A little breathingk room please, People? GALLGH.


Smoooooshed by a rackitude. Racks happen.Genevieve H., nice posing, and Tom P., nice shootin’.



  1. ummmm… I feel like a peeping tom…

  2. I’m with CeeJoe on this – despite the overwheening CQ (cuteness quotient) of these piks, I definitely feel a little dirty for looking at them…

  3. Let’s seee…I’m seeing in excess of 200 comments on this one.

  4. Yeah, definiely more intense than the average cat-in-rack photo … but if you focus on the kitty (and imagine what that wet nose must feel like buried in your skin!) it’s not so bad.

    Is it just me or does he look kinda lion-ish in that second pic?

  5. Very cute, very nice, very NSFW. I’m not a prude, but NSFW, guys.

  6. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Hmmm. I swear to God I’m not trying to be a stick in the mud, but I’m a girl, and a “C” cup, myself. Here is the deal: Cats-n-racks needs to be divided into two categories: 1) cats who happen to be by a rack completely by accident (always cute), and then 2) cats who are intentionally smooshed into a rack that the owner has fully planned; having worn the lowest and most revealing attire that unintentionally makes the “rack–not the cat–the focus of the pic. Although the kitten is cute, these pics are forced….of the #2 variety, I believe. Not judging, just trying to enjoy “cute”, not overwhelming boobs forced into a kitten’s little face. I love C.O., I love Meg….just trying to present a vantage point that may help in assisting what’s “cutest”, in the inevitable picture screening process. Love and goodwill to all!

  7. I happen to love the pattern of that tank top.. and the girl in said pic needed a little less on to achieve a better tan..
    Little marmelade kitty is adorable..*snorg!*

  8. Ditto to what Denise in NE said. She still has a rack even if her sweatshirt is zipped up. Seems like the focus here is more on the rack than the cat. Poor kitteh.

  9. Umm… too much effort, too much staging…

  10. ShelleyTambo says:

    I agree that it looks a little too staged. Is that even a tank top and not her bra?

  11. I um well erm uhh hmm. Golly.
    Guess I’ll abstain from this one. (For now.)

  12. Won’t be sharing CO with my kids for the next few days… But, whatevs

  13. I bet if I asked The Boys to choose which was cuter, the kitten or the rack, I bet they would be silent for several minutes thinking (The Boys are cat lovers, mind you). In teh kitten’s favor, he does look a bit like a young Stokes (part cat, part lap rug), which would swing it towards the cat for one of teh Boys.

  14. Too staged for my liking, not worthy of CO! More cat, less rack, please. =D

  15. Kute citty!

  16. Titties! Ehrm, I mean.. Kitty!
    But yeah, thats looks staged.

    Too little kittie, to much tittie

  17. aww it looks so comfortable! I want to huggle a cat/ some fluffy animal like that.
    And i dont think i’ts bad for kids to see this, the only impact it will have is…they would want to huggle a cute animal to their chest ^_^
    IF my hamster was big enough I would totally do that <3

  18. tee hee TH! gotta agree with ya there..

  19. I can see how this might not be the typical photo for CO, but that’s not to say that its NTSFW or indecent. After all, this is not as bad as some of the stuff you see on TV during the evening and at least here you have a cute kitten to cover up some of the “lewd” content.

    I guess the pureness nature of the site is being questioned, but I personally am not bothered by this photo. As far as staged, yeah maybe it is, but what’s wrong with that? Putting a pet in a costume and then taking a picture of it isn’t candid. It’s not like the pet put the costume on itself.

    Anyways, I don’t want to start a riot, but I definitely have no objections to this entry.

  20. Gratuitous boob shots! You can almost see freaking nipple!

    I’d bet green money on the esteemed Dudes of C.O. saying, “Say wha? There’s a cat in those pictures?”


  21. that’s fine, kitteh. you can stop blowing now.

    i said STOP.

  22. How can boobs not be kid-friendly? Do I need to remind you of how much you depended on them in the early days? What is wrong with our culture?

    Although clearly “staged,” I do not find it unworthy. (After all Mr. Neckerchief Ferret pic was clearly staged.) And ultimately, it seems the owner of the rack does is indulging in a whole-hearted cuddle with kitteh. Just hope kitteh is getting enough air. ;o)

  23. These staged cats in racks are always a let down for me. I get so excited when my RSS indicates there is a new posting, and then all I see are breasts with a poor cat shoved in the shot. I have no idea how these even rate to get on here. I’m sure you could do a quick-o internet search if you’re running low on material.

  24. ok…I don’t see this kitten you guys are talking about.. heehee…kidding…he is a cutie patootie…butagreed that there is way too much boobitude.

  25. Angiebabie says:

    Great! And I just got done telling a friend that this is a great site to introduce his little girls to. And that kittie looks a little ruffed up by those big girls. Poor baby.

  26. pssst – can someone tell me what “NTSFW” stands for?

  27. finn!! plse email me. Might be livin GF again 😦

  28. LOL, Finn!! “No, no, don’t–POP!”

    Okay, does anyone else have this feeling, when CO won’t load? I feel like I’m a kid again at the amusement park, only I don’t remember where Mom said to meet up if we got separated from the rest of the kids. I think, “Oh, dang it. CO won’t load…where I am supposed to go? How will I find the other peeps?”

  29. “NSFW” is “not safe for work”. Not sure what the T is, unless someone is doing “NoT Safe For Work”.

    I like the picture. they’re both cute. And the kitten too.

  30. RedZ, I had trouble loading it in Mozilla but it seems fine in IE.

  31. AmyH–

    NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. Not sure what the T stands for.

    And while we can debate all day long on when Hustler got into kittehs, I think we can agree that cats in racks is cute only when the cat has a sufficient air supply.

  32. I’m with well-spoken Denise in NE, and those who follow her. In my opinion, this is more about the boobs than about the kitten. I’m guessing that softcore stuff like this is, well, already widely available on the internets – I don’t really appreciate seeing it here. Love this site, love the Meg-language muchly – but not shots like this.

  33. NebraskaErin says:

    Um…cute kitty?

  34. I’m going to have to weigh in with the “prudes” here – I would not exploit my kitteh to display me rack – it’s a lil sick – I’d never smoosh one of my kittehs into my boobs like that – I mean, would a guy stuff his dachsund down his pants for a “cute shot”??

    (Hoooboy! Already regretting that remark – don’t need to be giving people ideas here)

  35. Lisa Campbell says:

    So you’re saying if kitty’s in a pocket, a vase, or a shoe, it’s cute. If it’s in somebody’s budge, it’s obscene and staged. What is wrong with all of you? Getta grip, they’re just tits!

  36. Too funny jaypo – I see 200+ comments too.

  37. Long-time reader, first-time comment-poster, and here I am sounding like a pervert on this one… but seriously, this isn’t that explicit. Your kids won’t understand why it’s interesting, but it won’t damage them. The smooshing in the second pic is a little gratuitious, but the kitty seems to be enjoying the affection in the first image. And this image is feminine and intimate, which is one of the essential reasons it’s also a little sexy.

    Is it okay to use that word?

  38. Remembers, peeps, CO was just written up in Maxim Magazine. Meg has a new readership segment to retain.

    “Readership” used loosely.

  39. I’m with Redzilla on this one. Staged, sure. Whatevs. But still cute. Both the kitty and the surrounding environs. It all looks soft and cuddly and I’m having no problems with it. Maybe the “surrounding environs” are being a little aggresive. (Kitty says “Halp, I can’t breeeve!) But otherwise I’m cool with it. And before anyone starts – I’m female. Straight, too.

  40. tiny bubbles says:

    I think it’s funny – that kitteh looks like a little kid being smooshed into some auntie’s chest as he arrives at a family dinner.

  41. As per my previous post, once we get a “Pups in Pants” category, I will shut up.


  42. I’ve seen more skin than this on “What Not to Wear.” And badly dressed at that.

  43. Don’t know about anyone else but my first thought was,

    “Shouldn’t she be wearing underwires?”

    Doesn’t look like it from the flimsy strap but us ole gals know that gravity gets to all of us over time. And from the left one’s upper curves, it’s borderline “perky/support me now!” time.

  44. I have definately been feeling like Denise. Cats and Racks was cute when it started as a cat slipping into someones shirt, or someone holding a cat next to the rack that just happened to be in the picture. But squishing a poor kittens face into your chest is not all the cute, it’s kind of disturbing. I’m not offended by this or anything, just don’t think it’s right to smother a kitten just for the sake of getting your rack on the internet. there are other ways to acheive that!

  45. My first thought on these has always been “Why do these women dare put animals with claws down their fronts?” Lacerations and bleeding on sensitive bits? Now, that wouldn’t be very cute. But then I’ve always been a practical person…

  46. I agree with Jesse, in that your average squee-ing 7-year-old isn’t going to be uncomfortable with the *searches for word* bustyness of these pics.

    My 14-year-old daughter, however, had a mixed reaction to it. She laughed at it, since it’s so obvious that it’s a little silly; but she also sighed over it and was a little unhappy, since she’s in a stage where she’s comparing herself to others.

    She still loves CO though, as do I.

  47. yeah, skanky is never cute. boo for staged cats&racks! in that one pic from a few months ago, u could see her nipple. kits r cute, nips r not 🙂

  48. I am definitely not offended by this, but it is not my favourite… It’s the staging that blows it for me. I am not too fond of the pets in costumes, either 🙂

    But that’s just my view, hey? The kitty is still cute.

    And EliottM does indeed have a valid point 😉

  49. Caption:
    “To the top of Mount Everbreast, or bust!”

  50. Long time viewer, first time commenting..definetly not cute. Not because of the way too ample rack, but because poor kitty looks very uncomfortable and unhappy. This is more like the cute or sad section(?)…would be my guess anyway.

  51. with Maxim, that is. 10 comments while I was writing!

  52. jaypo – I agree, 200+ comments! And, 200 monitors and keyboards getting coffee spilled on, and 200 nasal passages splitting.

  53. LOL, pyrit 😀

  54. haha Carolina! that be something I would love to see and I agree with you…I normally like the cats in racks category but this one..bleh! the kitty is cute tho!

  55. By the way, I don’t know how it looks to everyone else, but the second pic is stretched and distorted vertically. I’m sure the kitten isn’t as squished as it looks.

    Sorry–I mean “kitteh.” Gotta get the hang of this CO thing.

  56. For the record, S. — there has never been a nipple shot on Cute Overload.
    Not HUMAN nipple, anyway. Believe me, I’ve looked.
    (Yes, I know the post you’re referring to:
    …and that’s NOT nip.)

  57. I guess I’m just a plain old sick twisted perv in that I am totally unoffended by boobies. Wasn’t even phased by Nipplegate.

    Perhaps it’s because I see a pair every morning in the mirror? Maybe it’s because I wasn’t taught to be offended by my own body? Maybe because I was breastfed?

    I’m of the personal opinion that if breasts offend you, you have deeper issues than that.

    Also, this is the very last time ever I will read the comments in CO. I love each and every picture and will continue to indulge daily. But why bother reading the comments?

    Oh, and to the one who used the word ‘skank’. THAT’S a THOUSAND times more offensive than the top curve of a female breast.

  58. Normally I stay out of these debates, but I appreciate a nice rack when I see one. So, Genevieve, gorgeous kitty, gorgeous titties, you go girl.

    And of COURSE cats n racks is the right category. Is there a cat? Is there a rack? QED.


  59. Teri — word. Except… it’s “fazed” in this context.

  60. I laughed out loud at this shot! It is totally staged, totally gratuitous, the kitteh kitteh is a prop and the boobs are the main attraction. My son would say ‘poor kitty!’ but he’s still young.
    I think it’s hilarious. And people, they are just boobs, and I’m sorry if a dude stuck a dog down his pants, that would just be gross.

  61. Whatever, if you want to snuggle that close to your cat, that’s all well and good. just keep it in your own house.When you take it out of context it looks like you are deliberately sticking a cat in your boob, when you are probably just cuddling with it. but i agree that this was obviously staged.

    The picture does look slightly stretched, but the kittehs face is still smothered. poor guy.

    how long until the animal rights activists protest this one? that’s what we DONT need on here.

  62. Teri.. AMEN!

  63. Kitteh and boobehs. Its staged but still funny. Sorry I don’t see what the big deal is.

  64. If I really wanted to see a woman’s half-bared titties hanging out, I’d just watch a Britney Spears video.

  65. OMG! Get over yourselves. That is a beautiful rack and a beautiful cat. Have you ever been to the beach? What a bunch of prudes. It’s a rack! No need to run away screaming. You guys are so judgemental. How can a rack be too big? Why are you being all critical of this poor woman’s boobs? Who are you comparing her to? That is not the cute overload way. She’s wearing a freaking cardigan and a cute bra. That is so scandalous. All you naysayers should be ashamed of yourselves.

  66. Hee! Tiny Bubble, you are dead-on. Poor kitteh does have that horrified look of a ten-year old being clutched against Aunt Matilda’s bosom.

    “My, haven’t you grown! [vigorous squeeze against boobage] Last time I saw you your tail stuck straight out and you couldn’t get in and [squeeeze] out of the litter box on your own. Ha ha ha ha!”

    And then, pre-teen kitteh creeps away embarrassed.

  67. Almost exactly 2 hours later, 66 comments. That’s about 1 per minute. We should over 200 by… uhm. You do the math!

  68. A Fine Morsel says:

    I love all of Meg’s “GALLGH” and “MEE-ALLGH,” McSnortling, McGrapersons, etc. etc.

    Also, I had no idea there were so many Puritans who check out CO!

    Go Meg!

  69. Becky — now that IS horrifying.
    Funny ‘cos it’s true.

  70. Won’t be sharing CO with your kids?

    Um … why?

    I’ve never understood why the sight of boobies is supposed to disturb or corrupt children somehow?

  71. What could be more beautiful than some soft curves and a warm kitteh? Seriously. Ivy, I’m with you. And for the record people… I am also a woman, and also very straight.

  72. I’m at a crossroads here, part of me agree with Denise in NE, and another part agrees with Teri…

    I’m all for boobs, I have boobs and I love boobs, I’m all for seeing boobs, but usually that is seen on a different kind of site, not one that is meant to show cute animals. I find the cats & Racks section funny, but this is just taking it too far, the picture is clearly meant to display her boobs and nothing else. That cat is mearly in the picture so that she could have hopes of it being posted on this site.

  73. I only popped into the comments to see how the inevitable commentroversy was progressing.

    *pops back out*

  74. Jaypo.. I think there’s 60 minutes in an hour.. 😉

  75. I want to get something straight. I don’t think this is a case of “the prudes against the boob lovers”. i think that is extreme. the question is only if CO is the place to post your boobs, and if the kitteh is able to breathe or not. That’s it. No one is offended, no one hates CO, no one is going to stop viewing. We’re just debating.

  76. Oh fer cryin’ out loud they’re just breasts. Second photo a bit forced but the first one he is like “oh my!”. I think it is cute. And I am a girl and I am straight.

  77. NSFW PLZ

  78. LOL… BOOB LOVERS!! hahahaaa.. Melissa..good one.

    Okay. Must go work now..

    *shuts door quietly*

  79. Y’know, I’m not convinced that that kitten is happy in that position. I think it looks a little worried, actually. I guess I would be, too, if I had two boulders from Jungle Hunt hurtling down at my poor wittle head. Don’t worry, kitten, I’ll rescue you and snuggle you until you regain yourself!

  80. OMG!! Your friend might … introduce his … little girls … to a site where there’s … *BOOBIES*!!! AAAAGH!!! AAAAGH!!!

    Those little girls will have boobies *themselves*, some day. Soon.

    Maybe they should be comfortable with the idea of boobies, and the sight of boobies, and not think of boobies as something disgusting and shameful? Maybe they can start thinking of boobies as something nice and cuddly for babies and kitties, and not as the Big Guns in the Sexual Artillery that should be kept under wraps until a girl can use them for what God *really* intended, waiting until her late teens or early 20s, then wavin’ ’em around at some rich guy over a restaurant table?

    If anything, the hyper-Puritanical US attitude toward tits makes them *more* narrowly sexualized.

    Boobs are comfy. Big natural boobs are *really* comfy. Boobs are for feeding and cuddling young ones, among other less important pleasant functions.

    Moreover, this pic is probably *not* staged, since that’s where kittens and pet rodents have always seemed to like to lie on *my* body (well … there and on the little “tummy pooch” that all women over 35 have.)

    Moreover, the girl in this pic is probably reading this. Are all you jealous tiny-titted Puritans happy with yourselves, telling her she has “too much” or that she’s tasteless, or that the very sight of the ample pretty soft chest that God gave her, is somehow curdling the minds of your precious *childern*???

  81. Ok, I’m going to lower the tone here – given that the little marmalade creamsicle smooshkitty looks so uncomfortable, I selflessly volunteer to take its place…

  82. Again — the girl in the pic may well read this page.

    Would you say “two boulders from Jungle Hunt” to her *face*?

    That kind of remark *hurts*, just like being called “ironing board” hurts.

    Some of you people suck with a suckage entire.

  83. Oh I couldn’t stay away..

    TonyJames… There are good people in the world, as demonstrated by your willingness to sacrifice on behalf of the kitteh.

    CatFreak… whoa.

  84. “What is wrong with all of you? Getta grip, they’re just tits!” Lisa Campbell

    “I’m of the personal opinion that if breasts offend you, you have deeper issues than that.” Teri

    Let’s see here. Are there 18 gazillion photos online of women’s breasts? Why yes, yes there are, from soft shots like this to the hardcore stuff. Do I choose to view these sites? Nope. I come to this site to see cute animals. Meg does them proud. I do not come here to see boobs/racks/tits. It’s irritating to even have to defend my views without couching them in, “..I’m not a prude, but…”

    My point is, there are other places to view boobs. I don’t want to see them here. Clearly, I’m not Meg, so that’s not up to me. Breasts do not offend me – I have them myself, and indeed my problems would be deeper indeed if I was offended by them. I just don’t think its cute – it’s gratuitious. It’s also catering to a patriarchal standard with which I have issues – but that’s another subject entirely.

    Suffice to say – I don’t like this shot. To me, it isn’t cute.

  85. Emily Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else think this picture qualifies for pups in pants as stated by Carolina http://api.ning.com/files/976331

  86. > I’m all for seeing boobs, but usually that is seen on a different kind of site,

    And that’s part of what’s wrong with this culture.

    Boobs are, primarily, for the feeding and cuddling of little things that like to be kept safe, where it’s soft and warm.

    That they’re pretty, and men and gay women like to look at them and … dream … is a secondary function. Nothin’ wrong with that, but … it’s secondary.

    And it’s weird as hell that people hyperventilate when boobs perform their primary function.

    (Straight woman here, mid-50s now, blessed/cursed by God, at age 14, with a big back-busting 34DDD rack. I was very very shy about that rack, and was *still* always accused of showing it off, even though I developed back problems from hunching to hide it. I heard about 10000 too many “Jungle Hunt boulder” remarks, too. Damn, people.)

  87. AmyH: my thinking exactly 😉 — claws + teeth + tender flesh = disaster.

  88. Nice rack, cute kitty and funny caption (as usual), what’s all this fuss about? 🙂

    Would everyone please mention their continent along with their opinion in this thread, please? Just curious…
    And you guessed right, I’m from Europe. (And female. And straight.)

  89. > My point is, there are other places to view boobs.

    In their sexualized function, yes. Time to look at the other functions, eh?

    > I don’t want to see them here. Clearly, I’m not Meg, so that’s not up to me. Breasts do not offend me – I have them myself, and indeed my problems would be deeper indeed if I was offended by them. I just don’t think its cute – it’s gratuitious. It’s also catering to a patriarchal standard with which I have issues – but that’s another subject entirely.

    Yeah, you are a prude. And this girl didn’t grow these to “cater to a patriarchal standard”.

  90. Yeah, this is the American attitude. Shouldn’t we all be *proud*?

    Remember — our country damned near came to a standstill when Janet Jackson’s top slipped off on TV.

    Murder, war, major violence on TV all the time, terrible corruption in government, it’s all good … keeps the kiddies babysat in front of the tube.

    But *TITS*??

    The sight of them will sear our children’s retinas and scramble their *brains*!

    Call out the National Guard.

  91. I Say Bring On The Cleavage Kitties. And Stop Hating She Sas A Nice Chest. If it wasnt for the perverse mind looking at in such a way as to conjure up indecent thoughts it would be just another picture of a cat in a rack.

  92. The Guy Over There says:

    Is there stuff like this on TV? Oh yes.

    Do I watch TV while I’m at work? Oh no.

    If this wasn’t seen with a boss potentially looking over my shoulder wondering what I spend my spare time doing, I’d be comfortable with this. Since this isn’t the case, I’ll vouch for the NSFW.

    (addendum) Do I watch TV that emphasizes the boobage instead of the content? GOD no.

    I vote for photoshopping a seal squishing the kitteh so that we can argue about intentional animal violence instead of stuff that will get me estranged looks from my coworkers.

  93. Tune in Tokyo… tune in Tokyo….

  94. > My point is, there are other places to view boobs.

    >.In their sexualized function, yes. Time to look at the other functions, eh?

    I don’t come to this site to look at pictures of moms breastfeeding either. (not that I have a problem with breastfeeding or anything like that.) There’s a time and place for everything, and this site is for cute animals. Like I said before, if I wanted to look at boobs, I’d watch a Britney Spears video. Or else I’d take off my bra and look in the mirror.

  95. Nope. I’m not a prude. You’re a bit quick in tossing about the insults for one who in the same breath condemns those who say “junglehumps.”

    Is it the function of breasts to comfort felines, even small ones? If you’re going to get all technical on me – which is what you’re doing here – the answer is no. I’m guessing the nipples on breasts are a bit on the large side for kittens.

    If you’re in your mid-50’s, you are not a girl, you are a woman. Did I say anywhere in my post that you grew the way you grew on purpose? Nope. I’m sorry that you felt you had to hunch over – I think that sucks. Did you ever consider the fact that you did so because of the society we live in? I was of the small breast tribe at that age, and I was made fun of for that reason. All of that is neither here nor there – it belongs somewhere else. In MY OPINION – mine, and mine alone – this shot is a gratutitous one designed to appeal to a more sensual standard than one of cuteness. If I’m not mistaken, this isn’t SensualOverload.com.

  96. Oh Ya for Ivy Female Straight and from the Mid West of the US.

  97. Janni: North America, straight, male (as if there was any doubt).

    Not offended in the least.

  98. You people take things way too seriously. This post made me laugh so much.

  99. Mad Mike – “MamilLarry King Live.” (thanks for settin’ that up for me.)

  100. Janni:
    I meant to say that >>I< < am a straight male from North America (US). My earlier post didn't look right.

    Sorry for any misunderstanding.

  101. CFreak:

    I think they’ll need backup from the National Bra-ed. Followed by the representatives of
    Kit-oria’s Secret.

  102. Very good points anne and becky!

  103. Jen – re: laughing. I can’t get a joke in edgewise here today. These folks have a lot to get off their chest and they are milking it for all it’s worth.

  104. Man this is alot of fun. There are somme people that are going to mad about this for days to come.

  105. Anne — “Junglehumps” — ??!!!
    (I will not Glossarize… I will not Glossarize… I will not Glossarize…)

  106. Any time someone begins a post on the Internet with “Now, I’m no prude …” they generally spend the next several sentences proving that, um, yeah … they are.

  107. haha pyrit, “milking it”. now THAT is funny!

  108. Cats in Racks
    Pups in Pants

  109. pyrit:

    Heh heh heh. It was too easy, really. That lame joke was the first thing I thought of when I saw this pic.

  110. Pyrit, I am loving it…

  111. warrior rabbit says:

    Ha! Actually read all the comments, and you wouldn’t believe how many times the word “boobies” is used on this page. Kinda funny, really.

    Yeah, this doesn’t have the sort of “accidental cute” factor going for it, so it’s not as interesting to me as other pics or other cats-n-racks pics, but otherwise, you know, whatev.

    Though I was wondering if the GF Jaypo was possibly moving to was…Grand Forks? Great Falls? Ummm…Green Fields?

  112. Mad Mike – What? I didn’t think MamilLarry King Live was a lame joke. *poit*
    (Hee, I really wanted to type it again can you tell?)

  113. pyrit:

    No, sorry! That was another one that didn’t look right. I meant that ‘Tune in Tokyo’ was lame – at least, my GF hates it.

    We’ll all cherish the mammaries of this for many weeks to come….

  114. Great cleavage, horrible fashion, cute kitty. What’s all the controversy? I guess no one wants to see my hairy
    butts and ferrets montage?

  115. Please don’t attack
    The Fullness of the rack
    You’ll overlook this fact:
    It’s a duplex for a cat

  116. > Nope. I’m not a prude. You’re a bit quick in tossing about the insults for one who in the same breath condemns those who say “junglehumps.”

    A person can help being a prude. It’s a choice. And if somebody walks like a prude, talks like a prude, has prudish opinions (to which they *are* entitled … if they don’t mind being identified as a prude) ….

    Without plastic surgery, a girl or woman doesn’t have a lot of choice about her breast size, and, since you brought up the “values of the patriarchy”, or some such, let’s look at that: unkind remarks to one another about our shapes are doing *far* more to keep women down than any pics the media shows of breasts, *whichever* of their functions they are performing. Women hardly *need* the patriarchy to make each other feel crappy, it seems.

    > Is it the function of breasts to comfort felines, even small ones?

    According to the small felines who voluntarily climb them, cuddle into them, and fall asleep there, yeah … yeah it can be. I had just such a small feline in exactly that position this morning, while I had my coffee and read the paper. (And for those of you who worry about claws and sensitive bits, teaching a kitten not to bite or claw a chest is *exactly* like teaching a kitten not to bite or claw toes or ankles. My kitten knows that if she nips, she’s going back on the floor. So she doesn’t nip. The whole point here is that breasts are *not* some really exceptional magical alluring body part with strange, strange, weird, weird powers! They’re just more flesh. Pillowy flesh.)

    Anyway, Comfort is way up there among the breasts’ most important functions.

    > If you’re going to get all technical on me – which is what you’re doing here – the answer is no.

    See above. The answer is “yes”, and not technical at all. Small kittens are drawn toward pillowy warm things to snuggle.

    > I’m guessing the nipples on breasts are a bit on the large side for kittens.

    Speaking of technical, clearly breasts are for *cuddling* and warming the young, not just for feeding.

  117. I don’t find the image offensive – kind of funny really. But also not really worthy of CO. This woman obviously needs a bra and wants some attention for her lovely breasts. So, here it is, my dear, “You have some nice breasts.” Now, could we please get back to cute animals?

  118. I’m more offended by the repeating of “cock-fighting” in the newscast. How many times in a story about “cock-fighting” do you need to say “cock-fighting” and why do I think of well oiled men… well I better not go there. heehee
    The kitty is cute! I don’t care about the rack. I have a big one. I like to have things snorgle in it.
    There I said it.

  119. musicchick2 says:

    Pyrit – LOL! I tend to feel that this is a bit beneath the quality of CUTEITUDE that we all enjoy here at C.O. No offended, just not C.O.-worthy.

    Frankly, I used to have some VERY nice boobs. But I lost 60 lbs this past year. Now they’re like sad half empty water balloons. 😦 So this pic made me… wistful? 😉

  120. musicchick2 says:

    Cat Freak – no, tell us how you REALLY feel.

    *mumbles to self* geesh

  121. This is totally NOTSAFEFORWORK.
    It’s also really obvious that the girl has her shirt open and is only wearing her bra. (look how thin the straps are)

  122. Whoa! T’ings have taken a turn for the snippy since I last gazed upon this cat-rackage.
    I’m from Kansas, female, straight.
    Don’t know which I envy more–the nice cleavage or that floofy marmie.

  123. Redzilla.. Ks huh me too.

  124. I’m from Mars and we don’t know what s*x, or b**bies, or any of that st*ff is. We don’t know good English either.

  125. pard*n me, f*lks, I meant g**d English.

  126. The first shot is cute. The kitteh looks smooshed in the second one.

  127. Mad Mike: No misunderstandings whatsoever. I didn’t think for a minute that I was a straight male from North America. 😉

    Redzilla: I also like the nice cleavage! If I had one, I would definitely hide such a soft, cold-nosed kitteh there. Just as nature intended.

  128. Redzilla, Jax:

    Hmmm, KS… me three, at least originally. I live in the DC area now.

  129. Barbie’s got a staff of six, Jaypo. (Mostly to handle PR.)

  130. Dude, no offense, but if you’re going to surf the internet at work, (or at home or anyplace really) you have to take the risk that there will be content you don’t like.

    I think the overall problem with this whole discussion is that people keep putting on their crankypants and declaring a state of emergency over some cleavage. It’s cleavage and we see it everywhere, and maybe you didn’t come here to see it, so fine, Keep Scrolling.

    No one put it up to offend you. No one’s out to get you. Just like a commercial you don’t like, change the channel and come back when the normally scheduled programming is on.

  131. First of all…yeah. I said “junglehumps” because I didn’t recheck the words CatFreak was upset by upthread – the real words were “Jungle Hunt boulder.” So thank you, Theo. It was an idiotic mistake on my part. Good grief. My apologies.

    And CatFreak – if you want to think I’m a prude, that’s honestly no skin off of my knees. You continue to think I’m somehow a breast-hater -“Without plastic surgery, a girl or woman doesn’t have a lot of choice about her breast size..” you say. I never spoke to this point at all. I’m not sure where you’re getting this. I mentioned this as a topic that doesn’t belong here, on cuteoverload, but that’s pretty much all.

    I think I’ve made my point. Of the many, many wonderful pictures here, this is one I do not like. It’s not a big deal.

    Over and out.

  132. No where near Wichita? Huh Huh

  133. hmmm…it just makes me wish I had a bigger chest to mash my cat into. though it still feels wonderful to smersh him into my small chest. and he seems to like it.

  134. O_O!! Holy meat balloons!!

  135. So now that the word boobies appears about a dozen times in one thread, are workplace filters going to start flagging CO?

  136. How in the *world* can cleavage, with no visible nipples, even *be* NSFW?

    As for the “boss looking over your shoulder”, he’s going to be OK with your blowing off work time to look at itty bitty kitties and ferrets … but scandalized if he catches you looking at a pic containing some cleavage? You’re *not* wasting time looking at cats, but you *are* wasting time if it’s cleavage?

    Does not compute.

    If he’s like any boss *I’ve* ever had, (or any boss I ever *was*), he/she’d be equally upset if you were spending work time viewing the Shroud of Turin.

    Titties carry a ridiculous semantic load (semi-pun semi-intended) in American culture — way, way beyond reason — as any reader of this thread can tell.

  137. CatFreak – you have no right to attack Anne the way you have been. She was simply saying that she didn’t come to CO to see gratuitous breast shots. Not that she had a problem with breasts. Why don’t you just take it down a notch and calm the hell down.

  138. also, there’s quite a difference between looking at a kitty and breasts online at work. As you’ve said yourself, our society isn’t very accepting of *near* nudity. Right or not, it’s still not acceptable so yes, it’s NSFW.

  139. I’m undecided which is more interesting, the photo or the comments regarding the photo.
    To me the kitten looks like it would rather be somewhere else. The boobs are nice, but not what I come to CO to see.

  140. Some women wear sultry perfumes,
    And some favour tropical blooms.
    But this goes to show
    That the girls at C.O.
    Like to show off with cats on bazooms.

  141. As others have pointed out, we see a lot of other “gratuitous” stuff here, and a lot of other obviously posed pics, and a lot of other pics of animals who are apparently slightly uncomfortable.

    And most of us find this stuff cute.

    To single out breasts as being more offensive, more “uncute”, than this other stuff is indicative of a deep cultural sickness, and a galloping hypocrisy that makes Americans the laughing stock of the entire civilized world.

    The notion that people need to be protected from the sight of a human breast, that human breasts — even with the nipples well-covered — are somehow indecent, and the sight of them is something a person has every right to complain about, to demand that the rest of the culture remove from in front of their Virgin Eyes, is annoying in the extreme, and worth calling people on their stuff over, IMO.

    I will *not* calm the hell down when I see my countrymen/women behaving like inconsistent juvenile idjits … and patting themselves on the back for it.

  142. LOL, Kate.

  143. ….I totally have that bra. In that exact same pattern. Victoria’s Secret, circa…uh….some years ago?

    Oh. Nice cat. Tho’ he looks a bit smooshed.

  144. What Denise in NE, Melissa and TH said. I don’t find it offensive, just…meh. Nothing cute at all about a suffocating kitteh. I’m sure the guys find it FASCINATING. To Spinoza’s point, will we have a “Pups and Wienies” category? Doubtful.

  145. CatFreak — but… but I *enjoy* behaving like an inconsistent juvenile idjit…

  146. Aw, man. I come here to recover from the OJ book/TV special news and now I find that CO has gone all soft-core on me and everybody’s calling each other names. Sigh.
    Off to the archives!

  147. That’s funny… I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen anyone demand that the photo be removed? Most of the comments have simply been of the nature that the image isn’t all that cute to them.

    You’re obviously too stubborn to actually take the time to breathe and look at this from someone else’s viewpoint.

    Also, Americans’ “fear” of breasts is hardly the main reason the rest of the world doesn’t think too highly of us. And there are several countries with more reserved opinions.

  148. Oh 8o …. poor little kitty, it’s going to turn blue due to lack of oxygen 😛

  149. Oh give me a break. Both the photo’s and some of these comments are freaking ridiculous.

  150. Thanks, Theo 😀

    The lim’ricks have now eaten my brains and I cannot think of anything else… I shall have to stay here and be the Limerick Monkey forever.

  151. Dang! I am double jealous! I wish I had a kitten to snuggle, AND I wish I had boobies like that! I am solid ribcage. You could wash clothes on me.

  152. All I know is, I’d give my right arm for a kitteh like that. Or for a rack as nice as that one. Or for a cute bra/camisole thingy like that.

    Huh. Who knew I’d go all covet-y over CO?

  153. Good one, Kate!

    P.S. Oh, and spinoza?

    >>hairy butts and ferrets montage< <

    I may never sleep again!

  154. People. Stop. Meg is our rack-onteur – ACCEPT IT.

  155. Musicchick, congrats on the weight loss! You go girl. 🙂

  156. OK, before anyone else protests “deliberate” cat in rackitude, I would just like to say, I nearly died laughing at that one girl who crammed her giant ragdoll into her tiny tank top. Do not make any rules that would have eliminated THAT! 😀

  157. Note to self: perhaps CO is NOT ok to view at work…

    Seriously, racks are great, but this isn’t RackOverload.

  158. The Guy Over There says:

    As for the “boss looking over your shoulder”, he’s going to be OK with your blowing off work time to look at itty bitty kitties and ferrets … but scandalized if he catches you looking at a pic containing some cleavage? You’re *not* wasting time looking at cats, but you *are* wasting time if it’s cleavage?

    Yes, usually whenever I log into CO, if someone looks, they usually go “Awww” or “How cute.” I spread the CO love in a way by frequenting here and having people ask me about it.

    On the other hand, if I have to fish around for a driver or some other update to a business-related program that’s on a website where I’m saturated with banners from Match.com, the first thing my boss will say is: “Is this actually work related?”

    For the standards here, it’s okay to use the internet during downtime, but anything remotely pornographic in the workplace immediately sets off buzzers.

    The other Cats n’ Racks are fine. This one someone said before: too much rack to see, not enough cat for me to appreciate.

    And I’m still waiting for that photoshopped seal.

  159. see, this was all somewhat saddening that people are getting so upset about nothing..I was getting down in the dumps cause of all the qte harshing. til of course I saw the word “meat balloons”. I nearly ruined my computer with all the water that sprayed outta my face…I am gonna have to find a way to use that in a sentence today. Meat Balloons. Fantastic.

  160. martha in mobile says:

    I was wondering how smooshy-faced cats got that way. Now I know. Thanks, CO, for the edumication!

  161. ACTUALLY, adaptatively speaking, there is nothing wrong with ogling breasts! We’re the only primates with prominent breasts (except for bonobo chimps and they still ain’t got nothing on us), even though all other primate species do nurse, so biologically, they have to serve some other purpose than feding babies. and the only other purpose that springs to mind is for attracting the other sex, and making them feel reproductive urges. or making us buy overpriced bits of satin and elastic, but I doubt our cave-dwelling ancestors were doing much of that. anyhow, biology trumps feminism sometimes, and we just have to keep on trucking the best we can in the face of our design flaws. anyway, the point is, decorative boobs do serve a purpose in terms of the long-term survival of the species! doesn’t this give you a new appreciation for them?
    Katherine, who enjoys the chance to whip out some armchair primatology

  162. It’s not a morality issue for me – I enjoy my porn as much as the next chick. However, I come to CO to see CUTE, FUZZY ANIMALS, not boobs.

    So, as I said earlier; more kitty, less boob, please.

    (If we have to keep this up, I’m going to want a ‘crocs ‘n’ cocks’ category, too. I demand it!)

  163. The Guy Over There says:

    As a man, let me be the first to second (and squinch with pain at the concept of) this new category.

  164. ok, um… I <3 boobies, despite being on the straight (female) end of the spectrum. Did I find this picture cute? Naw, not particularly...I can't see enough of the kitten or properly gauge how adorably tiny it is. However, I just moved on to the next cute picture.
    Problem solved!

  165. Now, normally I love me some Cats N Racks, but there is a big difference in the cutness of a cat that has snuggled up in someone’s boobs and a cat that has been shoved into someone’s extremely exposed cleavage so they can get their tits on CO. More in-context boobies, please!

  166. Theo, thanks for the “Cats in Racks” archive link — my FAVE is Chessie in the computer array rack!

  167. acelightning says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s not a bra, as in underwear, but rather the top of a two-piece bathing suit – which, of course, is often seen in public. But the cat does look rather overwhelmed.

  168. CO entries like this show the need for some sort of rating system to provide Meg real feedback on what we consider cute. It doesn’t even need to be a public rating.

    And while definitely staged and maybe not as cute as other entries, it’s hardly NSFW.

  169. Kitteh FP: Oh, what’s this?

    Kitteh SP: Back up! Back up!

  170. Mark, I agree with you on the rating thing.

  171. What takes it out of the cute category – for me – is not the attention-seeking flashing of flesh, but her wrist obviously pushing its little face against her in the 1st pic; and then her whole forearm smooshing him (ha – just assumed *it’s* a boy-nuthin intended -really!) in the 2nd. That is not the picture of a happily-snuggling kitty.

    But of course- he lived.

  172. Anna, greeeat! Now you are going to inspire some silly punster to take a photo of those hideous shoes, held against her chest! 🙂

  173. Arvay, no one will do that, and no one here will shed any tears over it. Those shoes are a
    crock-de-filing truly amazing creatures.


  174. I hate you guys.

  175. Those are some nice boobs!!!

  176. Reeeeeeeaching, Aubrey.

    Hater — I am sad.

    Lisa — where??

  177. http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/images/101.jpg
    THIS was a beautiful submishe…

    these, I agree, are rather staged and lose the charm of other cats n racks submissions. Them’s some big zoomers that girl’s got. I, for one, am jealous. The kitteh, I fear, is suffocating. O__O

  178. T., it happens. I figured that was the reason for Hater’s outburst.

  179. dont know what all the complaining is, it looks cute to me.

  180. who the hell would “not show these pics to their kids”. its just cleavage, the human body is not evil.

  181. Does nobody else think she’s just hugging the kitten? When you give a cat a hug and you have boobs like that, that’s what happens. It’s not necessarily staged.

    I’m not offended by this photo in the slightest. What I am offended by is Anne’s suggestion that it’s catering to a patriarchal standard…?! How is wearing a tank top when you have big boobs and taking a picture catering to a patriarchal standard? If women ran the world, would we all walk around with our shirts buttoned up to our necks?

    I really don’t think this picture was taken with hopes that we’d all be ogling her tits. There’s a kitty whose owner doesn’t realize she’s smothering him in her boobs, and that’s just funny.

  182. “(If we have to keep this up, I’m going to want a ‘crocs ‘n’ cocks’ category, too. I demand it!)”

    You want to see alligators and roosters?? *puzzled*

  183. i totally love teh cute in this pic! squishy kitteh squishingly squished… nyaawwwwww…

  184. thems some cute titties and cute kitties but not so cute commentary. aw. ya’ll making me sad.

  185. ARVAY: Loved your description of “mammary envy”. However, I issue a challenge–do your own cats-n-racks shot–and let’s just see if it gets the same screen time! Double-DOG-Dare-Ya!!

  186. ebee, I lack both cat and rack, but here is my sweet bunny with my ribcage:

    Sweet Jeebus, she’s cute! Just looking at her photos, I miss her, and I live with her! Anyway, do those count? 😀

  187. Wow. There are quite a few freaking idiots here, aren’t there?

  188. As soon as I saw the picture I thought ohmygosh there will be comments. Sure enough! Personally I think everyone should lighten up just a bit. If you don’t like the photo (I liked the first, not the second primarily because it was redundant) then just page down, as someone else pointed out. Problem solved!

    As for NSFW, I also wondered how a ferret in a neckerchief is ok but not a kitten in a rack (whatever its size or shape). My boss seeing either one, would wonder how it applies to the work assignments he’s given me. Racks? not relevant to my work. Chomping turkles? same. (sadly.)

    So those who enjoy the phote, party on! and those who don’t, scroll down!

    That’s all from me.

    Did we hit 200 yet? 🙂

  189. Arvay, that is a devastatingly plush bunny. In the second pic, I refuse to believe he is not a stuffed toy, he’s that perfectly plush.

  190. ******

    not yet, “Who Cares” … 190, last count.

    Seems like we need a new cat-eeeeechhh-gory for all the bitchy comments and drumbeaters here:


    anywhere but on CO …


  191. nice boobs … oh wait, there’s a kitty there too.

  192. Dan — yep, and I just counted 1 more.

  193. Seriously, Arvay, submit that second pic as a real CO.

  194. NSFW? What kind of job says “Cute shit” is OK, but “Cute shit with boobs” not. You lazy people. GET TO WORK.

  195. Arvay – OMG, that’s a HUGE bunny!! Cute, too!

  196. ***
    One note tho… and I think this is unlikely in the EXTREME… but if the “Dan” above happens to be the same Dan that Arvay hangs out with a lot, and not an ACTUAL freaking idiot, then I take it back.

    But like I said: I doubt this very, very much.

  197. Nicholas – I so agree with the first part, but I wish I had some work to get to!!


    Now that we have *that* outta the way…

    I would like to point all of the Nuffs in the direction of the toe-kronshing dog. It’s just not kosher for a post of such distinguishment to go un-Nuffed! …It only needs one or two… maybe a couple of complaints about terrible parents letting dogs run rampant, maybe a few DOG DECLARING DOMINANCE whiners…

    Please give me SOMETHING interesting to blog about. You Nuffs really keep me gigglin’. (And it would be a shame for Aubs & Crew to have to waste all the popcorn!)

  199. And that was post 200.

  200. Bring us some FRESH cute. What do we look like? TWO BOOBS?

  201. you guys r silly says:

    Emily Anonymous:
    I was just sitting here eating my Junior Mints, checking out the commentroversy, when I saw your link to the picture of the weiner dog in the guy’s underpants…thank you thank you thank you!!! When I saw Caroline’s comment about that earlier, I pictured the EXACT SAME picture and was DYING for someone to post the link to it!!!
    CRACKS ME UP!!! A WEINER in a guy’s pants….who ever heard of such a ridiculous thing…&:o)
    Thanks for making me laugh!
    (Now I’ll have to scroll back up to the comments and continue reading…)

  202. The Guy Over There says:



    Now THOSE are a bunch of boobies.

    I wouldn’t mind more tits on this site, as long as they aren’t milking my cans in the process.

    With that said, working for an NPO has its advantages.

    With another thing said, I’ve got nothing to do anyway. Sorry for being good at what I do. -_-

  203. Jesus hates boobs. I hope my children never find out what boobs are. And here you have almost ruined it!

    But seriously… cute kitteh!

  204. Female, straight, US resident (although born and raised in Europe). The first picture is cute, the second is just eh. If you think that’s “omg! too much boob! too sexy! too inappropriate!”, I highly recommend crawling out from under your rock every once in a while. There aren’t even Evil Nipples of Doom showing.

    And is it really necessary to get all bent out of shape because you just don’t like the picture? I don’t like pictures that contain human babies, but I’m one of those quiet baby-haters who’ll just scroll past it in my browser and forget.


  205. Jesus hates boobs. I hope my children never find out what boobs are. And here you have almost ruined it!

    But seriously… cute kitteh!

  206. It *is* a cute kitteh. And I doubt that it’s smothering.

    Kittehs, even tiny kittehs, are very very good at wiggling out of situations that displease them. Kittehs actually like to press their faces into soft fur or soft skin, like their Moms’or sibs’ bellies, or the warm skin of their protectors.

    I think it’s cool the way the tawny tones of the kittehfur and her skin seem to match.

  207. One last thing:
    Rating system? Yeah whatever.

    What people don’t seem to realize is that it’s *Meg’s* site and if *Meg* finds cats in cleavage cute, then she should post it all she wants.

    The internet doesn’t exist for y’all. Quit the entitlement and enjoy the cute!

  208. I actually stuck it out all the way to the bottom of this crap shoot. I went from disbelief and “ya gotta be kiddin’ me” at the pruderies to chuckling at the ridiculosity (yes, I invent words) of it all and finally burst out laughing at

    “Seems like we need a new cat-eeeeechhh-gory for all the bitchy comments and drumbeaters here:


    anywhere but on CO …”

    And it’s still making me cackle.

    And Ket? I couldn’t agree more.

  209. Millie’s not huge! She’s only seven pounds! Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus is nearly ten! 😀

  210. Arvay — I just hate “taking it back.” Glad I don’t have to.
    (Oh fine, you double-entendre-hounds, go crazy.)


    My reply is supposed to come AFTER Arvay’s “Not my Dan” comment!

  212. My kitteh actually *likes* being smooshed like this.
    He goes pancake flat on a shoulder to calm down.
    (He needs calming because he’s a recovering feral who is suddenly shocked by things like the t.v. or tea kettle.)
    Squoosh him flat, he goes limp, then it’s superpurr.
    It’s like being under a blankie–all tucked up and safe.

  213. Yeah, I noticed the time warp. Really odd, considering my own post from my same damned computer, posted a mere two minutes later, was okay. That 3:36 PM one is whacked. It’s only 2:56 right now. Here.

  214. Well, at least (for some of you out there) this isn’t a European or Brazilian cute portal!

    Boobs rock. Kittehs too.

  215. Grumblecakes says:

    I was going to say I think the girl/woman seems pretty desperate to have people look at her tits, but if I don’t like these pictures I guess that means I hate women’s bodies. So instead I’m going to write my Congressman and ask that all women be required to wear burqas.

  216. lauowolf: Xena, my rescue kitteh (who is doing *GREAT*, BTW) also loves to be smooshed flat! She does the same thing when smooshed — lies very flat, shuts her eyes, and purrs really loudly.

    She also likes to be buried in mounds and mounds of towels or laundry.

    It really does seem to be a security thing.

  217. Albertadude says:

    Yes for those who lecture us on that their just boobs, I would say, whatever happened to modesty? This is supposed to be a fun sight….not a sight where we have to use NSFW…..

    To all you libertines, their are millions of porn sites if that is what you need…..I would hope that a sight like CO would stay family friendly!!

  218. Albertadude, no-one is saying that they “need” to see photos of boobs. Just that they don’t find cleavage offensive.

    I guess there are two separate arguments from the “anti-boob” squad:

    I. Okay with boobs, but the photo is just gratuitious boobage, where CO is supposed to focus on animals, not boobs, nor hotel reviews, nor human children. I actually see these people’s point.

    II. Boobs are evil! OMG you can’t let children see boobs! Blindfold them to breastfeed, mkay? Boobs are sexist! [Aside–why do so many people confuse “sexy” with “sexist”? A photo of a woman in lingerie is sexy, not sexist. I mean… anyway] OMG I will NOT let my children see this! Nevermind that they see ten times more boobage on television, in addition to the ever-charming blood-soaked murder scenes, people shouting at and being otherwise mean and disrespectful to family members, violent car crashes and people beating each other up and seducing each other’s spouses! All of that is just fine, but CLEAVAGE?!? Heavens above, gracious me!

    Okay, these people? Them there are nuts.


  219. WickedWendy says:

    You can never have enough good boob-age….oh and kittehs….I love kittehs….and the boobs…they’re pretty nice too.

  220. you guys r silly and so are boobies says:

    Arvay : Your bunneh is *beautiful*! Lucky You! (Please give her fuzziness a schmurgle from ME, ok?)

  221. you guys r silly and so are boobies says:

    and hey! MY comment just posted AFTER the previously posted comment, TOO…
    Did I finally perfect my time machine and not even KNOW it???

  222. I’m just curious how you can tell that “the girl/woman seems pretty desperate to have people look at her tits”, especially in a way that is *not* true of every other “Cats ‘n’ Racks” poster?

    What makes the difference?

    But I still don’t see where the pic is even “staged”. Little kittehs *do* crawl up on racks and moosh their faces in them, all on their own power.

    It will be interesting to find out, if the pic posters post here, to what extent peoples’ assumptions about the girl/woman’s supposedly obvious (sic) exhibitionistic streak are correct.

  223. time traveling you guys r silly and so are boobies says:


  224. What’s not “family friendly” about boobs? Boobs are for babies first.

    It’s not a porn pic. The girl/woman is clothed.

    She’s just well-endowed, and it really feels like a lot of people assume, just from that, that she’s some crazed hoyden who’s just looking for an excuse to show off her Girls, from some set of bizarre motives that many people seem to understand, merely from viewing a photograph.

    What a world.

  225. This post is very indecent, and it promotes acceptance of soft-core pornography. Inadvertently promoting this kind of material is shameful since it is not the intention or purpose of this site as far as I know. Cute animals should be the emphasis rather than people’s selfish attempts to bolster their vanity. This is a site that many proud Americans enjoy with their children, and these kinds of postings are a disgrace. I will be sure to never recommend this site to anyone again if this trend continues.

  226. Sound the alarms! Avert your eyes!
    It’s a sign of our civilization’s demise!

    Man your posts! This is not a drill!
    Let’s all march on capitol hill!

    Sign a petition! Light a candle!
    Carry a sign condemning this scandal!

    Run for cover! Red Alert!
    A kitten has been stuffed down a shirt!

  227. “his is a site that many proud Americans enjoy with their children”?


    Patriotism is neither pro-boob nor anti-boob. That was a *very* strange statement. The mind reels.

  228. Michelle, please take a seat beside Aubrey and Kate, and lemme get youse a nice bottle of wine. 😀

  229. you guys r silly says:

    Arvay : Seems that no matter HOW many bazillion comments get posted, YOUR’s is always going to be THE LAST ONE….
    very very weird….

  230. I’m exhausted from all the boobie debate. i’m going to have to start joining in a less controversial thread. doggies biting off babies toes? hmmm…i’ll give it a try…

  231. Not my Dan, Teho, but I appreciate your thoughts. However, if my Dan made an ass of himself (thought his Dan here, IMHO, really wasn’t that bad) on the innernets, you’d be perfectly within your rights to say so.

  232. I’m thinking only until 3:32, when the rest of the world, myself included, catches up to that bit of me that warped into the future.

  233. you guys r silly says:

    Hey Look! — It just DID, Arvay!
    So…..YOU’re a time traveler too, eh??? (Hey – Was that YOU that had the correspondence with the guy looking for parts for his time machine on vox??? VERY FUNNY INDEED!)

  234. And I must express my gratitude for how glad I am that this site does not post “cute” pictures of babies unless used as a prop or secondary object. I would much rather look at boobies than babies…who’s with me?

  235. Yup, that was me. 🙂

  236. you guys r silly says:

    Arvay : Did you happen to see the auction that was on ebay about 1 year ago, for a time machine that some guy found when he was “renovating” his basement??? It was GREAT! And I forget exactly what it finally sold for, but it was a couple hundred dollars! The guy said that he “thinks” it was broken, but that it could probably be FIXED if you were good with engines!!!

  237. Cute kitty!

    What — what? There are BOOBS in that picture?

    I am shocked!

  238. Grumblecakes says:

    CatFreak- What’s the point in me saying I never compared this woman to any other Cats ‘n’ Racks women? All you’ll hear is “OMG this woman should be ashamed of her large breasts!!! Big boobs are GROSS!!!11”

  239. Nope! Sounds hilarious, though!

  240. CatFreak, please consider my Explanation I, above. It might make more sense to you, and help you unknot your undies.

  241. “whatever happened to modesty?”

    What is immodest about this picture? The “naughty bits” are covered. Seriously.

    And I have got to assume that “Johnny” is joking. Man, I hope so.

    And lovely rhyme, Melissa.

  242. Arvay, I liked what you said about Explanation I, only … considering that we already have a “Cats ‘n’ Racks” cat-egory, where the entire *POINT* is to juxtapose your cat and your rack, it’s a bit more difficult to respect the folks who are making this argument.

    So this, today, is the Cats ‘n’ Racks post that went “too far”? Why? Just because the rack is extremely ample? Uh … right there, it seems to me that we’re veering into some gray area between Explanation I and Explanation II. And it sounds prejudicial:

    “Women with small racks and kittens pressed against them make for delightful photo-ops! Women with *large* racks and kittens pressed against them are occasions for Covering the Eyes of the Young and Impressionable and making assumptions about the motives of the poser that one would not so readily make about a poser of smaller endowments.”


    And if you’ll notice, we have a lot of folks here who are thoroughly all about Explanation II, when stripped of all the disclaimers.

  243. pppfffffttttt all the noise on this post has made it impossible to hear the (quiet) story I was trying so very hard to hear from TJ in the penguin thread… oh wait, maybe it’s because he’s traded places with the kitty and his voice is all muffled now 😉

  244. you guys r silly says:

    yes . . . I’m STILL humbled by TJ’s generous, unselfish offer . . . to be willing to make a sacrifice like THAT, for US…
    *what*a*saint*of*a*man* . . .
    Thank you, TJ

  245. CatFreak, what some find immodest is not the boobage, it’s the loss of focus on the kitten, the kitten being the ostensible purpose of CO.

    If I take a photo of me in a beautiful evening gown, with my hair done up and makeup on and beautiful shoes, with my rabbit sitting at my feet, I think people would be accurate in assessing that I was fishing for compliments on my own beauty, not my rabbit’s. I think that’s what bugs me about this photo, although I am pro-boob and am in fact quite the nudist. 🙂

  246. Although *backpedalling* of course we don’t know for sure what this woman was thinking. And again, I’m not saying I agree with this perception! That’s just how I interpreted it. Some jealousy? Perhaps! Would the above-described photo of me, only with oily skin and pimples and frizzy hair and being grossly overweight or whatever, ilicit as much protest? Perhaps not. Who can say?

  247. But Arvay … she’s *not* all dolled up. She’s just lying there hugging a kitten.

    She’s shaped the way she’s shaped, and things are draping the way they naturally drape when someone of that shape hugs a kitten to their chest.

    Again, I wish we could ask her and the photog. It looks like a very casual pose to me.

    Far more casual than, say, the pose with the Maine Coon shoved down the little tanktop. ;->

  248. And she happens to be shaped very beautifully and happens to be wearing a flattering bra and perhaps that does invite some snittiness. I’m just sayin’.

  249. NOT that that makes it okay to snipe at her! *backpedalling again*

    I’m just offering an explanation as to why these photos illicited such a visceral response.

  250. I would really like to know what Jason Schwartzman thinks of these photos…(are you out there Jason???)

  251. Ah! I saw your backpedal(s) after I posted mine about how she’s *not* necessarily unnaturally posed. Thanks for conceding that point.

    Yeah. That’s part of what is annoying me. This furor would not accompany a similar shot of Miss B Cup, in the exact same pose and lingerie. No one would be locking up the children; no one would be making snipe-y assumptions of the form, “Oh, that CO-ruinin’ *hussy*!” or coming up with rude and dismissive euphemisms for her boobs.

    Sure, if the photographer hired a DD model to make this shot and then rubbed Vaseline all over the lens, then yeah … I would make concessions on that point.

    But I’m guessing that this is just an ordinary couple hanging out with their kitten and a camera.

  252. you guys r silly says:

    At first, I thought that the pictures looked TOO posed. And just like I prefer the AFVs that are COMPLETELY SPONTANEOUS as opposed to ones where there’s a Narrator and a pre-planned “funny” script and everything…I was thinking that I don’t like the PURPOSELY posed pictures as much here, either.
    But then in thinking about it, there are ALOT of POSED pics on CO…Maybe 1/2 of the pics here didn’t happen without some outside “help”…(think Guinea Pig in Bumblebee costume…)
    So posed or NOT posed, *cute* can STILL happen.
    It’s just really really strange to see the things that people get all riled up about…Whoever would have thought that boobies and babies and harmless stuff like THAT could piss some people off like it has here on CO (of all places…) sometimes, you know?

  253. Arvay has officially commented more than ME under a Cute Overload post.

  254. [ambles in humming Bobby Darin songs]

    So watchay’all doin’ over here?

    [glances around at comments]

    Oh, nevermind.

    [backs out of post slowly, returns to Li’l Blue Eyes]

  255. Actually, CatFreak, there was quite a bit of commentroversy at every Cat in Rack pic, especially the ones with the bestest-endowed racks. Hmmmm maybe there’s something to my theory!

    Okay, I get it now. A rare moment of clarity for me… The ones with the NICE racks get picked on more because the assumption is that they did it on purpose to show off their racks. The ones with the more humble racks, no-one assumes they are showing off, because, hey, there’s nothing to show off (believe me, no-one would accuse *me* of gratuitious boobage! 😉 ). Therefore, the ones with modest boobage are definitely for real showing off their kittehs.

    There! Now I’ve both explained it and removed the accusation of petty jealous on the part of the anti-boobies! May I have an apple?

  256. Not offended at all. I’m a straight female from Texas. I think it’s an adorable photo. Kitty’s face says “Oh no…” *squeesh*. I also don’t think it is staged. I’ve had many photos taken where I am cuddling an animal on my chest. The only difference is that I happen to have a shirt on. All those offended with breasts, move to the middle east. You won’t see any there.

  257. “May I have an apple?”

    Sorry – the last I saw, the baby in the next post was holding it.

  258. For the love of all that is good, can the little kitty get some air? His face is so full of boobage that he simply cannot. She’s just squishing his little head in there like there’s no tomorrow =[

  259. That was low, Aubrey. You’re trying to make me jealous of a baby. 🙂

  260. I think these are definitely cute. No one should have to wear turtleneck sweaters or risk “gratuitously” showing off their racks. Other posed photos in this category I thought were much less cute. I also think the photographer did a really nice job here.

    My cat smushes his own face all the time, and no harm done. He curls up somewhere and falls asleep face down on the pillow/floor/armrest, or face mushed up into whatever surface is closest.

    (having to go recover from reading all these comments now..)

  261. I’m hoping this sort of stuff stays off this site. I see too much of this crap everywhere else I go, I come here because of the innocence it evokes, just looking at the cute, not someone slutting it up for the camera.

    Please Meg, won’t you please think of the kittens?!?

    FWIW, I’m a 24 yr-old MALE.

  262. Good analysis, Arvay. But I come to different conclusions, using essentially the same data:

    > The ones with the NICE racks get picked on more because the assumption is that they did it on purpose to show off their racks.

    But there’s no proof of that! It *is* just an assumption, after all, and D-cups love kitties just like B-cups do.

    > The ones with the more humble racks, no-one assumes they are showing off, because, hey, there’s nothing to show off (believe me, no-one would accuse *me* of gratuitious boobage! 😉 ). Therefore, the ones with modest boobage are definitely for real showing off their kittehs.

    My take? Probably almost *all* of them are, for real. They intend to show off their kittehs, not their tittehs!

    > There! Now I’ve both explained it and removed the accusation of petty jealous on the part of the anti-boobies!

    You have explained it, but I rather think your observations bolster, rather than refute, the “petty jealousy” theory.

    It seems that a girl (woman/womyn/vagino-American/whatever) with large breasts faces a suspicion about her motives and character that a girl with small breasts does not face.

    Moreover, the Explanation II crowd is more apt to consider her obscene and a threat to the Eyes and Sensibilities of Our Nation’s Precious Children, than her more svelte-torsoed sister.

    And that just ain’t right. And that’s why I’ve had hell’s own time just shutting *up* about it. That viewpoint seems unjustly rude to both Meg and the poster/model. (Clearly, I don’t have a problem with *justified* rudeness … just the *unjustified* kind.)

    (Hmmm… I keep remembering my Dad’s old advice, “Pick the hill(s?) you want to die on!”) ;->

  263. “can the little kitty get some air”

    You’ve never seen a baby or a kitten nurse, apparently.

    Theo: “I just counted one more.”

    so, observing that people are behaving like freaking idiots *makes* one a freaking idiot….but only if they’re not a friend of a friend.

    What a substanceless clique-dork thing to say. Surprise, surprise.

    by far the best advice I’ve seen: “This is the last time I read any commentary on pictures on this site.”

  264. There’s a cat in this photo?

  265. bunnajenny says:

    Oh peeps! But then again it’s been ages since we’ve had a decent commentraversy. I toyed with the idea of throwing petrol on the bonfire, but decided that I just don’t have the energy. Instead if you want to be either a)weirded out, b)grossed out, c)massively offended, or… google cat breastfeeding video.

  266. La la la la la, hey, everybody—oh, dang it!
    [picking up stick to scrape commentroversy off bottom of show.]

  267. shoE!! (stupid French keyboard) Now, I’ve stepped in it.

  268. That’s an ugly cat and is only interesting to look at because it’s pressed up against some spectacular boobs. Don’t begrudge the poor ugly kitty its 15 minutes of fame, however it comes about.

    And don’t be hatin on them boobs just because yours probably don’t look as good.

  269. I don’t really care much whether there are breasts in a photo or not (I grew up in a breastfeeding house where breasts where just meant for feeding babies and not obscene), but this one just isn’t cute. And that kitten looks so unhappy.

  270. chet's momma says:

    oh geez, they are not even “boobs” till you see a nip or two. at this level, it’s *cleavage* or *bosom*. I see a silly photo, staged or not, who cares? you see much worse walking down the street! I’d rather avert my eyes and focus on cute kitteh, and will look at my own rack a little later. and i will enjoy. and then go hug my cat.

  271. chet's momma says:

    and duvall–you can just go away, and you do not deserve to see any boobs if you think the kitty is “ugly.”

  272. geez, I’ve been sitting here with my kitty up against my fairly considerable rack for a good chunk of the evening and nothing much, good or bad, has happened to me yet – what am I doing wrong?

  273. chet's momma says:

    arbed-clearly, you are one of the lucky ones to enjoy a good cuddle as nature intended. I say–carry on!

  274. Yep, broke 200.

  275. yay for the titties, the cat…could be better.

  276. Sorry momma, that cat is bad news. Just cause it’s got fur, ears and eyes don’t make it cute. Basic fact of nature. Some things are ugly, even some baby animals.

    And deserving to see boobs rarely has anything to do with actually seeing boobs. ‘Deserve” is not a factor.

  277. musicchick2 says:

    Dang! I can’t believe you guys are still debating about all this. Almost 300 posts! Aren’t there more important issues in the world to get your panties in a wad about??

  278. There are other issues in the world?

  279. Ok, enough of the female objectification on here. Yes, cats are cute, but cats posing with tits doesn’t make them cuter. This isn’t the place for people to show off their tits.

    Or, why don’t we create a “Cats and Packages” to even the field. I’ll stop complaining when I see that.

  280. I bet the lady in the pic is a fat ugly whale.

  281. “Or, why don’t we create a “Cats and Packages” to even the field. I’ll stop complaining when I see that.”

    You mean “Cats n Pecs”. “Package” refers to another… ahem… area.

    What is wrong with objectification anyway? Isn’t that what makes up much of what CO is? People going on about the tiny ears… the little paws… the cute noses… the upraised tocks…

    OMG Animal objectification on Cute Overload! They’re admiring the individual body parts! Someone call peta!

  282. Now, I know I said I’d boycott the comments section, but human nature is what it is.

    So, for a start, what IS offensive is describing this girl or any other girl in the cats n racks category as ‘slutty’ or ‘skanky’ or other similar verbage. Disgusting. Horrible. Hideous. It makes me sick.

    Offensive is degrading a woman verbally by calling her a slut because you can see the top of her breast. If that equates slut to some of you people, then I suggest you lock yourselves up in your homes, because guess what? You see the top of the breast while walking down the bloody street.

    Until we all stop referring to any woman not in a burka as a slut there will NEVER be equality.

  283. Pecs aren’t considered sexual organs, like racks are. You missed the point.

    This is indeed a site where we ogle at the cuteness of animals. Is this a societal issue? Nope. If female objectification a societal issue? Yup.

  284. Here here, Teri!

  285. *

    people …

    set …

    300 !!!





  286. The poor kitteh doesn’t seem comfortable.. If the kitteh looked happier in the pictures, there probably wouldn’t be as much controversy.

  287. Is it just me, or am I the only who thinks that “CatFreak” doesn’t have a life but to come to this message board to cram her views onto other people?

    Thought so…

  288. chet's momma says:

    wow duvall, that is one pointless argument for deserving to see boobs.

  289. I think CatFreak and Arvay have some good points here. The pic does show quite a bit of skin, but the little kitty is cute (though we can’t really tell whether it’s comfortable) and all cuddled up in warm soft breasts. I would object if the pic was any more revealing that something we’d see on a beach, or if it really looked pornographic (that jacket is unsexy enough that I don’t think it would be there if the photo’s main intent was to tittilate). However, I think that photo’s just barely on the right side of “the line”.

  290. CatFreak, where is your sense of humor? Has it fallen into the Bermuda Triangle boobage like our little friend here?

    Christy above me said “tittilate” *giggles*

    Joking! =D

    Ok, I’ll stop being a 6th grader.

  291. chet's momma says:

    looking again, it’s really only funny in a “i shall love him and squeeze him and call him George” kind of way! good NIGHT!!!!!

  292. … just doin’ my part to get it to 300…

  293. ***

    onya, TAJ … LOL


  294. Anonymous Coward says:

    All the cats n’ racks photos are borderline pornography. If you feel any differently, you’re not a pervert. You know you are, though.

    By the way, nice ****ing rack.

  295. Threeeeeeeeeeeeee-hundy!

  296. Threehundred and one!

  297. Dazed+Confused says:

    Honestly, people. Boobs are boobs. If we’re worried about kids staring, I say…let’s work on feeding children, stopping abuse, teaching them to read, and getting them away from drugs before we work on ‘Omg Kids don’t stare at something you’re hormonally fascinated with!’. Then, in about…20 years, we can take this picture down. Until then, let’s just sit down and enjoy the cuteness, ne?

  298. well, those are some very nice boobs. I can’t really even see the kitten’s face though! I have nothing against bosoms whatsoever, but I think as far as pictures of kittens go, this is not very flattering to the kitten. Not so much a cat in a rack as a rack with a cat nearby.

  299. Tasteless.

    I’ve loved CO for ages, but this category and especially these pics have made me reconsider.

  300. that is one horny kitty!!!

  301. You guys need to get off your high horses. Cute is cute. If you don’t like this, click the back button, close tab button, close button, etc. You’re not CRUSADERS OF JUSTICE FOR THE RIGHTS OF ANIMALS AND BOOBS, you’re just enraged, sad people arguing over the internet.


  302. Yes, there seems to be a lot of rack. Guess it didn’t bother me because there’s always a lot of rack around my house (wife being built as she is). Also I’m male, and racks don’t tend to make me uncomfortable.

    Focus on the kitten guys. The kitten is funny. Especially in the first pic, where his eyes have that “help! I’m trapped!” look. The second is more in the “the stuff I do to be considered cute, it’s just disgusting” look.

  303. more than 306 posts for this one, oh dear…

    Bunch of pervs that you are! 😀 yeah, okay, me too.
    And C cup girl got it right, honnesty is best, but well, when we don’t know the truth, we just don’t know, and that’s okay ;-).

    Take care people!

    ho, and for the 3rd time, may I suggest: FORUM!!!
    but that’s just an idea, aye. :-p

  304. Speaking of boobies, I really hope someone gets me this shirt for Christmas (SFW)

    PS this is CUTE overload. Not Kitten overload or baby animal overload, but cute overload. And I’m sure many people consider breasts to be cute.
    I personally enjoy looking at pecs and rears, so I wouldn’t mind some pics involving those! My husband has the cutest butt but I don’t think he’d appreciate me submitting a photo….

  305. The thing that cracks me up here is people’s need to state their age, sex, and sexual orientation. Um, so what? Who cares? Revelant how?

    P.S. I love that cami/bra/whatever it is. It is preeeety.

  306. Again, waiting for that special pic of the guy with the dachsund peeking out of his chinos . . . “Pups n Pants” people . . . if it’s okay for female breasts . . .

  307. Wow. Some of you people suck the fun right out of life, don’tcha?

    RELAX. Let Meg post what she wants, it’s her site. Deal.

    Rock on, squished-kitty.

  308. Just to follow up — hooray for long threads! Ahem.

    Dan — re: “so, observing that people are behaving like freaking idiots *makes* one a freaking idiot…”
    Well yeah, twerp, if that’s *all* you’ve got to say. So now you’re all upset and bitchy somebody called you on it. “Surprise, surprise.” I’m SO glad you’re not the “friend of a friend” — and by the way? Right now, THAT Dan has other reasons he might feel upset & short-tempered, which I’d consider quite understandable & for which I’d allow him some leeway. And I know this BECAUSE he’s a friend of a friend, mmkay? (I’m done.)

    Lex-Be — this kinda *is* the forum, y’know? But hey, if you’ve got the servers, the software, the bandwidth, and the time, then sure, I’d participate. Seriously. (And humorously.) (Both.)

  309. and Meg — I can’t believe you did that. (Not the post, the comment.)

  310. minnesnowtah says:

    The 2nd pic needs a little stretching.

    Try putting the 2nd picture in Paint (or the image editing software of your chioce) and stretch it a leeetle bit horizontally.
    Just try to make the kitten’s head round like the first picture.

    The kitten does not look squooshed.

    Awww nuffs, try it and see that that was just a hug.

  311. I don’t understand why it’s necessarily staged.. Explain to me why just because I have DD breasts, I’m not allowed to cuddle with my pets. I guess any photos I have where I’m cradling a kitty or a rat to my chest must be posed so I can show off my breasts, whereas when the A cup gal does it, it’s so sweet and cute.

  312. “This woman obviously needs a bra.”


    I’m a DD cup, and I never wear bras. There’s no reason for it.

  313. MEG.. I have CO on my home page and I love your site completely. I have to admit this here has been the most entertainment I have had in a long time. THANKS SO MUCH.. LOL

  314. Just a little disclaimer for all the “staged” people.

    This lady has her boobs 24/7.
    She’s got her boobs on when she brushes her teeth.
    She doesn’t have them in this picture just to annoy or shock you.
    She doesn’t look “enhanced”.
    She doesn’t like a professionally-staged “soft-core porn” model.
    She just looks like a healthy young person, with a healthy young cat.

    She’s not in an evening gown.
    She’s not in a slinky black lace push-up thingy.
    She’s wearing a cute top and a sweatshirt.
    If she walked into the 7/11 to buy milk wearing this and some jeans, most people wouldn’t stare at her.

    Anyone who sees nasties here is bringing them in with them when they come.

    (Climbs off soap box to give the next speaker a turn, and wanders off following trail of pudding….)

  315. Actually, if she walked into 7-11 wearing that, I probably would stare. But if she walked in wearing that and carrying a kitten, I would look at the kitten. Yes, really, I would. I have my priorities.

    I mean, just look at those ears, peeps. LOOK AT THOSE EARS.

  316. Seconding Denise in Nebraska’s idea.

    I think the heart-melting cute factor drops when the tittie exhibitionism factor increases (oo negatively correlated).

    The latter is a different kind of cute.

    The 2 together like in this photo are like marshmallows baked in your lasagna. You may like both but not so much together.

    Okay I admit it, I am not into tits.

  317. Why all this playa hatin’ of us busty gals? I think the picture is cute. The kitten does look a little squished in the second one tho 🙂 But I think it is a cute. And yeah, maybe she didn’t have to wear something so low cut. But whatev. It is hardly scandalous–you see worse on Entertainment Tonight!

  318. I don’t see anyone freaking about the stagitude of this cat in a rack or this, and to me they seem more staged than a girl cuddling with her kitty. It’s somehow different because these girls have smaller breasts. Obviously a woman with large breasts put them there on purpose to flaunt them, right? Give me a break. There’s nothing inappropriate or “softcore” about this photo. I guess there are no large breasted women where you work.. or do you call them nasty names behind their backs because only sluts have big natural breasts?

  319. “This is totally NOTSAFEFORWORK.
    It’s also really obvious that the girl has her shirt open and is only wearing her bra. (look how thin the straps are)

    Posted by: Kim | Nov 15, 2006 at 09:53 AM “

    First off, married bisexual female in the US here.

    I have a swimsuit that looks remarkably like that. We (my family) also have a pool. And you guessed it, we have cats. You could, at any time, find me in my swimsuit and sweatshirt, flopped out on the couch with a cat snuggling over it. Swimsits and sweat shirts, are de riguer here in the warmer seasons. Get over it.

    We also have an 11 year old in the house. She has not been raised to believe that any part of her body is shameful, ugly, or bad in any way. She has been taught to keep herself covered, but there is no great shock or shame when there’s a half dressed sprint down the hall from her bedroom to the bathroom. I’ll tell you something flat out. I was raised by “prudes”. I hate my body. I hate my curves. At 13 my breasts started to grow. I was taught that my breasts made me sexy and sexy was bad and therefore I am bad and I was taught to be ashamed of them. I was taught to hide my body so that I wouldn’t be thought to be “loose”. I swore that I would never ever destroy my child’s self esteem that way, and it really irks me to see people on this sight behaving in the way my parents did. My child has seen this pic and thought it cute. She did not think it sexy. She did not think “OMG BOOBS! My EYES!” and then begin to slide down the road to Perdition. She is not going to run out and flash her breasts at total strangers. In short, I’d really appreciate if the prudes would raise their own kids and LEAVE MINE ALONE. You can give your child whatever neuroses you want too, but mine is just fine, thank you very much. She has a healthy body image, and a picture of a kitten on someone’s chest is not going to destroy that. Nor is it going to make her (or me, or any of us) a pervert.

    This is the first time I have ever had to censor the commentary on this site. I did it because apparently, breasts are skanky, and we’re all perverts and anything with a rack is porn.

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there is more to object to in this thread than the picture.

  320. The only thing inappropriate about this post are the horrible prudish comments who think women should be ashamed of their bodies because *you* are messed up.

  321. Pecs aren’t considered sexual organs, like racks are. You missed the point.

    And you missed theirs.

    If there was a shirtless male cuddling a kitty, and you could see nipples, nobody would care, but male nipples are EVERY BIT as sexual as female nipples. It’s puritans like you who perpetuate this stupid doublestandard.

  322. Mmmm … yay, I’d been looking for something to keep me occupied at work! *gets out sports binoculars and a bag of peanuts*

  323. BTW, I would also open my shirt to cuddle a sooooffft fuzzy kitten. Sigh.

    I’m sadly fuzz-less. My wabbits don’t like to cuddle, my rats have all gone to the rainbow bridge, my SO has lost all his fuzz to chemo, and my landlord doesn’t allow dogs or cats. I have nothing fuzzy to cuddle. :*

  324. 325comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy crap.

  325. bored at work says:

    Holy mother of tadpoles, peeps!

    “All the cats n’ racks photos are borderline pornography.”

    You really need to get out more if you think ANY of the CnR pix are borderline porn, bubba. BWA!!

    I’m a lover of all things cute and fuzzy, and while this is not exactly the cutest kitteh I’ve ever seen (and the picture does look just a trifle “hey, take of pic of me now, hon!”), all of the puritanical, judgmental comments just..just…GAH!!

  326. (from Theo to Lex-Be — this kinda *is* the forum, y’know? But hey, if you’ve got the servers, the software, the bandwidth, and the time, then sure, I’d participate. Seriously. (And humorously.) (Both.))

    Answer: Go to hell!! Nah, I’m just kidding :-p.
    I know it’s kinda a forum here, but.. I feel like a forum meant for that would be cool. More stable, people would be able to have their identity. We get to see some regulars here, but someone can take your name and hummm, I don’t know. Just an idea. You can express yourself better, trying to find a post somewhere like in this thread is not easy.

    Well, anyway, it’s just me, :-).
    see ya.

  327. Fatal Fury says:

    I love boobies. I love kitties. I really love kitties and boobies.

  328. Lex-Be — as far as the ID issue, there’s always TypeKey:

    It’s a separate but related service by the same folks (Six Apart) that do TypePad and Vox. Free, too.

  329. (Further techie note tho… since Cute Overload doesn’t require commenters to be logged in, and isn’t ever likely to, having a TypeKey ID isn’t exactly meaningful. Still, I do.)

  330. flamencomama says:

    Just thought I’d add my two cents… it’s a funny picture. There’s a kitty that happens to be smooshed into a nice set of boobs. It could happen to any kitteh. It’s not porn people… it’s cats n racks!

  331. flamencomama says:

    Well, unless you’re into that sort of thing….

  332. Okay, I’m havin’ serious trouble figuring out who to cuddle. O.o

  333. to all the prudes:

    DUDE! ITS CATS’N’RACKS. The whole point of this is to show boobs and cats. Stop compalinging about too much boobs. Jeez Louise.

  334. Caption for the comments (Not a caption for the photo. My caption submission for the photo, about 250 comments ago, was: “To the top of Mount Everbreast, or bust!”) Comments caption:
    “Too much shock, not enough “Awww.””

  335. pryt–
    Bad punny peeps
    No biscuit for you!

  336. it's teh sexism, duh! says:

    It’s not the picture of a woman’s breasts I find offensive, with or without kitten. What I find offensive is how tthe whole cats-and-rack category results in leering, slobbering, snickering comments–THEY are what is gross, not the cleavage or even the display. Then the hypocrisy of the indignant assertions that the breasts just “happen” to be in the picture (yeah, right, pull the other one) and that anyone who doesn’t leer, slobber or smirk (or call them racks, titties, boobs or “meat balloons”) is a freakin’ prude, and that it is OK to hurl insults at people who don’t agree with you. THAT is definitely not cute, it’s mean-spirited and ugly. It’s possible to have fun without being mean to other people, isn’t it?

  337. It’s kittie abuse!

    That kitten is going to need to see a chiropractor really soon.

  338. Actually, I guess the person in the pic had to smoosh the poor kitten into her rack for it to be officially; “Cats IN Racks”.

    I bet that kitty had to run and hide to clean off the ‘people scent’ after that episode. 😦

  339. On a more serious note:

    I think people are finding this picture to be “less CO” because most of the other Cats ‘N’ Racks have had a kitty, NOT confined, snuggled up to a warm rack. Since this kitty is so cute and tiny, it seems frail and helpless. This would normally be “AWWWW”-factor, but a person is squeezing the cute, frail, helpless kitty and it doesn’t look comfy (at least I don’t think it looks comfy). I dunno. All I think of is; “poor little kitty. ESCAPE AND RUN AWAY KITTY!!!!”

  340. Breasts were meant for nursing babies long before they were sexual objects. That’s what animals that have mammary glands do. Nurse babies with them. Or not, given the preference of the mother. But that is their primary function.

    There is no reason for this ridiculous controversy. She’s well-endowed. Good for her. And she has a cute kitty, awesome for her.

    So get the heck off your high-morality horses and realize that the human body is not something to be ashamed of and that breasts are not solely sexual.

    Thank you, good day.

  341. Yup.

    Racks Happen.

  342. I feel really sorry for the people who are offended by boobs. I’ve got boobs. Am I indecent too? Am I sexist cause I enjoy having my boobs? Seriously, what sort of oppressive stick did your parents mentally beat you with growing up?

  343. PLEASE stop posting pictures of animals held up to breasts! go make a website for those photos if you like it so much, but they don’t belong on cute overload and certainly not so damn often! i don’t come here to see some girl trying to be sexy so she can have her photo on this site.

  344. Does anyone know where I can get uh some of the yummy?

  345. “Pecs aren’t considered sexual organs, like racks are. You missed the point.”

    Pecs aren’t sexual organs in the clinical sense. Neither are breasts in the clinical sense.

    Now if you’re talking organs that sexually excite someone, some women (and men for that matter) DO find large pectoral muscles sexually attractive. Just as happens with large breasts.

    Point nailed.

  346. “PLEASE stop posting pictures of animals held up to breasts! go make a website for those photos if you like it so much, but they don’t belong on cute overload and certainly not so damn often! i don’t come here to see some girl trying to be sexy so she can have her photo on this site.”

    Go make your own site if you find it so offensive.

    Shocking as it may seem, the world does not revolve around you.

  347. “This post is very indecent, and it promotes acceptance of soft-core pornography. Inadvertently promoting this kind of material is shameful since it is not the intention or purpose of this site as far as I know. Cute animals should be the emphasis rather than people’s selfish attempts to bolster their vanity. This is a site that many proud Americans enjoy with their children, and these kinds of postings are a disgrace. I will be sure to never recommend this site to anyone again if this trend continues.”
    All this time, I never realised I was involved in porn! Imagine the trauma i’ve inflicted on innocent people, when waiting for the bus to work or doing the shopping.
    I’ve booked myself in to have my evil breats removed, and i’ve apologised to my cat for all the times I cuddled her against my evil boobies.

    Oh, and here’s a newsflash: The internet has more than just americans on it.

  348. You want to talk about sexist?

    You, oh prduish one, come here and tell the women of this forum that there is something “indecent” about their bodies: That’s sexist.

    You, oh prudish one, come here and tell the women of this forum that their mammory glands belong to perverts who run porn websites? That’s sexist.

    You may have an oppresively “sinnful” view of life, oh prudish one, but I don’t. Neither do most of the other women here. And I’m sure most of us would agree that your attempt to tell us that our bodies are something to be ashamed of is rather unwelcome.

  349. ***

    ho hum …

    the soap-boxers are STILL at it …

    can we reach the 400+ mark on the boobs melodrama ???


  350. Oh and rae, since when does wearing a bathingsuit = “trying to be sexy”??? You need to get out more.

  351. That picture doesn’t even have enough showing to turn anyone on. Suck it up, conservatives. The photos are absolutely adorable.

  352. My only compliant is that the kitteh looks uncomfortable. It would have been better if the fur baby didn’t look smooshed. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful photo. I actually like it quite a bit. 🙂

    What I find more upsetting is the unnecessarily snarky comments about the woman’s body. Someone even called her “skanky?” I think some folks might be sipping a little too much “Haterade.”

  353. Indeed, the kitten looks way uncomfortable & the girl obviously did this picture for attention. She won!!1

  354. not to be mean or anything but this photo “smacks of effort”. i feel she was trying too hard to be part of the cats and racks thingy. but on the upside, very cute kitteh and very VERY nice bra!!!!!

  355. Arvay, you can come cuddle my bunnies (they like it, I got lucky with snuggle bunnies I guess!) and fluffy dog if you require softness! I’m sad about your lack of fuzzy! Hope your SO’s hair grows back fast and sorry about your rats. I agree with everyone else that’s a CUTE bunny.

  356. Sigh… I have NO problem with cats in racks; my kittehs often snuggle between my ‘girls’, and we all enjoy it in a pure, non-sexual way. But these people who are like “breasts are natural parts of the human body with non-sexual functions” need to realise that yeah, so is my vagina, and my husband’s penis. And sometimes, our kittehs are in proximity to these parts of our bodies. Doesn’t mean they need to be posted on CO.

  357. Way to go Rab. (I’m belgian)!!And Robert: lol. :-p
    Nice boobie, nice kittie; end of story.

  358. “the girl obviously did this picture for attention”

    Not obvious at all. As many have pointed out, it kind of sucks that if this woman had a B cup, no one would be saying that. Because she’s a D or a DD, why, many of you just *KNOW* that the hussy is flauntin’, etc. etc.

  359. Thank you, Katty.

    A lot of women don’t seem to get the difference between “sexy” and “sexist”.

    It’s sad.

  360. For those questioning whether “this is the place” for [insert that which they find offensive], let me give you the answer in a nutshell:

    Yes. Yes, it is. Because this is Meg’s site.

    Your complaints are akin to accepting Meg’s dinner invitation and then complaining loudly that her wallpaper offends you. Your complaints don’t get the wallpaper changed; they only serve to make you look like an ill-behaved dinner guest.

    In other words: Don’t like something you see here? Then don’t come back.

  361. it's teh sexism, duh! says:

    y’all just keep on making my point for me. The picture isn’t what is offensive, it is YOUR rudeness, YOUR insults, YOUR sexist remarks. If Meg wants to pander to the droolers, she has the right. And her regular viewers who don’t happen to share a sexist groupthink view have a right to post their comments expressing their opinions. Most of them have done so politely, without name calling.But when you start namecalling,telling people to leave if they don’t agree with you, YOU are harshing the mellow. Yeah this is Meg’s site, and the comments are open to ALL opinions, not just those of people who get off on saying “titties” and “boobs” and then snarling “prudes!” Hold up a mirror, folks; the view is not cute.

  362. [admires mirror]

    Sure it is.


  363. WAY TO GO A REGULAR…. 100% Right On!!!

  364. someone in canada says:

    … Here’s hoping this will break 400 comments. 😉

    On a more serious note, there’s no way that the picture is NSFW or even sexist. I’ve seen worse on a daily basis on college campuses, daily television, Cosmo/fashion mags, etc.

    In an age where skin does not carry the automatic implication of sluttiness or sexual objectification, how on earth do people get away with crying foul over the internet about this?

    This is almost as bad as the time when one of my more conservative friends hated the way girls wore tight shirts. @_@

  365. Monique, that’s so sweet of you! 🙂

  366. “This is almost as bad as the time when one of my more conservative friends hated the way girls wore tight shirts. @_@”

    Oi. Given the size of my breasts, I have the choice between stuffing them into a shirt that otherwise fits, or wearing a shirt that’s all over too big for me, because the damned fashion industry caters to small breasted women DESPITE America’s obsession with big breasts :/ It’s so difficult to find clothes that fits properly.

  367. *Sure* it isn’t the picture that offends you. That’s why your name is “it’s teh sexism, duh!”.

  368. totally inappropriate for this website, & it made me throw up a bit in my mouth. 😦

  369. Does this pic remind anyone else of that scene from “The Last Unicorn” where Schmendrick is tied to the tree that magically turns into a (quite busty) tree-woman?

    HI-larious! 😀

  370. yep, still simmering.

    –maybe you ought to see someone about that. Sounds like maybe you’re sick.)

  371. it's YOUR sexism, duh! says:

    I know it is too much to expect any of the commenters who have not alredy been bullied off the site by the howling groupthink that characterizes this crowd, but here’s the A-B-C version:
    breasts, pictures of breasts, even erotic pictures of breasts: OK;
    posting pictures of breasts in order to elicit catcalls and leering comments: a lapse in taste which some of us overlook because we like teh cute, but which at least some people find uncute or even offensive;
    slobbering and leering over breasts in a public forum: gross, and yes, women get this kind of BS thrown at them all the time all over which is precisely why it’s sad that to see it on cute overload too and yes, that kind of behavior by the commenters is sexist,
    insulting people who express an opionion differs from yours: rude

    There are at least three versions of responses that make me scratch my head here:
    “breasts are used to nourish babies, so when people respond to pictures of breasts with smirking nudge-nudge wink-wink say-no-more remarks you must hate babies!” to which I say, huh?
    “I have breasts and I’m not bothered, so sexism doesn’t exist!” No, it means you are not logical.
    “Anyone who doesn’t like it when women’s bodies are talked about as if they were pieces of meat must hate sex!” No, we just hate being talked about as if we were pieces of meat.

    (this is fun!)

  372. good god what prudes…
    great shot

  373. I dunno, IYSD. I hardly think Meg puts this stuff on here to elicit wolf whistles from skeeveballs. That’s not her intent. A couple of people make rancid little comments, sure, but should Meg police the site and remove anything that somebody comments wrongly about?
    It’s the sexism of men that’s apparently the issue here for you. I’m sorry that you feel that way about men, and even sorrier to admit that you’re right, it happens. Women are objectified and leered at and called things. All right.
    But for corn’s sake, a kitten in a cleave does not turn everybody who sees it into one of those Tex Avery wolves with his eyes bugging out and smashing plates on his head and whatnot! Some people can let their eyes dwell on such imagery without slavering. I think you have to have more faith in people (esp. men) to be able to control their animal natures. I mean, guys who come to this site are coming here to look at kitties and bunnehs and such, not to get a bone. Please spot us cute-loving males some credit. Love ya.

  374. Oh man, this is a hoot. Some of you are too much. Someone early in the thread says, “Tell me where you’re from so I can prove that Americans all have boob fear!” and you guys comply, not just telling us where you’re from, but your gender and sexual orientation, too. Great, thanks for clearing that up, we were all really worried about who was straight and who wasn’t.

    Then half the ladies on here felt compelled to tell us they have large breasts. Again, I’m glad that was cleared up.

    Mostly, though, I was just impressed by LB’s comment, that the cute factor of the kittens is reduced drastically by the overwhelmingly sexual factor of the breasts. Please don’t tell me breasts aren’t sexual, because they *are*, at least in this country, and whining at me about how they’re “just providing food for baby” isn’t going to change the way 99.44% of U.S.ians feel. If breasts were seen as providing nourishment and nothing else, do you think CO would have the “Cats N Racks” section? Nope. They have that section *because* breasts are seen as a bit salacious. That’s the joke. That’s what brings the funny.

    At any rate, this is Meg’s site, and if she wants to post all ween all the time it’s her business. However, that doesn’t mean regulars and contributors should just shut up if they find something they don’t like. How is Meg going to keep visitors and income coming in if she pisses people off so much they leave? She’s hopefully listening to suggestions, and ultimately making decisions based on what she wants to do with the site. All the other information about how large your boobs are? Not so necessary.

    Yes, I have an opinion on the internets!

  375. to sum up the comments:

    “i find natural parts of the human body offensive, even though they’re not being shown in a remotely sexual context.

    also, it is my place to determine that the girl is a slut and should be wearing a bra, and to tell meg what she should or shouldn’t put on her own site because i’m obviously not free to scroll past the picture of my own volition.

    and how dare you tell me that sexualizing the photo is my own problem and that i wouldn’t have a problem if it was a baby snuggling breasts! it’s not like i should have to recognize that everyone else is as entitled to their opinion as i am or anything!” – whining posters

    i worked as a receptionist at a vet clinic and once spent a whole day sitting at the desk with an eeny weeny 1lb kitten sleeping in my cleavage because he was an orphan and needed the comfort. not one person told me it was lewd, and most people actually remarked how adorable it was.

    the cats n’ racks photos are cute, and i think they say good things about our ability to laugh at the absurdity of always oversexualizing boobs in the wrong context.

  376. No sexism here, move along now says:

    OK, “Pinupkate,” you’ve convinced me that only a boob would find the category “cats ‘n racks” to be sexually suggestive. My bad.

  377. Owen Hughes says:

    People think too much (Lord knows I do.) :\

    The photo is cute. Perhaps it’s cute in more than one way at once, but still, I wouldn’t say it was sordid in any way, more along the lines of “Awwwww…” so surely it’s not outside of the site’s remit?

  378. I frequently stuck eensy weensy baby kittens in my shirt/bra because they needed the warmth..not to mention a heartbeat is very comforting to them.

    I agree this was staged..and was definitely a ploy for the chick to get her breasts noticed. But you know what? OH WELL. Big freaking deal.

    Move along now.

  379. Cats n Racks Rule says:

    My wife has been trying to get me to look at this ridiculous
    website for months. I was so overloaded I fell asleep. Now Im really overloaded and will check this site everyday, Anyone want to try cats and back,,,sides?

  380. I don’t have a problem with this being staged. I dont have a problem with Cats & Racks in general. What I DO have a problem with is the composition for this particular submishe, because the kitten isn’t in focus, his surroundings are.

    In pic#1, a little pan of the camera to the top, plus a leetle zoom-in on the kitty, and in pic#2 shifting the kitty to the left would have made such a huge difference and would have truly brought out the Qte.

    Yes, I’m a nuff on this one. Burn me at the stake.

  381. Are you downers kidding?
    This is one of the BEST photos you have! -The very definition of C&R!

    The pissers here just sound like Jealousy talking.

    Pushing it would have been nude but nips covered or not visible.

    Almost everyone in the world, esp the Euros, laughs at us for being such prudes.

    Cheers, Happy Kitties!

  382. I’ve been that kitten before.

  383. Of course this is sexual and exploitative. Go to any museum. The portraits of the aristocratic class frequently feature small animals and pets placed in the painting for the cuteness, certainly, but often it was intended as a revealing statement about the personal traits of the subject. Such paintings were commissioned only by the wealthy, and small animals, particularly in instances where they were sitting in the laps of mistresses, were often sexual signifiers other members of the elite had no trouble deciphering.
    Our modern subject’s message about herself – assuming she took these photos – is that she is physically as cute as the kitten she is holding. Obviously she has to try too hard, however, to get that point across. If we were to judge (and don’t fault me for use of that word but self-initiated and invited considering we are in a public forum) the vigor in which an innocent, helpless kitten is being smooshed against her chest conveys longing more than a sexual desire. The most telling part of the photo is the way it is cropped by the photographer, removing the head from view, an attempt to tell us something about herself but not wanting to let us all know what she is really thinking or who she really is.
    If a comparison could be made it would be with those pet owners who confront the camera with a full awareness of who they are. That self-assuredness is absent here. Which is, to me, why these photos are non-sexual. I feel sad for the grown up cat already.
    Of course that is just one man’s opinion.

  384. commenter says:

    Just some thoughts…

    Reading the comments sure is more interesting than the pictures are after a while.

    It’s just a clothed female body for heaven’s sake. I hardly think it will corrupt kids’ minds, because they will look at the picture with the innocence it deserves: “look its a girl holding a cat”, not “OH MY GOD, she has tits”. Children have the correct way to look at things; no social prejudice, yet…

    Also, a visit to your local art gallery will reveal to them more “indecent” pictures than will ever be posted on this site. Yet you probably see no problem with taking them to a gallery? I have seen TV adverts with more nipple than that.

    Also NSFW? Lets think about the last letter here. It stands for “work”. So, what should you be doing? Work; not looking at pictures of cats. So, unless its a financial site or something related to your job, then chances are your boss is going to be equally irritated whatever your looking at, hence, it will be equally NSFW. Just get on with your bloody work and stop complaining.

    Also, no one is forcing you to look at this website. The owner does not have a duty to post what YOU want on it. She owes nothing to you, even if you’ve came here for years. Its the internet, its free (as in free speech, not free beer), she can post whatever she likes. If you don’t like it, navigate away.

    “This is a site that many proud Americans enjoy with their children, and these kinds of postings are a disgrace”

    “Proud Americans”?! For god’s sake, get over yourself, there is more to this world than America.

    To those people who complain about what people call the appendages in question: so what? They are just names, whether its tits, boobs, breasts or mammary glands.

    Finally, think of the poor girl who posted it. Stop bad-mouthing her. There was a category there, she was just joining in. Its called Cats ‘n’ Racks, what did you expect?

  385. the kitty will suffocate save him now!

  386. Come on.. Just close the window or press “Back” if you don’t like the photo, and then forget about it.

    Welcome to the Internet, you are not alone here and your values are never in majority. You do not have a God given right to be shielded from things that upset you.

    This is the ultimate exercise in democracy.
    Did you pass?

  387. what the hell guy?
    i didnt come on here to see some big saggy tits.
    cute kitten though

  388. to much outage!! Pull the shirt up!!!!!!