I can see… an ocean in yer eyes…

…OK, OK, sorry for the 9TH GRADE pick-up-line title there. However, may I point out "I see an ocean in your eyes" is not nearly as bad as "I have something in my… eye!" [leaning in for the kiss.] THAT wins worst line evar. Worked too—right, Dave?

But serious, you CAN see teeny boats in them thar eyes.


"Zip" the kitten is the sweetest name. Thanks, Julie B. >^•^<



  1. Oh, sweet lord, is that kitty a cutie!!!

  2. Zippety do dah! My o my what a wonderful gaze!

  3. Omigod it is totally worth the load time for the big version of this pic. The texture in the eyes is a-MAY-zing.

  4. so cute I wanna kiss my monitor!!!!!

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    I think I have a new favorite shade of blue.

  6. OMG…I can’t believe I was the first comment on a post…

    [shows her rear end for a thwacking by Teho]


  7. Day-um . . . those are some seriously devastating eyes! Absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Oh I am in love!! Can I have the kitty?????

  9. Oh, the felinity! The devastation! The kittehs falling dead of envy! The humans falling dead of CO!

  10. Oooohhhhhh… kitterboooo…….
    ::: ker-vaporate :::

  11. What bodaciously blue eyes! But they’ll be just as lovely once they lose their kitten blue. Great shot!

  12. Awww, it hurts to look at.
    So cute!
    Must… cuddle!

  13. That kitteh gets any and every thing it wants.

  14. It wasn’t her eyes that caught me it was her wee neck holding up her head.

  15. [covers eyes, in case Skwerly is getting in for more than expected]

    It’s not the eyes in this pick that pwn me–it’s the nosicle. The sort of thing that gets me into trouble. I want to kiss kiss kisskisskiss the nosicle until kitteh gets mad and bites mah nosicle.

  16. NebraskaErin says:

    Them thar eyes ain’t cute. Nope, not cute at all. The pink lips? Cute. The moist nosicle? Cute. Wee paws? Cute. That kitten-skinny neck? Hella-cute. But the eyes are freaking devastatingly beautiful.

  17. not to mention how tiny/short those arms are in ratio to its head! LOVE IT.

  18. “With eyes just like the sea
    Somewhere waitin’ for me
    A kitteh stands as CO fans
    Are watching their hearts get to failin’.

    With eyes just like the sea
    Kitteh’s watchin’ for me
    If pets my landlord would let me buyyyyyyy
    Then straight to kitteh I’d go sailin’.”

  19. Soooo cute!

    Though, I have to say the worst pick-up line I’ve heard was hollered at me out car window as I walking to a class… mumble, mumble years ago. And I quote… Ahem…

    “Hey, baby! How’d you like some fries to go with that shake.”


  20. I vote them the “Most Kissable Cat Lips Ever.”

  21. NebraskaErin says:

    Couldn’t help it. Skinneh Kitteh Neck had to become my desktop picture.

  22. indigoreiki says:

    OMG, look at that lil’ face. Can’t resist …that level of cuteness would get that baby anything!

  23. That is the most beautiful kitten photo in the history of the world.

  24. “Skinneh Kitteh Neck”


  25. TheLoveofIsis says:

    :: Gasp :: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh my gosh, those eyes are the most astonishing blue I’ve ever seen, and yes, I vote too for most kissable kitteh lips EVAR.

  26. “That is the most beautiful kitten photo in the history of the world.”

    Until the next kitten, that is.

  27. cutest kitty evah!! 🙂

  28. Oh, /my/ ….

    That is just the most beautiful kitten… 😀

    (Also “Zip”? Hee!)

  29. NebErin: you are right. Skinny kitteh neck is crazy cute. So wobbly…how does it hold giant head up?

  30. the eyes coordinate with teh towel. That’s just cool!

  31. RedZ? Naughty. Tsk.
    You too, Skwerly.

  32. OMG, they’re MoodRing Blue!

  33. Oooh! Muzzle puff, little pink lips, big blue eyes, tiny claws! I can’t help myself!


    *passes out*

  34. Aubrey, I must thank you for the Bobby Darin song. Delightful!

    And the gorgeous kitten…. are those really kittenblue eyes or maybe his/her eyes will stay blue? Usually kittenblue is more gray from what I remember. Maybe kitten is part Siamese?

  35. is that somebody’s hair under the kitty’s right paw?

  36. Yay! Pretty kitty eyes! I think I’ve just found the newest wallpaper for my desktop.

  37. Adorable bobblehead kitty! How does he support the weight of those enormous blue eyes?

  38. Thanks, Aubrey, for a fantastic earworm. Now my co-workers will have to cope with my bad Bobby Darin impersonation for the rest of the day.

    Somewhere, with this kitty
    co-workers are running from me
    covering ears with helpless hands
    and wishing my voice would go failin’

  39. The Guy Over There says:

    That cat’s been hanging out with the kangaroo rat. Those eyes definitely look like a sign that it’s been dipping in the spice.

  40. pocky, you have a delicious name.

  41. This one’s a little older, I think.

    “Blue eyes,
    you saw me typing alone
    not knowing where I should start
    I have no pet of my own.

    Blue eyes,
    PR is what I’ve been hired for
    A raise I’m saying a prayer for
    But I still want a kitteh to care for.

    And then there suddenly was posted before me,
    the bonniest kitteh I would ever behold
    I heard it purring, “Please adore me.”
    and when I looked,
    it purred, “You’ll feed me I’m told.”

    Blue eyes,
    Though at my desk I’m alone
    I now have hope in my heart
    I’ll have a kit of my own.”

  42. acelightning says:

    The tinyness! The perfect tabby markings! The uncertain, pleading expression! But most of all… THE EYES!
    *falls over in a dead faint*

  43. oh…goodness…(hands over last will and testament) *SPLODE*

  44. I was waiting for an “awww, look at the little pawsitude.” I think the meg-lingo is catchy! Must be a meg thing!

  45. ummm… may I add to the litany of devistating adorability TINY TEETH! TINY TEETH! TINY TEETH!

  46. Cuteness and lovely earworms. What a website. Outstanding, Aubrey!

  47. Positive Jube says:

    The little whisker follicles on the muzzpuff. 🙂

  48. Nice, Aubrey. I like the Cowboy Junkies version especially, from “The Trinity Session,” so I hear it in Margo Timmins’ voice.

  49. “The Trinity Sessions” recorded in downtown Toronto! w00t!

    Not to try and compete with this kitty photo, because not much comes close, but I offer up two portraits of former Boxcar Kitten Palmerston, taken last week, a day or so before he moved on to his proper foster home. He wound up staying with me for a whole month and became a real little love bug.



  50. Secret confe-shon: this little kitteh is cute, but Palmerston and Boxcar M–those two pwn me completely, Laurie C. Don’t know how you parted with them.

  51. (but my faves are their Glamour Shots on the red sofa fabulousness. I got those in my rotating desktop pics.)

  52. *Red* sofa, *Red*zilla. Makes sense to me.

  53. Palmerston on the Chair of Uncharted Charm. Beautiful, LC.

  54. JEEEZUS… Just kill me now.

  55. musicchick2 says:

    SUCH a beeyootiful face! What a lovely little life. God is good and all is right in His heaven.

  56. I want a nose-kiss!

  57. ok, everyone. let’s just calm down now. nothin’ to see here, no kitties, nada. clear out.
    *waits til everyone is gone… then snatches kitteh!!!*

    i am drowning in the luscious blue of your eyes, kitty. have mercy on meh! throw me the life preserver of your luuuuuuuuuuv.

    I hope his eyes don’t fade. i have an adult cat with blue eyes, though they are not fabulous TURQUOISE like these and my cat is part siamese…

  58. Ohhh, I welcome my Cute Overlord!

  59. If that kitten asked me to kill for it, I would. Without question.

  60. Classic cute. Cute Overload at its finest. This is what cuteness is all about, people.

    Four stars.

  61. Hey peeps is Zip the wonder kitteh a munchkin? Coz they’s some serious short wittle arms

  62. Not to get all buddhist on everyone, but those eyes speak something far more reaching than the little kitteh’s lifetime.

  63. ‘pocky, you have a delicious name.’

    Thanks, MOFO. Just don’t try to nibble on me, ‘kay? I get that a lot.

  64. STOP everyone! Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT look into the eyes!!! It’s mind control! That’s how they get you! Stop, right now… oh my god, I’m too late… must… not… look… GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh *pop*

  65. Karen in Toronto says:

    Blue eyes – check.
    Nosicle – check.
    Muzzlepuff and wiskahs – check.
    Serious M-brows and serious mouth?
    Ring around the collar (wanting to scritch it now)?
    Claws to cling with on eye-matching sweater? Ouchies.

  66. I am in luhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhvv!!!

    Stop slaying me with your aqua eyes, o kitteh! Have mercy!

  67. This little dude is my grandson! He is so sweet and special!

  68. I am smitten
    With this kitten.
    The eyes of turquoise
    Wreck my poise.

  69. LaurieC, Palmerston is a stunner! You should be proud of that boyboy.

  70. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Just when I thought Denis Leary had the most beautiful baby blues, here comes this kitteh with his beeea-utiful aqumarine peepers. Gaah! :POIT:

  71. My kitty has blue eyes… but he’s probably part Siamese, he has the kink in his tail. =/ He was born pure white but now he’s got seal-point Siamese-like markings and his fur and general appearance is like a main coon. And he’s hyuge.

  72. Do you know Mua’d Dib, Guy Over There? The kitteh’s eyes don’t count because you can see his pupil, but I enjoyed the reference muchly! 🙂 🙂

    This kitteh might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Really.

  73. A little kitten with eyes of blue
    And wee little teeth just peeking out
    Such a cute muzzlepuff and tiny ears
    You make me happy and calm my fears
    Of endless chats on cats in racks
    And peepers worried about on what they can snack
    Oh little kitten how I love you
    It makes me want to sing and shout

  74. That’s sooo cute!


  76. pookiepuff says:

    That is the prettiest kitty EVER! I love love LOVE it’s eyes and it’s teensy weensy paws! So pretty!

  77. lurkertype says:

    The perfect tabby!


  78. okay Meg…this one really makes my ovaries hurt.

  79. hah hah hah, misscrisp, nice one!

    Maybe there should be a new rule of cuteness regarding head to neck ratio? This lil guy’s teensy neck holding up his big fluffy head is just so cute!

    I REALLY want to tickle his widdle chin! REALLY!

  80. karen n toronto says:

    typing one-handed 2nite. y? new dumpster ktn is lyin on left hand. donut shop ldy axed f i wnted ktn. i sd NO, jst gt 1 off street in sept. so she takes me out back in porin rain and scoops Handsome Stranger frm undr dmpstr. HS gets flebath + clw clp. y handsome stranger? he vahz named aftah hiz faddah!

    txdo kit w/ black face, wht brow + cheek wskas + wht strk undr blk nosicle. px comin. vet visit on satrdy.

  81. WOW… I have been around kittens for 20 years, and have never seen one with quite that shade of aqua/turqiose eyes. Gorgeous!

  82. Giant kitty eyes… staring… staring…


  83. Lucky lucky you, Karen in Toronto! We want pics, pronto!

    I can see The Universe in this kitten’s eyes.

    And, then, I can scroll down and read the Uni-verse by All The Peeps!

    What could be better????

  84. YAY, karen in toronto, being so kind-hearted to take in another kitten. He will never be wet and cold again.

  85. [speechless]

  86. Wow…everything I think of to say is just, not enough. Wow.

  87. Why, oh why must kitties be so cute when I cannot have one…

  88. Karen in T, your kitten story has brought a smile to my face and warmed a heart cockle. Bless you for your kindness.

    And this kittie just turns me into a zombie. 0.0

  89. A contribution from an older member:
    four-foot oooh,
    eyes of blue but
    OH what those four feet can do,
    has anybody seen my kit?
    Turned-up nose, turned-down tose,
    charmer, yessir, one of those,
    has anybody seen my kit?
    Still in love with CO

  90. I think my brain and heart just melted at the same time . . . ((sigh))

  91. ezreader, that’s CUTE!

  92. Must… have… insulin… *plop*.

  93. Those are the cutest blue eyes I’ve ever seen 🙂

  94. Thank you, Jaypo, you made my day. I will never be among the greats like Theo and Aubrey and Pyrit and you and the other CO witmeisters but Jaypo said my bit was CUTE!!!

  95. Sheesh, here I am having a serious CO meltdown behind this kitteh divinity and then you peeps go all poetic and such and just kill me.

    you people rule.

  96. Blue eyes
    Shining at me
    Nothing but blue eyes
    Do I see

  97. [smirking] …thanks for the props, EZ Reader.
    Is your screen-name an Electric Company reference, btw? Morgan Freeman?

  98. It’s all over now…. I can’t stand it anymore…. oh! the cuteness!…. the terminal cuteness!!!!

  99. Theo- you are so with it it’s unBEARable. Yup, I did love Morgan Freeman but also use the name because I am a librarian and ride a Vespa, sometimes in my Library Raid (SWAT) outfit, my plate says “Coolit” Remember, Read responsibly.

  100. chilledcat says:

    This is the most best adorable ever kitteh face pic. He’s leaning in for the super snorgle!

  101. ezreader, not only was it cute, I now have the earworm in residence! 🙂

  102. are those teeny teefs i see? i think they are…

  103. He’s got SEPHIROTH EYES!! *sigh*


  104. anyone know if this beauty is a boy or a girl?

  105. [trying to imagine Kim Carnes singing D2D’s comment]

  106. All day long, off in the distance, I have been hearing this sound: squee *poit*. Now I know why!

  107. And to think that this was once my screensaver! I miss Zippy’s mommy!

  108. Zippy is a sweet little boy!

  109. I’m not sure if I’ve ever said this before, but that cat is absolutely beautiful.

  110. The blue-eyed kitteh steals souls
    Cute Overloaders
    die squeeing at teh cuteness

    Yeah, not one of my better haiku, but my brain is barely functional after such viewing such transcendent cute. ::faints::

  111. Taijiya — erm…

    Captured in a bit of verse
    It’s five-seven-five.

  112. what the ………..
    best shot EVER! honest.

  113. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Look at the pretty white eyeliner and eyeshadow this ‘itten is wearing! Not to mention those blue, blue eyes.

    Blue eyes,
    Kitty’s got blue eyes,
    Like a blue, blue sea
    on a blue, blue day.

    (with apologies to Elton John)

  114. Awwwwwww …

    [lip quiver]

    [full-on bawl]

    I just got back to college and I miss my homekits. 😦

  115. The moist nosicle and the tiny boats in them thar eyes! They win the interweb. <3