.C.S. – YES, orderly, that would be Cute Cuddling Station, and prepare it for tri-awwwws!”

  14. wow holy misspellings batman.

    I want to gwab the wittow tung…

  16. The squinty eyes! The tucked back ears! And, oh, the tongue…

  17. Doesn’t he look, um, a little hung over?

  18. “Yeah man, the cruise was great but that last shooter – what was it, Brain Damage – yeah, that’s the ticket. Oh man, can you please turn. off. the. sun.”

  19. How are those ears even possible?

  20. Here pup…

    (pours the rest of the Absol-cute into a glass of tomato juice)

    …hair of the dog?

  21. This pup is seriously ill. He needs to be in the Intensive Cuddle Unit.

  22. Tired little puppy! Looks like he collapsed in the middle of some serious playing 🙂

  23. I suggest you have it all wrong. Look at those claws! This is THE ZOMBIE PUP OF DOOM.

  24. “No, really, go ahead, just feel my tongue would you? Does it feel hot?”

  25. But such an adorable and appealing doom!

  26. Okay, now, that shiny black nosicle has my nose’s name on it! And snorgle him I MUST!!

  27. It would be just like Doom to show up in a Onesie.

  28. And, yes, I do FEEL like this when I’m hung over, but somehow, it doesn’t come off this cute. Not by a gazillion miles.

  29. Oh, Mel, “a onesie” – that’s great!

  30. Mel — a MITHRIL onesie, forged in the fires of…

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    It’s Snoop Puppy Pup! “Yo, yo, what up? Needin’ me some snorgizzle, fo’ shizzle.”

  32. “wake me when the coffee’s ready.’ Yes, your puppiness of DOOM.

  33. Personally, I think he looks a little like Frodo after the Nazgul have finished with him…

  34. tiny tongue peeking through, wrapped in a blanket AND a tiny sweater? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can’t handle it.

  35. chilledcat says:

    The poor little puppeh is roasting in all the wrappings he has on! What he really needs is a ice cube to suck on.

  36. Ho my god… I think I’m in love.

    (ho and chilledcat: nice rime :p)

  37. Good Gawd

    He keels me. The Teeny Tung.. He shall now be known only as “bud” as in.. taste bud…

  38. I’ll be a candy-striper in that hospital!

  39. I’m not sure whether I laughed more at the puppy, or at the puppy as the zombie puppy of doom LOL .. wait.. looking again, the zombie pup thing is starting to creep me out a bit…

  40. look at his CLAW !

  41. Can we extrapolate from these comments that the treatment for a hangover is cuddles?

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    Jory-cuddles WITH A PUPPEH. The only FDA(Federal Dog Agency)- approved cure, I’m sure.

  43. Exactly the face my husband gave me when I said “Time to get up…and It’s cold out!” I’m in Houston and it was nearly 40 degrees out!!!! (FYI : This pup is way more cute and equally as hairy as my hubby)

  44. Did anyone else read Lex Be’s comment and sing “and my life’s lookin up” in an Eddie Money kind of voice??

  45. *Snortles* at the comments.

    “Just like Doom to show up in a mithril onesie.” Mel and Theo. Combined comment.

    Isn’t there somewhere these amazing sentences could be used again and again?

  46. Hmmmm…the mithril comment made me go back and study this seemingly innocent pup closer.

    I think he is in the process of “becoming” a Wraith dog for the Black Riders.

  47. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I think he was more like, “Why’d you turn the light on? I was sleeeeeeeping. Turn it off.” ppbbbspppttt.

  48. AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I want that puppy! I would be very happy to give him all the cuddling and love he needs!

  49. That’s a pup? At a quick glance that looked very bat-like. Must be the near lack of ears, very Voldemort-ish.

  50. Not ill or pup of doom….. He just went over to Snoop Dawgs and got into the hippie lettuce.

  51. “Get teh light outta mine eyes, dude!”

    Towally cute!!!

  52. “Just like Doom to show up in a mithril onesie”

    Just begging to become the next trendy tee-shirt at Hot Topic. I’d SO get it, too…*LOL*

    Looks like that canine had one too many “Pup-sente” cocktails!

    “Awww, man, don’t ever mix ’em with Splenda instead of sugar cubes…urrrrgh…” (This I can speak from experience. Blegh.)


  53. Looks like puppeh had one too many glasses of Doom Perignon.

  54. That’s not a dog, it’s a wallaby.

  55. It’s pups like this that make me MELT!!! My true weekness..forget the chocolate give me that dog!! 🙂

  56. Nurse Lemura here. Outta the way! I’m here to administer cuddles, snorgles and huggles.

    You! Get back in the waiting room! I’ll do this myself.

  57. This little guy is so Sanrio…

  58. For gawd’s sake, someone give that pooch some pettin’ and lovin’ before he/she expires! Please!

  59. AuntieMame says:

    It’s Gollum’s stunt double! If Gollum was cute! And had hair! And a shiny, black nosicle! And wore a blue knitted sweater!

  60. quickly! the paddles!



  61. dogs poke their tounges out and pant when they are overheated. The increase in surface area (particularly of the densely blood vesseled toungue) allows the heat to radiate to the air and cool the body. Although “cute” I dont think a jumper and a blanket are necessary.

  62. omg, A Thinker, you’re right!! The stoned expression, the lolling tongue… it’s GIR! The epitome of doooooom! In a doggie costume. 🙂

  63. Scene: My Cube at work that I share with my boss.

    *sound of head banging against monitor*

    MYBOSS: Um, Aaron? What are you doing?

    ME: I’m snorgling a puppy. What’s it look like? *sound continues*

    MYBOSS: Um, Aaron…*sees the link on IM and clicks it*

    *sound of two heads banging on monitors*

    OURBIGBOSS: Uh…guys?

  64. Hehe, thanks Nora ^^, and funny Aaron.

    Damn, I can’t look at that pic anymore, I almost feel like I’m cheating on my beloved doggy :-p.

  65. GAAAAGH!! [thuds with the cuddles]

  66. [beeps his nose]

  67. Doom in a mithril onesie — laughing so hard I can barely type.

  68. Lol at Aaron! I KNEW I had a headache today for some reason…….

  69. Must be Gir’s Modern Life

  70. Too bad 25ccs really isn’t that much! I think he needs more than that.

  71. Well he’s not very big, Misty. 25 CCs is a pretty sizeable syringe, relatively speaking.

  72. this dood isn’t sick, he’s drunky mcdrunkersons!

    he’s all “the room, she ees speening. i love you, man.”

    (speedy gonzalez voice).

  73. “Not as think as you drunk I am”

  74. Awww, c’mere, gimme a hug…

    Eyes wide, nose drippy– this pup needs some cold medicine.

  75. That’s a “Thppppp” right there. Puppeh is laughing at us slack-jawed COers.